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The Fuse #7


Jan 1, 2000
(CUE UP: “Mind the Drift” by Big Business.)

(The shot opens up on an ordinary fibrous cord sitting by itself along a black background. Off camera, we hear something a match being struck... and a small flame is soon carried into the frame by a disembodied hand. As it touches the cord, a sparkling and fast-burning orb of flame forms and works its way down the length of the thread. In the next shot, as the fire passes by, it reveals a set of words hanging overhead...)

International Wrestling Federation Presents...


(FADE IN: The lights come up in the IWF studio showing the regular Fuse set-pieces. This time, however, the place of Aaron Creed and Terry "The Idol" Anderson is taken by the lone presence of new commentator, Brian McGinnis. The video screens around the broadcast table all show stillframe shots of "THE UNDYING" ROCKO DAYMON in various moments of his career.)

Brian McGinnis
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen... and welcome to a special edition of The Fuse. I'm Brian McGinnis, and on tonight's show, we'll be taking a special in-depth look at the long and storied career of one of the Emerald City's most successful and inspiring figures to ever grace the squared circle.

Of course, I'm talking about none other than the self-styled "Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence"... "The Undying" Rocko Daymon.

Our own Gail Martin caught up with Mr. Daymon at his wrestling school, the Dojo, earlier this week for a candid interview with the four-time World Champion... but before we turn you over to her, let's take a retrospective look at the long-spanning career of the Legend, the Myth, and the MAN.

(FX SUPER: "1998-2000")

(HIGHLIGHT REEL: Rocko Daymon, at the very beginning of his career, looking young and trim, not to mention far different from his modern self, with a close buzz cut and subtle goatee. Many scenes portray him stepping through the curtain and posing in the ring throughout various independent federations. He wears his original attire of cut-off denim shorts and a sleeveless black t-shirt.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
The 20th Century was winding down, and professional wrestling was living in an era of blood and extreme violence. Bursting onto the scene out of the Pacific Northwest came a brash and headstrong young man by the unusual name of "Rocko Daymon". Though rough around the edges, his formidable tenacity and penchant for brawling helped him on his way to becoming a rising star.

(FX SUPER: "2000-2002")

(HIGHLIGHT REEL: Many shots of Daymon in action while working for Superior Championship Wrestling. Notable shots include him drilling veteran wrestler SpookMaster into the mat with a double-arm DDT, trading shots with a young-looking "Triple X" Sean Stevens, and drilling the head of Jason "Stalker" Reeves into a steel chair with a jumping piledriver. The final series of shots show him holding up the SCW World Heavyweight Title before and after many matches.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
By the turn of the millenium, Rocko Daymon began to define himself as a top star in the world of professional wrestling. In Superior Championship Wrestling, he fulfilled a life-long desire of becoming World Champion when he acquired the SCW World Heavyweight Title, and ignited long-lasting rivalries with future luminaries such as "Triple X" Sean Stevens and Jason "Stalker" Reeves.

(FX SUPER: "2002-2004")

(HIGHLIGHT REEL: Many shots of Daymon in action while working for Global X-treme Wrestling. Notable shots include matches with Adam Benjamin and Cameron Cruise. Now twenty-five years of age, Daymon is showing signs of maturity, dropping the shirt from his wrestling ensemble and sporting a shaggier hairstyle.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
Two years later, the era of Superiority had ended, and the scene changed to Chad Dupree's legendary Global X-treme Wrestling. Within the new environment, Rocko Daymon found he had to work his way from the bottom to the top once again, determined to solidify himself as a professional wrestling legend.

(FX SUPER: "2004-2006")

(HIGHLIGHT REEL: Daymon walks through the Empire Pro entry-way at Aggression 1, hair now shoulder-length, experience now set deep in his eyes. The following shots show Daymon involved in matches with Maelstrom, Karl Brown, and the first ever EPW World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Sands.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
Then, in 2004, Daymon found himself in a new and up and coming federation that would soon be known worldwide as "Empire Pro Wrestling." Though present for only the first year, "the Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence" made a lasting impression with the EPW fans for his "never surrender" attitude and empathic dedication to the sport.

