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"The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Wrestler Name: "The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy

Real Name: Lindsay Troy

Height: 6'3" Weight:170lbs

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Enterance Music: "Trampled Underfoot" by Led Zeppelin

Alignment: Neutral

Background Information:
I hate filling out bio fields. Deal with it. >=)

But this is kinda hot. ;)

OF NOTE: With the outcome of the Troy Windham match, and the subsequent fall-out after it, I'm trying to play her up as a sympathetic face. However, she has probably fallen down to the "neutral" category since I don't expect every fan in every building around the world to feel for her in this situation, no matter how well she explained herself.

ALSO: If you need a matchwriter's aid, send me a PM on the FW boards. It's a bit long and I don't want to clutter everything up. ;)

Titles Held:
PRIME Tag Titles ("Business and Pleasure", with Joey Melton), EPW World Heavyweight Title, EPW Tag Team Titles (with Christian Sands), PRIME Tag Team Titles, fWo Tag Team Titles ("Silver and Gold", with Sonny Silver), fWo Hardcore Title, A1E Tag Team Titles (with Beast), A1E Cyber Title, A1E Triple Star Title, USWA National, USCW United States, WWL Women's Honorary XWF World Heavyweight, ICW United States. FWI (now ENN) #2 Wrestler of the Year (in rankings, 2003), FWI (now ENN) Diva [this term sucks!] and Manager of the Year (2004), ENN Match of the Year winner (2005, as Dis vs. Beast), ENN Moment of the Year (2005, unmasking as Dis and winning the EPW World Title), ENN Wrestler of the Year (2005), the MARK Awards Tag Team of the Year (2005 as Silver and GOLD), 2006 MARK Tournament winner (as voted). Master proficiency in taekwondo, aikido, and muay thai disciplines.


Normal Moves: Common spots: martial arts strikes/punches/kicks/throws (will work super-stiff if provoked...and it doesn't take much. Oh, and none of those bull**** sissy "girlie forearm shots" like you see every other female "wrestler" doing. >=)), front-flip legdrop running off the ropes, Enziguri, spinning roundhouse heel kick (landing on feet), top turnbuckle armbreaker, baseball slide flying headscissors (opponent on outside), reverse underhook DDT (or any DDT variation), underhook face breaker, Cobra Clutch legsweep, STIFF! knife-edge chops, running backflip DDT (using ropes as a springboard).

Cruiserweight spots (on any opponent): Asai Moonsault, corkscrew plancha, 720* Top-Rope Splash, somersault Senton Bomb with/without a twist, 630* senton (double-flip senton), standing shooting-star press, two-rotation shooting-star press, shooting-star press into a frog-splash, super reverse hurricanrana, Sasuke Special, Sasuke Special into Rana, Sasuke Special II (Space Flying Tiger Drop), flying front-flip neckbreaker (on apron, catapulting off the ropes and into the ring), Swandive Stunner.

Heavyweight spots (on opponents 220lbs or less): reverse suplex forward slam (Goldust's 'Curtain Call'), spinning fisherman's suplex into a pin, fisherman's cradle into a neckbreaker, reverse Gory special piledriver, front suplex gutbuster drop, inverted Indian Deathlock, double underhook brainbuster, wrist clutch exploder suplex (or any suplex variaton), Kawada driver, pumphandle neckbreaker, side shoulder mount powerbomb, cutthroat inverted fireman's carry into a piledriver, inverted fireman's carry into a leg cradle Michinoku Driver II, elevated cradle neckbreaker.

Hardcore spots: Chinese Throwing Stars (she hasn't actually *thrown* one at someone in awhile, but she'll use the points of them to draw blood), barbed-wire crossface (hence all the heavy tape on her arms), 'The Sterilizer' (chairshot to opponent's groin), Arabian facebuster, Atomic Arabian facebuster, 'Divine Intervention' (top-rope DVD onto a chair), 'Stay of Execution' (top-rope SUPAFISHAMANBUSTA~! onto a chair/through a table), 'Majestic Air' (leaping springboard double moonsault [moonsault off ladder ---> onto top rope ---> moonsault onto opponent outside the ring. RARE, used in feud blow-offs ONLY), pretty much anything with a chair really...

Signature Moves (also Alternative Finishers): 360* Top Rope Hurricanrana into Pin ("All Hail the Queen"), Double Underhook Front-Face Plant ("Final Judgement"), Crossface with Optional Barbed Wire ("Thy Kingdom Come"), Bridging Sharpshooter, barbed wire and crossface optional ("The Dynastic Cycle", used RARELY now since everyone and their mom is using a bridging sharpshooter.)

Set up move: Whatever works

Set up Description: No, really, whatever works.

Finishing Move:
The Crowning Glory; Divine Right; By Royal Decree*

Finisher Descriptions:

The Crowning Glory: Top Rope Corkscrew Moonsault into a Tornado DDT

Divine Right: Koji Clutch (leg-sling grounded crossface)

By Royal Decree: "Code Red" http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/8487/codered3vq.gif*only used on cruisers 220lbs or less. NO EXCEPTIONS!)​
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