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United States: Hornet vs. Steve Radder


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
Radder defeated Aho and Powers at PRIMETIME 500, and now he goes after the US Title.


Bull On Parade
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade in on STEVE RADDER sitting on a bar stool infront of a CSWA backdrop next to Oklahoma 52's own JEFF POLLSON, shooting an interview spot to air later that day on the sports-wrapup. RADDER has one foot resting on the footrest, one on the ground. POLLSON is wearing a white leisure suit, with black shirt.)

JEFF POLLSON: (Crazy gameshow host voice) Weeeelll, I'm here with STEVE RADDER, onetime CSWA superstar who has recently made his return to the ...

(RADDER interrupts.)

STEVE RADDER: Onetime? You on Troy-diggity's payroll?

JEFF POLLSON: Stevie, Radder, buddy, I didn't mean anything by it. You're in a CSWA US Title match with the legendary Hornet here in Oklahoma on Primetime, in the not-too-distant future. Whattaya got to say about that?

STEVE RADDER: I've got to say this, with any luck, the Windhams can put their freakshow aside for one night and let Steve Radder steal the spotlight like I deserve to. I'm intending to go in there and leave with that belt over my shoulder, and an imprint of Troy Windham's face on my fist as well.

JEFF POLLSON: Some pretty strong words from you there, Raddie-boy.

STEVE RADDER (getting agitated): The name's Radder, bucko, number one. Number two, I didn't just come back to the CSWA to make me some money. That's going to come, that's what happens when you're Showtime, but Steve Radder came back to the CSWA to prove something. To prove people like Troy Windham wrong, to take some of the hot air out of his head, to ruin the lives of his hangers-on and ass-kissers.

JEFF POLLSON: Hey, hey, hey, there's no need for ...

STEVE RADDER: Listen Pollson. It's my time, not just now, not tomorrow, but every day. Radder's back. I missed fighting, especially wiping the floor with insufferable, cowardly, idiotic windbags like the Windhams. Especially Troy. I even missed the characters, the crew here in the CSWA. Amazingly enough, I even found myself missing the people I fought. The 'roid ragers like Troy Windham, the dimbulbs like Timmy Windham, and the loners like Mark Windham. You might say Steve Radder missed the continuing saga of "Which Windham Is Trying To Murder One Of Their Relatives This Week?"

JEFF POLLSON: They're not that bad ...

STEVE RADDER: And my fight's not with Windham, not tonight. Listen, Hornet: years ago, you cost me a chance to continue on, a chance to continue my fight for the CSWA World Title when I came here. History proved you only delayed the inevitable. Not this time. This time, Steve Radder prevails. This time, you ARE the stepping stone. Hornet, you're my chance, my chance to further prove that what people saw at 500 was the real deal, that STEVE RADDER is the real deal. I'm good and ready, Hornet. I hope you are, too.

JEFF POLLSON: That's all our time for today, folks, jooooooin us tomorrow for an intriguing interview with Oklahoma's fifth-string place kicker, Sean O'Bannon. Back to you folks, iiiiiin the newsroom.

(RADDER pulls off his mic, stands up, and leaves the set, leaving POLLSON with his hand outstrecthed, waiting to shake.)


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