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The Dreamstealers (w/Jimmy Mylde)


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road

Hailing From: Los Angeles, California

Combined Weight: 445 lbs

Entrance Theme: “Dr. Feelgood” by Motley Crue

Entrance: Clouds of red, blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow smoke shoot up from the ground as the song kicks in. Steptoe and Saturday bop out of the entrance, hair jumping back and forth, like a couple of pricks.

Team Members: Bobby Steptoe and The Saturday Night Kid, managed by Jimmy Mylde

Tag Team History: Just a couple of young upstarts who were convinced by their manager to form an 80’s style glamrock band as well as a wrestling tagteam.

Ring Attire: Purple tights with white splash and stars going down each leg. One leg reads “The Dreamstealers”, the other reads something personal; Steptoe’s says “Rock Monster”, Saturday’s reads “Live Fast, Die Young”.

Tag Team Finisher(s): The Hotshotter – Steptoe slingshot-catapults an opponent by the legs, Saturday comes running off the ropes and decapitates them mid-air with a spinning heel kick.



Nicknames: Mr. Sunset Boulevard

Alignment: Heel

Height: 5’11

Weight: 225

Personality: Wooden, green, trying his best to have a personality but miserably failing. Physically he’s Marty Jannetty, personality-wise he’s a little bit of Lance Storm meets ‘Jumpin’ Jeff Farmer.

Appearance: Long brown feathered hair with bangs. Wears mascara, lipstick, and black fishnet gloves. Face is akin to a band member from Poison or Motley Crue.

Style: Technical with a little high flying and brawling mixed in. Style is an offshoot of Jannetty.

Typical moves:

-Atomic drop
-German suplex
-Discus back elbow
-Diving crossbody
-Fist drop
-Flying crossbody block
-Sleeper hold
-Sunset Flip
-Snap Suplex

Special moves:

-Double-knee facebreaker
-Crossface chicken wing



Nicknames: Mayhem Youth, The Live Fast Kid

Alignment: Heel

Height: 6’1

Weight: 220

Personality: Charismatic charmer with a mean-streak, i.e. early Shawn Michaels with more of an edge.

Appearance: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, athletic build, lightly powdered face with lipstick, usually wearing a bandana or a guitar strap.

Style: High flyer with a little technicality and brawling mixed in.

Typical Moves:

-Belly to belly suplex
-Superman punch
-Figure four leglock
-Diving elbow drop
-Flying leg drop
-Flying forearm smash followed by a kip-up
-Arm trap crossface
-Slingshot crossbody
-Tilt-a-whirl DDT

Special Moves:

-High jumping neckbreaker


Manager Name: JIMMY MYLDE

Nicknames: Uncle Jimmy, The Mylde Man, Myldesauce, Acting Mayor of Margaritaville

Alignment: Heel

Appearance: Older gentleman in his early 60’s, still vibrant, with slicked back receding hair colored black with some gray streaks courtesy of JUST FOR MEN. He wears sports coats, polos, jeans, plaid shorts that rise just above the knees, moccasin shoes, and is rarely without his signature Aviator sunglasses. Kind of looks like the poor man’s Pat Riley.

Personality/History: Slick-talking con-man. Always with multiple business ventures, none of them successful. He’s also a Jimmy Buffet superfan. Mylde started his career way back in the 1980’s as a referee, then ring announcer, a manager, and color commentator for multiple independent organizations. He achieved some notoriety for his work as color commentator and road agent for the National Talented Wrestling Organization (NTWA) from 1997-1999. During this time he also worked briefly as commentator for the Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW). Once NTWA folded, he stayed out of wrestling to focus on other business ventures until making a return in 2008 as manager for The Bold New Disaster (Castor Strife & Problem Child) in NFW. When the team split in early 2009, Mylde was out of work again before resurfacing in 2010 as Next Level Wrestling’s (NLW) color commentator. In this role, Mylde was able to reconnect with NLW owner RA Palazzo, who was in charge of filming and video distribution for NTWA back in the late 90’s when Mylde worked there.

Behind the scenes, Mylde was instrumental in bringing major national talent to indie leagues while transitioning young talent to major promotions. Se7en, Wink Manson/Martendale, and Problem Child (known today as Peter Windham) all credit Mylde with landing them in UWA and CSWA respectively, and Castor Strife has acknowledged Mylde’s role in getting him signed to NFW in 2001. He was also able to being names like Stan Vick, Ares, JT Tyler, Jared Wells, Sean Edmunds, and others to NTWA, as well as fostering the signing of Impulse to an NLW contract. Mylde now claims to be starting a record company with The Dreamstealers as the star act. He has promised them a rise to the top, as well as the EPW World Tag Team Titles.

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