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The Next Vito Corleone


Bull On Parade
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to STEVE RADDER standing infront of a CSWA backdrop with a smirk on his face along with an ASSKICKERS ANONYMOUS t-shirt.)

STEVE RADDER : Hey, pal, wins may not matter to you. Pride's all that matters? That's fine. Pride is the only thing that can lead people? Whatever. You say I know so little about you? Take a look in the mirror, buddy. I've never said I wanted to lead anyone. I just want to kick ass around my ring. You see - winning is far more important than you'd care to admit, it seems. Be as prideful of yourself or your situation or your people or whatever you want, but if you don't win, the fans, they don't care. And ... they don't follow you. Not everyone lives in the lap of luxury like you do pal - some more comfortably than others, myself included, but most people, like me, have to work for their living. Winning means I get paid more. Getting paid more means my bills are less of a burden, but I digress, you don't want a lesson in Economics, and it's not the type of lesson I care to give to you.

(RADDER crosses his arms over his chest.)

STEVE RADDER : Buddy, take all your protestations about any (RADDER holds up his hands, making the quotation mark gesture.) "misconceptions" I might have about you or your valet, or whatever it is he is, and stick 'em where the sun don't shine. You're more corrupt than the CEOs of Enron and Worldcom combined - living in some villa in Miami Beach while your people "suffer" at home.

(RADDER points at the camera.)

STEVE RADDER : And I don't know where you get the idea that throwing out insults that make no sense whatsoever and have no bearing on our match at all is going to help you win the match. All it does is show what a minor-league nobody loser you are to me, the guys in the back, and all the fans. Talk trash all you want, boy, hell, I do it enough myself. But I have the skills, the experience, and the respect of the wrestling world needed to back my words up and legitamize them.

(RADDER lowers his finger.)

STEVE RADDER : But keep this in mind, island-boy. I've beaten and sent home more people that talk the way you do than I could count on all of my fingers and toes. Don't believe me? Ask around - if anyone will talk to you. And when you hit the mat and I pin you one ... two ... three, I'll step over you, and mouth the words "just another statistic" ... because that, my friend, is exactly what you'll be.

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