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"The Innovator" Brock Newbludd


League Member
Mar 8, 2016
Handler Information

Name: Gorman
Email Address: richardsong22@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You:Skype/Email/Facebook/Whatever the rest of the fed uses I can use too.
eWrestling Experience: Back in the day I was in PCW, RUSH, and the XWF. I took almost a decade off before coming back to the hobby. Since then, I was in NBW up until it?s closing.
How did you find DEFIANCE? I?ve known about Defiance for awhile due to being in NBW with Seth, Markus, Ford, and others.
Are you willing to write matches? Yes, I like match writing.

Writing Sample


Here's a match I wrote in NBW a couple years back.

Here?s a couple of segs as well?

Coming back from break, the camera slowly faded in to show interviewer Adria Hoyt, standing in front of the NBW interview backdrop, which was spruced up with blinking lights and tinsel in spirit of the holidays. Flashing her trademark beaming smiled, Hoyt adjusted the Santa hat that she had on top of her head, before raising the microphone she held in her hand up to her lips.

?Happy holidays everyone, and welcome back to Slam! And if I must say, that was a very impressive victory by the man formerly known as Sweet Daddy K, Ohiyama.? Adria said excitedly before pausing as the live audience let out a cheer at the mention of the returning superstar who only moments ago had taken the hated Xiang down for the three count with ease.

?Speaking of impressive victories, joining me now is a man who at Pride outlasted his bitter rival Ravage in a tense last man standing match to successfully retain the NBW Blitzkrieg Championship, <b>?The Innovator? Brock Newbludd.</b>?

With the crowd letting out a loud roar in the background, the camera zoomed out to reveal a confident looking Brock Newbludd standing next to Adria. On his other side stood his girlfriend, and NBW EMT, <b>Sally Renolds</b>, who did not share her boyfriend?s look of confidence. Instead, normally fiery Renolds looked tired, and concerned, as she stood next to her smiling champion.

The reason for her concern was evident upon further inspection of the Blitzkrieg champion, who despite having eyes full of vigor and confidence, physically looked like he had just recently survived a car wreck.

Brock?s crystal blue eyes contrasted sharply against the mixture of green and blue bruises that enveloped both of them, no doubt the result of the broken nose he suffered during his battle with Ravage at Pride. The white bandage that now covered the entirety of said nose was joined with multiple other smaller bandages that covered other cuts he received during the brutal title defense.

It was evident that though Newbludd had been the last man standing in his final battle with Ravage, he had surely paid the price for it. Even Adria, who had been in the industry long enough to see her fair share of battered faces, gawked at Newbludd for a long second before composing herself and raising the mic up.

?Brock, first things first, congratulations on your hard fought victory against Ravage at Pride, a match that saw both of you get hospitalized immediately afterwards. Many people are calling it the final match between you two, would you agree?? Adria asked before shifting the microphone towards Newbludd.

?You know Adria, I would like to say they?re right. But then again, not many of those people know Ravage like I do. He?s obsessed with proving to everyone that he?s not just a legend in his own mind, and I foolishly thought sending him to the hospital after our match at Legacy would have given him a reality check, but it didn?t. I?m sure it?ll be just like the last time, he?ll go home and spend his days braiding his daughter's hair while he heals up, and then he?ll come back here just as delusional as ever to set his sights on me once again. Which is fine with me, because believe me Adria, I have no issues with sending his ass back to the hospital again for a third time.? Brock said, finishing with a grin.

?While it is true that he?s gone to the hospital twice after facing you, this time around you too took a trip there as well. How are you holding up?? Adria asked and Brock gave a nonchalant shoulder shrug.

?I?m fine Adria, just a few bumps and bruises. As you can see, just like after the Laddervault, I?m here standing on my own two feet, while my opponent is nowhere to be found. Hell, I?m ready right now to take on whoever wants a piece of---?

Suddenly Brock was cut off from a threatening growl from Sally, and turned his head to see her glaring at him.

?Bullshit! You are in no condition to do anything, so quit acting tough! You could barely walk around a few days ago, or maybe don?t you remember that!?? an angry Sally asked before poking a finger into Brock?s side, causing him to flinch in pain.

?I?m sorry Sally, but are you saying this as a concerned girlfriend or as a medical professional?? Adria curiously asked.

