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The Intergalactic Championship Commission

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Aug 26, 2008
Name: Morton Murphy
Birthdate: September 18, 1981
From: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Resides In: Charlotte, North Carolina


Morton has been a wrestling fan from day dot and was not blessed with the size to pursue a career as a wrestler but was gifted with a pen, a brain and a voice to do something more than he could inside the ring. He started out as a journalist with his own website before landing an administrative role with Spinebuster Wrestling and forming a relationship with Justin Voss.

He has since been involved heavily in a large number of the promotions and popular wrestling website EWrestling Torch. He is still a wrestling fan at heart and his dream was to provide fans with wrestling shows he himself would enjoy watching. Thus the instution of the Intergalactic Championship and it's Commission being formed.

El Velocidad Raptor
Birthdate: May 19, 1963
From: Mexico City, Mexico
Resides In: Mexico City, Mexico


Began wrestling in in 1980, became known as one of the best heavyweight of his generation in Mexico, his mask became very popular, he dawned the El Velocidad Raptor mask in June 1983 after wrestling as El Raton Volador, during his first few years in Lucha Libre. Wrestled matches in Puerto Rico and Japan on a regular basis as well. He never lost a Luchas de Apuestas, so never was unmasked.

He retired from active competition in March 2007, and settled down in his home town, occasionally visiting local Lucha Libre schools to speak to the upcoming talent. Upon the creation of the Intergalatic Championship by Morton Murphy, Raptor was contacted about serving on the championship committee. Raptor accepted and any IGC matches held in Latin or South America he will attend personally as the IGC representative. He is rumored to have a strong voice on the commission.

Name: “Words” Rusty Barker
Birthdate: March 19, 1983
From: Lewiston, Maine
Resides In: Charlotte, North Carolina

Rusty Barker is a well-known wrestling journalist, who has published many articles for a number of websites, magazines, and even small columns for newspapers. He earned his nickname for his inability to get the point in a succinct fashion. He currently runs his own website WordsWrestling.com where he and his staff report on wrestling around the globe. He has a vast knowledge of Puroresu and loves the Strong Style.

Morton Murphy contacted Rusty as he felt having him on the committee would give a different prospective from some of the other commission members. From early reports he’s not known to be the most vocal in their meetings via the internet, but he does have valuable input.

Name: Dai Uchida
Birthdate: June 20, 1970
From: Tokorozawa, Saitama (Japan)
Resides In: Greensboro, North Carolina


Made his debut in August 1991, he wrestled in Japan until leaving for the United States in May 1995. Known as “Master of Kicks” for his stiff kicks which could knock an opponent out. One of the most talented Junior Heavyweights in the United States during his prime. He did not collect a lot of titles during his time in the US; he wrestled for a time in Mexico in 2003 before returning to Japan in 2005. He retired in 2007 and relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina in 2010.

Morton wanted him to be a part of the commission as the two became friends a decade ago and he values Uchida’s knowledge about the business. He will represent the commission in Japan when needed.

Name: “Double Tough” Hollis Graves
Birthdate: September 20, 1962
From: Sarasota, Florida
Resides In: Orlando, Florida


Began wrestling in 1983, quickly became known for his rough style and how tough he was in the ring. Was a fixture around the Florida independent scene for many years, also competing in surrounding states going as far north as North Carolina. He retired in May 2005 after carving out a legacy of wild brawls and one of the first African American wrestlers to carve a name out for himself in the deep south wrestling scene.

Murphy asked him to be a part of the commission mainly for his knowledge of the old-school and how Graves isn’t quick to give out credit to the modern generation which makes him a good voice to have in finding worthy IGC contenders.

Name: “Wild” Dylan Carmichael
Birthdate: January 2, 1982
From: Independence, Missouri
Resides In: Los Angeles, California

WDC debuted in July 2002, after moving to Los Angeles, California attempting to follow his acting dreams. Dylan found it difficult as he had little money, only a high school diploma, and no way to pay for acting lessons. He turned to wrestling to help him pay for the bills, he had a natural charisma and by 2005 was a solid hand in the Southern California independent scene.

Unfortunately a terrible knee injury ended his wrestling career in 2007 just when a number of those in the “know” thought he was about to make it. He stayed in the business by doing color commentary for a number of promotions and started hosting his own radio show “Running the Ropes with WDC.”

Murphy contacted him about a spot on the IGC Commission which he quickly accepted. He is one of the more vocal members, that has proposed a few radical ideas.

Name: “The Ukko” Eelis Markkula
Birthdate: November 27, 1974
From: Vantaa, Finland
Resides In: Helsinki, Finland

The most intimidating wrestler from Finland in history standing around 6’9’’ and weighing over 320, he debuted in in March 1991 at just sixteen. He wrestled throughout Europe and dominated in Finland before traveling to Japan in 1996, he wrestled there until 2001 before beginning his career in the United States. Unfortunately a myriad of injuries slowed him down and he returned to Europe in 2004 where he wrestled until 2008. He’s done a number of seminars in Europe and the US since his retirement.

Was chosen by Morton Murphy to be the representative of the IGC Commission in Europe and will attend any important matches regarding the IGC in the region. Has a very good eye for talent.

Name: “The Lover” Hugh Heartbreaker
Birthdate: May 25, 1973
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Resides In: New York, New York


Hugh (Lincoln) debuted in 1994 after graduating from college, where he fell in love with wrestling. He had a decent career, but mainly was a mid-card talent on the indy scene with his playboy heartthrob character. He retired in 2007 and went to Law School.

His Law Degree attracted Morton Murphy as he understands the business and also can represent the IGC Commission if any legal problems are ever encountered.

Name: Jerry Crandall
Birthdate: November 12, 1980
From: Long Beach, California
Resides In: Beverly Hills, California

Jerry Crandall has his Masters in Business Administration and Economics. He has been an avid wrestling fan since he was five years old, as his parents were fans of the sport. He was a part of his wrestling team in High School, wasn’t quite good enough to make his college team however.

He met Morton Murphy in 2000 and the two remained in touch ever since, he was one of the first people Morton approached about joining the IGC Commission as his mind for business is second to none. While he stays out of the majority of the discussion of who should be a contender, he is the strongest voice on anything to do with the business and monetary aspect on the commission, and often the only.

Name: “The Knot” Julia Britton
Birthdate: September 19, 1975
From: Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada)
Resides In: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)


Began wrestling in 1992 and would make a name for herself in Japan where she wrestled from 1995 – 2009 before returning to Canada and only taking selective dates. She is greatly respected around the world for her technical ability, but often showed she had the complete package in the ring. Had a very successful career, and is one of the best women’s wrestlers of her generation.

She is also known for her sky blue eyes and dirty blonde hair which stood out in Canada. She is the only female on the commission and may have been the most talented in the ring during her prime. She has a lot of respect from all the other commission members and represents them in Canada.

Special thanks to Walter for creating the Intergalactic Championship Commission
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