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UNLEASHED 2008: San Francisco, California - 12/9/08

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[Cue up: "American Nightmare" – Rob Zombie. The screen completely shreds away, revealing a rapidly shifting blue grid backdrop intercut with video clips of various wrestlers, many leaving blurred after-images as they move.

CUT TO: Beast nailing the Absolution on Lindsay Troy.
CUT TO: Fusenshoff coming off the ropes with a flying forearm.
CUT TO: The Forsaken standing victorious in the ring, holding the tag titles.
CUT TO: JA delivering the Karelin Driver to Rocko Daymon.
CUT TO: Kin Hiroshi delivering a Shining Wizard to Frankie Scott.
CUT TO: Shawn Hart, mugging for the crowd.
CUT TO: Stalker going over the edge of a building on the heels of Rocko Daymon.
CUT TO: Lindsay Troy dropkicking Beast.
CUT TO: Troy Douglas and Larry Tact locking up in the middle of the ring.
CUT TO: Dan Ryan sitting sedately in a chair, staring into the camera.
CUT TO: That image shattering, showing Lindsay Troy sitting on a throne style chair, with a smirk on her face.

Cut to the blue grid, which ceases shifting as a blue filmreel-style strip blazes across it. With a heavy thud of steel, white letters are stamped across the reel, stationary as the reel continues to roll.]

EPW Unleashed 2008

DT: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to San Francisco, California….and Empire Pro Wrestling’s UNLEASHED!! I’m Dave Thomas and of course alongside me are the one and only Mike Neely….and of course….Dean Matthews.

DM: Nice jacket, Neely.

(Neely you see, is wearing an Oakland A’s jacket as we sit in the home of the San Francisco Giants)

MN: What??

DM: Wrong team, douchebag.

MN: What’s the difference??

DM: About fifty miles and about fifty death threats.

MN: Well, as long as there’re no earthquakes, I’m good.

DT: We’ve got an amazing show tonight, topped off by not one, not two, not three….but four title matches. Fusenshoff and Stalker will compete in a Stalker Rules match for the vacated Television Title, Troy Douglas and Larry Tact will face off for the Intercontinental Title, Forsaken will defend the World Tag Team Titles against the team of Craig Miles and Beast, and last but not least……JA will defend his World Heavyweight Title against the former champion “Triple X” Sean Stevens…in a steel cage.

DM: What a night!

DT: Let’s get the party started right away. The first match of the evening involves “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott and Omega, The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling.

DM: At Aggression 39 Frankie Scott stole Barb, Omega's “manager” I guess you could say.

MN: It's a chair Dean, a steel chair. Just call it what it is- the wacko thinks talking to a steel chair is okay.

DM: There's obviously something wrong with the guy, but that doesn't change the fact that he's almost 300 pounds of power in the ring. I don't know what Frankie's thinking pushing the buttons of this behemoth.

MN: At least Tom Hanks had an excuse for talking to a volleyball in Cast Away. The guy was isolated on an island for seven years.

DM: Yeah, well who's gonna stop Omega from doing whatever he wants? Just like 6'3, 250-plus bikers can get away with having a ponytail after forty, Omega can talk to chairs all he wants because no one’s gonna say anything.

MN: I guess you have a point there Dean. He's nuttier than a Baby Ruth, but he has the strength to get away with it.

DT: Here comes Omega now, followed by an introduction from Tony Fatora.

[CUE UP: “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson plays over the speakers as Omega makes his way out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Barb is noticeably absent from Omega's clutches and the monster looks ready for a fight. He is fuming as he makes his way down to the ring. He climbs over the top rope and waits in his corner.]

TF: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's opening match is standard rules. Standing six feet, eight inches tall and weighing 295 pounds, hailing from Somewhere in Missouri.... The Crrrraziest Bastard in Wrestling... OOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEGAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

MN: You're right Dean, the man is a monster and in my book, can do whatever the hell he wants.

DM: It'll be interesting to see if Frankie brings Barb to the ring to torment Omega. If it were me, I wouldn't do anything to unleash the rage inside the gargantuan lunatic.

[CUE UP: “Phenomenon” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays over the arena speakers. A full video rolls on the huge titantron of Frankie wrestling stars like Dan Ryan and the Sergeant, doing an interview and signing autographs. Fans cheer loudly as “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott runs out with Barb in his left hand. He stops in the middle of the runway looks back at the video and then points toward the fans as pyrotechnics blow all around him. Scott emerges from the smoke to run around the ring and shake all the fans hands. After he finishes, he hops on the ring apron and leaps over the ropes to rush to each turnbuckle for a photo opportunity with Barb for the fans. He hands the barb-wired steel chair to the referee.]

DT: And this one starts with both men squaring off. Omega is staring daggers at Frankie as he stands his ground. He seems to be getting more and more upset as Frankie moves around the ring and he simply rotates while watching the smaller wrestler. Frankie suddenly charges at Omega and executes a clothesline. Omega doesn’t move at all after the maneuver. Frankie looks perplexed and decided to bounce off the ropes. He flies at Omega again and tries for another clothesline. Once again Omega doesn’t budge at all and Frankie is frustrated now. Scott bounces off the ropes once more- third time’s not a charm this time. He makes a big mistake here as Omega catches Scott by the neck… CHOKESLAM!

DM: Whoa!

MN: Chokeslam early by Omega. Frankie dropped the ball there.
DM: I think Frankie underestimates just how much Barb means to Omega. That steel chair is Omega’s conscious, it’s his control. Without Barb we have a madman running around EPW wreaking havoc. It seems to be helping him in the ring right now.

MN: I noticed you said ‘it’ instead of her. Not a believer Dean?

DM: Believe that a steel chair can talk? Not in this lifetime.

DT: Omega is waiting for Scott to get up. Frankie is on all fours when Omega stomps him back into the mat. This happens repeatedly until finally Omega lifts up his foe by the hair. Three backhanded slaps to the chest later Frankie is caught in the corner. Omega lifts Scott up onto the turnbuckle when Frankie starts to really fight back. He punches Omega repeatedly with rights until the giant stumbles backward. Frankie reaches the top turnbuckle lightning fast and is aerial in seconds. A flying missile dropkick finally takes Omega off his feet. Scott jumps on Omega for the pin.


DM: Nice retaliation by Scott. There’s no quit in this guy.

MN: Except when it came to the ‘American Idol’ gimmick. He quit that like a one-night stand who won’t stop calling the next day.

DT: Frankie picks up the big man and executes a flawless high knee lift. Omega stumbles, allowing Scott to bounce off the ropes and lands a flying cross-body. Omega falls as Frankie rolls the maneuver into an armbar. The fans go wild as Omega shrieks in pain and Scott throws his head back, putting real pressure on the bicep. While squirming, Omega flails his open arm into the rope and the referee breaks the hold.

DM: Size is a factor here as the six foot eight inch man-mammoth is able to reach the rope with relative ease.

MN: The rope was within reach the whole time. All that pain was completely unnecessary. What was Omega thinking? Oh yeah, he wasn’t.

DT: Frankie gets to his feet first and grabs Omega by the back of the head as the man tries to get up. Frankie lands a bulldog and the fans cheer some more. He stomps on Omega a bit before picking him up. He executes a Full Nelson into a front leg sweep and jumps up, heading for the turnbuckle.

DM: Frankie looking exceptional here. After the way he started, I don’t think anyone saw this coming. He’s putting on a show.

DT: Scott is standing on the top turnbuckle. He chooses to play it up for the fans. About ten second later he finally launches off the top to land an Elbow Drop. Omega rolls out of the way and Scott lands hard on the mat. Omega goes for the immediate pin.




DM: “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott might’ve been able to put it away there, but he posed for the crowd instead.

DT: Omega’s back in this and looking to go on a rampage. He lands a haymaker on Scott, who falls back into the ropes. POWERSLAM by Omega and Frankie definitely felt that one. Omega yells into the air and the fans don’t quite know what to make of it yet. He picks up his adversary and executes a belly-to-back Suplex. He goes for another pin since he’s down there already.



Thre… No! Kickout at the last second by Frankie Scott!

DM: He’s one tough son of a-

MN: Family show! Family show!

DM: Son of a-

MN: HEYYY!!! What did I just say?!

DM: Gun, Mike! Son of a gun! Lay off the coffee ya’ nut.

DT: Omega still on the attack as Frankie is doing everything he can to fend off this attack. The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling is in the midst of a rageaholic bender and he’s focusing it on Frankie Scott. A powerbomb leaves Scott holding his back in pain and squirming on the mat. Omega picks up the smaller wrestler and flings him into the ropes… Spinebuster! Frankie is starting to lose his sense of awareness as Omega is just destroying him. Throwing Scott’s arm over the back of his neck and lifting him up, Omega plants Scott with a neckbreaker.

DM: This is getting ugly fast.

MN: Domestic abuse clinics see less action than this.

DT: Omega looks like a man on a mission as he picks up Frankie once again and whips him into the ropes… he lands a Spinning Sidewalk Slam and signals for The End. Most of the fans are cheering now at this impressive display of power. Omega nails THE END on Frankie Scott and all that’s left is to go through the motions now. He pins his defeated foe.




DM: What a beating at the end there.

MN: You said it Dean. I sure hope Barb teaches this guy the fruits of being as evil as possible in this business. He has real potential.

TF: Your winner… by pinfall via his finisher, The End… The Crrrraziest Bastard in Wrrrrrrestling… OOOOMEEEEEGAAAA!!!!!

DT: The referee hands Barb back to Omega and the monster hugs the barb-wire chair in a fit of glee. Omega is bleeding from squeezing the chair so hard. He looks to be tearing up as he walks around the ring oblivious to what’s going on. Meanwhile, Frankie is pissed and seems to be fishing around in his trunks.


DM: Oh no! Look OUT!

DT: Frankie has the knucks and walks right up to Omega. The joy and tears are the last controlled expression on his face as Frankie lands a brass knuckle sandwich on Omega. The big man stumbles around and Frankie side steps. He lands another right and Omega drops Barb. One last right and Omega falls in a heap outside the ring, right in front of us at the announcer’s table. Frankie puts the knucks back in his trunks and grabs Barb once again.

MN: Scott took Barb again after that vicious assault. I like this guy more and more all the time.

DM: Once again Omega lets Barb slip from his grasp. I don’t know if that’s ultimately the best move by Frankie though. Omega is a terror when he’s angry. I wouldn’t push his buttons any more than I’d have to.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
TV Title Preview

The scene opens to a wrestler lacing up a black boot. The man has a tattoo of the Canadian flag on his inner right forearm and the British flag on his inner left. The fans know who it is already and begin to cheer. The camera pans up once the lace is tied to Fusenshoff with an intense focus in his eyes. He’s leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. There is a knock at his door.

Fusenshoff makes no movement. He says nothing.

There’s another knock at his locker room door. Once again Fuse doesn’t move.

A second later his door is kicked open. Stalker is standing in the door frame as it flies off its hinges. Very slowly, Fusenshoff drops his palms to his knees and looks up at his adversary. The two lock eyes as Fuse slowly rises to his feet. They meet in the middle of the room.

Stalker: You know, most normal people answer their door when someone knocks. The least you could’ve done was invited me in. Where’s your manners champ? Oh sorry, that’s right, you’re not a champ anymore.

Fusenshoff says nothing. He doesn’t take his eyes off of the member of The Fallen.

Stalker: Facts are facts Fusenshoff. I’ve been wreaking havoc on your life for the past few months. I’ve blown chunks on you and your former title. I cost you that same title at the last Aggression. Now I’m going to paralyze you from the neck down and teach you what it means to step into Stalker’s World.

Fusenshoff and Stalker stare each other down some more. Stalker has a grin on his face while Fuse looks expectant.

Fusenshoff: Right, Stalker’s Rules. You care to explain what they are, finally? Otherwise I’m gonna go in there and make things up as I go along. How will you stop me if you’re too busy coughing up blood?

