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The axe WILL fall.


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Apr 11, 2012
Saint Paul, MN

Enter a dark fitness room, with exposed ducts, weathered free weights and exercise bikes that have seen many users. Only a few fluorescent lights remain on, and a lone figure in a hoodie, exercise shorts and laced up wrestling boots is seen on one of the bikes. He's riding at a steady but quick pace, and beads of sweat drop from his brow and trickle down the cord of his earbuds. The camera gets closer, and turns in front of him, as he drops his hood. We see an intricate neck tattoo of a banner with Latin text standing testament to his intensity, and his greasy brown hair falls to his shoulders. He leans up, slicks his hair back from his head, and continues riding with his arms at his side.

There's a saying some people use... "You get what you pay for." I've always thought it was a load of bull****. In this world, this society, this industry... you only get what you make for yourself. You don't pay for success. You make it. You take action, and you rise above the heap of all those who think that this is some kind of joke... some kind of circus act where the masses will love you just by sticking a flame down your throat. The masses know our secrets. And the powers that be know how to keep the masses coming. But there's a select few of us that swallow the flame, and breathe fire into the faces of the people who think we're here for them.

The man gets of the bicycle, takes out his earbuds and starts undoing the gritty boxing tape from his hands.

When you accept the fact that the only person you can trust is yourself, success isn't even the issue anymore. The only thing that concerns you is action. When someone or something steps in your way, you drive your fist through their gut and toss them aside, and keep pressing on. There's no more barriers, no more broken promises. The only promise you make is to yourself, and to your ability. There's no other way.

He steps closer to the camera, taking off his hoodie to reveal tattoos all down his arms and up his chest.

In just a few short days, IWF is finally gonna understand what I'm talking about. The audiences, the talents, the commentators, the bookers... every one is gonna suddenly understand why they've had a sliver of disappointment constantly bothering them since this place started operating. When Steve "Axion" Jackson walks through that curtain for the first time, they'll all kn...

He smirks and chuckles to himself while stopping in mid-sentence.

Action. They will understand the meaning of action. The Axe is going to fall. It WILL fall on the heads of everyone who isn't ready. And they'll all be hopeless to stop it.

Axion shows his knuckles to the camera, and they read out the word "HOPELESS".


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