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"The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Handler's Name: Patrick M. Shutt

Email Address: pshutt@hotmail.com

Any variations of Instant Messengers: * Your AIM screen name: EphPhaThaINC
* Your MSN screen name: Eph'Pha'Tha Industries Inc. (TM) pshutt@hotmail.com
* Your Yahoo screen name: pshutt2

Wrestler Name: "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka

Gender: Female

Height: 6'4

Weight: 185 lbs.

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Alignment: Heel

Appearance: Nakita Dahaka is tall and muscular built with a very nice
trim and lean natural physique for a woman. Although Nakita does have a certain beauty about her, but doesn't make her look "manish" or not feminine. She doesn't look like the type of girl that would "fail a drug test". She has fair white skin, green eyes, and long fiery red hair (usually pulled back in a ponytail
during matches)

Her in-ring attire consists of the following: black with blood red trim spandex shorts,
a black sports bra, black elbow pads, black knee pads, black fingerless padded
gloves, white tape around her wrists, black wrestling boots that go up to
the bottom of her kneepads.

She usually wears a black long leather trenchcoat w/ hood, and a gold chain
around her neck that has a cross like Onyx on it. (but she usually takes
those off before the start of her match)

Style (Real-life comparisons with your own tweeks are best): Innovative high flyer/submissionist
She is physically built like: Chyna or even like Linda Myles
In-ring ability compared to: Christopher Daniels
Able to Sell moves and execute like: Shawn Michaels
Takes punishment compared to that of: Mick Foley (She doesn't do the
Goldberg/Taker no-sell crap. She has Intestinal FOLEYtude...get it? Hehehe!)
Charisma like: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Finishing Move: "The Dragon Snap"

* Description of the finisher(s): While the oponant is standing and groggy,
Nakita grabs their head, runs to the nearest turnbuckle or ropes
(preferrably turnbuckle) while holding their head in her arm, she runs up
the turnbuckle like stairs to the top rope, flips backwards in a 180 degrees
until she ends up right behind them with their head locked underneath her

(An easier way to describe this move: A springboard Sliced Bread #2 into a Standing Dragon Sleeper)

(Taking a page out of Kurt Angle's playbook when he hits the Anklelock) If
it appears that her oponant could reach for the ropes or even break the hold
all together. While still holding the dragon sleeper, all Nakita has to do
is fall backwards on her backside, wrap her legs around her oponant's waist
with her legs and squeeze until their either passout or tapout.

Trademark move(s): "Walking Dead"

Description of trademark move(s): An Undertaker Old school style walk on
the ropes into any of the following...

tornado DDT
diamond dust
or Diamondcutter

(Again it varies pending on the situation)

Setup hold(s) for the finisher(s), if any: "Running Gun" (Description: A POUNCE, or a high impacting jumping spear/gore.)

Move Set (Note any set-up moves at the beginning of the list):
*5-10 moves your wrestler typically uses:

1) Hurricanranas
2) Suicide plancha dives out of the ring
3) DDTs
4) Neckbreakers
5) Dropkicks
6) Superkicks
7) Spears
8) Moonsaults
9) Running knee lifts
10) Shining wizors

Entrance Music: "Gently" by Slipknot

Entrance Description: 1) The lights go completely out. Only to be replaced with red lighting
illuminating the arena, and blacklights all over the stage and entrance.
2) Music que up: the beginning intro rifts and beats of "Gently" by
Slipknot. The video screen ques up a nicely prepared video montage of
Nakita Dahaka executing numerous high flying innovative moves on several
known and unknown oponants that flow in sync with the intro and song.
3) A thick cold fog rolls into the arena from the stage and down the ramp.
A lone spotlight hovers directly over one single spot on the stage floor. A
ring of fire surrounds the trapdoor (ala The Brood)
4) The trapdoor opens and raises up onto the stage Nakita Dahaka along side
her manager Delilah Demonik. Nakita cracks her knuckles as she mentally
prepares to walk down the ramp toward the ring keeping full focus on the
tasks at hand. The lone spotlight dangles directly over her head and
follows her wherever she goes.
5) Nakita and Delilah leave the stage and walk down the aisle toward the
ring ignoring the whatever cheers and jeers coming from the arena crowd.
6) Nakita arrives at ringside, walks up the ringsteps, across the ring
apron, then steps between the ropes into the ring.
7) Nakita takes a knee in the center of the ring. The spotlight hovers
directly over her head coming to a complete stop. Delilah slides off
Nakita's leather trenchcoat and exits the ring to coach her pupil on from
ringside. The main arena lights come back on as her theme song fades out.