?Both!? Sally said as she planted her hands on hips. ?He is not medically cleared to wrestle by the NBW medical staff, which I?m on! And there?s no way we?re clearing him until he passes every single test and that?s final!? Sally sternly said to a frowning Newbludd.

?So I take it your injuries go beyond the nose, Brock?? Hoyt asked the still frowning Newbludd.

?Cracked ribs, concussion, strained hamstring---? Sally rattled off, and Brock put his hands up in defeat to stop her.

?I?m just choosing to take the night off tonight Adria. I?ll be back in the ring in no time?? Newbludd then threw an arm over the still angry Sally?s shoulder and gave her a grin. ?It?s going to take a lot more than that to keep me down.?

Sally just rolled her eyes and pushed his arm off of her.

?Well, I think the NBW fanbase would agree with me in wishing you a speedy recovery.? Hoyt said sincerely.

?Thanks Adria, and I know this may sound cliche?, but I wouldn?t be where I am right now if it wasn?t for the support of the people that use their hard earned money to come watch the NBW, and I mean that.? a humble sounding Brock replied, and immediately the crowd let out a loud cheer to reinforce his genuine words about them. Sally even softened a little bit from Brock?s statement and grew a slight smile.

?Thanks for the time guys, but before we get back to the action, I do have a quick question for you, Sally. Could you give the fans any update on the status of Davey LaRue after he was viciously attacked before his match with newcomer Al Envy at Pride?? Hoyt asked and the crowd gave a little cheer at the mention of their cult hero, though Brock?s eyes narrowed at the mention of his injured friend.

?Davey?s going to be ok, and ready to go in a couple of weeks, even though he received a concussion to go along with a number of stitches. Davey?s one tough customer though, and I think his head has hardened from all the shots he?s taken over the years. I will say this though Adria, whoever was behind the attack really beat the shit out of him. And that?s my professional opinion.? Sally said as a frustrated Brock shook his head and moved the microphone in front of him.

?What do you mean, ?whoever was behind the attack?? It?s pretty obvious that it was Al Envy!? Brock exclaimed.

?Brock, there is no evidence to support that?? Adria retorted and was quickly cut off by Brock.

?Evidence or not, I?m trusting my gut on this one and it?s saying to me that the reason that Davey is all busted up is because of this Envy asshole. Everyone saw him out there at Pride, running his mouth in the ring while Davey was bleeding out in the back...telling him that he can share a room with me in the hospital...what a fuckin? joke.?

Obviously fired up, Brock shook his head in disgust and Sally piped in.

?You?re not his bodyguard Brock, Davey?s a big boy and can handle his own problems, and besides you?re in no shape to do anything about it anyway!? Sally pointed out, which fired up Newbludd even more.

?No, I?m not Davey?s bodyguard, he?s a man and he can fight his own battles! But what I am is his damn friend, and I won?t stand for what happened to him at Pride!? Brock retorted beforing snatching the microphone from Adria and glaring into the camera.

?So, I'm going to give a little advice to Al Envy?Al, I get it, believe me I do. You want to come in here to the NBW and make an immediate impact...make a name for yourself. I was in your shoes less than a year ago, and you know what I accomplished that goal. But, I did it through busting my ass night in and night out, not punking out my opponents before matches to get a cheap win. While that might seem like an easier way to do business, believe me it?s not. And if you don?t believe me, maybe go ask Big Rick or Xiang how it eventually turned out for them after they took Davey out backstage??

Brock then let out an amused chuckle and stopped for a moment, while Sally put a hand on his arm to stop her angered boyfriend from continuing on. But, the Blitzkrieg champion tempered was flared and he wasn?t done.

?Wait, wait, Al...I'll do your sorry ass a favor...I'll spare you the misery of having to talk to either of those two idiots. I?ll tell you how it turned out for them when they messed with Davey.?

Having given up on stopping the still injured Newbludd from fighting his friend's battles, Sally stormed off, but Brock didn?t take his eyes from the camera.

