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"The Biggest Boy" Dex Joy


Apr 10, 2013
Handler Information

Name: Markus Gravender
Email Address: markusgrav@gmail.com
Best Way to contact: PM, Email. I will try and get on Skype as well (Markusgrav)
eWrestling Experience: I currently handle in NBW, I have handled in both LoC and Jolt when they were active feds here.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Seth's recommendation :)
Are you willing to write matches? I can and I will.

Writing Sample

(The following is a segment with a tag team I handle in NBW called The House. If you want something for Dex specifically I will write that up for you. He is a brand new character.)

Backstage, Adria Hoyt was getting ready to conduct a new interview with the reigning No Brand Wrestling Dynasty tag champions. She had her best smile on and best foot forward for her interview.
?Hi everybody, I?m Adria Hoyt!? said Adria. ?At this time I?d like to welcome the two men that kept the Dynasty tag team titles at Scorched ? please welcome Charlotte Huber, Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck ? The House!?
The champions and their manager appeared next to Adria. Charlotte greeted her with a hug, Derrick with a handshake and Adam with a polite nod of the head.
?Thanks for the welcome hon!? said Charlotte.
?You bet,? replied Adria. ?The fans at Scorched were treated to a great match between The House and the former Night Life USA members Polar and Hotstreak. Fans are wanting to know what?s next for you, the champions??
Derrick Huber smiled and then lifted his half of the belts eye view to Adria.
?Adria,? said Huber, ?All we want is to represent these belts the best that we possibly can. We have been working in this business for almost sixteen years now and this is our sixteenth tag title together. Having said that we want to represent this company and ourselves as The Hardest Working Big Men in Show Business! Tonight we feel that we should put out another open challenge to any team that wants a shot at these belts.?
In the audience, the fans were cheering them when Adam added his thoughts.
?Bring ?em and we?ll destroy ?em,? said Adam.
?Yeah what he said,? added Derrick. ?It?s a brand new No Brand Wrestling without Xander Napoli running things into the ground. Richie Keal God bless him is going to right the ship and take us to a better tomorrow and we?re gonna help by putting on the best matches possible ? ?
?Gag me!!!!?
The House turned their heads around. Looking up at them were another tag team that was successful at Scorched. It was Mane Miaate and Mark Mercury, the team known as Myth and Legend who were quite familiar with the Dynasty Tag Team Championships ? always the losers, never the victors.
?Hey so we won, too and beat that red fatass Rune and that other guy, JAG or whatever his name was ? ? said Mane to Mark.
?Hey that?s gimmick infringement,? said Huber. ?I think that Tockwell guy calls people JAGS right??
?We don?t care!? yelled Mane. ?What we care about right now are those belts around your waists. For far too long they?ve looked tacky as all hell with those belt extenders around fat boy Roebuck?s waist.?
Adam growled and Mark laughed.
?We strike a nerve?? asked Mark. ?Consider your challenge for tonight for those titles accepted boys.?
Huber laughed at him and that was something Mercury didn?t like.
?We say something funny?? asked Mark.
?Yeah, fat jokes because we?re in 1993 right? Well you know what?s not a joke boys? Sixteen tag team title reigns in the course of the sixteen years we?ve been a team. You guys have had these titles before right? Well if you?re as good as you say you are then you can win them from us easily tonight, right??
?Rubbin? it in are you? You know damn well that we never get the opportunity. And yea I think we did say that, yeah,? said Mane.
?I recall said,? said Mark with dry sarcasm.
?You are talented,? said Huber, ?and I pay attention to the tag team division closely. You guys threw everything and the kitchen sink to beat JAC and Rune. I?m just here to tell you ? there ain?t enough of anything under that ring that?s going to take these titles away from us.?
?See you boys out there,? said Charlotte before blowing a kiss in their way.
The three departed and left Myth and Legend with Adria.
?You still want a quote?? asked Mane. ?Here?s one just for you ? and new Dynasty tag team champions! Myth and Legend!?
Mane and Mark fist-bumped after that last line and left Adria.
?Well ? thank you all for your time,? said Adria.