Titles Held: N/A

History: Nakita got her start as she was discovered by the staff of New Frontier
Wrestling (NFW) during their infancy as she wrestled under her real name
Nakita DuBov (The Fem Phenom) at that time she and NFW was trying to
duplicate the rising success of the WCW's rise of one Bill Goldberg. Trying
to make her as "the female Goldberg" (so to speak) All though she had
success and displayed great in-ring ability, she was at the time under
intense scrutiny from fellow (MALE) ring workers who were apprehensive or
accepting of working with a female professional wrestler. Just when it
appeared that Nakita's career was about to take off, her contract with NFW
had foolishly expired. NFW was willing to work with her and re-sign Nakita
to a new contract; however, Nakita felt that she was worth MORE than they
wanted to give. She held out and NFW made the decision to terminate any
further negotiations with Nakita thus releasing her from her contract. It
was also said that Nakita (just like Bill Goldberg) had actually developed
quite the ego, and felt that she was better than everybody else. Her
manager and friend in NFW, Kevin LeBrock, had even refused to work with
Nakita any further due to her over-inflated ego. She was pushed into
becoming the next Goldberg, and low and behold she became Goldberg (Is that

Upon her dismissal from NFW, she actually got signed on TNA and joined their
farm club affiliate developemental territory until she learned the
adjustments of the six-sided ring, but again Nakita's ego and thinking that
the other talents were beneath her took over. After "no-showing" at a live
event, TNA finally became fed up and released her from her contract. Trying
to follow suit after the whole Sean Waltman and Jeff Hardy no show fiascos
trying to show the other members in the TNA locker room that we really do
mean business.

Nakita floated from one wrestling territory to another trying desparately to
make ends meat and stay ahead of the game. After two failed runs in two
major federations, she realized that something had to change and it had to
be her. So she finally grew up and matured dropping her ego. While on a
house show tour, she met up with a woman manager who was not only beautiful,
but also incredibly smart and very charismatic able to to work the mic
better than anybody. This woman aptly named Delilah Demonik, who is a
little bit older and wiser than Nakita and had been in the business longer
than Nakita. Delilah agreed to take Nakita under her wing feeling that with
Nakita's strength and innovative in-ring ability along with her brains that
they couldn't lose. It was Delilah that re-named and gave her new name
calling her "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka.

During a recent house show, a road agent for MCW was in attendance and saw
the chemistry and in-ring ability of Delilah and Nakita. He felt that they
had that tangible charisma or the "IT" factor that has been long gone since
the days of Jake "The Snake" Roberts' glory days. The road agent called up
the MCW headquarters and informed them of what he discovered. The MCW
agreed to give Nakita and Delilah a tryout run and see how they fit in the

Shortly after Nakita signed with the MCW and was coming into her own. In a
shocking bit of news, the MCW announced that it would be merging with the
UCW. So now Nakita is beginning a new chapter in sports entertainment as
her brief time the MCW comes to a close and a new chapter begins with the

Manager/Valet Information (Optional)

Name of the manager/valet: Delilah Demonik

Gender: Female

Brief description: Delilah is beautiful. She has fair white skin, long
wavey jet black hair with red highlighted hair, blue eyes, She often wears
seductive red evening gowns or other forms of scantily clad outfits that
flaunts her curvy body.

Think of her as a female version of James Mitchell (Sinister Minister in
ECW), but looks alot like Monica Bellucci (from The Matrix Trilogy and The
Passion Of The Christ)

Personality: She is sultry and seductive, but don't let her good looks
fool you. She in very wise and intelligent. She knows wrestling and how to
work the mic. Most of all she knows how to cheat and throw a few punches of
her own if need be for whatever reason as the situation calls for it.

Normally she will not interfere during Nakita's matches (at first) but if
she feels that she must get involved she will help from seducing the
oponant, to giving Nakita a weapon to use or distracting the ref. For the
most part she will play the wild card only if there is no other way but
mainly she will coach Nakita from the side and allow her to fight her own

Does the manager interfere in matches?: YES


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
OOC Notes and quips: In light of the MCW/UCW merger. I felt that it would be beneficial if I posted a profile of my character on the UCW forums for future reference so that you wouldn't have to search for her profile espeically with the Scars and Stripes PPV on the horizon (which Nakita is booked on that card.)

I apologize if I have overstepped my bounds and all. I felt that I could help you all out with the transition for the most part. I hope that this app explains my character thoroughly.

Thank you for your time and if you have any other questions or comments you know how to reach me.


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