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The HIGHLIGHTS Format Template


Jan 1, 1970
Something that I utilized with JN for a couple of BRAWL/RELOADED matches with our characters. Feel free to use this as a template when crafting your matches!











Both men wear black combat fatigues, spit-shined jumpboots, black riot/flak vests and bad attitudes. 187 has a black bandanna covering his face wild-west style - Saafir Muhammed does not. (NO GOLD CHAINS - that's not their deal) 'Ante Up' by M.O.P. blasts on, and the crowd loses their mind and stands up the whole time - the music plays through the whole match, even restarting if it ends. This match doesn't last long enough to begin a decent tag exchange - it's just mayhem.


Shaniqua Carlton will wear a red sequins evening dress, heels with a matching tennis racket with a red sequin slipcover that says 'DRS' spelled out in rhinestones.

HIGHLIGHT SPOT 1: Saafir and 187 hit the ring and start a slugfest breaks out, the HWC still in their peacock robes where at one point, Saafir flips Blaines robe over his head and then dropkicks him over the ropes and they get in some tag action on Malik - such as an irish whip and they double back bodydrop him over the top rope crashing down onto Blaine on the floor! The crowd loves it, as Saafir makes motion to 187, and he whips Saafir off of the ropes, and locks his hands together and HEAVE-HO PLANCHAS SAAFIR DOWN ONTOP OF THE HWC!

HIGHLIGHT SPOT 2: Blaine and Saafir in the ring, Shaniqua is dueling racket shots with Cal. Blaine is working over Saafirs back and they do a chain wrestling exchange: Blaine Scoop slam, Goes for the dibiase fistdrop, and Saafir pulls a metal chair over him and Blaine punches the chair! Blaine up and shaking out his hand, Saafir rolls to his feet and tosses the chair to Blaine, and he catches it, and Saafir readies himself for a Dropkick into the chair but Blaine throws it back, Saafir catches it and Blaine uncharacteristally punches Saafir through the chair! Saafir drops and Blaine has now ****ed up his hand (the same one that Troy tried to break) and he's cursing himself. The DRS have gotten under his skin.

HIGHLIGHT SPOT 3: Malik gets caught up in the ropes, and Saafir chastises him for being a 'field slave brought in to the big house' and crowns his head in with an animate object. This starts the class/race undertones I want to visit.

HIGHLIGHT SPOT 4: Blaine puts on a clinic lighting up Saafir with a series of backbreakers and ends with Malik coming off the ropes and dropping a leg across Saafirs' throat.

SHANIQUA INJURES CAL SPOT: Cals on the apron and breaks up a pin attempt by the DRS but gets pulled off by Shaniqua, and they start a catfight in the middle of the ring, so bad that the wrestlers stop for a second to watch them go. Cal does something ****ed up, like try (poorly) to put Shaniqua in the tree of woe to embarrass her (Showing her lacy undies) and lays in some weak as hell kicks. Cal runs to the other side of the ring and runs in to dropkick her in the face, but while he's gloating to the crowd, he spins around to run and gets SPEARED OUT OF HIS SHOES BY SHANIQUA. Cal is out cold while Shaniqua gets some face heat! (Cal gets two ribs cracked)

There's tables in the ring now, and Saafir is sitting on the TR and he's waiting for 187 to feed Malik up for the TR Razors Edge through the table (MURDER ONE finisher) but as 187 is scooping up Malik, Blaine runs in and hits THATS ENTERTAINMENT on 187! Blaine is gloating over him but doesn't see Shaniqua knee up on the apron, spin Blaine around and DESTROY the racket over his head, splaying him out on the table, and Saafir hits the DLO BROWN FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE!

ACTUAL MATCH: (written by Pete!) http://nfw.e-wrestling.org/content.php?p=results&id=140&matchid=1752#top

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