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UCW presents Scars and Stripes!


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Jun 9, 2004
Coming to you LIVE from the Fleet Center in Boston, MA! The UCW rolls through Boston, promising to take down any and all Red Sox in its way!

MCW tries to continue its invasion of UCW as Nakita Dahaka, Chris McMillan, and Dakota Smith prepare to take on Team UCW: Frankie Scott, Kin Hiroshi, and The Sergeant in six-person tag action for FW supremacy!

The Midnight Rider makes his UCW debut as he steps into the ring to face the man that nearly destroyed his "friend"... John Doe!

After an exciting MCW-sanctioned match, Commissioner Cloverleaf has laid down the gauntlet for UCW and any of its supporters, as he has made Adam Benjamin defend his United States Title against Bryan Storms! But to add to the controversy, Cloverleaf has put a loyal UCW man, Mr. Incredible into the match as the special guest referee!

Word has it that former LVW Champion, "Cowboy" James Donovan could be in the house. What will the crazy cowboy have to say about UCW's acquisition of LVW? What are his plans for coming to UCW?

And, of course, the main event... six men will step between the ropes, but only one will walk out the champ. One of the most brutal structures ever surrounding a wrestling ring, the Elimination Chamber, will be dropped over the heads of six men, all wanting to become the next UCW Champion. What will Irishred have to say about that as he steps into the ring with The First, Dan Ryan, Cameron Cruise, Joey Melton, and Jonathan Marx?

Find out all the answers when you tune in LIVE to the sold out Fleet Center in Boston, MA! UCW, bringing you PPV like no one else in the business!

The RP deadline will be Saturday, August 19th at 11:59 PM.

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