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Them Mf'N Goons MAY Be Dead.


Aug 19, 2006
The title of the news post contains the word "May" as nothing is confirmed... nor denied at this point in time. It has been a month since Khalil Straightgully was kidnapped from a night club by an unknown assailant and about a month and a half since the kidnapping of Latrell Samuel.

Relentless Chammpion Diamond Jewelz has been feverishly looking for his Goons to the point where he even blew off his championship defense at the Rise of the Legends Pay-Per-View event, angering Damien Lee in the process.

Investigators have begun looking into the personal history of The Goons and discovered some disturbing facts. At one point, The Goons were in Mexico and they creatively acquired some narcotics which belonged to Mexican Drug Cartel kingpin, El Chapo. With El Chapo's recent escape from prison, investigators are now under the assumption that a kidnapping by the drug lord may be a possibility. If this possibility turns out to be true, it is also feared that The Goons may or may not have been executed.

Of course, any information you may have as to the Goons can be submitted directly to jOlt or to the Miami/Dade Police Office.

Again, this is not for certain, but police are now exploring every possibility.

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