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Too tired to be funny...


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* Kin Hiroshi stretches. The long flights between GXW and CSWA events are wearing him down. Yet, somehow, he has dug deep and pulled out win after win. He even found a way to beat GUNS for the CSWA Greensboro Title. Times are good for the Muffin Man. Kin Hiroshi, the rookie is dead. Kin Hiroshi, The Muffin Man, is well and alive.

Looking out across a parking lot from his hotel room, he listens to Nathan Cross ramble on the television, too caught up in himself to really think about who else is in the Main Event. Cross ends, and the screen fades. Hiroshi sits down across from a camera crew...

KIN HIROSHI: Cross, you have one thing straight. With a main event like OnSlaught, who cares about the rest of the card. There's a little error in your logic though. You see, the fans tune in to watch me. Not you. Me.

* Hiroshi grins, and sinks back into the chair. *

KH: The Ayatollah of Rum and Cola gave you some good advice. Ignore me, you should not. Hell, kid, show up. Go ahead and try and out wrestle me. You can't, and won't. Try to outsmart me. I'm the king of the mind [bleep]. Ask around, you'll learn about the Muffin Man.

GUNS did. Evan Aho has. Lucky for me, Mr. Merritt is finally catching on, and with a little help from Petey, I'm starting to main event around CSWA.

Quite a privelege in my opinion. Sure, priveleges can be taken away, but only if you drop the ball.

Speaking of which, if you really want to contest with me, you may want your balls to drop. A boy like you doesn't stand a chance against a man like me. I'll have you in my Cross-hairs, and will be taking aim over the next few days, Nate. Sure, it's been said before, but who has really meant it?

OnSlaught is going to fun. Not because of the main event, but because it's MY show this time. I am the main event champion. You want your show back from me? Take it.

I'm not a man who likes to rely on words, Cross. I like actions to do the work for me. A Hiroshi-ma bomb can speak volumes. The Jiro-Kin Sleeper will have you screaming volumes of pain.

* Kin stands, damn uncomfortable hotel chairs. *

KH: Some have blamed me for being stuck up, arrogant, and self-centered.

They're right, I am. As long as I have the title around my waist, I will be too. Hell, I'll be how I am until the world stops turning. Unfortunately, Nathan Cross, you won't have the pleasure of seeing me on that day.

Do you know the Muffin Man? Because, he's tired of the name calling, he's tired of the jokes, and most of all he's the Greensboro Champion. He knows you Nate, and he's going to make sure no one else ever will...

* Hiroshi yawns, and stretches again. A contemplates his words for a moment, 'rather dull' he tells himself. No matter, he'll win. He knows he will. He's already seen it happen...

** Fade To Gold **


NC: Ya know, I was really excited about the main event. I thought, "Man, I've finally made it... They finally noticed that people only watch On Time for one reason - ME!" I was on cloud nineteen with a smile that nothing could take away.


And then I watched that promo, actually, I ran the tape about 10 times, but each time I kept falling asleep about the time Mr. Muffin told me I should lower my balls.

With a cut like that, perhaps I should do something original and tell Mr Hiroshi where I'm going to shove his muffins... (sarcasm obvious in his voice) betcha never heard that one before, Kinny boy.

For months, I've been crying... YES!... crying out for a champion to get in the ring with. They gave me "Fear the schoolboy" Jones, who didn't even bother to show up, at least talent-wise. I followed that with "Skateboarder drummers of the world unite". He was good, entertaining, and fun to hit the ring with, but when push came to shove, his skateboard flipped out from under him and he tripped over his drumset. They gave me Hornet ... and this is Hornet's town. I'm EIGHTEEN!... he's like, old enough to be my grandfather. You ever try to hit your grandpa? Yeah, not easy to wrestle him either. Finally, I got Cameron Cruise. OK, he's good in the ring, not bad with the mic, but needs to keep his marriages to himself. Marriage for TV - bad. Divorce for TV - GREAT! And if anyone gets married on MY show, I'll have a snow shovel waiting on the nuptials so that the Honeymoon never goes off, right Mr. Russo? And then they saw the icon in the making, and put him on Battle of the Belts, not once ... but TWICE! And it was then that I knew my luck was turning around.

My luck, no WORK, brought me to you, Mr. Hiroshi, the Greensboro champion. I was thrilled to be the main event... I mean, did you check out that last promo I cut? It was GOLD, man... more gold than all the pawn shops in Greensboro. And I KNEW that out of all that, you'd find a way to be entertaining. We're the MAIN EVENT! We're the reason everyone will be there. And if you're the champion I've been crying for, then you'll need to be there too - not going through the motions, but being poetry in motion.

This is my chance, champ. This is MY main event on MY show for MY opportunity to be a champion. This is why I came here, and if you don't show up with any more enthusiasm than I saw up top, then you won't be half the man and NONE of the champion that you claim to be.

I WILL succeed. I can NOT fail... to entertain the crossovers. And if you won't put on a better match than you're showing so far, then I'll just have to do it without you.

I've learned how to entertain my fans without an opponent of any merit.

It's called a 'few patented right hands' and a schoolboy rollup for a pin. It'll only take 3 seconds for the Crossovers to go from hoo-hum to ecstatic... and only 3 seconds for you to go from champ to chump.

Think about it...


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