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The One With The E-Mail


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
to: cmiles@nfwhq.com
cc: nova@nfwhq.com
subject: NFW World Championship
sent: Monday, July 14, 2008, 2:31 PM
attch: HiroshiMedical.doc

Mr. Miles,

By now, you are no doubt aware of my return to New Frontier Wrestling. I understand this may come as a bit of a shock to you, as the last time we had contact was some months ago, and the behavior I exhibited was no doubt "erratic". I assure you that this was not my intent. Much was it also not my intent to pass the NFW World Championship to Dan Ryan the night of my "erratic" behavior.

I have attached my medical records, which I have eluded to over the course of the past few weeks. These medical records, signed by Dr. Jacob Hennesey-Rubin of Seattle, WA, show, without a shadow of a doubt, that I, Kin Hiroshi, suffered from amnesia as a result of an attack by Felix Red the night of Sunday, December 29th, 2007.

As such, as I've explained to my locker room colleagues the past few weeks, Kin Hiroshi was held captive inside his own mind. Due to this blatant interference from a hostile non-match participant, I, Kin Hiroshi, was unable to fully defend the New Frontier Wrestling World Championship against Dan Ryan and Felix Red.

As the record books currently stand, Dan Ryan pinned Felix Red to win the NFW World Championship. Upon further review of video documents, one can see Felix Red "kicking out" of said pin, but the NFW referee calling the bout in favor of Dan Ryan. Not only is this a blatant example of the atrocious officiating in YOUR company, Mr. Miles, but it is further proof that Dan Ryan did not win the NFW World Championship on December 29th, 2007!

As Dan Ryan did not pin Felix Red for a full ten-count, and as I, Kin Hiroshi, was unable to fulfill my legal duties as NFW World Champion on the aforementioned night, I am requesting that the NFW World Championship be returned to the last known TRUE NFW World Champion: Kin Hiroshi.

While it is true that a NFW World Championship match took part between Dan Ryan and Nova, the man who believes himself to be the NFW World Champion, in which Nova was the victor, I believe that my evidence of Dan Ryan not winning beyond a shadow of a doubt (even your own commentating team that night was confused as to what occurred), as well as myself, Kin Hiroshi, being held against my will from competing for my title, is enough to show in a court of law that I, Kin Hiroshi, am still the rightful NFW World Champion.

At this time, I am unable to prepare a time and place when I can accept the NFW World Championship from Nova, but in your almighty grace and knowledge, Mr. Miles, I am sure that you can arrange a meeting that is free of hostile behavior and ill-will.

This is nothing to take away from Nova, as his defeat of Dan Ryan is something I was never able to accomplish. As he is intertwined in this messy business of returning the NFW World Championship to me, I have CC'd him in the e-mail.

Thank you for your time.

God Bless the Queen, and all that stuff. hehehe, lol (I think that means laughing).

-Kin Hiroshi
NFW World Champion


Just Like Law-Jesus
May 15, 2005
The wrong side of the bong slide.
The One Where Kin Is a Dipsh*t

to: cmiles@nfwhq.com
cc: muffinman@nfwhq.com
subject: wanna be LONGER?
sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 11:30 AM
attch: tubgirl.jpg


If you believe this sh*t, I've got an Ethiopian prince who will make you rich if you let him store fifteen million dollars in your bank account.


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