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"To My Hero"


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
(Cut to: text that flashes from black in the middle of the screen.)

One month ago

(Cut to: A rainy winter afternoon in El'Paso, Texas. The rain is pouring down hard on the city as a black with red trim 1965 Pontiac GTO pulls up and comes to a complete stop. It turns off it's engines and then the car door opens as new WWA Superstar, Go-Go Spectacular steps out. She isn't wearing her mask, but we see that she is wearing non wrestling street attire equipped with a leather jacket, dark sunglasses, and her umbrella over her head to not only protact her from the rain but to almost naturally disguise her true face while appearing normal. She is carrying a bouquet of flowers in her arms as she approaches a headstone nearby. The stone reads as follows.)

Here lies...

Frankie Benji Lopez

Born: February 15, 1993

Died: January 2, 1997

Beloved and cherished son.

(The young 19 year old girl lays down the bouquet of flowers down in front of the headstone then takes a step back. She bows her head down in a silent prayer, her right hand grasp the crucifix necklace around her neck which is closest to her heart. The camera zooms in for the very first time noticing what appears to be an old vertical surgery scar, years old but still there if one catches it. She rubs the scar as she finishes the prayer. Standing right next to her, another another umbrella is an middle aged Latino woman also praying beside the grave. They are both silent but then sensing the other and they are no longer alone. They turn to address each other greeting one another with a hug.)

"Hello Ms. Lopez, how's Frankie today?"

"Hi Angel, it's always great to see you, but how many times do I have to tell you its not Mrs. Lopez anymore. We're family. Call me Maria."

(She says with a sly smile.) "Okay Mrs. Lopez...er I mean Maria. So how's Frankie doing today?"

"He's doing great, he's been waiting for you dear."

"As I have been for him. I missed him."

"I know that he's missed you too. Well I know that you'll want some one on one time with Frankie. I better get going. Are you and the family coming home for Thanksgiving this year?"

"Always. I'll never miss it."

"And you never do. I will see you soon Angel."

(The two give one final hug as Mrs. Lopez gives one final goodbye to the headstone kissing her open hand then touching the top, then turns her back and walks down the lawn back toward her car leaving the young WWA superstar alone in front of the headstone. She rubs her crucifx necklace around her neck to which the camera catches view of what appears to be a vertical scar on her chest where her heart is. She rubs the scar with her hand as she begins to remember in her mind.)

(Cut to: a scene in a hospital doctors office where we see Angel's parents, Mister and Mrs. Ramirez with a doctor, Doctor Steins seated at the desk.)

"Thank you for seeing me Mr and Mrs Ramirez. I am Dr. Steins. We have the results of your baby's results back and the prognosis does not look good. Your daughter Angel has a rare heart condition that is causing the heart to slowly deteriorate and it has already begun. The only thing that will save her is a heart transplant but because she is still an infant she is high risk and even if we find a suitable doner for her which is a long shot but I will do whatever I can to get her first and foremost priority on the donor list. But again even if we find a suitable donor match she may not even survive the transplant operation. But if we do not so something, she won't live to see her forth birthday. I am so sorry but we will do what we can for lil Angel."

(Cut to: at the time a young 15 year old Enrique sitting on a bench with his mother and father as they try to break the news to Angel's big brother.)

"Is Angel gonna die pappi?"

"We can only hope and pray that the Lord doesn't take her from us. Pray son, pray like you have never prayed before. She is a fighter. Bad heart, good heart, her heart. She will fight to the very last beating end. She will fight."

(Cut to: Newspaper clippings flash and scatter over the screen.)






(Cut to: Doctor Steins sleep in his house sleeping on his bed when he is awakened by a phone call.)


"Sorry to wake you doctor Steins but I have the test results back and we have a suibable 100% donor match for Angel Ramirez."


"Doctor Steins? Doctor Steins? Are you still there?"

"Oh sorry, I'll be right there. Call Mr. and Mrs Ramirez and tell them to meet me at the hospital right away."

"Yes doctor."

(He hangs up the phone.)

(Cut to: a birthday party one year later. It is Angel's forth birtday as all of her family and friends are singining "Happy Birthday" to the young girl in front of a cake with four candles lit.)

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you dear Angel...

Happy birthday to you...

"Make a wish and blow out of the candles Angel."

(Angel closes her eyes to make a wish and then takes a big deep breath and blow out the candles. Everybody applaudes and hugs her. Her big brother Enrique gives her a big hug and ask of her.)

"What did you wish for Angel?"

"Enrique, if she tells then it won't come true."

"Its okay mommie, because I know that it will. I wished that I might be able to say thank you to the nice boy who gave me his heart."

(The scene changes as everybody ahhhhs at the sound of the sweet young girl declaration.)

(Cut to: at the time Angel, who is now a young tween doing research of old newspaper clippings of dates and headlines until she finds something that connects to her time fighting for her life. From there Angel managed to connect the dots and put two and two together that this was the same very boy that had to die so that she could live. Angel says with a heartfelt tearful smile)

"Frankie Benji Lopez? So you are my hero. I will never forget you...ever."

(Cut to: back to present time of Angel in the rainy El'Paso, Texas cemetary looking down on Frankie's headstone with tears in her eyes.)

"And now here we are Frankie. I know that this search wasn't easy with confidentiality laws in full affect but after that long exausting search it all paid off and have something to thank for not only giving me a new heart but helping me to truly be thankful for the life that you helped me live. If you weren't for you Frankie, I wouldn't be here today. You are my hero. You are the reason why I am able to put on my mask, filled with tradition and mystery and wrestle week in and week out for all of my fans all over the world packed out in jammed sold out arenas ready to see me. I had a good heart, but you gave me an even stronger heart. But it was fate and God that brought us together. I hate that you had to die so that I can live but I will always be grateful in what gift you have blessed me with. You were the answer prayer for my family and in turn I helped give your family peace and I couldn't be happier because I feel like I am apart of your family now and how my family has grown bigger. I almost feel like that we are married only instead of rings we exchanged you literally gave me your heart and I carry it everywhere i go. I guess you know that I am wrestling with the International Wrestling Federation now. Like my mask, it is a placed saturated in tradition. And time and again the IWF could have died but it's heads keeps beating and pressing onward. It falls and rises like the pheonix. It burns like the sun. And it is tailor made for me...for us. From this point on Frankie, all of my success in the IWF will be all because of you. I may get beaten and lose matches but no matter what I shall press forward and look on. I will not fail. I cannot fail. I must not fail. Thank you so much Frankie for everything that you have given me. As you have been my constant source of inspiration and drive. May I inspire little girls and little boys that watch me perform in the ring to do the same. And may I further add to give the IWF a little more history to help them keep living in the hearts of their fans. Thank you Frankie, my hero. You and my family and friends will know me as Angel Isabella Ramirez, but from this point on and the IWF will NEVER...

(Angel pulls out her mask from her coat pocket, her lowers the umbrella to again conceil her face as she removes her sunglasses and places the mask on her head then rains it it back up as we see the girl with her mask.)

EVER forget my name. Let the history books never forget the name of...

And as of right now, my legacy has officially begun right now.

(The scene fades out on Go-Go's face and eyes.)

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