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The Masked Violators


It doesn't come off. That's Rule #1
Aug 19, 2008
MV BIO (official)

TAG TEAM NAME: The Masked Violators (USA)
Also Wrestled As: Los Violadores Enmascarados (Mexico)


ALIGNMENT: 1 = face, 2 = heel

HOMETOWN: Origin Unknown

Not much is known of this masked team of mystery. First appearing in small, east coast venues on the independent circuit in late 2004, it wasn't until a run in Mexico through 2008 caught the attention of the wrestling power brokers. Working several dark matches for [PROMOTION REDACTED] at their television tapings in early 2009, nothing seemed to come of it and, as things can be in this business, the team had almost disappeared. It wasn't until the December 2010 that the duo resurfaced in the United States, sporting what seemed to be renewed focus and remarkable determination to succeed, reportedly soliciting most major promotions for a contract.

Humorous stories and anecdotes have circulated amongst the internet, stating that the current Masked Violators don't always get along so well. One is always pranking, or getting under the skin of the other. Witnesses assert they've come to blows backstage on more than one occasion.

It is generally understood that the men who wear the masks today are NOT the same men who started with them; it is believed that over a dozen different wrestlers have worked the roles of Masked Violator #1 and #2 in the tandems six and a half year history. The identities of the current Violators can not be confirmed at this time; further inquiry is needed.

One might imagine that, were they to be signed with a promotion the size and scope of Empire Pro Wrestling, with the media imprint that comes with it, that the Masked Violators anonimity would be short lived...

Wouldn't THAT be interesting?

TAG TEAM FINISHER: Moving Violation --> both men crisscross the ring, and simultaneously SPEAR their opponent from opposite sides. They have been known (often) to miss their opponent and collide into eachother. Some observers suspect it's not always unintentional.

PPW Regional Tag Team Champions - 2005
LMLL Ruiz Cup Tag Team Invitational Winners - 2008


Masked Violator #1
Current REAL NAME: Unknown

Confirmed Former MV#1's:
Ray Thatcher, Ed McKay


WEIGHT: 223 lbs

STYLE: Works a very clean, technical style between bells. Never afraid to take to the air. Honest, tried and true to a fault, MV#1 is NOT a cheater -- on the contrary, he is a gentleman. He is your typical, cut, athletic hero. Surprisingly as quick witted as he is on his feet, MV#1 respects the business and treats his body as his temple.

MOVESET: Knife edge chops, Suplex variations, Missile dropkicks, often targets opponents knees. He is all energy, all fluid en fuego.

PERSONAL FINISHER: Figure Number One Legleck ... it's actually just a figure four, but... ya know.

APPEARANCE: Wears a modern mexican wrestlers mask, red with blue trim. Wrestles in red, blue, and yellow spandex tights with similarly colored spandex tank top. Tan and modestly built, MV#1 is well dressed outside the ring, but can't afford the top of the line. He is frugal.

Oh. The Mask never comes off; That's Rule #1.


[i will let my partner post MV#2's bio ;) ]

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