?Davey got back up, and he made them pay. And if things got real bad, well then he asked me to help. And you know what I did? I <i>broke</i> them. I put Big Rick on the shelf for a month. I beat Xiang so bad that he didn?t even attempt to ask for a rematch. Shit, even the Great Wall hides when he sees me walking down the hallway, because he knows what I?m capable of...and that's why I have this gold right here. So, if I were you Al, I?d think real long and hard on how you want things to play out between you and Davey, because I promise you...you pull any of that shit again, you?re going to have to answer to me...and you <i>don?t</i> want that.?

With that Newbludd tossed Adria the microphone and walked out of the frame.

?Some heated words from the injured Blitzkrieg Champion, but one has to wonder what the also banged up Davey LaRue thinks about all this! I guess we'll have to wait until the first Slam of 2017! For now, let?s send it back to the ring!? Adria exclaimed before the camera faded to black.

Segment 2-High Steaks Negotiations

Slowly fading in, the camera revealed the backstage catering area that NBW provided for the wrestlers and staff for every show. As usual, the perennially popular area was buzzing with people, ranging from NBW referees to guests of the wrestlers themselves. Most people were sitting down at the large plastic folding tables that took up the majority of the area, and small bursts of laughter and conversation were heard in the background as they enjoyed the free meal together. Night in and night out, this was usually the liveliest place in the back.

The camera then shifted its focus over to the long table that was setup with the buffet style catered food, and the live audience let out a roar as it stopped to rest on NBW Blitzkrieg Champion <b>?The Innovator? Brock Newbludd</b> and his good buddy, Different Breed de facto leader <b>?Fat Tuesday? Davey LaRue.</b> Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the proud champion Newbludd had the Blitzkrieg title fastened around his waist, while LaRue was looking exceptionally sharp with his yellow and pink Zubaz that were sloppily cut into shorts (with matching flip-flops) and sleeveless Different Breed t-shirt.

The two friends were locked into a conversation with each other as they stood near the far end of the table where the buffet line started. Grabbing a plate, Newbludd nodded his head occasionally while a particularly glum looking LaRue talked to him as the camera slowly zoomed in on two.

?...and den I come to wake up dis mornin? at the hotel and once again der?s no beb to give ol? Davey a backrub and some mornin? lovin,? the cajun said in frustration as he picked up a plate.

?I juss don?t tink dis whole online datin ting is for me Brock.?

Grabbing a piece of chicken from one of the food warmers, Brock shook his head as he chuckled, causing Davey?s eyes to grow big in surprise then quickly narrow in anger.

?Dat?s not supposed ta be a funny story, bon ami! I?m givin dis a real chance!? LaRue exclaimed as he dramatically grabbed a salisbury steak and plopped it on his plate, causing brown gravy to splatter on his shirt.

?You?re right, I?m sorry buddy,? Brock said as he stopped loading up his plate to look at his friend.

?But let me ask you this, where in your hotel room did you wake up this morning??

Face turning slightly red, LaRue tried his best to look nonchalant as he gave a shoulder shrug before asking, ?What?s dat got to wit anyting??

A knowing smile grew on Brock?s face as he locked eyes with LaRue, ?C?mon bro, I know you. Where did you wake up this morning??

Averting his eyes from Brock?s, Davey looked down to the ground to try and hide the embarrassment on his face.

?De bathtub?? he managed to mutter out and Brock tilted his head low to look up to LaRue.

?The bathtub, huh? Any other details you might be leaving out?? the Blitzkrieg champ asked as he now tried to hold in his grin.

Davey?s shoulders visibly drooped as he filled in the blanks for his friend, ?Well I must?ve tried flushin my clothes down de toilet, I?m not really sure why...so I was naked...and I also had dis.?

Putting his plate down on the table, LaRue let out a sigh as he lifted his shirt up to reveal a fresh tattoo. Newbludd stared in amazement at his friend's stomach and put a hand over his mouth to try and contain his laughter. Shifting over, the camera zoomed in on LaRue?s hairy belly.

Well, mostly hairy belly. The area around his belly button was shaved completely clean and replaced with a tattoo of a cat bending over and smiling between it?s legs. While the quality of the inkwork was decent enough, what really made the tattoo special was how the cat was placed just right so Davey?s belly button doubled as the cat?s butthole.

Hearing giggling coming from other people in the catering area, Davey frantically pulled his shirt back down and shot a stern glare out that cut the laughter off instantly. Despite his lovable personality and irresistible charm, LaRue was still a large man who could be intimidating when he needed to be.