This really pisses Stalker off. He gets personal.

Stalker: What’s the matter?! Not FAKE enough for ya’ Fusenshoff? Look at you… phony. You say you’ve been on a bender since Reagan was president yet you’re sober as a newborn right now. Quit pretending you’re something you’re not.

Fusenshoff: I don’t pretend to be drunk the day of my matches and I never will. I can bear sobriety because my escape comes from pummeling scumbags like you.

Stalker: And what about the rest of the time? That’s right, you’re busy wishing you hadn’t KILLED your own sister! Nice work on that one, screw-up. Why don’t you just end it tonight and get it over with. Pop a handful of sleeping pills after watching me hoist your old title in the air. We all know it’s gonna happen sooner or later. I think Neely has a pool going based on when you’ll put yourself out of your misery. I’ll have to make a note to get in on that action.

Fusenshoff is fuming. He looks like its taking every muscle in his body to stop himself from flying off the handle. He turns to his right before launching a haymaker at Stalker. The two men start throwing fists like a couple hockey enforcers. After about twenty seconds of this half a dozen crew workers jump in and break up the brawl. Fusenshoff yells across the room.

Fusenshoff: You’re a dead man Reeves! You hear me?! A DEAD MAN!

The scene fades to a crowd yelling and screaming over the heat erupting in this feud.

MN: Fusenshoff really lost his cool there, Dean. I thought this guy prided himself on maintaining a level head in all situations.

DM: Looks like Stalker finally pushed Fusenshoff over the edge. He really is relentless when it comes to building his happiness on the unhappiness of others.

MN: Yeah, he’s great, isn’t he? If only the rest of the roster would pay attention as he continues to lead by example in Empire Pro.

DM: We know you’re paying close attention Mike. It shows; you’re both completely sick in the head.

MN: Thanks Dean. That’s one of the nicest things you’ve ever said to me.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Kin Hiroshi, Cameron Cruise & Shawn Hart vs. Crimson Calling & Olvir

DT: Alright fans, our next match here on UNLEASHED features a bevy of guys who most would agree are right on the cusp of big things here in Empire Pro.

DM: No doubt about it, Dave. Cameron Cruise may have the greatest tag team resume of anybody in EPW, not to mention some big time solo gold. Hart is a former world champion, both in NEW and WFW. Hiroshi has held gold in the old GXW, the CSWA, and elsewhere. The Crimson Calling have been champions and are undoubtedly one of the best tag teams we've seen in recent years, not only here but in other circuits around the globe and Olvir, well.... there's only one Olvir.

MN: Thank God.

DM: But what I'm saying here, Neels, is that despite the fact that this isn't a main event match-up, it's a big bout, with a lot of talent, and possible title implications down the road.

DT: I think we can all agree on that, but guys - one has to wonder if the Crimson Calling and Olvir are truly ready for a force like Hart, Hiroshi, and Cruise.

DM: They're pros, Dave. They'll be more than ready when that bell rings, but you are correct about the danger presented by their opponents. Kin and Cruise have looked like men on a mission in recent weeks, and now with SJH joining their cause, things just may have reached a combustible state. Just look at what they did to Stalker and Nakita on Aggression.

MN: Come now..they just want that R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Is that so wrong?

[CUE UP: "Who Want It" by Trick Trick, featuring Eminem. CUT TO: The entryway as the arena begins to buzz.]

DT: If you ask me, all they've done so far is lose what respect they had with their heinous actions, but at any rate, they put down the challenge, Olvir and company answered, and the time for the match is NOW!

[The pyro beings to blaze as SJH shoots out from behind the curtain like a cannonball, followed by Cruise and Hiroshi who walk confidently in stride. The fans respond with a LOUD but mixed chorus of opinions while the three make their march toward the ring.]

TF: The following SIX-MAN MATCH is scheduled for ONE FALL - Introducing first... the team of SHAAAWN HART, KIIIIN HIROSHI, and CAMERON... CRUUUUUUUUIIISEE!!

[Almost in tandem, the three men slide into the ring, after which Cruise and Hiroshi rush to opposite corners and perch themselves atop the turnbuckles. Meanwhile Hart takes a spot center ring and delivers his trademark 'Elvis Pelvis' dance.]

DT: Again, Cruise and Hiroshi have already begun to make their mark here in EPW, but for Shawn Hart... this will be the first time we've seen him in the ring since the first round of the Kings of the Cage tourney.

DM: In a match against two of his opponents here tonight no less, so I would gather that the Phenom wants at least some measure of revenge to come out of this thing.

MN: Pshh.. if it wasn't for that rube Fusenshoff, Hart would've come out of that thing a winner, I'm telling you!

DT: It's also worth noting that Olvir was the man responsible for knocking Hart out of the TEAM Invitational tournament this past spring after he had reached the Final Four the previous year, so the Phenom definitely has something to prove in this comeback match.

DM: There's a lot of history between all of these men, but at the Unleashed press conference, Cruise made it clear he wanted some competition. Needless to say, I think that wish has been granted.

MN: We'll just see about that.

[Eminem's hard-hitting vocals fade to silence. Seconds later, "I Am A Viking" by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force hits the PA, bringing the fans in attendance instantly to their feet.]


[With his mead horn in tow, Olvir STORMS out onto the rampway flanked by the Crimson Calling. With the fans going crazy all around them, Olvir begins to swing his battle axe round and round over his head, while Dalkichev takes a swig from a bottle of vodka, SMASHES the battle on the ground before them, then turns to his partner and begins to shout.]

MN: Seriously... look at these jokers.

DM: Mikey, you doth protest too much.

DT: They've been called Chronic Collizion, they've been called the Crimson Calling, call them what you want, Erik Black and Ivan Dalkichev have set the standard in today's tag division if you ask me...

DM: And Olvir's star has CONTINUED to do nothing but rise since his return to the sport. You talk about Hart's Final Four appearance in TEAM in '07, well Olvir made it to the Final Four in '08!

DT: There appeared to be some reluctance on Olvir's part to forge this union with Black and Ivan at the press conference, so we'll have to see how that shakes out, but on paper we've got all the ingredients here, guys.

[Olvir is the first to enter the ring, hitting his usual spot just outside the ropes. Meanwhile Black and Dalkichev get into a shouting match with their opponents.]

DM: Gamesmanship from both sides here. These guys want to get it on!

[Fatora steps out of the ring as the official signals for the bell. Hiroshi and Hart conference in their corner while Ivan and Cruise step out to start the match.]

DT: The official has called for the bell, the match is ON, and... just like that, Ivan is RUSHING Cruise! Dalkichev NAILING Cameron Cruise with jabs, there's a back elbow to the temple, another hard jab, and now a stiff kick to the midsection!

MN: Ivan going KGB all over his ass!

DT: Ivan CONTINUES the barrage of strikes, Cruise has yet to get a foothold in this match... and now he’s tied up by Ivan. Ivan Dalkichev backing him into the corner-


DM: Yeeouch!

DT: Ivan just PASTED his hand print across the chest of Cruise with an overhead chop! Cruise is staggering forward now, clinching his chest in pain! Cameron saunters into the middle of the ring - and Ivan's got his wrist… Ivan with the Irish whip - here comes Cruise back the other waaaaaay... SPINEBUSTER by Ivan!!! Down goes Cruise!! QUICK COVER BY IVAN....




MN: Ohhh my. Too close.

DT: After some admonition from the official, Hiroshi returns to his corner. Meanwhile here's a quick tag on the other side and Erik Black has entered the ring. The Escape Artist has Cruise by the neck, he's propping him up, and tossing him off toward the ropes for the second time! Back the other way now, here's Cruise... Black revving up - spinning back fist to Cruise and he's on Dream Street!

MN: What's next? Maybe he'll whoop him like a government mule... or a scalded dog perhaps?

DT: Cruise sent stumbling back into his corner as a result, where Kin Hiroshi alertly slaps his back with a blind tag!

DM: Good move by Erik, but he needs to be aware of just where he's at in the ring. Now they've got the Muffin Man on there hands.

MN: Fresh out da oven, yo!

DT: In comes Kin Hiroshi … but Black catches him with a Judo strike to the midsection! Hiroshi is doubled over in pain, prompting Black to hit the ropes - and here's a big knee right to the face of Hiroshi!! Erik looks to continue the assault, but Kin recovers quickly and catches Black with a fist to the face! Hiroshi taking charge now with fist after fist… now he looks to be setting Black up for the supleeeeeeeeex... no! Black with the float over... and now an elbow to the brow ridge of Kin Hiroshi!

[CUT TO: A quick shot of Hart shouting something to Hiroshi.]

DM: The Phenom looks to be giving Hiroshi some words of encouragement and guys, his team needs it. The Crimson Calling are imposing their will.

DT: Hiroshi is trying to rub cobwebs off, but Erik Black is ascending the turnbuckle! He hops to the second rope … Hiroshi has his wits, he turns to face the Escape Artist… but Black CONNECTS with a leaping shoulder block! Here's the cover…



Kickout on two! Black wastes no time in finding his feet and tagging his partner back in as Hiroshi is laid out on the mat.

DM: This is why these guys have been such an effective tag team. They've come into this thing with a strategy and they're sticking to it.

DT: Black and Dalkichev have been in the driver's seat throughout this match-up, we've yet to see Hart or Olvir, but right now Ivan is laying in with some quick boots to the back of Hiroshi's head. Ivan Dalkichev... pulling Kin back to his feet now and WHIPPING him into the corner! Ivan backs into the ropes to gather some momentum - and there's HART rushing over and throwing a fist into Ivan's back! Ivan turns to Hart, ready to counter, but the Phenom hops down to the concrete...

DM: Ohp, look out.


DT: Ivan turns his attention back to his opponent in the ring only to catch a BIG dropkick from a recovered Kin Hiroshi! Down goes Dalkichev... and here's Hiroshi right down after him with the pinfall attempt-




DM: It's always good to go for the win, but Ivan has yet to take a big blow in this match. No surprise he was able to kick out there.

DT: Hiroshi is back to his feet.. and he's pulling Ivan along with him. HARD fist to the chin of Ivan now. And another........ and a THIRD shot to the chin from Hiro sending Ivan back against the ropes.

MN: As is also the case with sex, three heads are better than one.

DM: Come again?

MN: That's what she said.

DM: O-K... but I don't get your comparison.

MN: Oy... are you really that lame-headed? Three heads, y'know... like a threesome? Hiroshi punched him three times? Ya get it?

DM: That's a bit of a reach, bud. Even for you.


DT: If you two would be so kind as to allow the PAY-PER-VIEW to interrupt this intellectually thrilling discourse for just a moment... after being whipped off the ropes by Hiroshi, Dalkichev ducked a clothesline coming back the other way and has now followed it up with a swinging neckbreaker and Kin Hiroshi is DOWN.

DM: Apologies Mr. Thomas. Nice move by the Russian.

DT: Ivan... looking to extend the onslaught. He's reaching down for Kin's - WAIT A MINUTE! SMALL PACKAGE BY HIROSHI!




MN: He almost had 'im!

DT: Ivan is pulling himself up by the ropes, but Hiroshi looks to be moving towards his corner. Cruise has his hand out and.... yes, there's the tag and Cruise is back in the ring! On the other side, Ivan has found his feet and THERE HE GOES! Ivan is rushing Cruise, here's a clothesline attempt, but Cruise ducks it! Ivan quick to recover, but CRUISE is quicker with a knife-edge chop!!

[The crowd lets out a boisterous "WHOOOOOOOO!!!"]

DT: Cruise revving back and CONNECTING with a second chop!!


DT: That last shot sends Ivan back into turnbuckle on Cruise's corner, and SJH wastes no time in SMACKING Ivan in the back of the head! And there's Hiroshi following suit! Ivan is getting TRIPLE TEAMED! The official is trying to squeeze his way between the men and put a stop to the skirmish, but to no avail! Hart, Hiroshi and Cruise are PUMMELING Ivan!