(FX SUPER: "2006-2008")

(HIGHLIGHT REEL: Numerous clips roll by with Daymon in various federations. In the first, he's walking down the rampway with Dan Ryan with EUWC, both sporting matching Tag Team Titles. The following clip shows the two going head to head at a TEAM event. The next few clips shows him wrestling "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx, "The Phenom" Shawn Hart, and Larry Tact in New ERA of Wrestling, capped off with the image of him holding up his second World Heavyweight Championship. More clips show him in matches tagging up with Troy Douglas and wrestling the Cross in A1E, ending with a shot of him walking to the ring with the green-plated A1E Cyber Title over his shoulder. Subsequent clips show him after his return to Empire Pro, doing battle in the annual King of the Cage tournament, and tangling with top stars like JA and "The Muffin Man" Kin Hiroshi.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
In his time away from the Empire, Daymon kept active in other leagues. Places such as EUWC, where he shared the distinction of Tag Team Champion with EPW Owner and friend, "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan... TEAM Wrestling, where he competed in numerous tournaments... A-1 Entertainment, where he became a prolific star as the Cyber Champion... and New ERA of Wrestling, where he earned his second distinction as a World Champion when he claimed the New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight Title. All of it, however, was merely a prelude to a dynamic return to Empire Pro, where destiny awaited...

(FX SUPER: "2008-2010")

(HIGHLIGHT REEL: Rocko Daymon and Sean Stevens go to WAR in the middle of the ring at an Empire Pro PPV event. The two trade constant blows in what seems like an endless and epic confrontation. The battle comes to an end when Daymon nails Stevens with the Brain Rocker off the top rope, picks up the three count, and in the next shot is shown sitting on the canvas with his back against the corner, staring at the face of the EPW World Heavyweight Title in disbelief as the capacity crowd surrounding him chants his name at a deafening volume.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
The year was 2008, and at the culmination of a heated feud with the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, "Triple X" Sean Stevens, the two old enemies met in the ring once more, engaged in a battle to determine who had grown strongest over the passage of time. Through every trial and tribulation, Rocko Daymon refused to die until victory was finally his, and the Empire Pro World Heavyweight Title at last hung around his waist.


(The footage screeches to a halt and washes out into black and white. Next shot... glass shatters as the bodies of Rocko Daymon and Stalker tumble out of a third-story window. Next shot... a completely emotionless Sean Stevens kicks both men dangling from the sill of the window to the parking lot below. Next shot... two broken bodies lie in a heap on top of a ruined car. Next shot... with his face full of rage and his right arm wearing an ugly cast, Rocko Daymon ruefully throws the EPW World Title to the feet of Stevens, standing face to face with him in the ring. Next shot... Daymon exits through the entry-way, not expected to come back.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
Tragedy struck. After a long absence from the ring, Jason "Stalker" Reeves resurfaced in Empire Pro, hellbent on revenge against his long-time nemesis. On a suicide mission of destruction, he brought Rocko Daymon three-stories straight down out of a window, causing numerous injuries, forcing him to make the difficult decision to relinquish the World Title, and furthermore, putting his future as a competitor into a lingering shadow of doubt. Once again, Daymon left the Empire... and once again, few expected his return...

(FX SUPER: "2008-2010")

(HIGHLIGHT REEL: Daymon, now 32, strides down the rampway at an A1E event. The montage of clips show him going toe to toe with the likes of "The Mecca" Marcus Westcott, Troy Douglas, and then-reigning A1E World Heavyweight Champion, "The Centerpiece" Cameron Cruise. The final shot shows him in triumph over Cruise, holding up his fourth World Title to the screaming masses of A1E fans.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
And once again, like the phoenix, the Legend, the Myth, and the MAN made his return to the ring after a swift recovery. One year later, he set his sights back on A-1 Entertainment in an effort to save a company from a tyrannical champion. Following a self-sworn "Mission", Rocko Daymon defeated all competition in his path toward the A1E World Heavyweight Championship. After a harrowing battle with reigning champ Cameron Cruise, Daymon succeeded in attaining his fourth career World Title.

(FX SUPER: "2010-2012")

(HIGHLIGHT REEL: Many shots of Daymon triumphantly holding up his belt after numerous title matches. The matches themselves show the lingering damage beginning to catch up on his body after years of taking one beating after the next. A match with Torment leaves him a bloody mess. Shawn Hart wrenches his arm into a Fujiwara Armbar that looks like it could almost be hyper-extended. Castor Strife blasts him in the face with his self-made A1E "Hollywood" Heavyweight Title. The last shot shows two officials assisting him back up the rampway... and in a last effort, he limps the last few paces on his own, acknowledging the fans with his signature fist-bump as he disappears through the curtain, hopefully not forever.)

Brian McGinnis (V/O)
Two-Kay-Ecks was the Year of the Undying in A1E, who dominated the top of the professional wrestling mountain with one triumph after the next. However, it became clear that every battle was beginning to take its toll on his physical health... and even in spite of his fierce determination and desire to win, the sacrifice was becoming too much. Daymon was finally usurped in 2011, but only after his body had been weakened considerably from week after grueling week of pushing himself to every limit imaginable.