?Ohhh shit, that?s too good?? Brock said as he fought off laughter.

?Yea, yea?? a solemn LaRue grumbled as he picked his plate back up.

Seeing his normally jovial friend in a down mood, Newbludd let out a sigh and put a hand on LaRue?s shoulder.

?Listen buddy, I think you might need to change up your game plan,? Newbludd suggested in an encouraging tone and Davey perked up a little bit.

?Change my game plan?? Davey asked with a cocked eyebrow, and Brock took his hand off his friend's shoulder to pick his plate back up.

?Yea, change your gameplan, use a different playbook, however you want to put it. Because if you ask me...now I might be wrong...your current strategy of taking these chicks to dive bars and getting so pissed up that you blackout, get cat tattoos, and try to flush your clothes down the toilet...well, it just ain?t working man,? Brock explained.

Grabbing his plate, LaRue looked to be in deep thought. ?Ya tink dat?s da problem, fo? real?? he asked as he scrunched his face.

?I wouldn?t steer you in the wrong direction dude, I?m rooting for ya. I?m just saying maybe don?t get piss-wasted on your next date, that?s all!? Brock responded as he made his way down the table to grab more food.

?I trust ya, so I?ll give it a shot bon ami,? a hopeful LaRue replied as he scooped some mashed potatoes on his plate and moved down the table. ?I just hope---?


LaRue and Brock jumped from the sudden outburst, and both men quickly turned around to see <b> ?Deadly Erick Davies </b> standing next to the table holding a gravy covered salisbury steak inches from his face with both hands. Foaming at the mouth, Davies had a crazed look in his eyes as he squeezed the piece of meat, making gravy ooze out between his fingers.

?YOU CAN?T MAKE ME EAT IT! YOU CAN?T!? Erick wailed out as he threw the steak to the ground and began stomping on it.

Confusion couldn?t begin to explain the look that Brock and Davey shared with each other before looking back to Mr. Screwloose. If one could guess, it would appear that the salisbury steaks had triggered a flashback of the most violent kind for the most deranged wrestler in NBW. A repressed memory about his childhood enemy, the lunch lady Mrs. Brenkowski!

The two friends continued to watch Erick squash the glorified hamburger patty into oblivion, while in the background all of the people who were milling about the catering area stopped to watch the scene unfold. Davies was oblivious to his surroundings as he kept jumping up and down.

Nudging LaRue, Brock leaned in close and whispered, ?Dude, what the fuck is going on? And who is Mrs. Brenkowski??

?Beats me, bon ami, ? Davey whispered back. ?I tink Mrs. Brenkowski was his lunch lady in school...at least dat?s what I?ve put togedder from his ramblings in da locker room. He?s been talkin? about her for years.?

?What? Lunch Lady? Seriously, how many crazy people does Harmen have working here?? Brock asked, and Davey just shrugged his shoulders.

Taking deep ragged breaths, Davies finally stopped stomping his feet on the ground and leaned forward with both hands on the edge of the table as he got his wind back. Peering up to stare at the food warmer holding the gravy covered steaks, Erick?s top lip curled back in disdain.

?I HATE YOU!? Davies screamed out as he pointed an accusing finger at the food before grabbing the container and smashing it on the ground, sending gravy and steaks flying in every which way.

?Hey! Stop that! Dammit Davies!? a voice rang out, and an instant later two NBW security officers ran into the picture, rushing over to Mr. Screwloose.

Davies' eyes got big as he saw security running towards him, and spread his feet wide in a defensive stance.

?Tell your boss Brenkowski to leave me ALONE!? Davies yelled as he raised his fists at the two approaching men, and both security officers had the same look of confusion, not understanding what the hell Davies was talking about.

The first officer to reach Davies, a portly man with a balding head and a bushy moustache, put his hands up to let Erick know that he just wanted to diffuse the situation peacefully. The wild-eyed Davies gave no fucks about the man?s intentions, and proceeded to drop the NBW staff member with a straight right fist that landed right between the man?s eyes! The crowd of people in the catering area let out a ?Oooo? that was echoed by the live audience in the background as the security officer hit the hard floor with a thud and laid motionless at Davies feet.

