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The End of You.


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: A CSWA logo on a blue screen. The chryon on the bottom of the screen reads "THE NEW SUICIDE SQUAD w/ Jimmy Valiant. Jimmy stands in the forefront, wearing his backwards mesh baseball hat and cheap suit. To the back and to the right stands "The Warhorse Kid" Johnny Lang, shirtless and wet, with his long bangs falling over his eyes. Lang smirks at the camera and is playing with wrist tape, wringing his hands. To the back and to the left is TSUNAMI, wearing a black mask with bright orange horns with a matching one-piece unitard suit that reads NSS in interlocking letters on the front.)

JV: I told you ALL that a new era was beginning. I told you ALL that no one was safe. I, Jimmy Valienti, The Lord of the Cyberverse, the greatest manager in CSWA history, the smartest man alive, was going to show the world that my charges, my stable, were here and we were ready to CONQUER the CSWA and the wrestling industry as a whole.

Well, it didn't start off that way. Our alliance has suffered a few losses as of late... and I know the reason. Certainly it is not the fault of Johnny Lang (CLOSEUP: Lang shaking his head no, still maniacally wringing his hands.), the hottest young wrestling talent in the sport, a man who has held wins over the greatest legends this sport has to offer. Certainly it is not the fault of Tsunami (CLOSEUP: Tsunami, raising a fist and shaking it at the camera.), a man who ranks as one of the greatest legends of all-time, a man who is The Posterboy of Hardcore Wrestling, a man who is truly a frightening force to be reckoned with. And certainly it is not MY fault, as I am a self-made man who has made millions, who has been at the top of every industry I've entered, who has an I.Q. that is almost quadruple digits.

That means our faults can only be caused by one man... actually, let me change that... our faults can only be caused by one lowlife, lying, partially retarded MORON by the name of Evan Aho. (CLOSEUP: Tsunami making the cross-throat gesture.) Aho, there is no doubt in anyone's mind. You are one gifted athlete and one talented wrestler. But what you do not have is an OUNCE of intelligence. I made you an offer to join our alliance, to join The New Suicide Squad, where you would have been able to follow MY lead and been brought to the top of the sport. You had the world handed to you on a silver platter. But you made the choice to refuse me and no one... not anyone in the business world and not anyone in the wrestling world... EVER refuses the Lord of the Cyberverse. And because of that, Aho, because of your choices to "fight by yourself"... you're going to pay. I will not rest until your career is OVER, Aho. You are within the crosshairs of The New Suicide Squad... and that's something that SMART people chose to avoid.

And now let's talk about your tag partner for the evening, Shane Southern, the CSWA's Masked Man. Southern, your presence in the CSWA is absolutely unwanted by not just myself but anyone with any ounce of intelligence. Sure, the unwashed, poor, public-school educated scumbags may chant your name and applaud your presence... but people of MY intelligence know exactly what you're about. The hero, the man in the white hat... Shane Southern, you're the biggest joke in the history of professional wrestling. Anyone can see through your LOW self-esteem. You look at REAL men such as myself... you look at REAL men such as The Warhorse Kid and 'Nami... and you know you aren't as good as us. You know you pale in comparison to the athletic gifts of my charges and you know you pale in intelligence to myself, the most brilliant taskmaster in the history of professional wrestling. So you try and act the role of hero, to be the man of the people, because it makes you feel better about yourself. But while it may make you feel better, no matter what, you're still a dim-witted moron who is going to see firsthand that he should not step in the ring with Tsunami or Johnny Lang... because NO ONE should step in the ring with The New Suicide Squad... because when they do, people get hurt. And we can't be held responsible for that. Now get that camera out of my face! (FTB)

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