(FADE: Back to Brian in the IWF studio.)

Brian McGinnis
Recently, in light of his deteriorating health, "The Undying" Rocko Daymon has avoided following a consistent schedule, instead limiting his in-ring activity to occasional appearances and special events. One such case was IWF's recent super event, The Experience, where a devious assault orchestrated by Perfection prevented the Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence to compete in his scheduled match with the reigning IWF Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti.

Daymon surprised many when he returned at the next IWF event, personally challenging both Perfection and Seti to individual matches. As a result, Commissioner Art Mori has granted him the opportunity to take vengeance on the self-styled perfect specimen of wrestling.

So how is he preparing for his dynamic return to the ring at Chain Reaction 7? Let's go over to Gail for the answers...

(FADE: We go to GAIL MARTIN standing with a microphone in the Dojo of downtown Seattle. It's midday, and in the background, we can hear the sounds of bodies hitting the mat and lead trainer Frank Ares barking incomprehensibly at the students. Standing next to the reporter in his silver and brown robe and ring attire is "THE UNDYING" ROCKO DAYMON, boldly standing with his scarred and tattooed arms crossed over his chest and his dark eyes gazing eons into the ever-after.)

Gail Martin

Thank you, Brian... and thank you for joining us this evening, IWF fans! I'm here today at the Dojo, and with me here is the founder and headmaster himself! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the four-time former World Heavyweight Champion, "The Undying" Rocko Daymon! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us word today, Mr. Daymon.

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
Thank you for coming to the Dojo, Gail... and I'm never too busy when it comes to the International Wrestling Federation.

Gail Martin
Before I ask anything else, I'm sure there are many IWF fans out there who are concerned about the status of Kerry Kuroyama, and when or if he'll be returning. Could you give us any update?

(Daymon nods and gestures to the ring. The camera follows his motion and finds KERRY KUROYAMA in the training ring, locked into a collar-and-elbow tie-up with another student. The cast is off, and the injured shoulder seems to be nearly, if not fully, healed.)

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
He's made a remarkably fast recovery, as you can see. Our hope is that he'll be ready for action again come Chain Reaction 8.

Gail Martin
Sounds like good news! I'm sure there are many who can't wait to see the young rising superstar back in the ring!

(The camera comes back to Rocko and Gail.)

Gail Martin
So Rocko... let's go back to Chain Reaction 6, when you came out at the end of the show and sent a very powerful message to our Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti. Since then, the Champion lashed back with a powerful message of his own. How do you respond to his comments?

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
Unfortunately, Gail... I don't make a habit out of getting into shouting matches with belligerent ego-maniacs. Especially when they choose to dodge me. There are better ways to make use of my time... such as running this school, grooming the next generation of professional wrestlers.

Gail Martin
Of course, Seti has decreed that you must wait for your shot at him in the ring... and some would say that his commitments as Emerald City Champion of IWF come before settling a grudge.

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
And I would agree with that sentiment, as a former four-time World Champion myself... but if it's Seti's job to represent this company, he probably shouldn't be dropping names. Especially mine.

Though to be honest, I don't mind being made to wait. This gives the opportunity to settle the score with the punk that jumped me from behind back at The Experience.

Gail Martin
Which brings us to our next point of topic... your upcoming match at Chain Reaction 7 against James Witherhold, better known to the IWF as Perfection. Earlier this week, Perfection delivered a promo, boldly stating that your era of greatness in the ring has long since passed.

(Daymon reacts with an amused chuckle and a shake of his head.)

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
You know, Gail... people said the same thing when I walked into Empire Pro. Eight years and three World Titles later... I'm still here, still standing.

Everywhere I've been in my long career, there was always someone there who said I should just give up and retire, either because I was too old or no longer relevant to the fans. I don't think they fully understand... "retirement" is not an option for a man who has committed every aspect of his life to the ring.

If you ask me, Gail, the reason why so many other athletes want to see me gone is because I make it harder for them to succeed in this sport. Any man standing across from me in that ring knows he's in for a bad night, because my conviction and dedication to professional wrestling excellence forces me to raise the bar. Guys like Perfection and Seti can trash my name in an effort to tarnish my legacy and the things that I stand for... but the truth is, they feel THREATENED by my being here.

Before my name was every mentioned, the two of them were the top dogs here in IWF. Enter "The Undying" Rocko Daymon... a man who has been the top dog in every company he's ever been in. How do they react? Seti embarks on a slander campaign to protect his legacy from being overshadowed by my own, and Perfection jumps me in the parking lot to keep me out of the ring.

