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The Kids These Days Have No Respect


Bull On Parade
Jan 1, 2000
(The shot fades in on STEVE RADDER sitting on a bench in the locker room with a white towel hanging from his shoulders.)

STEVE RADDER : Cruise, your confidence, really, THAT's what's admirable. The problem, Cam, is this : there's too much of it. There's certain things you don't do, Cruise, if you're fighting a man who has won the CSWA World Title and you ... haven't. You don't talk to them like they're some kind of fairy tale. You don't look at them with disrespect because the moment you do ... you wake up in the middle of a ring looking up at the catwalks while their music is playing in the background. You don't do it. You don't call them funny names because you think it amuses the people. What amuses the people is someone who can back up his strong words. CSWA World Titles show people who can back up their words, and Steve Radder is one of those men. Believe it or not, in a few short days, you'll step in the ring with me ... and you'll see how very, very real I am, and how very, very real my victory over you will be. But the confidence, it's admirable. Really. Just add a bit of respect to it, and you might end up better off.

(RADDER gets up off of the bench and takes a step towards the camera.)

STEVE RADDER : But don't ... (RADDER pauses and takes a deep breath to hold in the outburst that was about to escape his mouth.) ... don't for a minute think that you "dragged Steve Radder out" of somewhere, back in to the CSWA. Don't think that for a second. I didn't come back to beat Cameron Cruise. Guess what? You're just some guy Merritt put in my way ... in the way of me getting to the man I want a piece of. Kevin Powers.

At ON TIME, Cruise, it's showtime. Steve Radder is all about showtime. And I'm gonna show you.


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
The Kids aren't alright....

Cruise: Honestly Radder...am I over-confidant? I mean for a man that has thus far, done no wrong....a man that has found brand new *faith* in himself after an ordeal that needless to say....could sicken a man to no end. For a man that has proven over and over that he gives 138% EVERY TIME...albeit my performances haven't been *steller*, or that of anything to label myself a *King of Hardcore* style athlete, but nonetheless...I go out, GUNS BLAZING, everytime.

My thanks? A greedy business man who wants nothing but to entice his 'Golden boy'.....which is pretty funny, seeing that Hornet's one of the elder veterans here as it is ....to comeback and perform, and in the process screw me out of a title that I *EARNED*, just like you Iceman in the Ironman, fair and square, like a true champ should.

Pretty sweet thing to do for a loyal employee right? Ah-ah.

Oh...but wait....you're right, I am over-confident, I mean, after all, being just *some guy* didn't at all get me the respect I've had world-wide, much less a Presidential title. Alex Wylde said that exact same thing, but deep down...he knew what was coming for him. Am I saying that I'm going to beat you? No, not in the least. What I *am* saying, is that if anything, will put me back on the pedestal of those who actually *give a damn*, and see me as a man to be reckoned with, not ridiculed.

Once again, you're right. At ON TIME, in Seattle, I will finally get the Steve Radder I want, and I *want* a man who will go all out and put on a pair of gloves that just might have to come off, who knows.

Being as confident as I am right now, has gotten me to where I am today. I've never changed before and I don't think that I ever will.

I'll see you in Seatlle Steve Radder, and well see if when the bell rings and its gametime...if you can handle my opening kick-off.


New member
Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Respect You? Good God WHY?

(The scene opens up to a backdrop of the CSWA banner behind the man known as 'Good God' Kevin Powers, The Double G KP, The Ayatollah of Rum and Cola. Today he isn't looking so good because he seems worried, but the question is ... WHAT is he worried about.)

KP: I don't know what to think. I just don't know what to think. I mean, on one hand, I've got some guy named Pete Hardy going around the radio airwaves telling people how flabergasted he is to be in the CSWA and prays to God that he can continue his winning streak by beating me. Like I'm some punk pushover ya know? Then again, on the other hand, I've got someone who is haning around the locker rooms with a towel over his shoulders talking about how he wants a piece of me!

My God Steve Radder. Where DID you spend your vacation? I mean I know you told Cameron Cruise to not talk about you as some fairy tale and I have to agree. Perhaps he should be talking to you as if he was addressing a fairy!

Is that it Steve-O? Are ya a fairy? Did ya grow some little wings on your back? Do you fly around with a little wand in your hand? Do you go from house to house telling all the little boys that you are The Ice Fairy? Is that it? Did someone flame on ya and melt your ice?

And to think you were a former CSWA World Champion. Kinda interesting isn't it Steve? You hold the title here and you eventually drop it to Evan Aho. Kinda like history repeating itself isn't it. You were the EWI champion, but then you met Evan Aho and you dropped the title to him.

History sucks doesn't it Steve.

Well, check it out Stevearooni. I can't fathom the reason on why you want a piece of The Double G KP, but I do know this. I would HIGHLY suggest you stay out of my business otherwise I will take matters to a new level. A level in which you have never seen before. A level Steve I assure you do NOT wanna see, but I know you and all you'll hear is 'Bring it Steve ya punk! You ain't nadda! Sure you was the CSWA World Champion, but what was the cost? Being a PAPER CHAMPION?'

That's all you'll hear and I understand. You always did have selective hearing. That is curable you know. Doctors did discover it. All you have to do is to go to your local CSWA ring and order up one HUGE serving of USDA GRADE A PRIME ASS WHIPPIN and, within seconds, you'll be cured of your hearing ... along with your seeing, feeling, touching, and everything else! Well, except for tasting. You will be able to taste your teeth when I KNOCK'EM DOWN YOUR THROAT!

Just remember Steve ... don't cross me. I'm sure you'll remind me that you've won the CSWA World Title just as match as Love will remind me of him winning the CSWA World Title, but don't cross me.

Wanna know why Steve-O? Do ya?


Did ya like that Steve? Did ya? I hope so cause I want ya to be happy. Everyday is a happy day for The Double G KP cause everyone deserves to be happy. Can't stand the hate. Don't like the hate. I don't hate ...


And on that note Steve it time to put on your little fairy pajamas and take yo ass to bed because I ... HAVE ... SPOKEN!


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