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"The Muffin Man" Kin Hiroshi


League Member
Jun 9, 2004
Handler's Name: Mike Dove
Email Address: michaeldove@gmail.com

Any variations of Instant Messengers: AIM: Dizza Hizza

Wrestler Name: Kin Hiroshi
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan / Seattle, Washington
Face/Heel: Tweener

Appearance: Flamboyant and charasmatic, out of the ring, Kin is always dressed to impress in a vintage cream polyester suit. In ring, Kin wears a white wrestling singlet with a red circle mid-torso (think the Japanese flag). He wears mid-**** white boots with kick pads, and an elbow pad on his right elbow.

Style: Technical / High-Risk

Finishing / Signature Moves:

H.L.B.: Japanese Burning Hammer (aka Torture Rack into a Spiccoli Driver)
N.F.M.: Canadian Destroyer (aka Sunsetflip into a piledriver)

Move Set: Top-Rope Crossbody Block, Asai Moonsault, Corkscrew Plancha, Northern Lights Suplex, Front Lay-Out Suplex, Fisherman Suplex, Fisherman Buster, Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Trap Suplex , Hurricarana, Running Leg Lariat, Flying Dropkick, Jumping Tornado DDT, Neck-breaker, Side Russian Leg Sweep, STF, Half-Boston Crab, DDT, Trap Headbutts, Reverse DDT, Inverted Reverse DDT

Entrance Music: "Wings of a Butterfly" - H.I.M.

Titles Held: EWI Television Title, GXW Cruiserweight Title (twice), GXW Television Title, CSWA Greensboro Title


Kin Hiroshi is a man with a vast history. A history of love, pain, and wrestling. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Kin was a big stickler for his Japanese heritage and family history. It was extremely detrimental to his mental state of mind when his parents divorced and his mother married a new man. However, through this new adversity, Kin soon found out how he would greatly benefit from his stepfather. The man was none other than the well-known Japanese Indy wrestler Tiejo Szeto. Although Kin would not accept his stepfather for years, he soon began to realize the impact this man made on the wrestling scene in Japan. By the age of 14, Kin was immersed in the world of professional wrestling, and his step-father saw this new fire in him. It had been a long time since Kin had been into a sport or anything since his parents divorce. Szeto also saw that Kin was ahead of his classmates in his martial arts studies at school, and soon came to convince his step-son to follow the path of his step-father to the world of professional wrestling. Teijo brought in long time friends, Akira Koriami, Genkai, and Takeo Saburo to train Kin. He was 16 then. After two years of intense training, he was finally able to be hired in the indy federations in Japan. Since his training had begun, his mentor and trainer Akira Koriami had passed away, and in the empty hole he left in the wrestling industry, Kin took on Akira's finisher, the surfboard sleeper, as his own. He even renamed it to the "Jiro-Kin Sleeper," which roughly translates to "Second male - golden Sleeper." Perhaps he believes he is the second greatest wrestler in Japan, while Akira, in his mind was the greatest. Soon after breaking ground in the Japanese Wrestling World (J.W.W.), Kin was accepted by a select few fans who nicknamed him "The Japanese Thunder." He was given this name by the fans because of his enthusiasm to wrestle more than one match a show, unlike his "counterpart" of "lightning" which only strikes once. From his nickname his persona grew to tha! t of a man with an incredible endurance, and able to wrestle two, three, even four matches a night, just to please the crowd. It also fueled the fire for his catch phrase, "Lightning may not strike twice, but Japanese Thunder always does!" Then, in 1999, the fans turned their back on Kin, as American wrestling began to be the new wave of the future. Only threw their views did he realize his true destiny in professional wrestling; to wrestle in America. He thanked the crowds of J.W.W. after his last match on May 9th, 1999, and he set out for America. He found his former trainer, and Japanese wrestling great, Genkai near the Seattle area, and has trained at his wrestling gym while searching for a job. This young man may only be 21 years of age, but he brings a great amount of experience and skill, along with charisma and pride to the ring. He is an asset anywhere, and a detriment nowhere. After all, this is his destiny...
Kin is also the founder of Hiroshi-Berry Muffins, Inc. A muffin company that was nearly taken over by Hostess. It is rumored that Kin has made a fortune between his muffin business, and his cult classic film "White Midgets Can't Jump." Kin directed the movie while nursing an injury in EWI. Both his company, and directing show a versatile man, as well as display his cuthroat business attitude.

Within the past two years, however, Hiroshi-Berry Muffins has gone bankrupt, forcing Kin to leave wrestling (due to his constant midcard reign). This indefinite leave-of-absence from the ring has resulted in Kin becoming a web developer for a computing company in Seattle, WA. To make ends meet, however, he has participated in underground fighting for a quick dollar.

Friendless, and virtually homeless, Kin is looking to rebuild his name, but forever leave behind the Muffin Man moniker that seemingly haunted his past career..

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