DM: This is so blatant it's almost unbelievable... and here's the official finally initiating the count.

DT: The fans are voicing their disapproval, but... HOLD THE PHONES-

[The crowd's jeers are instantaneously morphed to cheers.]


MN: That's one angry Scandinavian.

DT: Olvir's had enough!! He's STORMING toward the corner... but there's the referee to block his path! Hart and Hiroshi backed off just enough to free his attention and divert him to Olvir!

DM: Cruise, Kin, and SJH showing their ring savvy.

DT: Olvir is PLEADING with the official.. and Black is looking to jump into the ring as well, but the referee won't have it! His only concern is keeping Olvir and the Escape Artist out of the ring. Meanwhile, Hart and Hiroshi are holding Ivan by the arms and Cameron Cruise drives a STIFF kick into Ivan's ribs!

DM: And there's another one for good measure. Wow... that one looked like it did some serious damage! Look at how Ivan is slumping over now.

DT: Olvir and Black are back in there corner and the official has returned his attention to Cruise and Ivan in the corner, but Hart and Hiroshi have already released their clutches. Cameron Cruise edges in and here's an Irish whip. There goes Ivan... and Cruise catches him with a spinning back kick! Down goes Dalkichev and Cruise takes off toward the ropes, catches a full head of steam… and drops a HARD elbow directly into Ivan's sternum! Cruise going for the pin.... wait - scratch that. It looked like Cameron was going to go for the pinfall, but it looks as if he's balked now and wants to dish out some more pain!

DM: These guys have a serious mean streak goin'.

DT: Cruise has Ivan up, he moves in to scoop him up for a slam... BUT IVAN JABS HIM RIGHT IN THE EYES!! Cruise instantly releases his hold and puts his hands to his eyes!

MN: That cheating bastard!!

DM: I guess Ivan's decided to fight fire with fire.

DT: Dalkichev is definitely showing the wear after that three-way beating, but he's got Cruise on the ropes after that poke to the eye! The official is giving him a warning now, but turnabout is fair play.

DM: Without question.

DT: Ivan moving in now and throwing a fist, but Cruise blocks it! Here's Cruise now with a left jab! Cruise throws a second, but now it's Ivan stopping his fist cold! Ivan grasps Cruise by the wrist and goes for the whip - NO! reversal by Cruise! Here's Ivan coming off the ropes... and he LEAPFROGS Cruise, who was going for the back body drop! Dalkichev off the ropes... and now he ducks a back elbow attempt!! Ivan off the ropes again aaaaaaaaaaand...


DM: DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both men are down!!

DT: A lot of back and forth action during that exchange, but both men are on the canvas after that double clothesline!! The referee begins the ten count...

DM: Well, he may be counting, but I don't think either of these guys are completely out. Look at Cruise... he's already pulling himself toward his corner.

[The fans in attendance begin to clap, stomp, and cheer as they attempt to will Ivan into his corner.]

DT: And now Ivan is making the slow crawl to HIS corner! It's a race to see who can get the fresh man in first! Hart's hand is out! Olvir is reaching for his partner as well! WHO'S GONNA GET THE TAG?! Cruise is reaching.... but he's not quite close enough! Ivan is still struggling to get there, but Olvir is leaning over that top rope, trying DESPERATELY to reach his partner!






DM: LOOK AT HART!! The very SIGHT of Olvir entering the ring knocked him on his ASS!!

DT: Here comes Olvir and the fans are ON THEIR FEET!! Hart is retreating back to his corner like a COWARD, but OLVIR'S GOT HIM BY THE HAIR!!


DT: The former Television Champion turns to face Olvir now and there's a European Uppercut, but Olvir's still got the hair!! That punch had no effect on the big man!! Hart with left hook...NOTHING. A slap to the face... NOTHING!!

DM: And now Olvir is SMILING at Shawn Hart!!

DT: Hart has been struck dumb now with fear - Olvir's STILL got 'im by the hair!! He's winding up his free arm now, aaaaaaaand...


DT: OLVIR POUNDS HIS FIST INTO HART'S HEAD LIKE A MALLET!! The impact sent Shawn spinning... and as he stumbles back around toward Olvir, the Norseman's GOT HIM IN HIS CLUTCHES!! OLVIR... HOISTING THE PHENOM UP.....





[Suddenly, all the lights go out and the arena becomes PITCH BLACK!!]


DM: WOW! What a time for power failure...

DT: Fans, Olvir Arsvinnar looked to have this match won, but the house lights have gone out! As you can see, we're in complete darkness here!

MN: So does Olvir win?! What gives?

DT: Well.... wow.... I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but uh-


DM: What in heaven's name was that?!

DT: Something is going on in the ring! The lights are out, but something is definitely going-


MN: There it is again!!

[Without warning or explanation, the power is returned to the lights and JARED WELLS is standing in the center of the ring with a steel chair!!]

MN: OH.... MY.... GOD!!

[Seemingly every man, woman, and child in attendance is dumbfounded.]





MN: Cruise and Hiroshi are going after Olvir!

DT: And there he goes!!! The official is out... Olvir has been TOSSED out of the ring like a piece of trash by Cameron Cruise and Kin Hiroshi, and now JARED WELLS is all over Tony Fatora on the outside!

DM: Wow. Jared Wells!! I never thought I'd see the day!

[Wells forces the microphone out of Tony Fatora's hands as Hart, Hiroshi and Cruise look on approvingly. Upon reentering the ring, Wells is met with a loud chorus of boos, to which he responds with a smirk before finally moving the mic to his lips.]


[Cruise, Hart, and Hiroshi are hooting and hollering and the crowd continues to buzz.]

WELLS: Oh why, oh why is Jared Wells standing in an EPW ring? Why is Jared Wells standing in the same ring with these three men?

[He pauses and looks to the crowd.]

WELLS: Does anybody know? Anybody?

[He points to a woman at ringside with her husband.]

WELLS: How about you honey do you know why? More than likely you don't so go ahead and get daddy a beer. In fact, get daddy a case of beer because this night is just getting started. You have a man running around here named Triple X Sean Stevens. Pal, you need to make some phone calls about your name because any person in their right mind will tell you that you are a Jared Wells rip off. Call Sean Edmunds and ask about the year 1998. Where is Troy Douglas? Ice Tre?

[Jared yells and jumps around the ring.]

WELLS: LLLLINNNNNSAAAAYYY TROY?! Where are they? I'll tell you where. They are sitting back behind that curtain gasping that not only that I'm still alive, but still the man. How about the act of Crimson Calling? Jared Wells thinks it's stupid. In fact Jared Wells believes a lot of acts around here are stupid. But now! NNNOOOOWW! I'm here for this man.

[He points to Cruise and yells.]


[He points to Kin and yells.]


[He points to Hart and yells.]


With myself, it's what we call The Anthology. The EPW today consists of the same old boring sausage story. I mean why is Larry Tact still alive? Are you kidding me? Sean Stevens is a bad case of VD. My god the poor bastard is a poster boy. I really want to give him credit but I won't. He is your typical dumb ass in the EPW. It's like having that one crack head friend around that you feel sorry for. Sean Stevens fits the bill. Stalker is just somebody that missed a few hugs in life. Mommy and daddy couldn't do the job and all I can tell him is get a woman which I'm sure thats hard for him. How about Fusenshoff? He's that guy at a party who drinks four Miller Limes then passes out and everybody tea bags for a MySpace picture. You know I listened to JA talk about his match with "THE ORIGINAL TRIPLE X" Sean Stevens. [laughs] I'm not sure whether I want to suggest he is a better wrestler or sports-caster. I actually heard JA talk and I thought ESPN was on. I said to myself this isn't the spice channel. Of course I changed it right away.

[Jared pauses, puts down the mic, high fives Cruise and Kin then puts his arm around Hart.]

WELLS: The pretty picture here is that Cruise, Kin, Hart, and myself are bored with everything. Each of us don't intend on picking up the ball and running with it. All four of us have a pair of scissors and we plan on sprinting towards each and everyone of you. I've been known to rape history, yet make it at the same time and tonight marks the first day in the EPW with aristocracy. I take these three men with me at all costs. Now that daddy is back I heard Larry Flynt made a new porno called Who's Nailin' Palin? That's easy, Daddy Wells is nailing Palin!

[He throws and flips the microphone into the air and puts his arms around his guys. The crowd boos heartily as the three step over they stand amidst the devastated remains of their opponents.]


DM: Wow.

DT: Well, I mean... needless to say, Olvir and the Crimson Calling will pick up the win here via disqualification... but WOW is right, Dean Matthews. Jared Wells is in EPW and he's joined forces with Cameron Cruise, Kin Hiroshi, and Shawn Hart!

MN: Sick.

DM: Olvir and the CC boys probably don't even know what hit 'em.

MN: I'm pretty sure it was a steel chair, Dean-o! HAH!

[With "Who Want It" blaring in the background, Hart, Hiroshi, Cruise, and Wells hit the top of the ramp and pose for the crowd despite their obvious disapproval. In the ring, the referee, Black, Dalkichev, and Olvir begin to receive attention from the ringside medics.]

DT: Again, it's Olvir and company by DQ thanks to Jared Wells, but fans we've got much, MUCH more still to come! Stay tuned!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Damian Stone

[[Inside the arena. The crowd is jazzed so far with what has been going on this evening. Sunddenly, One Winged Angel begins to blast over the PA system as the crowd looks up the rampway. The lights begin to dim as the screeching and loud organ blasting continues over the PA system. As the crowd looks on, suddenly, the Tron begins to show scenes of a man training inside of a gym. As we listen to the latin being uttered by the choir, the camera does a quick pan around him as the main chorus kicks in. As the lyrics scream "Sephiroth" for the second time, we get a close-up of the face of the fighter: Damian Stone. Instantly, a bell tolls throughout the arena as suddenly the piano of Lose Yourself by Eminem begins to blast over the PA. As the guitar begins to play. Echo walks out wearing a nice Armani suit with a gold necklace around the collar as well as a gold 'leash-like' necklace around her neck. She stand there, a hand on her right hip, as the guitar kicks in and Eminem begins to speak. Out walks Damian Stone, dressed in black slacks, a black unbuttoned t-shirt with a white undershirt, dress shoes, and his black
duster. They look around as the crowd begins to cheer them on. Both of them walk down the isle and toward the ring, slapping hands with the fans. Echo walks up the stairs as Damian grabs the top rope and pulls himself up. He steps over the top rope and then reaches over and lifts Echo into the ring. Damian then walks to the center of the ring and does the "Razor Ramon" taunt to the delight of the crowd. As he poses some more for the fans, his wife walks over a grabs a microphone. Coming back to the center of the ring, she hands it to Damian who smiles and receives it. Looking back to the crowd, he speaks]]

"EPW. I stand before you once again humbled by the response I have been given this evening. And while I am humbled by what I have seen, I also know now that there is something that is weighing very heavily on my heart this evening. And tonight, what I thought would not be the reason of my apparent return here, it has came to fruition. You see, later on tonight, we are all going to witness a form of what everyone in the game called 'Extreme Wrestling.' Some call it garbage wrestling. Others call it a way to make sure a point gets put across. What I am referring to is the Triple Threat World Television
Championship match between Ice Tre, Fussenhoff, and Stalker. Now, while I do not, in any circumstance, condone the fact that this match takes place...I am more interested in seeing what is done without the use of weapons."

[This startles the crowd.]

"You see, EPW, the game for me has changed. Here, it's not about how many chair shots I can take across the skull anymore. It's not about being the one who takes that fall off of the HIAC through some random ammount of crap outside. It's not about how much blood you shed anymore. It's now about change. It's a word that lately has been thrown around so much. Change. What can I change about myself here in the EPW that I cannot do in other places? I can answer that one with this simple phrase: the King of Xtreme.