Seeing his partner get laid out, the second security officer was not going to make the same mistake and pulled out his nightstick as he reached Davies. Jabbing in with the billy club to hit Davies in the ribs, the security officer was caught off guard when Davies dodged the blow and took hold of the weapon. Yanking the billy club out of the security officer?s hands, Davies hit the guard in the stomach with it before snaking around him and grabbing the guard from behind.

Pressing the billy club hard against the now terrified officer?s throat, Davies screamed into the guards ear, ?Take me to Brenkowski! NOW!?

?Wh...who?? the frightened guard croaked out.

Tightening his grip, Davies burst out in laughter. ?Don?t play dumb with me chickenhead! You reek of her tuna casserole!?

Davies looked like a cornered rat as more NBW staff came onto the scene and began to form a circle around the two men. Security officers, referees, and backstage hands all pleaded with Davies to let him go, but the deranged wrestler wasn?t listening as he continued to shout out nonsense about salisbury steaks and Mrs. Brenkowski. Suddenly, the circle of people parted for a second as Brock and Davey stepped in to stand in front of the Erick.

?C?mon bon ami, jus? let de guy go. Maybe den we can sit down and talk about dis fake lunch lady of yours,? LaRue reasoned with Davies who responded with a cackling laughter.

?No way swamp rat! And she isn't fake! She's real! These salisbury steaks being here prove it! And THIS hired hand of hers is going to tell me where she is so I can finally have my revenge!?

LaRue began to open his mouth again, but Brock put his hand up, effectively cutting his friend off. Stepping in to stand only a couple feet away from Davies and his prisoner, Brock scanned his crystal blue eyes over the circle or people surrounding them before locking them onto Davies.

?Really dude? Are we really doing this right now?? Newbludd said as he spread his arms wide. ?Look man, this guy doesn?t know what the fuck you?re talking about...and neither does anyone else!?

Almost everyone in the immediate area nodded their heads in agreement, they really had no idea what was going on. They just knew that insane Erick Davies had a billy club to a security officer's throat and apparently was not a big fan of salisbury steaks.

?So, why don?t you let the guy go?? Brock said with a grin as he brought his arms in to crack his knuckles. ?Because if you don?t, the minute you raise that billy club up, you?re going to get your ass beat by like twenty people...and after they?re done with you, me and that guy you're holding there are going to shove every one of those delicious steaks that are on the floor down your throat.?

Cocking his head sideways to Davies, the still grinning Newbludd asked. ?How does that sound??

Letting out a growl, Davies squeezed the guard tighter as his eyes frantically darted around the room, looking for a way out. Realizing that Newbludd was right, there really was nowhere to go, Davies sneered at Brock.

?If I let him go, what?s in it for ME!?? a desperate Davies screamed at Newbludd.

?I don?t drown you in that bowl of gravy over there?? Newbludd replied.

?Not good enough!? Davies answered back, and his eyes began searching frantically again for a few seconds before resting on the Blitzkrieg title around Brock?s waist. ?I want a title shot! Yea...I want your stupid Blitzkrieg title!?

Looking down at the title for a long second, Brock nodded his head. ?Fine, we?ll set up a match, now let this poor guy--?

?NO! I want it NOW! RIGHT NOW!? Davies interjected, and the Blitzkrieg champ?s eyebrows rose in surprise at Davies demand.

With a shoulder shrug, Brock began looking at the NBW staff around him and spotted referee Tal Nedrick. Still in his stripes, the veteran referee was clearly there just for moral support as he had his head down in a plate of food he was holding.

?Tal!? Brock yelled, getting the surprised ref?s attention. ?Lunch break?s over!?

Handing his plate of food to the NBW staff member standing next to him, Nedrick wiped the crumbs of his shirt and tentatively made his way over to stand next to Brock. Unstrapping the Blitzkrieg title, Brock gave it to the referee, and when the ref realized what was about to happen motioned for everyone to make space. The crowd obliged, making sure to give plenty of room for the fight to come. Then in a blur, two security guards rushed out and scooped up their fallen co-worker that Davies punched out before scurrying out of the picture.

Taking his shirt off and tossing it to Davey, Brock bumped fists with his friend before saying, ?Leave this between me and him, don?t interfere unless one of his friends decide to come help him.?

