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The Air Waves vs. Twin Phoenix


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
(Fade in: "The Blonde Bomber" Jennifer Rowe is relaxing in her apartment, a can of Mountain Dew sitting on the table next to the recliner she is stretched out in. She's watching TV and looks quite content. That is, until she hears a knock on her door, and she acts like she doesn't really want to answer it. Finally, she sighs, getting up to go open the door. And there stands her tag team partner, "Lady Lightning" Lori Wilson, who does not look happy.)

Lori: Care to explain to me why you won't return a simple phone call.

Jennifer: Oh yeah...sorry. (Shrugs) Just never got around to it, that's all.

Lori: What I want is an explanation from you... what were you thinking in that last tag match.

Jennifer: Lori, for your information, I was thinking about winning. Isn't that what you should have been thinking about?

(She turns away, heading back over to her recliner. Lori folds her arms.)

Lori: What I was thinking about was the fact you sure didn't seem interested in working together to accomplish a victory.

Jennifer: And why must you worry about that? We got the win, didn't we?

Lori: That's not the point, Jenn. The more I've been watching you, the more you seem to be out for yourself. What is it with you?

Jennifer: (sitting down, although not looking at her tag team partner) Lori... I simply look at some of the so-called women's wrestlers that have been coming over here since you and I took a little time off. What are they thinking, may I ask? Where's all the talent in these so-called wrestlers? What I'm out to do is show GXW that the rest of the so-called wrestlers don't measure up. And in the process, I'm gonna be the next GXW Ladies Champion.

(Lori just shakes her head at her partner's cockiness.)

Lori: You aren't going to get that title victory with that attitude. You should be keeping the attitude I've taken...stay focused on what's ahead. We've got Twin Phoenix to wrestle in a few days. You want to prove you have what it takes to challenge Trynyty Wang for her title? Then you better get yourself ready and quit it with this attitude.

(Jennifer turns slightly toward her partner.)

Jennifer: Why must you worry? How many teams have they thrown our way in our careers? And how many of them measured up to us? We can handle Twin Phoenix quite easily, mark my words.

Lori: (sighing) Jenn...this attitude of yours is really rubbing me the wrong way. I suggest you get on the same page with me...I'll be heading to the gym in a few hours. And I hope, for your sake, you'll show up and work with me to get ready for this tag match. Especially if you are so confident you can be the Ladies Champion. See you around.

(Lori then takes the door, closing it behind her. Jennifer just shrugs her shoulders again.)

Jennifer: What the heck is her problem anyway? (Slight smile) Not my fault if she wasn't good enough to hold onto that title she once wore.

(Fade out.)


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Differences and similarities...and why Twin Phoenix will win

*{Fade In}

*{The scene opens up on the roof top of an old downtown building overlooking the city block. The hot, summer time sun beaming down on the roof top almost setting like it's setting the black tar roof top on fire intensifying the heat on the roof. The melting tar on the roof eminates a most foul odor. Off on the horizon, the camera shows sun made mirages rippling into the sky. In a midst to the hot summertime air, the camera reveals a much oh too familer face moving fluently on the roof. The camera moves in closer to reveal the identity of this person as none other than Yeh Shen Li. She is sparing on the room, shadow boxing on the roof. She is wearing; a tight spandex bakini bottom, a tight red-violet with gold trim sports bra, and no shoes. As she kicks her feet up into the air in her sparing, the camera shows melted black tar on the bottom of her feet. The sweat pours down off her face, but she appears that she is not affected by the swelltering heat. Off to the side, you can hear a radio playing. Let's listen in.}

Radio station DJ: And the forecast for here in Louieville, Kentucky continues to build as we have reached to a new record high of 105 degrees, and we are in the midst of a heatwave. I don't know about you, but I'm staying right here in the saftey and comfort of good ol Central Air Conditioning. Well to help us think a little more cool song for you out there to pass the time, here's Frozen by Madonna."

{As the radio plays "Frozen" by Madonna. Yeh Shen continues to spare in the hot sun for a few more moments and then she stops. She walks over to the side where there is a ice cooler, she opens it up and pulls out a water bottle. She opens it up and takes a drink. She casually stands on a nearby towel to rest her blistering feet. She takes a deep breath as she looks at the camera almost like she is ready to speak. Let's listen in.}

Yeh Shen Li: "Nothing like the heat of the summertime to add to the opposition. Things have really heated up during my time in the GXW, and things look to really cook. I mean it's got bad that it's even caused friends to be at odds, getting caught up in the pressures of competition. Trynyty and I are no exception to this, and let's face it neither are our oponants on Onslaught. Onslaught, Trynyty and I finally get to lock up for the first time in almost over a year as partners against The Airheads...er I mean AIRWAVES or better known as Jennifer Rowe and Lori Wilson. Just kidding girls, I couldn't resists. Don't holding anything against me for making a harmless little joke."

"You see this layout is symbolic of everything Trynyty and I have been through within the passed year. Our very friendship has been put to the test. We've been friends for years, our families have been united in friendship for generations, and here, even the two of us have had our problems as of late. Now I think it's safe to say that Trynyty and myself are not alone. We're in good company because the ultimate opposites are always at odds. Rowe and Wilson always continue to fight each other besides their opponants. I guess Trynyty and I could learn a thing or two from Wilson and Rowe."

