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"The Crippler" Cameron Cruise


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
Handler's Name: Tom Siegel

Email Address: siegelta@yahoo.com

Any variations of Instant Messengers: Cameron Cruise (AIM)

Wrestler Name: "The Crippler" Cameron Cruise

Height: 6' 4'

Weight: 253 lbs.

Hometown: Jacksonville, NC

Face/Heel: Kinda Neutral at the moment


Style: Submission/Technician/Aerial (Think a combination of Kidman, HBK, and Benoit.

Finishing Move: "The Shipwreck" or "Reality Check".

Move Set (Note any set-up moves at the beginning of the list):

Entrance Music: "Fire It Up" by Black Label Society

Entrance Description:

Titles Held: TTW Tag Team Championship (with "Gentleman" Lawrence Stanley), EPW Tag Team Titles (with Joey Melton), EWI Intercontinental Title, CSWA Presidential Title, EPW Intercontinental Title, 2004 Tag Team Of the Year (with Melton)

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