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Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-27-01 AT 02:11 PM (EDT)]"... 'Indy guy', Sight? Is that the best you could come up with?"

fade- in:

"Gave me too much respect? Is that your excuse for openly contradicting yourself? Nah... you haven't changed. Haven't changed a bit. You're the same old, one trick, cheap trick, Mike Plett. It's not what you gave me, Wick... it's what I earned. It's not that you felt the need to up-lift me... it's the fact that you'd look stupid, stating anything but the obvious. You thought I was gonna praise you on your current accomplishment..."

"...you thought I was gonna tell you how proud I was, for your semi- successful defense against Gabriel Poe. You thought I was gonna tell you how things are different now, how you've grown so much, and how I respect all that you are, and all that you've done."

"But, see... I don't go with the grain just because it's cool. If I think you suck... I'll tell you, you suck. You, Wicked Sight, suck."

[small]His face was drenched with sweat. The kind of perspiration that clued the world in on what exactly you were just doing... and, how intense it was. This week, to say the least, has been Triple X's most important. Not just in the CSWA... but, at this point in time... nowhere else mattered. He had on a 100% cotton, "white/chocolate" sleeveless t-shirt, black leather pants, and wrestling boots. His hair was curly, his sideburns were long, and he had a slight beard.[/small]

"And, so what you've been in the CSWA longer than me. So what, you're it's whipping boy. I don't think I should have to come into our matchup an underdog, because I've beaten everybody you've lost to, INCLUDING you, somewhere other than here."

"What we've been through, makes us who we are, Sight. I've been through more wars, and injuries than most, and have won more than I've lost... and, lived to tell the tale. Keep telling yourself I'm not as good in the CSWA, as I was in another promotion. If that delusion helps you get through the day, then do your thing. But, Sight... in all honesty... you have NOTHING coming. You are NOT gonna win this match, and you should spend as many days as you can cherishing your Presidential Championship."

"Because it's over, Sight. You're not facing the average opponent. All the blatant self- promotion... it stops. All the saying 'I respect you' because it's the right thing to do... it stops."

"This business... this match is my life. And, I will beat you, Sight. And, not only that... I'll beat you convincingly, proving to you, and anybody else who has doubted my abilities that I do belong. And, that *I* am the future of the CSWA."

"...not you."

fade- to- black

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