[He walks around the ring a bit as he speaks]

You see, that name has become synomous with garbage wrestling. All the chairs, the tables, the light tubes...that's why they now call me that. I was a man back then who reveled in shedding my own blood to make sure that the person I was facing would be bloodied as well by the end of the night. To me, I had to prove I had the biggest dick in the ring at that time and make sure that the person I was against could not hang with me. Period! END OF STORY!

It's funny...what happens...when you become a father."

[Damian looks to his wife, who smiles. Damian smiles back, then looks at the crowd]

"So I walked away all together from the business. I went home and I worked manual labor for a few months...went to school...became a teacher. I was a man who loved being around the fans and the kids. It was a dream job...but it also brought something to my attention that I had not known about. One day I asked one of my students what do you know about the legacy of Damian Stone. The response I got startled me. I thought it would be about matches that I had that told stories. Matches that showed people my inovative style as a man who could take any move and turn it into something so insane that people would be like STOP! Rewind that! I wanna see how he did that! What I
got instead was this: 'Damian Stone, wasn't he that guy who claimed to be the master of Xtreme matches?' How 'bout this one? 'Damian Stone...didn't he fall through a HIAC and dent the ring in 99?'"

[Damian shakes his head. He then looks to the crowd]

"You want to know something? That was something that I was most dissapointed with about myself. And before any of you look at me and tell me that I did that to myself, let me say I agree with that statement. I did do that to myself. But that does not mean that I cannot CHANGE it. You see, it's now time for me to look myself in the mirror and realize that the word Xtreme will always be associated with me. But now it's time to discover if that word means garbage wrestler...or if that word means the most innovate mother in the world. So, while you three garbage wrestle, I'll be in the front row
watching. And when you three decide whether who will walk out with the little
trinket around your waist, I do hope you look over here at me. Because while I may not be the next opponet on your list of people to knock off, I'll be coming soon. I promise you that. Because it's time to prove to you all...

The King of Xtreme is BACK!

This little event of mine...is over."

[With that, he drops the mic to the floor as the crowd cheers. He walks over to his wife and gives her a hug and they both walk out of the ring together]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
TV TITLE MATCH: Fusenshoff vs. Stalker - Stalker Rules

['Passenger' by Deftones hits the PA system. The fans boos are clearly heard as Stalker steps through the curtains in his usual jean pants and t-shirt. Walking steadily to the ring with a smile on his face.]

MN: There's the winner. He already won earlier by beating Fusenshoff down in the back.

DM: Wow.

[Stalker slides into the ring and casually sits in the corner as he awaits his opponent.]

[“Death Is This Communion” by High On Fire suddenly blares on and the fans react likewise into a loud cheer.]

DT: That's not Fusenshoff's music.

DM: No **** it's Rocko Daymon's!!

MN: Oh boy..

[The fans are pounding and cheering through the roof as Stalker just sits in the corner still smiling.... After a while the fans cheers turn into boos when they realize that Rocko Daymon isn't coming out. "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica hits the PA system and the fans cheers return as Fusenshoff walks in a quick pace to the ring ready to beat the hell out of Stalker. He slides into the ring and Stalker stands up as the ref gets ready to ring the bell.]

DT: Alrighty folks, we got both competitors in the ring. Stalker vs. Fusenshoff.

MN: STALKER'S RULES! Remember that.

DM: It'll be hard to forget, this Stalker loser is already holding a chair. It's funny though, he honestly thinks that playing this match under his rules will get him a win. He's a loser and always will be.

MN: We'll see about that, Dean.

DT: We certainly will and the referee has rung the bell and stepped back as Fusenshoff walks slowly over to Stalker who's grinning at him with the chair.

MN: Yes, Fusenshoff, fall into our trap!

DM: Our trap? Neely quit daydreaming. Fusenshoff knows damn well better then to get near that pyscho when he has that chair raised.

DT: Stalker is still grinning at Fusenshoff who's stopped in the middle of the ring contemplating what to do. Stalker throws the chair to the ground and signals Fuse to bring it. Fusenshoff charges at Stalker who ducks out of his way and nails him with a swift punch to the back of the head. Fusenshoff, shrugging it off, turns around and nails Stalker flat in the stomach with an elbow. Stalker stumbles back only to be grappled by Fusenshoff who executes a perfect suplex.

DM: See Neely.

MN: I don't see anything.

DT: Fusenshoff quick to pick Stalker back up grapples him again and executes another nice suplex. Fusenshoff, looks at the chair in disgust and kicks it out of the ring. Pulling Stalker up by the hair now... irish whip... clothesline!

MN: Stalker's just feeling him out.

DM: Feeling what out? Stalker is garbage, always has been always will be.

DT: Up to his knees now, Stalker looks at the waiting Fusenshoff and beckons him to bring it again. Fusenshoff, shaking his head walks over to Stalker and punches him square on the back of the head. Picking him up now, Fuse whips Stalker into the corner, charges at him with a driving knee. Stalker with the wind knocked out of him doubles over and Fusenshoff chops him back. Fusenshoff lifts Stalker up and sets him on the top turnbuckle.

MN: He's just baiting him guys, trust me, Stalker is a veteran he knows what he's doing.

DT: Stalker with an eye poke, followed by a kick to the face. Fusenshoff stumbles back, Stalker hops off the ropes, Fuse comes back for him but Stalker avoids his grasp. Stalker nails him with a knee to the back and Fusenshoff ignores it spinning around with a forearm that Stalker ducks again. Stalker hooks Fuse... back suplex! Immediately now, he slides out of the ring and grabs the chair he brought with him.

DM: Garbage time.

DT: Sliding into the ring he opens the chair up as Fusenshoff is up to his feet now, Stalker with a running shoulder that send Fuse stumbling into the ropes. Stalker hooks him now, whipping him forward.... drop toe hold INTO the open chair!

MN: That's right. Good job Jason!

DM: Neely, anyone can do an effective move with a weapon, it takes a skilled wrestler like Fusenshoff to make that same effectiveness happen without a weapon.

MN: Whatever gets the job done, remember, STALKER'S RULES!

DT: Stalker, seeming pleased with himself, moves to the corner of the ring and relaxes a bit. Fusenshoff, certainly stunned, is picking himself up. Grabbing the chair in his hands as he does so. Folding it up now he turns around to face a smiling Stalker who's yelling at him... yelling at him to hit him with the chair!

DM: This guy is just stupid, this match should be called because of his actions.

MN: He's a mind gamer, Dean. Beats you with his superior thinking.

DM: Doubtful.

DT: Fusenshoff, looks at Stalker, shaking his head and tosses the weapon to the ground again and walks towards Stalker, who quickly drops to his knees and hits Fusenshoff with a low blow. Stalker quick to pick up the chair on the mat, lifts it up, CHAIR SHOT! CHAIR SHOT! CHAIR SHOT!

MN: There we go!

DT: Three direct shots with the chair straight to Fusenshoff's back. He's yelling in Fusenshoff's ear.

MN: He's letting him know that if he wants even a chance to win he HAS to play by Stalker's rules!

DM: We'll see about that.

DT: Stalker doesn't look through with him, Fusenshoff's objection to using the chair seems to have fueled Stalker's fire. Stalker has the chair wedged into the corner and has Fusenshoff, groggy but standing... and he WHIPS him into the corner with the chair! A loud smack was heard when he hit that corner and fell face first to the mat. Fusenshoff looks to be trying to get up quickly though.. he's on his elbows and Stalker charges with a dropkick to the face!

MN: That looked like textbook wrestling to me.

DT: Lifting him up now, Stalker has control over Fusenshoff and he tosses him to the outside of the ring! Sliding out there with him now, Stalker is quick to take advantage and kicks Fusenshoff in the back of the head. Lifting him up now, Stalker slams Fusenshoff face first into the guard rail.... and AGAIN! Fusenshoff just got split open on that one. Blood starts to trickle down his face as Stalker smiles at him. Grabbing his arm now he WHIPS Fusenshoff into the stairs! Causing them to be knocked loose.

DM: You all wait and see when Fusenshoff gets control of this match back he'll be quick about putting Stalker down.

DT: Stalker looks to try and prevent Fusenshoff from ever getting back up as he now as a piece of the stairs above his head and brings it CRASHING down onto Fusenshoff's back! Stalker is very pleased with himself as he is smiling down at Fusenshoff. Tossing the stairs aside he brings Fusenshoff to his feet, wraps him up, Russian leg sweep into the guard rail!

MN: Now this action is what the fans pay for, pure violence!

DM: I wouldn't pay money to see this, i'm only here because i'm being paid.

DT: Pulling Fusenshoff up Stalker hooks him and snap suplexes him back to the ground! Quick to his feet again Stalker climbs on top of the ring apron and sizes Fusenshoff up and jumps with a leg drop! He's laughing now as he gets back to his feet pulling Fuse up who's extremely dazed he slaps him across the face and does it again! Fusenshoff snaps back to reality and is staring angrily at Stalker who's just smiling at him. Motioning for him to come on, Fusenshoff does and grapples Stalker who reacts by driving a knee into Fusenshoff's gut.

DM: Fusenshoff shrugs it off and pushes Stalker back first into the ring apron and drives his shoulder into him again!

MN: That's not going to phase Stalker one bit, look at him he's laughing at Fusenshoff!

DT: And he isn't liking it as he reaches back with all his might and nails Stalker with a fist to the gut, followed by a knee to the face that sends Stalker flat to the ground. Fuse picks Stalker up rolls him in the ring and slides in himself. Picking him up now Fuse hooks him, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Letting out a fierce yell as he gets up Fuse seems like he's about to go on a roll. Lifting Stalker up by the hair now he slings him across the ring into the ropes... Stalker comes back into a SPINNING SPINEBUSTER!

DM: That's what i'm talking about. Oooh.. look at that he just followed it up with a quick elbow drop to the groin area.

DT: He's not through yet as he is wrapping Stalker's legs up in a figure four leg lock. This is going to be extremely painful for Stalker as we all know he is still recovering from that leg injury.

MN: Hah and he says that all he wants are fair fights. Look at him, he obviously knows an unfair advantage and he's using it.

DM: Shut up.

MN: No.

DT: Yes. Anyways, Stalker is wrenching himself back and forth trying his hardest to get free as he looks to be in severe pain from Fusenshoff's pressure. The look in Fuse's eyes shows he is simply not going to let go. Stalker is pushing himself backwards towards the ropes, even if he grabs them the hold will not be broke because this is a no rules match up.

MN: Stalker's rules match!

DT: Whatever. Stalker is getting closer.. and closer. Fusenshoff releases the hold, gets up, pulls him back away from the ropes and stomps hard on Stalker's knee. He yelps in pain as he rolls on his stomach holding his leg in pain. Fusenshoff wraps his arms around him, lifts him up, GERMAN SUPLEX with a bridge pin, the ref goes in for the count... 1....2...NO! Fusenshoff slaps the mat as he gets up and picks Stalker up with him. Hooks him again, NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX with a bridge pin... 1......2...NO!

DM: This is the end for him, Neely.

MN: We'll see about that.

DT: Fusenshoff picks up Stalker again who is standing groggily in front of him, smiling.

DM: How the hell.. this man is pyschotic.

DT: Telling him to bring it, yet again, Stalker does. Fusenshoff with a kick to the gut, WHISKEY BOMB! This has to be it! Fusenshoff goes in for the cover... 1.....2....3NO! Oh my god at the last second a shoulder up from Stalker. Fusenshoff is enraged! He looks down at Stalker shaking his head and looks around the ring and spots the chair still wedged in the corner. He walks over to it and grabs it. Looking at it now he shakes his head dropping it on the ground.

DM: That's right he doesn't need that to win.

MN: Against Stalker it doesn't matter what he has, he isn't going to put him down.

