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The Nature of Character


Angry Johnny
Jun 7, 2006
New Frontier Wrestling
OOC: If you don't read Supercrash II first then you'll be spoiled by this post. I hold no responsibility.


It's dark in here, mainly, because I haven't had time to get my mask repaired yet. And it's one thing to show up with a tear that shows off a war wound, but quite another to have a piece of hair sticking out the hole. That's just shoddy craftsmanship.

So I'm sitting in the dark and facing to the side, so I can show off my brand new tattoo. A pointy looking question mark on my left bicep. If this dude who wants to imitate me wants to keep it up, he's gonna have to commit.

Or maybe that's why he's covered from head to toe in black. Does he have some other kind of distinguishing mark? At least I'll be identifiable from now on.

And here... we... go.)

"So we're coming back to work, or, that's what the rumor is at least. I think it's an interesting state of the company when we're all coming out of the woodwork on rumor, rather than an official release from President Mayfield."

"I'm split in two on my career path right now, so maybe it's better that there's no official show scheduled. I still have time to decide if I can even continue in this company."

I'll be quiet for a few seconds and let that sink in.




"Craig Miles and Eddie Mayfield started a Wrestling Revolucion in 2008 that was supposed to change the face of the sport. I believe it was a success. The Grand Prix was the talk of the summer and allowed us smaller guys to have some main event level exposure, regardless of whether we were new there like me, comfortable there like Felix, or had no business being there like SARS."

That's right, I said it.

"Added to that was the Hollywood Wrecking Crew and the Suicide Kings, fighting wars over the Everette Memorial Tag Team titles. DC fought his injury while Malik fought his fear of heights and Calvin Carlton fought..."

"Let's not go there."

"On top of that, the WRESTLESTOCK TV Title Battle Royal was the most talked about match of 2008, and the place where I earned my stripes. So I didn't win? So what. I was going nearly as strong at minute one hundred eighteen as I was at minute one. To me, particularly that early in my career, that's what counted."

"And, although her grip was not nearly as ironclad as Joe's had been, Theresa Quaranta's run with the National Title has easily propeled her to the next level. Plus, when you think about the fact that that title has gone from her to Steve Knox to Rook Black... that's highly selective company."

"Then there's the World Championship, and that's where my problems come in."

Deep breath.

"I understand what President Mayfield was saying at the end of Supercrash. The Revolucion that he and General Miles started was supposed to change the face of wrestling, and it's turned half the company into a haze of hallucinogenic smoke, while the other half is in a constant state of five star--"

Yes, I did the hand gesture. Welcome back, Wildstar.

"--caliber matches. I understand that, Eddie."

"But the fact remains, Joe the Plumber pinned the NFW World Heavyweight Champion, Nova, in a World Heavyweight Championship match. Whether you like it or not, Joe the Plumber is the NFW World Heavyweight Champion."

"Whether you like it or not, Joe the Plumber is the best wrestler in New Frontier Wrestling right now. Not only is he the World Champion, but he's still the Television Champion, and he's undefeated. To have withheld the belt from him is a slap in the face to every wrestler who has ever held, or hopes to win a title belt someday."

"I don't know Jay Tee Pee at all, and I doubt we'd have much in common even if I did, but I have too much respect for his work, to date, and the title belt that is currently his by right to remain silent while the co - owner of the company withholds it just because of a difference in philosophy."

Here's the rub.

"I could tell you, President Mayfield, what sort of imitation that reeks of, but I'll refrain."

"If you hate having Joe the Plumber as your champion so much, then you should put him against top opponents. Heck, Dr. Curiosity has a title shot waiting in the wings, why not let him Curious Rules it?"

"The man earned that title, Eddie, and the man deserves the chance to defend it. And as long as you are disrespection the Wrestling Revolucion itself by disrespecting the NFW World Heavyweight Champion, I cannot and will not wrestle for this company."

"That's what I'd like to say. And that's what I'd act on, if it wasn't for the fact that I have a fan."

So to speak.

"Impulse Junior, whoever you are... take off the mask and go home. Or leave the mask on and face me like a man - in the middle of the ring."

"As soon as the NFW's schedule is an established fact instead of a whispered rumor, I want Impulse Junior in the ring for a one on one match."

"Man to man, and, quite figuratively, face to face."

(And with that, I stood up, out of the camera's view, and walked around the outer edge of the lens and clicked the camera to a slow FADE.)

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