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Triple X Strikes Harder


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-02 AT 11:49 AM (EDT)]"I would laugh at you, Poe... but, being the competitor that I am, and seeing as how Fish Fund didn't exactly end the way I imagined it... there aren't too many things that I consider funny right now."

fade- in:

Sweetwater, Texas. Sean Stevens' hotel room.

[small]Sean "Triple X" Stevens sat in a corner in his hotel room, staring at a camera, set up on a tripod, on the opposite side of the room. Above him, was a glass window, with it's blinds opened letting just enough light in the room so it couldn't be considered dark, yet too dark to consider the room actually lit. It was hot out, and Sean, only moments removed from a cool shower, had no intentions of facing the public... he just wasn't in the mood.[/small]

"Yes. ...I did fight for Eli Flair's respect, but you missed the point if you think that's the only thing I was fighting for. I fought that man in an effort to prove something to every Randy Harders, Kevin Powers, and Eli Flair who said I'd never be anything in this sport but a trash talking curtain jerker. ...did I lose? Depends on who you ask. Kevin Powers will tell you I lost... but, Kevin isn't the most successful wrestler out there, now is he? Nor is he the most sober. I wouldn't trust that loser to drive me around the block safely, let alone gauge my career. He was forced into exile by the same CSWA competition I'm having so much success with... simply put... because he couldn't cut it.

"Kevin could never make that jump from talented midcarder to main eventer, anywhere he went... except GXW. If that were my situation... I'd openly defend that backyard promotion, too. You wouldn't walk up to a bum on the streets and ask him how to be a successful business man, would you? Nope... that's stupid. Well, that to ME is the equivalent of asking Kevin Powers what it takes to be dominant in the CSWA. But, I digress..."

[small]Stevens ran his fingers through his shoulder length, pony- tailed, golden hair, removing the rubberband that held it all together, letting his locks fall, gently brushing against his shoulders.[/small]

"Randy Harders may tell you I lost, too... if you can find him. Randy's been out of the sport for years... maybe when he was actually wrestling I wasn't ready... but, bring Randy back, put him in the ring with me for ten minutes, and see what he says after we're done.

"I think I know the answer and I think you do too.

"Which brings me to Eli Flair. Now, by your own admission Poe... you could care less what everybody says in regards to me being 'Mini- E', because, as you put it, 'I am my own person and that's what counts'. Yet, within two minutes... you go back on that, with your claims of me trying to be Eli but never measuring up. Then foolishly speaking for Eli in your attempts to stir up the pot. What are YOU, Poe? His spokesman? How do you know what Flair would do if I were blatantly ripping him off? ...huh? Maybe you should wear the 'Eli Flair' nameplate, not me. And, by the way... why don't you ask him if I won in my efforts to prove how good I really am.

"Then you claim I cry and complain? Do you even WATCH my matches? Hear my promos? I didn't cry and complain about any card Dan Ryan and Powers played because I saw what they were doing from the very beginning, and called them out on it. I don't need you telling me they're trying to get under my skin, Gabriel... sh#t, a two year old kid could see through their gradeschool insults, and mind games.

[small]Sean was wearing a 'Perfect Circle' t-shirt, sleeves rolled, khaki shorts, white socks, black shoes. He glanced down at the photo on front of it for a second - Flair, Ivy, Kendall Codine, and Triple X - before hesitantly looking back up at the camera. ...a little more serious.[/small]

"And, why don't you worry about you and your problems and stay the f##k out of mine, Poe. Why don't you focus on fixing whatever it is that caused everybody to stop fearing you and look at you for exactly what you are... Why don't you worry about... oh, I don't know... actually winning a match against somebody important.

"Any problems Ivy and I had in the past have been laid on the table and ironed out, because we knew there were jacka##es like you out there who would try and hurt us by making them public. Was I pissed when Hornet kissed Ivy? Hell yeah, and your hero Hornet got a broken nose for his efforts. But, I know that wasn't enough proof for any of you, but what you don't know is... it wasn't enough for me, either. I asked Hornet to step aside... I asked Hornet not to touch my girlfriend... I asked Hornet not to disrespect me, and he did... so he'll pay.

"You just get to pay first. And, I don't need to redeem myself. The public... MY public already knows I'm not a fluke, and that Hornet caused me that US Championship, risking giving it up himself so that I wouldn't attain it. Look at the tapes, Poe. My toughness isn't on trial here. Just like Southern and Dan Ryan were in the ring wrestling a match... I was outside the ring, wrestling a match. The chips didn't fall on my behalf this time... that's fine. That's life. And, that's usually the case in those crazy gimmick matches.

"But, don't worry about Fish Fund, Gabriel. Don't worry about a US Title match that's been over with for a day now. Worry about Gainsville. Worry about everything I'm bringing to the table, and how you don't have enough in your arsenal to measure up. I know you've heard the rumors... Flair, Lucky... whomever, whenever, wherever, whatever. It's time you saw what all the commotion is about, up close and personal.

"But, be warned... you're already a shell of your former self. After On Time... chances are, this will be the final nail in your coffin, Pac. On Time could be the last time we ever see Gabriel Poe... and, his ridiculous Apocalypse gimmick. Until then...

"...Kendall call me... We need to talk."

[small]Sean continued to sit, staring at nothing in particular.[/small]

fade- to- black

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