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The Word of a Honest Man



[font color=navy blue]”A man desires praise that he may be reassured, that he may be quit of his doubting of himself; he is indifferent to applause when he is confident of success.” – Alec Waugh[/font]



Maybe it’s the only place in the entire world he feels comfortable. Wrestling is his element and Evan Aho seems to spend every waking hour near a ring. In that twenty-two by twenty-two foot square there are no distractions, no outside pressures and no other people to complicate his life. His obsession with the ring and the sport of wrestling has been compared to that of an artist or a dictator. Similarly to the aforementioned, his success in the trade has been astounding. Only a handful of grapplers can match his repertoire of holds and throws. Numbering even fewer are the wrestlers that can perform each move night after night with the kind of potency Aho delivers. He has knocked opponents unconscious with drop-toe holds. He has broken ribs with knife-edge chops. Not a single opponent has kicked out of his ultra-potent Tiger Driver, “Ecstasy”. He is a wrestling machine. Thus we find Evan in the ring. Wearing a pair of black workout shorts, wrestling boots and with his fists and wrists fully wrapped in athletic tape, Aho stalks slowly inside the ropes like a tiger pacing his cage. In his right hand he carries the black mask he donned at Primetime in Tacoma.

AHO - You're worried about me stabbing you in the back. For the record, I've never once claimed to be a man of integrity. Oh, I've been labled honest, but what is that based on? I don't rely on anyone, I wrestle cleanly...but is the absence of evil really "good"? Hold that thought, let's address the current.

Masked Man, the irony of our situation is astounding. A man who has built his career with nothing but talent as its foundation, suddenly wears a mask for no apparent reason. He is scheduled to wrestle a man who has always worn a mask who suddenly wants to build his career based solely on his talent.

Aho glances up for a moment and then lets his gaze drift back to the canvas.

My opponent asks a question, but doesn't care for an explanation. I seek an explanation without asking the question.

He holds up the mask expositionally then flings it half-heartedly in the direction of the camera.

The mysterious is always attractive, that's what leads people to follow a vail. Call it curiosity, as out-of-character as it may seem, but I was intrigued. Curiosity, restlessness...it lead me to investigate the hows and whys of my opponents, particularly my next opponent. I don't pretend to understand how they can operate in these situations, but I do know it's not an avenue I will continue to pursue.

He stops and squares up to the camera grabbing the top rope in both hands.

What's most interesting is that my recent actions have roused a little apprehension in my opponent. It's the same kind of uncertainty that has wrestlers looking over their shoulder during a match, be it for the support of the fans or the mischief of an enemy. Let me remind you, my anonymous adversary, that the most dangerous threat you face is not creeping around outside of the ring. He'll be standing right in front of you.

Aho freezes in front of the camera with a look of complete indifference masking his face. Slowly, he lets go of the rope allowing his fingers to slide across the wire before dropping to his sides. At the same time he turns and resumes his pacing, still keeping his eye on the camera.

I act on my own accord, Masked Man. Likewise, so do the members of the New Suicide Squad. I have never asked for anything but a wrestling match. You know that's what I want as much as you. I don't need anyone and won't ask help from anyone. If I have my way you won't see Tsunami, Lang or Jimmy Valentine at all in New Orleans.

Evan stops again and squats in a very relaxed catcher’s stance. He looks dead into the camera as the shot zooms in.

But if you aren't utterly focused...if you hesitate for one split second...if you let your mind wander to anything outside of the ring...I will not only out-wrestle you, I will bury you. You have my word on that.


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