DT: Bringing Stalker to his feet, Fusenshoff looks ready to end this but Stalker pushes him off. He's yelling at him again, pointing at the chair telling him to do it!

DM: What the...

DT: Cursing at him now, Stalker spits at Fusenshoff who charges at him, Stalker ducks spins Fusenshoff around, EVENFLOW DDT! He looks down at him now like a scolded dog and stomps Fusenshoff directly in the face causing his cut to open up even more then before. Stalker grabs him up by the arm and pushes him back into the corner turnbuckle. Stalker slaps him across the face to get his attention and walks away as Fusenshoff groggily steadies himself. Picking up the chair now Stalker walks back to him. He is staring at him now.

MN: Here it comes, Stalker's going to finish him right now!

DT: Looks like yelling is more like it. He throws the chair at Fusenshoff and is yelling at him to pick it up. Fusenshoff is just simply staring at Stalker not giving him the pleasure of getting under his skin. Stalker is screaming at the top of his lungs now... what is he saying?

DM: He's saying 'Do it for your sister.'

DT: Oh my god Fusenshoff's eyes just lit on fire and he grabs the cha.... HOLY

DM: ****!

DT: The cameras in the arena were flashing like crazy as in one swift motion Fusenshoff grabbed the chair from the ground and crushed it over Stalker's head. Stalker is flat on the mat and Fusenshoff is wailing into him.. CHAIR SHOT.. CHAIR SHOT... CHAIR SHOT.... CHAIR SHOT! He goes to the ground now and is choking a motionless Stalker as the ref goes down for the count... 1.....2....3!! It's over!

DM: He wasn't pinning him he was choking him.

DT: That may be true but his shoulders were on the mat which makes it a pinning attempt. Now the ref is trying desperately to pull Fusenshoff off of him which he finally does but Fusenshoff slams the ref into the mat.

MN: I knew he had no chance without using a weapon!

DM: He still won, genius.

MN: I wouldn't say that...

DT: What the hell.. is that.. Triple X?

DM: Yeah he just hopped the guard rail from the crowd and has the Television title belt in his hands. He's slding into the ring and Fusenshoff doesn't even see him, BELT SHOT to the back of the head!

MN: Looks like he has another surprise on top of that.

DT: Are those handcuffs?

DM: Yup.

DT: Sean Stevens is pulling Fusenshoff to the corner and handcuffing him to the top rope. He's now yelling for a mic from the time keeper. Stalker who seems to be slowly stirring is getting to his knees. Stevens has his mic and hands it to Stalker. He's now crawling over to Fusenshoff as Triple X moves to a corner in the ring and watches. Stalker slaps him across the face a couple of times.

Stalker: WAKE UP!

[Fusenshoff's eyes barely open as he looks around confused about what just happened and becomes enraged as he realizes he's handcuffed to the turnbuckle.]

Stalker: I knew you had it in you kid. After these past few weeks of slowly driving my words into your head... I knew you would snap. And look at you.. finally did. You honestly think I cared... EVER about beating you? Or winning this god forsaken title?

[Jason Reeves points to the Television title that lay in the middle of the ring.]

Stalker: It was ALWAYS about you. You and your pain. Know this kid... KNOW IT. No one will ever feel sorry for you... EVER! No matter what your past was, no matter how much of a good guy you portray yourself as THEY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND! You can try to make these pukes love you all you want but it won't matter. They want to watch you sweat and bleed do you honestly think they want to know WHY YOU DO IT? DO YOU!?!

[Fusenshoff spits in Jason's face.]

Stalker: Good.. show me your angry. Show me that you are not some mindless tool who 'focuses' on one match at a time. SHOW IT TO ME! Starting with next week's Aggression. Trip and I lay out a challenge to any three wrestlers in this building. Six man tag.... and Fusenshoff take ONE GUESS who our partner is. JUST ONE ****ING GUESS!

[He can be seen cursing at Stalker but the words can not be made out clearly.]

Stalker: You... Next Aggression show me WHAT YOU ARE ****ING MADE OF AND SHOW THESE DAMN FANS your true... side. Welcome them to OUR WORLD, Fusenshoff. Show them what it's TRULY LIKE!

[A thump can be heard as the mic drops to the ground as 'Passenger' by Deftones kicks on. Triple X Sean Stevens picks up the telvesion title and throws it at Fusenshoff's feet as The Fallen exit the ring.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
World Tag Team Title Match: Forsaken (c) vs. Craig Miles & Beast

DT: And now folks a match that’s been literally months in the making, as the King of the Cage champions, “Cocky” Craig Miles and Beast, finally are set for their shot at the gold against the EPW World Tag Team Champions, the Forsaken.

MN: I’m not sure if I care for any of these four guys, all I know is there’s been a lot of talk and now somebody’s going to have to back it up.

[MUSIC UP: “More Human Then Human” by White Zombie” as the crowd buzzes, Anarky, wearing his trademark skull make up, a cut up black-and-white ref shirt and cut up jeans makes his way to the ring with a sick smile on his face.]

DT: And we haven’t even brought up the return of Anarky, who’s presence as guest ref in this match has not pleased the Forsaken!

DM: It was a long time ago that the First came to EPW with a tag partner under a mask called “Dope”. Dope was Felix Red, merely waiting for a chance to unmask himself and attack Anarky, but he never got that chance, and now Anarky is back and he’ll be deciding the fate of the tag titles the Forsaken hold!

[Anarky enters the ring and quickly grabs a mic.]

ANARKY: Cut the music! I just want to say one thing, I’m going to call this match [smirks] right down the middle…And I also know that the Forsaken aren’t above using underhanded tactics to keep their belts, so if the Forsaken are disqualified or counted out tonight, the titles WILL change hands!

[Crowd buzzes!]

DT: I don’t know if he’s really got the authority to lay down such a statement.

MN: Well he thinks he does and he’s the ref, so whatever he says goes!

DT: This is a shocking turn of events and we haven’t even gotten started.

[MUSIC UP: "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva]

DT: And here comes one half of the challengers!

[Beast strides out from the curtain, soaking in his normal wave of boos. He strides to the ring with a swagger wearing black leather pants with black wrestling boots.]

DT: Beast looks ready for combat tonight.

DM: He is clearly dead set on taking out the Forsaken and bringing home the tag team gold.

TF: Ladies and gentleman…The following contest is set for one fall with a one hour time limit. Making his way to the ring first, he hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and weighs in at 285 pounds…THIS…IS…**BEAST**!!

[Beast enters the ring and soaks in more boos from the crowd as he gets ready for battle.]

[The EPWTron comes to life showing us “Cocky” Craig Miles smirking out at the audience.]

MILES: Hey Beast…Beast, over here [Flashes a MILES-Wide grin] Listen up buddy, I’ve been thinking about it, and since you ducked our match with Second Coming, I figured tonight it would only be fair if you took one for the team and won this one by yourself, the way I won that match by myself. So good luck and bring those belts home to daddy! [Miles takes a drag and blows the smoke at the camera, then smiles big again before the Tron cuts out]

[Beast looks outraged at the Tron. He shakes his head and yells “Don’t you screw me Miles! Get your ass out here!”]

DT: Is this legit?! Has Craig Miles really abandoned Beast right before this tag title match?!

MN: Man that is cold, just really cold, Miles knows how to stick the dagger in people.

DT: Beast now glaring at the entrance way, he’s yelling for Miles to get out here.

[MUSIC UP: “Never Wanted To Dance” By Mindless Self Indulgence, The Birthday Massacre remix.]

DM: But that’s not who’s coming out here!

[The Forsaken come through the curtain. To a solid pop. Felix Red wearing a black jacket with “You’ll be Sorry” written on the back in white. Black ring boots with white, pink, and black tights with spiral designs on them, he drags his tag belt along the ground hanging from his right hand. The First wears a black wife beater reading “Fight H8” in white letters on the front, black gi pants, his hair is a mess of blue, black, green and purple. His face is painted white with his eyes made up like the Crow, while his mouth is done up like Heath Ledger’s Joker.]

TF: And their opponents, weighing in at a total combined weight of 455 pounds…They are the EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! FELIX RED!! THE FIRST!!! THEEEEE FOR-SAKKKKKKKK-CAN!!!!!”

[The Forsaken enter the ring, the crowd still cheering, The First hopping the top rope and standing on the second rope, while Felix Red slides under the bottom rope and slinks about, smiling at the masses.]

DT: The champs have arrived with still no Miles to be seen, this might just end up a handicap match for the Forsaken, who would have thought the Miles/Beast explosion would happen before the bell here tonight?!

MN: I didn’t think it was likely, Beast might be angry about this turn of events, but I’m furious, I had good money on new tag champs being crowned and I don’t want to have to go into hiding from my bookie!

DT: Oh dear lord…The bell rings and this one is underway! It’s going to be The First leading it off for The Forsaken against Beast. Beast locks up with The First and just TOSSES him across the ring. The First quickly back to his feet and he charges at Beast, who merely SWATS AWAY a dropkick attempt!

DM: The First is going to have to find a new tactic for going after Beast, this stuff just isn’t working!

DT: The First throws a right hand and Beast retaliates! The First is rocked, Beast quickly goes off the ropes…BIG SHOULDER BLOCK sends The First flying to the floor!

MN: Beast isn’t letting this whole Miles stunt get him down, he’s come to fight here!

[As The First regains his wits on the floor, Anarky suddenly lays down a lightning fast count out, The First dives back into the ring at 8.]

DT: Woah…Anarky there with a bit of a quick count as The First was outside the ring, Beast quickly grabs The First…SMALL PACKAGE!


DT: What a quick count by Anarky and the First JUST escapes it! The First turns to yell at Anarky…BACKSLIDE BY BEAST!


DT: Another fast count by Anarky and Beast now grabs The First and locks him in a headlock…Anarky asking The First if he’s giving up…Anarky’s looking towards the time keeper, he might call for the bell!

MN: This is the kind of officiating we saw in the Steelers/Seahawks Super Bowl!

DT: Felix Red jumps into the ring and he’s in Anarky’s face, he’s SCREAMING at him to not pull this stunt. Anarky yells back at Felix he’ll DQ him if he doesn’t get out of the ring, and runs a quick count! Felix gets back on the apron before Anarky gets to five…Beast working the headlock as The First pushes Beast into the ropes…Felix Red with a blind tag…The First sent off the ropes…BIG BACKDROP by Beast…WHO GETS THRUST KICKED BY FELIX!

DM: I think the most shocking turn of events there was that Anarky allowed the blind tag to stand!

DT: Felix now stomping away on Beast…Felix off the ropes…BIG LEGDROP…And he covers…

[Long pause]


DT: Anarky not exactly having the same speed on his counts for both sides in this match here as Felix shoots him an angry glare and tags in The First…

DM: The First had no luck in his first go around with Beast here, now we’ll see if he fares any better after Felix got in his offense.

DT: The First grabs Beast and tosses him into a corner…A couple right hands and now he whips Beast into the opposite corner. The First charging across…HANDSPRING ELBOW RIGHT TO THE JAW!

MN: That sure made Beast’s dentist smile!

DT: The First goes back to the opposite corner and he looks to go for another one…Wait a second, Anarky just rushed over to Beast and he’s asking him if he can continue, Anarky’s basically shielding Beast in the corner, The First can’t charge at him or he’ll hit Anarky.

DM: Anarky has sure picked a rather convenient time to be deeply concerned about Beast’s well being here. And The First isn’t happy about it all as he walks over and now starts punching Beast. Anarky finally backs off as The First now grabs Beast and sends him to the ropes…PICTURE PERFECT DROPKICK BY THE FIRST AND A COVER!





DT: Anarky with another slow count! The First is steaming! He picks up Beast and dumps him into the Forsaken’s corner.

[The First says to Felix “He’s not going to count anything, we have to tap him.” as he tags Felix in.]

