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Tin Cat vs. Yeh Shen Li


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
First you must go through me Rook.

*{Fade In}

*{Munich, Germany}

*{Olympic Stadium}

*{During the Gensis ppv}

*{The camera opens up on an empty locker room. After a few moments the door opens and Yeh Shen Li opens the door closing it behind her. She just slides down on the floor up against the wall. She had just gotten back from talking to Trynyty Wang earlier. She appears to be a little discouraged as she looks up slightly at the camera. A single tear falls down her cheek which she quickly wipes off her with hand. She is thinking out loud as the camera moves around her slowly.}

Yeh Shen Li: "I'm happy for Trynyty and Zell, but at the same time I am a little discouraged because I want something like what they have. It's just a seed right now, but I know that it will blossem into something much much more. It's even started to slowly take root in the ground. It will only be a matter of time before they are able to reap the harvest of this soon-to-be relationship, all while I am force to watch from the side. So what if they're from two totally different cultures. The fact of the matter is that things are changing. Is it wrong to be too wrapped up in customs or tradition?"

{She pauses for a moment and then continues on like she thought quietly to herself to recollect her thoughts and think what to say next.}

Yeh Shen: "Of course, if I'm so wrapped up in tradition, then why oh why did I get drunk and make love to some unknown sexy irishman. Sometimes I wish that I never went on this European tour. Why couldn't I find somebody like Trynyty did? Well mark my words, I will never give myself to just anybody every again. If I am to truly love, it is going to be to the right person, but in the meantime I should focus solely on one thing...

The GXW Women's championship and this company...

...That should be my one true love right now. I should take everything else as they come and go from there. Besides I don't have time for love for some guy right now. I don't care if I'm fighting Aitsu Sugawara, Tin Can, or even my own friend and tag team partner Trynyty Wang. Boyfriend or no boyfriend. I will defeat anybody and everybody who steps in my way. I will not allow friendship or love to stand in my way. For now, my only love is to succeed and in the greatest way. I will prove that I am the future of the GXW women's division. I will prove that I am the truly honorable women's champion. I will not settle for second best any longer. I will no longer hide in somebody else's shadow like Miso, Trynyty's or Aitsu's shadow ever again. This will be my time from this point forward."

{Yeh Shen stands up as she looks up at the camera.}

Yeh Shen: "Tin Cat, finally the GXW and the world gets to bare witness to you for the very first time. Next week on Onslaught, we get to meet you in the flesh...including me. You will try to start out your career on a good note by gaining a win over of all people your's truly. Well if you think that I will be an easy win, you have another thing coming because this girl will be almost impossible to defeat. I will make sure of that. I have no doubt that you could be a great competitor, and that you could defeat me, but if you want your first win in the GXW, you're going to have to wait to get it from someone else because you will NOT get it from me. I will not just hand a win from you. You better be ready to earn that win with honor. If you happen to lose, then you better lose with honor or else I will take it from you. Losing is the farthest from my mind. I am aware that something could happen, but I will not acknowledge it. It's one of those crossing that bridge when I come to it, but your first match in the GXW and you better be prepared for the absolute fight of your life because I'm ready to take you all the way to hell and back."

"See you soon on Onslaught Tin Cat, unless I hear from you before then. Now fade to black. I'm finished talking for now."

*{Fade out}

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