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The New Guy


Bull On Parade
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to STEVE RADDER, standing at the top of the ramp leading to the ring in the FISH FUND PARK ARENA, clapping his hands slowly.)

STEVE RADDER : Not bad, not bad. It's always SO exciting to see new blood in the CSWA. So exciting!

(RADDER stops clapping, and purses his lips, seemingly in deep thought.)

STEVE RADDER : Forgive me, though, if I'm completely unimpressed by you, Alehandro Montoya, Alex Zanardi, whatever the hell your name is. I mean, it's always SO impressive - and an excellent show of your high integrity - that you're complaining about how poor "your people" are while you're chilling in Miami Beach with your servant fellow. Yeah, boy, that's really respresentin', homes.

(RADDER crosses his arms over his chest, and shifts his weight.)

STEVE RADDER : Hey, and listen, you've got that real "GUNS" thing goin' on. I'm totally cool with the fact that your promos are already on par with his, but damn, man, if you don't like the CSWA, don't work for it. Don't accept their paychecks. Chad Merritt may not be my, or for that matter, anyone's favorite guy, but his money pays my bills, and that's damn sure enough for me, ya dig?

(A slight frown forms on RADDER's face.)

STEVE RADDER : But what I'm not cool with, at all, is this, mon ami. You don't come here and rag on me for dropping the World Title basically as soon as I got it - due to circumstances, I may add, that were completely beyond my control - when you've not even won a single match in your CSWA career. Construe facts any way you want to, my new friend, but what it all adds up to is this: Steve Radder's World Title tally - 1. Yours? 0. Steve Radder's US Title tally - 1. Yours? 0. How many matches have I won here in the CSWA? More than all of the fingers all of the people on Nokia Heapa, or whatever that island you're from is called, have. You don't have a single one. And the first, pal, is not going to come from me.


League Member
Jul 1, 2002
The Has Been

{PRIDEIN to Aelieas Fierte and Gabriel, who are in sitting in plastic chairs awaiting departure from Orlando’s airport. A couple of days away from Aelieas’s great debut in a league of champions, Aelieas finds himself waiting to start his marvelous journey. Both men find themselves in business suits but their faces still painted with their long lived tradition. Aelieas puts down his newspaper to spot the CSWA camera grazing around)

Fierte: Well looks like the sleeping dragon Radder has come out his cave. Are you that stuck up Radder? Sure, I have never won a world title, or a match even but I have gained more in one day then any fake five cent belt you have polished or even wore for that matter. You live in a world manipulated by victory Radder but every day there is always defeat. Every day there is loss that towers higher then any win and only the strong will survive. Pride and honor are greater then any victory for only pride can lead fellow men and women. You see Radder wins can come lucky, but pride and leadership are attributes, attributes you don’t process well.

(Fierte takes a second to catch his breath, he stares over at Gabriel and smiles as the 6’8’’ 280 pound man follows his every word}

Fierte: So you can’t remember my name? That’s fine, maybe it will come to you as my name is announced on the PA declaring me the winner. You had the audacity to call Gabriel my servant well he is here on his own freewill. This man has been my best friend since I was a toddler and has more legacy, more honor then you or any sons or grandsons will have, that’s even if your capable of reproducing. You say I am not representing my people, hmm that’s weird I could have sworn I sent them food and clothing this week and every other week for that matter. You must have missed that one.

Gabriel: He was probably too busy trying to find his career.

Fierte: I don’t like the CSWA? I wonder were you got that impression. I hate the root of all scum which comes out of talkers like you. You can talk all you won’t but your lips aren’t going to come out and pin me You compared me with GUNS, HA compare me any steroid infested pill popper you want cause unlike most, I make things happen.

Gabriel: Steve Radder, this coming ON TIME, you will meet your match, you will become follower.

Fierte: Oh and Stevey on last thing, I will Écrasez Votre Âme.

(The scene fades away as Fierte and Gabriel head to take board on the place, the plane brining him to his destiny.)

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