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"the SuperBeast" Sylo

J The Ripper

FWrestling's Reckoning
Jul 16, 2011
Wrestler Name: Sylo
Nicknames: "The SuperBeast"
Billed From: Atlanta, GA
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 335 lbs.
Alignment: Face/Neutral/Heel/Whatever: Face

Theme Music: "Miracle (Pale Horse mix)" - Nonpoint
Ring Entrance:
Lights Out

Cue Johnny Cash.

“And I heard, as it were, the sound of thunder…
One of the four beasts sang come, and I see and, I saw…
And Behold! A White Horse. And his name that sat on him…
Was death…
<b>And hell…followed with him.

A blinding white explosion, that was a symbol of The Superbeast, would rock the arena entire Arena of Champions to its core as “Miracle” by Nonpoint began to play. Sylo stepped through the smoke in his gear with both the Legacy and jOlt championship over each shoulder.

Finisher & Description: Systematic Shutdown - Reverse F5 / No Escape - Triangle Choke
Does your wrestler have any special set-up for their finisher? Theatrics or a set-up move? For the SS - The Slaughter - a massive spear.
Special Moves: These are your awesome trademarks that are yours alone.
The Three Faces of Sin:Sylo delivers three very powerful power bombs in a row but on the third powerbomb he throws the opponent into something (IE: The turnbuckle, the ring steps, the barrier around the outside, over the top rope and through the Spanish Announce Table, etc.)


Sylo places a boot on the throat of the opponent and proceeds to choke them out.
Blood Lust:
Sylo shoots the opponent off the ropes, on the return he throws them up high in the air and as they fall he grabs the back of their head and drives his knee up into their face.
The Downfall:
Sylo crosses the opponents arms across their chest and nails the opponent with a vicious snap power bomb. This usually causes the opponent to land hard on their neck.
No Escape:
Triangle Hold.
The Slaughter:
Sylo waits for the opponent to stand and then proceeds to charge forward, nailing the victim with a powerful spear. (Set up for the Systematic Shutdown)
Tap the Fuck Out:
Sylo locks the opponent in a modified dragon sleeper where he bends one leg of the opponent back and catches it under his arm and pulls while pulling on the neck causing stress to the neck and lower back.

Every Match Spots: Most wrestlers have spots they pull off in the duration of 99.9999% of their matches - what's your guys? Mostly what you see above.

10-15 Moves:
Hellacious close line.
Rolling German Suplexes
A slew of power moves.Backstory:
Pay no mind to the distant battle; your fate lies with me. A simple decision between life or death, and they say God has it hard. To let you live is to show weakness and weakness is like an open wound that your enemy can take advantage of. On the other card we have death, ah so pure and simple death is but it’s way too easy. You’ll be scared as your bowels finally let lose and you beg with eyes filled with tears. That’s the beauty of it all, no one leaves life like in the movies, you leave covered in your own waste. So I chose to be the executioner rather than the judge. The one who is in charge of making sure your punishment is done correctly. Call what I do inhumane or simply call it art, either way you cannot change fate. Fate is like the whore that you fuck and then you become HIV positive, there’s not a God damn thing you can do about it but sit around and wait to die. You can try to fight it but why? In the end it wins, you lose, you are a loser, and you will die like the rest. And do you think that anyone cares you’re gone? You’re just another body in the sea of the dead. Just another grain of sand lost inside a wave, or as they say…just dust in the wind.

At this point I’ve either become the object of your hatred or your new God. I simply don’t care; my apathy for the world is strong. Let the warriors come, let the drums of war blare, let the mountains crumble into the sea but in the end, as always, I will be left standing. You can’t kill that which is already dead. Not like those mentally challenged Goths you see running around but the kind of dead you find in ones soul after a great deal of self destruction. I am not your hero; I am not your boogieman. I am but a mere enigma of a monster. Like the shadows that surround you when you are sleeping I am always there, watching, feeling, and loathing you.

Call all this the ramblings of a loon or call it prophecy. It’s a double edge sword that you now hold and slowly it begins to cut. The blood flows from your hand but your ignorance blinds this. You bleed yourself dry and as you begin to die you wonder why? I won’t save you from your ignorance, I won’t save you from your nightmares, nor will I save you from yourself.

Flock to me my sheep and I shall slaughter you all.

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