Wrestler(s) Information

Please take note of a couple things. It is highly likely that a few roster members will critique your moveset. Please don't be offended. We take that seriously here - we don't want a moveset full of finishers and a finisher so ludicrously over-elaborate that it couldn't be done in real life. This goes double if you're applying as a female wrestler. We also check to make sure your finisher(s) and theme song aren't currently being used. It's first come first serve when it comes to those. If you want to get ahead of the game on the finisher and theme song front, take a look at our roster page: http://defiancewrestling.com/roster

And if you're one of those handlers who hates doing movesets, just say so and we'll help you.

Ring Name: "The Biggest Boy" Dex Joy
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 395 lbs.

Hailing From: Los Angeles, California

Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Athletic mass of humanity who also happens to be a passionate, outspoken big guy. Equal parts dorky as well as confident. Trained by the former muliple time champion Tyson XL, this twenty eight year old monster has loads of promise and girth to match. He is very confident in himself and is a very proud man which earns him the respect of the fans.

The longer version of his history is that Dexter Joy has been a lifelong wrestling fan. He tried his hand at football in high school and while he did well in that, wrestling was his passion and he dropped out of college at 20 to pursue his dream.

Although known for being positive by friends, Joy didn't fare well in his first couple years. He had size but was incredibly uncoordinated. He was about to give up on his dream in 2014 when he happened to run into a big man wrestler, Tyson XL at a New York indy show. Tyson, himself a portly wrestler but one who has been successful on high levels, listened to his stoty. Seeing something in Dexter, he offered to teach him from scratch at his wrestling school in LA.

Over the next few years, though putting on weight, Dex learned how to use that weight and throw it around the right way. Slowly but surely, Joy carved out a path for himself across North America as an agile super heavy weight that didn't look like your typical muscled up and tattooed tall guy. Though he was on the rotund side, he became a beast at night when the lights were on. He soon found his voice as a passionate man that no matter how he looked, he knew how good he could be and encouraged others to work hard, no matter how they looked or who told them what they couldn't do.

Wrestling Style: Big power brawler that can fly. He will not be working by the hour. If you have ever seen indy wrestler Ace Romero this is who his style is based from.

Three Weaknesses: Lacking in stamina, he is somewhat quick for his size but still slow by wrestler standards, and sometimes he goes out of his way to wow the fans with crazy moves instead of trying to win the match.

Three Strengths: Hits like a brick wall that can fight back, he can fly which is insane due to being young and having good agility, and he feeds off the energy of the fans at all times. Hard to stop when he can get going.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Drop kick (a low one but he'll do it)
2) Free fall drop
3) Running sentons (seated and regular sentons)
4) clubbing forearm smashes
5) Back drop suplex
6) Running lariat
7) Fireman carry flapjack
8) Belly to belly suplex off the ropes
9) Cross body
10) Release german suplex

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Dexy's Midnight Runner (pounce/flying shoulder tackle)
2) Dex Bomb (pop up power bomb)
3) WHOA-PE!!! (Tope dive - this move isn't always pretty but it will take people out!)
4) Boss man slam
5) Samoan drop

1 Finishing Move: Jump For Joy (swinging powerslam aka Jeff Cobb's tour of the islands)

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Joy Buzzer (Top rope moonsault, Vader style)
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New member
Aug 9, 2018
It's a good application overall, but I don't feel like I know a ton about the actual character you're submitting. I understand that it's a new character and all, just wish I knew more about the personality/gimmick. That said, I'm confident based both on what you've submitted and what I've heard about you that you'll be a great addition. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for the new character.



Apr 10, 2013
Thanks for the votes so far. For additional information, I've added a little more into his actual background in the bio.


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Staff member
Feb 4, 2005
I was gonna wait on others but I decided to blatantly abuse staff power as approving vote.

So there. :)

Welcome to the party, Markus, and thanks for clarifying the character. One of us will get you set up with access and the like.

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