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The Second Coming

Jan 23, 2013
Wrestler Name: The Second Coming
Nicknames (if applicable): 2C
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hometown: Warwick, NY
Birthdate: January 22nd

Physical appearance: Long black hair, typically pulled back in one or two braids or pigtails/ponytails. Gray eyes. Proportionally muscled - she looks to be in incredible physical shape but focused on conditioning, not muscle mass. Looks to be fairly attractive, but does not sexualize herself in any way.
Ring gear: Black sportsbra/fitted T-shirt. Baggy black flack pants, black combat boots. Elbow pads, black electrical tape around her hands, wrists, and forearms. A jawline facemask that covers her lower face including her mouth: it looks leather, fastens in the back, and has various designs drawn/painted/imprinted on it (such as a Glascow smile, stitches, etc). To the ring she also wears a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood over her head.
Theme music: Otep - "Apex Predator"
Ring entrance: One spotlight, she walks to the ring with her head down and her

Face or heel?: We're not really sure yet. Popular due to underdog nature.
Gimmick: Kickboxer/submissions
Ring style: Cerebral, always with a plan in mind.
Brief biography: Her paperwork lists her real name as Mary Shelly Frankenstein, and her past is a blank slate. She knows it, she's just not telling - and she's covered her tracks well enough so that nobody can find out. So she thinks. Her path can be traced to Valor Championship Wrestling where she has wrestled exactly one match at the time of this writing.

Three strengths:
1 - Strategy
2 - Technique
3 - Resilience
Three weaknesses:
1 - Temper
2 - Inexperience
3 - Size

5-10 signature maneuvers:

Kicks to the head
Kicks to the ribs
Open handed strikes to the face
Double fist to the gut
Fisherman suplex
Belly to Belly suplex
Armdrag Takedown

*Most grappling/mat wrestling/striking moves, taking her opponent's size into account for realism.

Special Moves (Could finish the match):

HORNET WINS! - Scorpion Deathlock, named very tongue - in - cheek

Torn To Shreds - Reversal move - when her opponent approaches her from behind she elbows him backwards in the eye, and hooks his head for a chinbreaker/modified Stunner. Should be the most often used alternate finisher for an opponent who won't submit.


From a kneeling, prone position, punching her opponent in the groin and immediately DDTing him. Should be used as a momentum - changer.

Finishing maneuver:

Name: Fall From Grace

Description: She hooks her opponent's head like a reverse DDT but instead of dropping him she forces her opponent to his knees and pressures backwards, If he won't submit or tap or lose consciousness, she will drop him with a reverse DDT and hold onto it and repeat, usually from a kneeling position. Can be dropped multiple times.

A Secret: Soon.

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