But you know what's ironic? I didn't come to IWF to put myself at the top of the pile. I didn't want to interfere with the natural order of this growing federation. I also didn't simply come for a paycheck -- anybody who knows me knows that all of my earnings in the ring go to my leech of an ex-wife.

Gail Martin
Then tell us, Mr. Daymon... what was it that brought you to International Wrestling Federation?

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
Simply put... Art Mori asked me. He said he needed a big name to headline a big event... and I accepted the offer. Kerry was out of action, and I figured The Dojo could use the exposure. Besides, how often to the people of Seattle see their hometown hero in action these days?

I thought it would be a good, entertaining match... the legend of the past going head to head with the legend of the future. If I'd known the sh*t-storm my coming here would inevitably create, I would have politely turned him down. But I was thinking in the best interests of this school... and in the best interests of the IWF fans here in the Emerald City.

A lot of people like to think I don't give a damn about this federation... that I'm only here for the money or the exposure. Truth is, Gail, if I really didn't care about IWF, I would have already dropped a lawsuit on Kimball Cho's head and run this place into the ground. After all, it doesn't look good when a known wrestling legend gets assaulted in the parking lot and security is NOWHERE in sight.

But I'm not the man who wins his battles in courtrooms. I take care of my business between the ropes.

I legitimately believe that the talented and outstanding athletes that make up the IWF locker room are the future of this sport. Do I think guys like Seti and Perfection are model athletes? Personally, no... but even I can't deny they are extremely talented individuals. This place has the potential of being something great, having a quality that places like Empire Pro and New Frontier will NEVER have. All I ever wanted, Gail, was to be a part of that nurturing process.

Now, people want to make it the grave site for "The Undying." But that's not going to happen... not at my expense, and especially in my own backyard.

Gail Martin
Is there anything you'd like to say directly to your opponent at Chain Reaction?

(The reporter hands over the microphone as the camera centers up of Daymon, staring daggers back at it.)

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
You know something, Perfection? After what you pulled, a few of the guys here were talking about returning the favor the next time you come walking through a parking lot unassuming. But I told them not to... because I intend on taking care of this myself. In the ring... face to face... man to man. No tire irons. No cheap shots. If you were truly the "perfect" professional wrestler you so nauseatingly claim to be time and time again, then you shouldn't have any problem with that whatsoever... right?

I don't believe in "perfection." Being absolutely without flaw is an impossibility. EVERYBODY has flaws... from the lowly curtain jerkers to the main event superstars. The only way an athlete can evolve and succeed in this sport is when he or she recognizes those flaws and improves on them. In my case... my flaw is that I don't have eyes in the back of my head. If I did, I would have kicked your ass back in that parking lot before you even had a chance to come at me. All the same, I learned my lesson... which is why whenever I walk into the Moss Bay Events Center from now on, I won't be coming alone.

You can say you don't fear me... but if that were really the case, you wouldn't have needed your brother, a tool, and the element of surprise to take me out. You could have done it on your own... but you DIDN'T... which, to me, is evidence that you're not as "perfect" as you think you are. Just full of sh*t.

Once that bell rings, we're going to cut past all that sh*t, and you're going to quickly find out I'm not as out of shape and washed up as you believe me to be. You don't have to believe me... because I've made an entire career out of kicking the ass of every person who ever doubted me.

You can kill the man, but the Mission will never die, Perfection.

(The camera backs out again as Rocko returns the mic to Gail.)

Gail Martin
Thank you again for giving us your time today, Mr. Daymon.

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
No thanks necessary, Gail. It was a pleasure to speak with you today.

Gail Martin
I guess we'll see you in the ring at last at Chain Reaction 7! Good luck in your match!

(He bows slightly in a show of respect, and Daymon steps away to return to his duties at the school. Gail turns her attention to the camera.)

Gail Martin
Once again, those were comments from the former four-time World Champion, "The Undying" Rocko Daymon, who clearly seems intent on proving his critics wrong once he steps through the ropes to compete against Perfection!

Let's go back to Brian in the studio!

(FADE: Back to The Fuse studio, where Brian McGinnis still sits behind the desk. Behind him, the screens show the faces of Rocko Daymon and Perfection facing off over the IWF logo.)

Brian McGinnis
Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen... word from the Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence himself.

Will "The Undying" succeed, or will James Witherhold prove that Rocko's era of success in this sport has truly reached its end? We'll know the answers once these two meet at Chain Reaction 7, which is just around the corner.

I'll see you there at the Moss Bay Events Center where we will witness this battle for ourselves. Once again, this is Brian McGinnis, and you are watching The Fuse, brought to you by the International Wrestling Federation! Good night!

(The studio lights dim as the outro to "Mind the Drift" fades in over the soundtrack. Moments later, we cut to black on the final note.)

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