DT: The First clearly not thinking Anarky is calling this match with any objectivity and he’s telling Felix Red they need to submit Beast, as both members of the Forsaken kick away at Beast before The First leaves the ring…Felix Red now snap mares Beast into the middle of the ring and a DROPKICK TO THE BACK! Felix now grabs Beast’s legs and rolls him over into a Boston Crab!

DM: And so begins the Forsaken’s plan of trying to submit Beast…Beast screaming as he’s trying to fight his way to the ropes to break this hold…Felix leaning back as Beast is fighting this hold.

MN: Well Anarky’s going to one thing for sure, and that’s get Beast beaten half dead win or lose this match, the Forsaken are clearly going to do everything they can to get this crooked ref to give them the win!

DT: You seem to be right about that as Beast now trying to power out of the hold…AND HE DOES! Beast just shot Felix Red off him…Felix now charges back at Beast…WHO ROLLS HIM UP!


DT: Felix gets out of it and he’s LIVID! He’s SCREAMING at Anarky who’s pointing at his chin, BEGGING Felix to take a swing at him and lose the tag titles…The First screaming at Felix to calm down and get back into the match…ANOTHER ROLL UP BY BEAST!!


DT: Felix back up and he kicks the bottom rope is a rage…He’s losing his mind at the antics of Anarky…And he and Anarky are eye to eye now…And Beast is back up and a NECKBREAKER from the big man on Felix! He just grabbed Felix from behind and dropped him!

DM: Beast is a handful by himself, The Forsaken need to keep on him and leave Anarky out of this or his plan to cost them the belts will come to fruition.

DT: Beast now going off the ropes as a dazed Felix gets to his feet…BIG BOOT sends Felix flying to the floor! Beast quickly rushes to a neutral corner to allow Anarky to start a lightning fast ten count!


DT: The First rushes over and throws the injured Felix Red back into the ring to prevent the count-out loss that WOULD make the tag team titles change hands…

MN: I think Beast was busy in his time waiting for Felix to get back in the ring, check out that turnbuckle!

DT: Yes, Beast has taken the turnbuckle off that corner and exposed the STEEL RING inside it…He grabs Felix and goes to bash his head into the STEEL…Felix blocks it! Felix with a back elbow, and now a series of shots to Beast’s head, Beast staggers and Felix now grabs him and goes to send him into the unprotected turnbuckle…BUT ANARKY BLOCKS IT! He’s telling Felix he’ll DQ him if he uses the turnbuckle!

DM: He didn’t seem to have any problems with Beast using it, Anarky continuing to tip the scales in favor of Beast!

DT: Felix with a quick tag to The First who rushes in with a DIVING DROPKICK to the knee of Beast! Beast crumples to the mat and The First now trying to hook him up…TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!

DM: Beast again trapped in a move that will punish his back, first the Crab from Felix, and now the Cloverleaf from The First.

DT: Beast thrashing about, he’s trying to fight this hold for all he can…Beast now trying to power out as he did before against Felix…NO! He falls…Beast might be out!

MN: Will Anarky even care, or will he let it go on till The First breaks Beast’s back?!

DT: Beast again trying to rally…AND HE DOES! The First goes flying into that exposed steel turnbuckle! I think he might be busted open! Anarky’s now waving The First over, I think he wants to check the cut!

DM: A cut stoppage?! That has to be just about the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard of in my life!

DT: But it may be happening as Anarky’s now pulling back The First’s hair and trying to get a good look at that cut!

[Felix yells “Look out!” as Beast gets ready to charge The First from behind.]

DT: The First moves out of the way as Beast charges and Beast just CLOTHESLINED ANARKY! Anarky’s head just hit that STEEL turnbuckle and he falls to the mat! The First goes for a clothesline…Beast ducks and grabs The First…SPINEBUSTER! Felix charges into the ring and Beast DECKS him with a right hand…Beast now hammering away on Felix, meanwhile The First is apparently choking as he’s trying to get to his feet.

MN: I didn’t see what he got hit with, maybe some of the blood went down his windpipe.

DT: Beast now goes after The First…THE FIRST SPITS GREEN MIST IN BEAST’S FACE!

MN: It’s a Forsaken chemical weapon attack! If he turns that loose on the crowd we could have thousands of dead and injured!

DT: Will you be serious?! Beast staggering, he’s been blinded! The Forsaken now taking up positions on either side of him…ART OF DESPAIR! Beast just got BEHEADED!

[Anarky gets to his feet and while clutching the back of his head yells “Cover him!” at The First.]

DT: Anarky demanding a pin and The First gives him one! The count!


[Bell rings. Music up: “Never Wanted To Dance“ by MSI, TBM Remix]

DT: Oh my! Anarky just rang up Beast on a fast count…I don’t know that it would have mattered, but that’s what happened, this one is over!

MN: Beast is still down, I’m sure he won’t be happy with the finish of this one when he gets up, or the start of it honestly.


[The crowd cheers as The Forsaken slowly walk to the back holding their tag belts, in the ring Anarky continues to hold the back of his head with one hand while glaring daggers at Beast who’s slowly trying to get to his feet.]

DT: You know rarely does a match end and leave us with more questions then answers, but this one just might. I don’t know what to make of Anarky’s actions, or those of Craig Miles honestly, but one thing is for sure, The Forsaken continue to dominate the EPW Tag Team division.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Intercontinental Title Match: Troy Douglas (c) vs. Larry Tact

This match will be edited in as soon as it is finished.

Winner: Troy Douglas, retains title.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Main Event: EPW World Title: JA (c) vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens - Cage Match

A short intermission to set up the cage......



“Hello ladies and gentlemen!! Welcome to Giants Stadium!! The weather is great, there’s an amazing capacity crowd on hand and this is WRESTLESTOCK!!

[The voice of Dave Thomas introducing last year’s monumental inter-federational Pay Per View event rings out as we get a panoramic shot of the entire arena BRIMMING with fans. We get a few more close-ups of the fans screaming and waving to the camera, before we get a shot of a steel cage being lowered over the ring…]

“The following contest… is a special CAGE MATCH!

“The winner will be the first participant to exit the cage, and have both feet, touch the floor. Not only will they be named the number one contender for the Empire Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship at Russian Roulette, but they will also be crowned the two thousand and seven KING OF THE CAGE!!”

[Cut to close-ups of both contenders of this historic match…]



[Dramatic music begins playing as we get a quick highlight reel of the match. Stevens gets tossed by a hard arm drag! JA takes a ride, landing hard after being the victim of a back suplex! A close-up of Stevens’ red-masked face!]

[Voices from the past soon continue the voice-over…]

“…you see, Trip. I ain't no underdog.”

“I'm not out to be Rocky. I'm not out to warm hearts.”

”I'm out to WIN!!

[We get the final moment of the match, as JA is merely moments away from exiting through the cage door… and then BAM!! Stevens, clinging on the outside of the cage, kicks it RIGHT INTO HIS FACE, and drops down to the floor to pick up the win.]

“…let me tell you, JA. After I'm done destroying you—mentally, physically, and emotionally—you will never…


“Be the same… AGAIN…”

[We get a lasting shot of Stevens smiling PROUDLY as the King of the Cage trophy is placed upon his head!]

“The winner of the match, the new number one contender, and the TWO THOUSAND AND SEVEN KING OF THE CAGE…”



[We get a panning shot of the filled Georgia Dome at the Pay Per View event Russian Roulette. We briefly flash between shots of the matches that took place and the fans witnessing the event.]

“I am Sean ‘Triple X’ Stevens.”

“I am the Greatest Wrestler on the Planet…”

“The ‘Blue-Eyed Badass’…”

“…and the undisputed ‘Champion of Planet Earth’. I am a wrestler, I am a fighter, I am a warrior, and the 2007 King of the Cage.”

[Cut to the opening of the main event… Stevens standing in the ring with professional wrestling legends Lindsay Troy and Joey Melton. We get some of the more breath-taking highlights of the fateful battle: Stevens hitting “The Queen of the Ring” with his favored X-Factor superkick… Lindsay hitting the Crowning Glory from the top rope to the floor… finally ending with Stevens hitting the definitive X-Terminator on Joey Melton and picking up the three count.]

“…and, when the night is done? I'll add one more title to my resume: EPW World Heavyweight Champion.”

[Lasting shot of Stevens triumphantly holding the title over his head following the match.]

“Deal with it.”


“You want this title back?”

[Cut to a daftly smiling Lindsay Troy standing in the ring with the World Heavyweight Title confiscated over her shoulder. Surrounded by a sea of screaming fans, she looks intently at the other person in the ring… “Triple X” Sean Stevens.]

“You earn it on Aggression 38 by taking on the Number One Contender.”

[Cut to the bold mask of the world’s favorite Anglo Luchadore looking intently into the camera.]


[Cut to the angered faced of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, moments before his fateful title match at Aggression 38.]

“JA wasn't in line for anything. He's a clown. He went an entire four months without so much as cutting an EPW promo, and you reward him with a title match?”


[Cut to the intense eyes of JA peering through his mask, standing on the opposite end of the ring.]

“When you think of everything JA’s had to put up with just to EARN this title shot, such as his shortcoming in the epic finals of the King of the Cage, or his number one contender position being lost thanks to interference and controversy, it’s amazing to see that’s he’s kept his poise and persistence through every ordeal, tirelessly BREAKING HIS BACK to put himself in THIS position!”

[Both men advance upon each other… coming nose-to-nose in the center of the ring. Cut to black…]

[…and the highlight reel EXPLODES back in as Stevens SLAPS the Anglo Luchadore across the face, making the first move! The montage goes on to show Stevens nailing JA in the corner with a knife-edge chop… driving him head-first into the commentary table… crushing him with a powerbomb from the top rope…]

“I've made my name and my mark in this industry by following one simple philosophy… by beating people the f[FCC]k up. And making examples out of non-believers.”

[Cut to Sean Stevens setting JA up for the X-Termination…]

“I'm walking out of Aggression as the first two time EPW World Heavyweight Champion, and you're walking out with another story of how you almost beat the best, to share with your future grandkids.”

[Stevens lifts JA up, but loses the strength, and drops him. Cut to black…]

“The only reason I haven't won the World Championship here is because I've never gotten the opportunity.”

[BAM! We immediately cut to JA driving Stevens home with the Karelin Driver.]

“Am I scared? No, because I know that even if I lose, I'm coming back again and again.”

“I'm going to earn more opportunities.”

[Stevens pounces forward looking for the X-Factor superkick, but JA dramatically DUCKS at the last moment and reverses with the Walls of Jerichoholic!]

“You should know the same, but you won't let yourself admit any weakness.”

“You don't want to lose to a clown…

[As soon as the word is spoken, ICE TRE descends from the rafters with a baseball in hand. We immediately cut to the SWING HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD that catches Stevens in the side of the face and causing him to fall right into a SECOND Karelin Driver!]

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner…”

[Cut to the enthralled albeit masked face of Jerichoholic Anonymous being hoisted onto the shoulders of Troy Douglas and Fusenshoff, proudly holding the EPW World Heavyweight Title over his head for all to see.]




“Are you surprised, JA?”

[Cut to Sean Stevens alone in his dressing room, staring intently at the camera.]

“Well, you're not alone.”

“But, let me tell you who else is just as surprised as you are. All of those millions and millions of fans, that tune into Aggression each week…”

“…to see someone knock me off of my throne…”

“…are shocked.”

[Closer shot, now just of his face. The age and experience are evident as his cold and uncaring gaze pierces the camera.]

“Those same people saw me physically dominate you for twenty minutes, as you laid around in the ring a sorry, sad, busted open, defeated slash destroyed shell of a man.”

[Closer shot, now just of his cold blue eyes, often capable of making women wet across the entire globe, but now just epitomizing rage.]

“And, those same people know that the only reason you're champ at the moment has less to do with your talent, and more to do with circumstance.”

