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The Debut Of A Warrior.


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Jul 1, 2002
The Debut Of A Warrior.

(PRIDEIN to the pounding waves splashing on the golden brown beaches of Miami, Florida. The sun beats down harshly on the villa that lays close to the beach. It towers high in the air, water slides down the bamboo-hut like roof. The house plays home to a warrior, a fighter while he stays in the states. It plays home to the Nuka Hiva prince, Aelieas Fierte. Aelieas is shown laying on a hammock between two trees. His long shiny hair sways in the air with the wind, he is dressed in full tribal apparel. His face is painted with the remembrance of his great legacy which was fought out for him by his warrior relatives of the past. A large man with black silky hair stands over at the door, he is also dressed in full tribal apparel. His name was Gabriel, he was t Aelieas’s long time companion, and he came with him to America to oversee his protection.)

Gabriel: Aelieas, the CSWA cameras are here, they would like to discuss about your up and coming debut match, should I let them in?

Fierte: Of course man, bring them on over.

(Gabriel walked over to the door and hit a button on the page. The side door that leads to the back yard of the estate swung open and about two CSWA camera men waltz into the yard. Aelieas gets to his feet and walks over to his cemented deck where the men have set up for the shoot. He walks over and sits in one of his wooden chairs.}

Aelieas: So here it is, the debut of a warrior. The sacrilege to the CSWA foundation and all it stands for. I come from a family which their backbone is legacy, honor, and most of all pride. I “The Pride” Aelieas Fierte is here on a mission for my people. My people who suffer, who are struck with famine and disease. Not the people the Americans play on their commercials on late night TV looking for sympathy money. These people are real, these people are mine. I will bring back the great legacy it once encompassed and rejoice my people who gave me that light that was lit in a young fighter’s heart.

Gabriel: Aelieas comes from one of the greatest families in Nuka Hiva’s history. His presence in the CSWA will be greatly felt. Aelieas, you have got your first match against Steve Radder.

Aelieas: Steve who? Oh the guy who once he had the world title went missing in action. I guess he can’t handle pressure all that well. Well lets see how he handles the pressure of the new guy, the man with nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Lets see if he can handle the pride, handle the French prince who in a few days he will be face to face, toe to toe with in a match. Steve Radder, you will look into my eyes for one second, and you will realize your mistake. You will look into my eyes, you will see the legacy, you will become the pride. You see Steve while your some small company, I am Microsoft. While you’re the Boston Red Sox, I am am the New York Yankees. You see where I am going with this Steve?

(Aelieas takes a deep breath, slowly staring into the camera, waiting for the right time to say something, the right time to prove his future.)

Aelieas: This coming match, Steve I have much to prove. It’s pretty much the story of you being at the wrong place at the wrong time. My people sit home, listening to the radio waiting of word from my beginning, waiting for the fireworks I am close to unleashing. I have been waiting all my life to become great, to be come a wrestler but I been waiting all eternity to become the legend that will perspire from my bones. You can take my debut, you can take my glory on my first night, but I will never lose my pride. But I got nothing to worry about losing my debut cause some bottom-feeding over hyped, lazy wrestler is not going to take it from. You want to go MIA when you have world title, do us all a favor and go MIA from your public embarrassment That’s it cut, the camera.

(Gabriel walks over to Fierte to start conversation and strategy as the camera’s fade away.)

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