?He doesn?t ave any friends, don?t worry about dat bon ami. But dis cat is dangerous, maybe even more den Strongbern.? LaRue informed Brock as he eyed up Davies.

?Great...an adult sized Big Rick, this should be fun...looks like we?ll have to get some grub later buddy.? Brock muttered back as he glanced over to Davies.

Davey nodded his head, and turned around to join the small crowd of people who were all watching with anticipation.

?You got what you wanted crazy pants, you and me, right here and right now. So let that poor guy go, he looks like he?s going to shit himself,? Brock said as he rolled his neck back and forth.

The security officer did indeed have the look of someone who was about to poop his pants. Hope filled his eyes though when he realized that he was about to be free from the lunatic?s clutches. But, it was quickly replaced by fear when Davies did not let him go.

Nodding his head to signal Nedrick, Davies yelled back, ?Ring the bell! THEN I?ll let this filth go!?

?Um...I...don?t have a bell back here Erick?? Tal meekly said back, not wanting to anger the certified lunatic even further.

Rolling his eyes, Brock hollered back to his his buddy in the crowd, ?Davey, give us a bell!?

?DANG! DANG! DANG!? ?Fat Tuesday replied, the words dripping with his cajun accent.

Whatever meekness that was in Tal left him, and he instantly snapped into referee mode as he held the belt up high to signify that it was on the line in this impromptu match. Tal then tossed it to LaRue who snagged it out of the air with one hand, and the live audience watching on the Epicenter let out a cheer in anticipation of the unexpected Blitzkrieg title match!

Tossing the security guard off to the side, Davies let out a war cry as he raised the nightstick above his head and immediately charged at Brock!

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: ?The Innovator? Brock Newbludd
Height: 6?3
Weight: 240

Hailing From: Milwaukee, WI

Alignment: Face

Gimmick:If I had to sum him up, I would say that he would be the ?working man?s? favorite wrestler. He?s blue collar through and through. Wrestling, to him, is a dream come true and his love for the business shows in his work ethic and willingness to put everything he has inside him towards entertaining the fans. A fiery competitor, Brock isn?t afraid to let his passion for wrestling show in everything he does.

The best real life comparison I could give to his gimmick would be a modern day Dusty Rhodes type face... minus the polka dots. Oh, and Brock rarely turns down the chance to drink beer with his buddies. He likes to party.

Here?s a short bio I wrote up for him as well awhile back...

Born in Milwaukee, WI and raised by a single father who worked at a steel mill 50 hours a week and spent most of the money he earned on Windsor and dirty women, a young Brock learned how to become a self sufficient man real quick, at least what he thought a man was. Rough around the edges, Newbludd spent his teen years being a oft-troubled star running back for his high school football team during the day, and a low level criminal at night as a member of one of the many small time gangs that popped up in the Milwaukee/Chicago area during the 1990's.

Growing up on the poorer side of Milwaukee, WI., Newbludd is proud of his roots and feels more at home when drinking with his childhood friends at a seedy bar, than living the lavish, comfortable lifestyle that his successful wrestling career would allow him to. Now, he's the guy who always pays the tab.

When Newbludd's high school days were over and he was about ready to amplify his involvement in the gang life his old high school football coach, an ex-wrestler himself, approached him with an offer. Get out of the gang scene and join his summer pro wrestling camp for free. The coach always had a soft spot for Newbludd and didn't want to see him waste his life like Brock's father did.

Newbludd excelled in camp, and after paying his dues impressing crowds at local venues with his athleticism and tenacity in the ring. His wrestling journey then lead him to Japan and Mexico where a guy could make good money if he was willing to take the punishment both the road and the ring dished out. It was while in Japan that he earned the nickname "The Innovator" when he created his finishing maneuver "The Last Call" DDT and also his top rope maneuver "The Sky-Twister Press".

Wrestling in the states, Brock enjoyed great success in the early 2000's wrestling in the now defunct Primetime Championshop Wrestling. Teaming with childhood friend, "The New Legend" Stephen Blood to form The Blood Brothers, Brock would win 5 tag team titles, they were also named tag team of the year for 2000. He would also capture singles glory winning the RUSH Federation World Championship.