[Cut to the final moments of Aggression 39’s main event, as Sean Stevens stands alone in the ring, arguing with the ref over a DQ finish… and the Anglo Luchadore comes sprinting down the rampway.]


[JA bombards the ring and blasts the surprised Stevens with a set of rights that quickly force him out of the ring. Quickly cuts to the shot of JA laying the World Heavyweight Title out in the ring, as if it were a line to be crossed, and daring Stevens, glaring at him outside the ring, to step in and cross it.]

[Cut to the face of “Triple X” Sean Stevens…]

“I don't really have anything to lose, JA.”

"I am a legend in this business, JA. I've reached a plateau where wins and losses no longer define me. I've fought some of the best, I've beaten everyone that the world considered the best, and whether I beat you or not, it still doesn't change the fact that you're not in my top fifty. If you beat me? Nobody's going to stand up and applaud you for being better than Sean Stevens. More than likely, they'll just dismiss it as luck, just like we dismissed your last victory over me as a screw job.”

[Cut to the face of “The Anglo Luchadore” Jerichoholic Anonymous.]

“A king with nothing to lose…”

“So when Unleashed is all said and done, and you're left with nothing, because that's what you had to lose going into the match... well, don't worry. You can pretend to wear your crown and reign over nothing.”

[Cut to JA standing behind the podium at the Unleashed press conference.]

“I'm challenging old Emo Balls over here to a good, old fashioned cage match.”

[Cut to a quick circling shot of the looming steel cage surrounding the ring in an empty arena…]

[…and moments later, we fade back into the arena. The same cage is now properly secured around the ring by the EPW production crewmembers. The camera gets a few dramatic shots of the megalithic steel structure while the commentators come in for voice-overs.]

DT: This is truly a feud that will end where it began last year at Wrestlestock! A rivalry born within the confines of a cage, and now, fate has brought both of these competitors back into the merciless and unyielding steel prison!

DM: This truly is one of the most highly-anticipated main events of the year, Dave! The animosity between these two men is beyond words! Sean Stevens beat JA to become the King of the Cage a year ago, which paved the way for his future successes. But here we are full-circle, one year later, and the Anglo Luchadore is the man to beat this time around. Stevens wants his title back… and JA wants to prove his championship reign is no fluke!

MN: A beautiful failure just waiting to happen! And I GET A FRONT ROW SEAT to that miserable CLOWN’S tragic short-coming!

DM: You have to wonder, though… who has the power in this match? Is it in the hands of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, hungry and enraged after being screwed out of his title by Ice Tre? Let’s not forget that Sean is the 2007 King of the Cage; he put this type of match back on the MAP in professional wrestling, so much that one would even call it his specialty here in Empire Pro. Does that give him the advantage?

DT: Or, do we give the power to Jerichoholic Anonymous, who comes into this match with the title? Could the champion have gained the advantage in confidence after his victory just two Aggressions ago? Could he carry the advantage in determination… to defend his World Title successfully, and… to defeat his rival in the very same match at Wrestlestock, the conclusion of which setting about the events that would unfold over the next year?

MN: Hey, uh… I just noticed something. Didn’t JA want there to be a ROOF on this cage?

[We cut to commentary, as Dave and Dean, suddenly aware of this information, glance up to the top of the cage and realize there ISN’T a roof.]

DM: Uh… well, that’s a surprise. I believe they just recycled this thing from this year’s King of the Cage tournament. Getting that extra roof is pricy, I hear.

DT: Regardless, I’ve heard that interim owner Lindsay Troy has prohibited ALL talents from the ringside area in this match, just in case. I even hear she’s got security guards patrolling the rafters up above to prevent any more zipline incidents…

MN: Yeah, good call.

DT: It looks as though that set-up for the device has completed… let’s go to Tony in the ring!

[The ring bell chimes three times as the camera cuts to TONY FATORA, dressed classy as ever, standing in the middle of the encaged ring with the microphone in his hand.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… it is time for our MAIN EVENT of the evening!

[POP from the fans!]

[…and the arena goes BLACK!!]

[SFX: The booming of thunder and lightning… the clomping hooves of steeds and the sound of chariot wheels digging through the earth… the cacophony of steel on steel, occasionally piercing the flesh, followed by the SCREAM of a man as his blood falls upon the sand…]

“…And the prophecy read that one day, like The Phoenix that rose from the ashes, that a boy would be born unto a family in the slums!”

[CUT TO: EMPIRE-tron. …as several images flash starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football, and basketball… signs of a proud and successful life in the dog-eat-dog world of athletic competition.]

“This boy would go on to use the knowledge he gained, while fighting for survival in the streets to become a great leader!

[CUT TO: Several more images. The first was an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown – signifying graduation. The scene then shifted to Sean in the audience, in what looked to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death defying leap from a forty-foot high camera tower, as his foe – below – laid unconscious.]

“And in time that boy would grow to become … a King.

[CUT TO: The very last image. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant.]

[Suddenly, the EMPIRE-tron faded to black. And, for a moment, there was nothing but silence…]

“Time to ride, N[FCC]GGA…”

[BOOOOOOOOM~!! Triple sets of fireworks in the shape of an X shoot to the roof, as "King Back" by TI blasts over the PA system, and “TRIPLE X” SEAN STEVENS steps through the curtain. The fans INSTANTLY JEER upon his arrival, but he pays them no attention, proudly striding to the ring while bearing his brand spanking new 100% cotton t-shirt that bears only a single phrase: “IT’S GOOD TO BE THE KING!!”]

[His tights come in jet black and platinum, and squarely on his face are the signature pair of millionaire "Gucci" sunglasses. He briefly pauses on the ramp to thrust BOTH arms into the air, making a rudimentary X shape with his body.]

DT: Never in the history of Empire Pro has there been an athlete whose controversy was equaled in his success! Whether you love him or hate him, you can NOT deny the fact that the reputed “King of the Cage” has a way of always backing up his words!

DM: He’s got an ego on him, that’s for sure… but seeing him here tonight, he doesn’t seem like his notoriously cocky self. Nah, Sean Stevens is pulling the gloves off tonight. Simply put, he downright HATES the fact that JA is the man carrying that title.

MN: I downright hate it, too! You know, everything Trip says is a FACT!! Sean Stevens is the ONLY man that deserves to stand at the helm of this company, because he’s the only man with the balls to actually REPRESTENT Empire Pro!!

DT: I dunno where you see how he “represents” this federation. He insults the fans, dishonors the corporate authority, and bullies the other employees!

MN: Bah, that’s just who he IS. You just gotta DEAL WITH IT, Dave. The fact remains, ever since he came to Empire Pro, he’s made strides in trying to be the ICON of this federation, and nobody—not the clown, not the furball, not the loser with the broken, and most CERTAINLY not that butch running things—has ever done it as effectively as TRIP!!

DM: “Trip?” What are you, one of his friends now?

MN: Hey man, Trip knows I’m cool! I’m DOWN, man!

DM: …shut up, Neels.

[Slowly, Stevens comes to the entrance of the cage, turning before entering and removing his shirt which he tosses into the audience. It’s immediately torn to shreds by the fans—out of hate or adoration, we may never know. Stevens hands off his shades to the timekeeper and enters the cage, pacing around the ring a few times while eagerly anticipating the entrance of the champion…]

[Then… the intro riff to “EAT THE RICH” by FOZZY hits the PA, and the crowd reaction is INSTANEOUS!! Fans LEAP to their feet in screaming hysteria as the house lights go to black and multi-colored lights flash in unison to the driving bass rhythm that begins the song.]

[As soon as the song moves into its first verse, the EmpireTron pops to life, revealing the various limbs of a faceless figure as he adorns himself in wrestling gear.]

“I've been down, I've been beat
I've been tossed into the street
Making nickels, begging dimes
Just to get my bottle of wine”

[He slaps on a pair of wristbands… pulls up a pair of spandex tights… laces up a pair of boots… and finally, with the camera panning up the man’s toned back, a hair-covered crest rises, and is immediately concealed beneath a mask that covers the entire head. Tightening the straps on the back of the mask to finish the job, the camera suddenly ZOOMS OUT to reveal a dramatic back shot of THE ANGLO LUCHADORE standing with spread legs and arms and shaking with TREMENDOUS energy!!]

“Some say Life, she's a lady
Kind of soft, kind of shady
I can't tell you Life is rich
She's no lady, she's a *****!”

[BOOMS!! peal through the air like a machine gun as a volley of rockets streak from the stage to the illustrious display of COLORED EXPLOSIONS at the top of the arena! The fans POP as the screen goes to BLACK and the entry-way LIGHTS UP, revealing the silhouette of the same LUCHADORE in the exact same position!!]

“They suck my body out
But then there is no doubt
Gonna pay the devil his dues
Cause I'm so sick of being abused


[Pumping his fist in a FRENZY, JAY AYE spins around into a righteous pose as he presents himself to the sea of CHEERING FANS!! Around his waist, he bears the gleaming beauty of the EPW World Heavyweight Title, lit up like a Christmas Tree amid the glow of the lights and pyros flashing everywhere.]

Don’t you know that life is a *****

Out of the palace and into the ditch!”

[True to his always electrifying charisma, JA’s mere PRESENCE keeps the crowd roaring with passion as he paces the length of the stage and gets the fans popping like crazy!!]

DT: You can deny his right to that title… but listening to this capacity crowd VOICE THEIR SUPPORT for the man who has stepped up to serve as this federation’s centerpiece and World Champion, I would find it hard for ANYBODY to explain that Jerichoholic Anonymous doesn’t belong here at Unleashed, competing in the biggest title match of his career!

MN: A career that won’t last past tonight, I GUARANTEE IT!!

DM: I don’t know about that, Neels! If anything, JA has proven himself tenacious and determined against unbeatable odds! JA may have yet to prove he can beat Sean Stevens without help… and in the cage, of all places… but he finally has that opportunity tonight! He specifically wanted this match with Stevens, even after “Triple X” tried to WALK AWAY from the title picture, just to leave NO DOUBTS to his ability to carry that title!

DT: This is the opportunity he’s been waiting for, and on the biggest night of his life, you can bet he’s willing to put up the FIGHT of his life! And we all know he won’t rest until he’s silenced Sean Stevens for once and for all!

MN: It won’t ever happen. No matter HOW much you try and ignore it, you CAN’T turn a deaf ear to TRUTH.

[JA’s energetic entrance subsides as he comes to the bottom of the ramp and takes in the looming structure of the steel cage, staring intently at his opponent standing inside, who stares daggers back. Slapping hands a moment longer with his ringside fans, JA approaches the cage door, being held open by senior official Pat Jones. The Anglo Luchadore looks to the referee briefly, then shakes his head… instead jumping onto the side of the cage and SCALING IT, much to the delight of his fans.]

MN: What a freakin’ show off!

DT: He certainly loves to please his fans!

DM: Of course! There’s all this talk about who represents the company, but… what about the fans?? They ARE the company! And clearly, they favor the Anglo Luchadore!

MN: The fans are IDIOTS!! Come on, this has been established! McDonalds-eating, TV-watching, wife-beating, inbred IDIOTS!!

[JA climbs to the very edge of the cage, sitting on top and removing his title from his waist to hold it high over his head below the mass of cheering fans below. In the ring, Stevens shakes his head, annoyed by this showy display. JA soon redirects his attention to the matter in the ring, and carefully climbs down the cage wall with the title in hand, joining the other men in the ring as Pat Jones comes in through the door to make his final checks. Fatora raises the mic once again.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the MAIN EVENT of Empire Pro Wrestling’s UNLEASHED 2008, here live in “THE CITY BY THE BAY” San Francisco, California!!

[POP from the hometown fans!!]

TF: The following contest is a CAGE match with NO time limit, for the vacant EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! The stipulations for winning this match require either athlete to escape the cage by exiting through the door or climbing over the walls. The winner will be declared as the FIRST man to make contact with the arena floor.


