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ULTRATITLE just got a whole lot cooler.


League Member
Feb 24, 2009
Santa Monica
Seattle, WA
For Immediate release

Hailing from DEFIANCE wrestling, When Pete Whealdon heard there was going to be an ULTRATITLE Tournament. he immediately threw his hat in the ring. The former tag team specialist is especially keen on show casing what he calls "the Finest technical wrestling this side of ever." While we can't speak to that qualification. We can say Pete Whealdon is a unique competitor combining a variety of tactics to get to his goals.

When asked further about his participation, he made several inappropriate gyrations and promised to rape this tournament of it's glory. And that he was gonna bring the kind of cool, only listening to Miles Davis at night with sunglasses on can match.

Whether or not he can live up to those boasts remains to be seen.

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