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The One Who Sees All

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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
"This was a victory in many ways."

"Not only did I prove to myself and the rest of the IWF that I haven't lost a step during my long layoff... but while my hand was raised in victory..."

(FADEIN: on a pair of eyes, and a little bit of shine. As your eyes adjust, you can see that Vizier ta Seti is still painted black from his match, and he's holding the Emerald City Championship in his hands.)

SETI: ...but I did so with a man who had the audacity to call himself 'Perfection'... watching it all unfold from the floor.

This was just the Overture. Now, the curtain is up and the show begins.

(He smiled.)

SETI: I've laid my claim on the IWF, and the next step is to defend it. Against anyone.

Perfection? Mateo? Waltz? Douglas? Line up, one by one, two at a time, three by five... this belt is not going to go anywhere.

And I've heard a rumor that the powers that be are trying to line up a big name to challenge me at The Experience.


The bigger the better, all the more satisfying to chop down to size.

Because, for better or worse, I am the Emerald City Champion. I am the standard bearer for this wrestling promotion.

And I am Sha Nagba Imuru... the one who saw all.

(Close up of Vizier's eyes, and FADE.)

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