Following his stint in RUSH, Newbludd did the unexpected and put his wrestling career on hold to join the United States Military, serving as a member of the US Army Rangers for an undisclosed number of years.

Upon finishing his service, Brock returned to wrestling and joined NBW where he enjoyed the greatest success of his career, winning both the Blitzkrieg title as well as the World Heavyweight Championship.

Wrestling Style: Technical/Brawler

In the ring, Newbludd believes in high risk/high reward, which has paid off for him just as many times as it has backfired. An accomplished grappler, he enjoys delivering a solid overhead belly to belly suplex almost as much as he likes to channel his roots and get into a brawl. Almost.

Three Weaknesses:

  1. Crowd pleaser. Newbludd?s passion for entertaining the fans can lead to unnecessary risks in matches.
  2. Stubborn. His unwillingness to back down from certain situations has led to disastrous results, including injury. Not believing in ?no-win? scenarios is admirable but most certainly foolhardy.
  3. Loyal to a fault. Brock has a very trusting nature to him, which can lead to him being taken advantage of.

Three Strengths:

  1. Experience. A ?ring general?, Brock is very good at adapting to the numerous different styles that are present in today?s wrestling.
  2. Passionate. His love for the business, along with his unyielding determination, make Brock a tough opponent to break. Mentally or physically.
  3. Magnetic personality. Newbludd has shown an innate ability to feed off of the crowd?s energy in matches, and use it to his advantage in matches.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1. DDT
2. Cobra Clutch
3. Brainbuster (Delayed or regular depending on the situation.0
4. Superkick
5. Northern Light Suplex (Release and bridging)
6. Short-Arm Clotheline
7. Hangman's Neckbreaker
8. Sleeperplex
9. Texas Cloverleaf
10. Dragon Sleeper

2-5 trademark moves:

2)"Steamboat" Armdrag
3)Overhead Belly to Belly
4)Cobra Clutch Suplex
5)Flying Elbow Drop

1 Finishing Move: "Shock and Awe"- Bridging Dragon Suplex

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move (Rare Special Occasion Finisher)

"Black Hawk Down"-Steiner Screwdriver
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As the other characters in that match my vote is probably biased but yes a million lol. Good to see you Gorman! :)


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Mar 8, 2016
I just noticed that my copy/paste from Google docs changed all my quotation marks to question marks for some reason, sorry guys.


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Sir. This app is far too long, lmao. I think you win an award for that? Appreciate you giving us a match sample but, yikes, lol. Glad you’re willing to write them though, that’s a good thing!

Also, you gotta cut down your moveset. 10 moves =/= 30+ moves.

I’m voting yes because Seth says you’re solid and I tapped out on this app before I got to the end. Plz live up to the hype.


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Mar 8, 2016
Thanks Lindz, and sorry about the length. I kinda thought the same thing after the fact, and have to agree on your assessment of yikes. :) What can I say, I was excited to apply.

Thank you for the vote, I appreciate it and will try my best to not make Seth look bad!


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Aug 9, 2018
I agree with Lindz about the app length and that move setfully insane CAW mode. I'd suggest toning down the move set and some of the depth of it, just for the sake of realism. I'm not saying it's unheard of for a 6'3" 240ish wrestler to have powerbombs, sky twister presses, and springboard moves, but it feels a little more wrestling video game than I'd personally like to see. That is just my opinion, of course.

All that said, you're clearly able and willing to write and more faces is a good thing for the roster right now.

I'll say yes, with those caveats and changes to the move set.


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Mar 8, 2016
Thank you for the vote. I adjusted the moveset and also cut out the match in the app. There's a link to it instead to make things look less bloated.

Brock's style/build is fairly close to a late 80's Scott Steiner, a mixture of athleticism and power. The Sky-Twister was from when he weighed about 225, and I honestly forgot to omit it.

I also changed his MDK move to what he used in previous feds as well.


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Feb 4, 2005
Yes vote from me! As I said, myself and Markus can vouch for Gorman who was always a reliable handler, but also has clearly shown he's able to open to change. That gives you four.

Welcome, sir. :)

The Red Hood

Mar 12, 2013
Gotham City

I know I am not currently in DEF at the moment, but this is one of the best handlers you are going to find. I would vouch for him as much as Markus or Seth. End of story.

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