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The New DEFArena


Jan 1, 2000
There have been hints dropped throughout the latter two GRINDHOUSE arcs about DEFIANCE's new home once the world tour ended, and the speculation is now over. Jeff wrote a news post last night/early this morning that you should all read carefully about the new DEFArena, or the "DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex."


Justin and Jeff can outline this in greater detail and answer any questions beyond the basics. What I do know is that going forward, all DEFTV Hulu television tapings will be held here and DEF will still tour for PPV events.

The seating capacity in the arena itself is approximately 4,000.

Please make note of where things are located on all these floor plans and what things are called and start using these things and names in your segs and matches starting with this show. Please also keep in mind that the flor plans are very 2-D and there's only so much information one can convey given the restrictions of space and layout. What I mean is, there is probably more to the backstage area than just some locker rooms and loading docs (side exits, janitor closets, etc.). There's a wrestler's parking area somewhere, staff parking area, etc. Get my drift?

Links to larger-scale images will be provided at some point later today.


League Member
Apr 12, 2008
newspost has been updated with convenient links to new images.

retcon of the offices being over the gym and leisure areas stands because offices over the arena + pyros = fire hazard.

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