Rowe, is just as hungry as I am for a nod at the GXW women's title. Let's be honest, it's a beautiful peice of gold, but it's more than that isn't it? It's a symbol that states you are the best that the GXW has to offer, and you are better than anthing that the GXW has thrown at you. This is especially true with all of the new faces the GXW has been letting into the women's division. We've seen alot of them and this is becoming quite competitive for everybody. All these women and only one title. Oh the pressure, oh the competition."

"Now take Rowe's hunger to win...even by any unorodox means possible, and throw in her free spirit and anything goes personality. You have the makeup of a very interesting and somewhat very unpredictible individual."

"However, on the other end of the spectrum, you have Lori Wilson. A natural competitor, but also could be known as being a little on the 'anal retentive' side, but fair and just competitor nonetheless. Wants to win by the book. Again when you have such opposites, there will always be conflicts and struggles."

"Now believe it or not there is not much difference between The Airwaves and Twin Phoenix. One is a conventional, tradionalist, and the other is a free spirit. I actually see Lori alot like myself and I see Trynyty to be alot like Jennifer; however, regardless of our similarities, there will always be even more differences. Despite all of our respects for one another, we still have one thing in common, we still desire to win and defeat our oponants."

"Rowe thinks that we don't measure up to them where in reality we do. If she will see it. She thinks that we are all just a bunch of so-called wrestlers. We don't matter to her. She's just gonna defeat us anyway. Did I get all that right Jennifer? Simply put, your arrogance will indeed be your downfall and in the long run you will lose. Now what will happen if you caused The Airwaves to lose? I don't think that Lori would be too happy with you, but then again it would allow you to open your eyes and not take your oponants lightly or for granted. We're not here to put you over Rowe, you just better learn that very quickly...like by the time Onslaught rolls around."

{Yeh Shen takes a big drink from her water bottle before continuing on.}

"Now despite in my friend's successes, both in love and in her recently winning the GXW Women's title, I do not envy her, I am not jealous of her. Although I do wish the same successes on me, at the same time I do not wish for these things at the costs of my friendship with Trynyty. Here's the way I see it, if I do happen to face Trynyty in the near future for the women's title, then so be it. If I beat her then great and if not that's fine, but I will not allow a title coming because Trynyty and Me. As for the love issue, I know something will come along for me. Sometime I will have my knight in shining armor sort of thing, but until that time I will live my life one day at a time, and I will stand by my friend at all costs."

"That's what being friends is all about. It's not a matter of just being a tag team partner, but have a true bond of trust unlike any other, and through the fire it grows even stronger than before. That's why Trynyty and Me will succeed on Onslaught because we are not divided. We will overcome."

{The door opens, interupting Yeh Shen's promo and it's her best friend and tag team partner, current GXW Women's champion Trynyty Wang. She is wearing; deep purple short jogging shorts, a matching purple tight ladies tank top, and tennis shoes.}

Trynyty Wang: "There you are, are you crazy to be on the roof top during a heatwave. It's over a 105 degrees."

Yeh Shen: "Nope, it's all about endurance and perservance."

Trynyty: "I'm all for training as much as the next person, but I think that we need to do it in the comfort of air conditioning. The last thing we need is to give The Airwaves any unneccessary advantages in our match on Onslaught."

Yeh Shen: "Like what?"

Trynyty: "Like the kind how my best friend and tag team partner gets a sudden case of heat stroke and can't compete in the match, and leaving me hanging."

Yeh Shen: {Walking up to Trynyty with her comforting words, putting her hand on Trynyty's shoulder.} "Trynyty, Rowe and Wilson couldn't get that lucky, and even if I was literally on my deathbed, I'd still show up ready to fight and ready to win."

Trynyty: "Well let's go and make sure your heat stroke doesn't get worse. This tar is already getting to me, I can only imagine what it's doing to you. Just how many brain cells have you killed since being up here as long as you have?"

Yeh Shen: "What does it matter, I'll still have more than you."

Trynyty: "Oh you're a regular laugh a minute Yeh Shen...wait a minute, Yeh Shen said something funny. Call the newspapers, and order a press conference, Yeh Shen said something funny."

Yeh Shen: {Rolls her eyes} "Alright, alright, time to get off the roof, the tar's getting to you as well."

Trynyty: "Now your talking."

{Yeh Shen grabs her things and starts to walk inside. Just as she opens the door, she turns and faces Trynyty one final time.}

Yeh Shen: "I really am happy for you and Zell, and you winning the women's title."

Trynyty: {Puzzled at the shock of Yeh Shen's words.} "Okay, I don't know what brought this on, maybe the tar is doing more damage than I thought, so maybe we should get you off this rooftop."

Yeh Shen: "I'm fine Trynyty. I just wanted to tell you that. I feel like...

Trynyty: {Interupting Yeh Shen in mid sentence} "That's fine, listen how about you tell me what's on your heart while we're in the saftey and comfort of some central air our of this heatwave."

Yeh Shen: "Good idea, let's go work out elsewhere."

{Yeh Shen and Trynyty walk off into the building off of the hot rooftop, shutting the door behind them as the camera fades out.}

*{Fade out}

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