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The End of the Path?


Jan 1, 2000
(CUE UP: "No River to Take Me Home" by Neurosis.)

(OPEN: Backstage at the Moss Bay Events Center. Having just come up short in the main event, ROCKO DAYMON returns to the locker bearing the expression of a defeated man. What once claimed to be "undying" now walks nearly dead. Standing there in support are his students, standing in awe and respect for their master in spite of his grim demeanor. At the front is the top of the class, KERRY KUROYAMA, who leads the other students in applause in praise of their leader.)

(Daymon looks up at this sight in disbelief.)

Rocko Daymon
What the fuck are you doing!?

(The applause cuts to awkward silence. Rocko's face contorts in anger.)

Rocko Daymon
You welcome my failure with PRAISE?!

(He begrudgingly removes his grappling gloves and throws them on the floor. His students watch in shock and confusion, and he pays them no mind as he pushes his way through them.)

Rocko Daymon
Go home, all of you... cease this meaningless pursuit for fulfillment and find it elsewhere in this world...

Kerry Kuroyama
But sensei... what about the Mission?

(With his hand on the door to the exit, the defeated legend looks back his students with a forlorn void in his dark brown eyes.)

Rocko Daymon
There IS no Mission, you fucking idiots. There never was. Your Emerald City Champion just proved it.

(Daymon throws the door open and steps out into the night. The few remaining students of the Dojo watch the door slowly close behind him, stunned into absolute silence.)


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