TF: Introducing first, the CHALLENGER… hailing from Orlando, Florida… standing at six feet, two inches, and tipping the scales at 243 pounds… he is the FORMER EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… the 2007 FWrestling Wrestler of the Year… the EPW King of the Cage… “The Blue-Eyed Badass”… “PLANET EARTH’S Champion”…


[The entire arena BOOS LOUDLY as his name is announced. Despite them, Stevens does not break his gaze from the eyes of JA.]

TF: And his opponent… fighting out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… he stands at six feet tall, and weighs in at 219 pounds… he is a former EPW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… he is “The Guru of Gimmick Infringement”… “the AYATOLLAH of MICHAEL COLE-AH”…


[The capacity crowd CHEERS WILDLY in support of the Empire Pro hero! Even so, JA equally does not shift his eyes from those of the Blue-Eyed Badass standing only a few feet away. Pat Jones retrieves the coveted EPW Heavyweight Title, holds it up to display to the four sides of the arena, and hands it to Tony Fatora before both men systematically exit the cage.]

DT: This is it… the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for!! Fame and glory await the man who walks out of this cage!!

[Pat Jones closes the cage door… bolts it… and cues the timekeeper.]


DT: The battle for the EPW World Heavyweight Title has begun!

DM: AND THERE GOES STEVENS, simply LUNGING upon JA at the ringing of the bell! The King of the Cage is laying into JA with a relentless BARRAGE of strikes!


Crowd: *POP!*

DT: BUT HERE COMES THE CHAMPION, back into this fight like a cyclone of furious fists, bringing the brawl right back to Sean Stevens’ doorstep! The crowd is ROARING as these two warriors ferociously claw and gnash their way from one corner of the cage to the next!

DM: And they aren’t pulling ANY punches, Dave! Both of these athletes came out swinging, and the unbridled WRATH we’re witnessing as these two try to tear each other limb from limb is beyond words! No doubt, this is a very emotional contest between both participants!

MN: You’d be emotional too, Dave, if your title had been STOLEN from you! Oh, but that’s right… you never HAD a title, did you?!

DM: Don’t go there, Neels… not now!

DT: STEVENS is beginning to gain the upper hand, rearing the Anglo Luchadore into a corner! Stevens, with STONE-CRUSHING BLOWS, wearing the World Champion down into a pulp! But JA is fighting back, delivering a set of RIB-CRACKING BODY SHOTS!

MN: We’ll have to rename the standard EPW cage as… “The Tenderizer!”

DM: Here’s Stevens, taking JA by the mask and yanking him out of the corner…


Crowd: “OOooohhh…”

DM: …and just THROWS HIM RIGHT INTO THE CHAIN-LINK WALL of the cage!! I think the “The Mutilator” sounds a bit more accurate, if you ask me!

MN: My name is cooler…

DT: This a TRULY fast-paced and highly-emotional start to the World Title contest! Stevens, not giving the champion even a MOMENT to recover, stomps the tar out of JA before he can even get to his feet!

DT: Stevens bringing the champ up now… has him by the mask and tights, looking to DRIVE HIM AGAIN INTO THE STEEL—NO!! JA SLIPS AWAY!!

DM: JA with the quick REVERSAL—RIGHT INTO A ROLL-UP on Stevens—and hooks the legs for the WALLS OF JERICOHOL—AH, NO!! Stevens KICKS him off and squirms out before the champ could get a firm hold of his legs!

MN: You can’t finish off the RIGHTFUL champion that easily!

DT: The threat of the World Champion locking in his signature submission hold is enough for “Triple X” Sean Stevens to hold back on his relentless offense, kneeling now on the other side of the cage-encompassed ring from the Anglo Luchadore, as both competitors take a moment to observe each other…

DM: Maybe now they can find the opportunity to catch their breath…

[For the first time since the ringing of the bell, both men hesitate in their actions to engage in a tense staredown. The fans, reacting to both the energetic fisticuffs only moments ago and completely pumped up by the electricity emitting from this confrontation, begin raucous “EE-PEE-DUBBYA!!” chants that resonate through the arena.]


DT: This capacity crowd is LETTING ITSELF BE HEARD here tonight!

DM: Well, that was a nice little brawl, but… now it’s time to get down to some old school wrasslin’!

MN: I prefer the brawling, myself.

DM: That doesn’t surprise me at all. Here’s both contenders, now, advancing on each other… and the LOCK-UP ensues!!

DT: Stevens, still shouldering that UNHINGED FEROCITY in that cage, forces the champion back into the corner! No rope breaks in that steel cage, ladies and gentlemen; it’s anything goes!

MN: And now that CLOWN-ASS is trapped!!

DM: The term is “Assclown,” Neels. WHOA!! Looks like he wasn’t trapped after all, as the nimbler Anglo Luchadore slips around “Triple X” and slaps on a HAMMERLOCK from behind!

DT: Slick move from the champion! JA works the arm… in their last encounter, we saw the Anglo Luchadore target that limb exclusively, which ended up costing Stevens later on in the match. Could he be going for the same strategy tonight??

DM: I wouldn’t doubt it, Dave. Especially in a cage match, where you may need to rely on your arm strength to carry yourself over that chain-linked wall, JA’s tactics seem especially keen.

DT: Oh! But Stevens with an ELBOW with his free arm, stunning JA long enough to REVERSE that hammerlock… and there’s the LEGSWEEP, putting both men to the mat!

DM: Stevens transitions to the front, still with a grip on the arm of the Anglo Luchadore, while the champion struggles to wrestle away from him! Stevens has the advantage of strength and positioning in this case, and that isn’t any more apparent as he locks the arm of JA into a standing armbar! Looks like STEVENS may be the one looking for limb-damage!

MN: No, you see, one of the RULES by royal decree of being a member of the KING’S court is, an eye for an eye, or an arm for an arm!

DT: Well, Stevens is certainly returning the favor as his wrenches the arm of JA! The champion, gaining the support from the fans as he works himself to his feet… Stevens moves his hands to his wrist, putting in a TWIST to put the pressure on the shoulder of the Anglo Luchadore!

DM: JA’s previous strategy has come back to haunt him! And you really have to wonder, if Stevens maintains this kind of over-powering pace in the wrestling game, what it will mean for the champion later in the match when the opportunity to escape is—

DT: OH WAIT!! JA, flipping over with a sudden REVERSAL, and BOOTING the stunned “Triple X” Sean Stevens with a stinging SIDEKICK to the ribs!

DM: That kick knocked Stevens off and clear into the ropes—causing him to bounce RIGHT INTO an Arm Drag by the Anglo Luchadore!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: The crowd is CHEERING WILDLY as the World Champion comes fighting back, putting Stevens to the mat AGAIN with a second arm drag almost as soon as he popped back to his feet! Stevens rises once again, and is COMPLETELY LEVELLED with a DIVING LARIAT from the waiting JA!! He’s like a house on fire in that steel cage!

MN: Well that supposed “FIRE” better not burn through his fuel supply too quickly!

DM: While I won’t deny that as being sound advice, Neels, but I don’t think the World Champion is capable of making a foolish move like that. Stevens comes up to a knee, a bit reluctant to throw himself at the invigorated Anglo Luchadore!

DT: The dethroned King of the Cage is wise enough to avoid running blindly into the waiting arms of the champ! Perhaps now he’s beginning to understand that walking out of that cage with that World Heavyweight Title is going to require more effort than he anticipated!

MN: Would you stop blowing this all out of proportion, Dave? Trip only miscalculated that last series of moves…

DM: Well it was quite a COSTLY miscalculation… one that’s given JA the momentum in the cage and puts the fans squarely behind him as Stevens determines his next move!

Crowd: “JAY-AYE!! JAY-AYE!! JAY-AYE!!”

[From across the ring, JA taunts Stevens, motioning with his hands to bring it again. His die-hard fans in attendance begin a resounding “JAY-AYE!!” chant. Caught up in the moment, the Anglo Luchadore spends a moment to pump up the crowd and pound the cage in time with the chanting, only further amping the arena noise. Sean Stevens slowly rises to his feet, gazing out through the chain-link prison with a slightly bemused expression that indicates he isn’t at all beset by this reaction. Ever the professionals, both men begin circling each other once again and the match commences.]

DT: Both competitors are poised to go at it once again… and here’s Stevens shooting low for the takedown—and it’s BLOCKED by JA—OH WAIT!!


Crowd: “OOooohhh…”

DM: OOH!! Well, the Anglo Luchadore successfully kept himself from being put down on the mat, but the ever-opportunistic Sean Stevens instead settled for lifting him right off the mat and putting him into the steel chain-link wall of that cage!

DT: That sickening collision of flesh and steel has left the champion dangling against the ropes, but Sean Stevens isn’t about to let him go! Here’s Stevens with a whip—no wait, keeps ahold of JA—


Crowd: “OOooohhh…”


DM: Stevens is using that cage to his advantage, which is only to be expected by the man labeled “The King of the Cage.”

MN: Which is why TRIP is the King… and JA’s just NOTHING!!

DM: Yeah, “nothing,” I guess, when you look over that whole thing about him being the World Heavyweight Champion.

MN: I told you already, Dean… in my sphere of reality, JA is NOT the champion.

DM: Whatever…

DT: JA dumped to the floor, handing lifelessly on the bottom turnbuckle… and Stevens is already there, practically SMOTHERING HIM with boots to the head and back!!

MN: Also in my sphere of reality, JA is a REAL Mexican, and you have big bushy beard!

DM: Neels, I need you to zip it for a minute while I try to focus on this match…

DT: Stevens, finally trading stomps to the more effective CHOKE by driving that leg forcefully down over the back of JA’s head while he hangs over the bottom rope!! The Anglo Luchadore is desperately struggling to free himself, but Stevens has him PINNED DOWN!!

Crowd: “BOOO!!”

DM: I tell ya, “Triple X” is pulling NO punches in this match! Since the bell rang, every opportunity he’s had to put in some hits, he’s been nothing short of OVERKILL! Every second he’s in control, JA is feeling the punishment!

MN: No kidding! That fluke deserves every bit of a beating he’s getting for thinking he could get away with robbing the title!

DT: You have a very sick definition of “justice,” Mike!

DM: Welcome the Mike Neely’s “sphere of reality.”

MN: Thank you for explaining, Grizzly Adams!

DM: Ugh…

DT: Regardless, the punishment continues in the cage, with Sean Stevens FINALLY letting the World Champion off the bottom rope as he retreats to the far corner of the ring! JA is completely vulnerable against the turnbuckle, and now here comes Stevens with a RUNNING DROPKICK THAT BLASTS JA POINT BLANK IN THE FACE!!

DM: It isn’t looking good for the Anglo Luchadore as Sean Stevens begins to dominate this contest!

MN: It wasn’t looking good for that joker before he even got in that cage…

DT: …oh, now what’s THIS?!

Crowd: “BOOOOO!!!”

[The once-cheering mass audience now begins to BOO AND JEER with venom as “Triple X” Sean Stevens stands in the center of the caged ring, taunting them by asking what happened to all the noise and cupping a hand over his ear to listen in on their reaction. In his place in the corner, JA continues to move slowly as he recovers from the beating he’s just sustained.]

MN: Yeah, where are those stupid fans and their chanting NOW, huh?!

DT: Well, the “JAY-AYE” chants may have subsequently been ended, but Sean Stevens has no doubt failed to entirely silence this audience, and they’re letting him know what they REALLY think as he stands there and taunts them!

MN: He’s just keeping them interested, you know. Crickets take a vacation when “Triple X” steps into the ring!

DM: All I know is, in the time he’s wasting strutting his stuff around the ring, he COULD be doing more damage to the World Champion, bringing himself that much closer to the title!

MN: Who cares?! He’s obviously got this match in his hand!

DT: The champion, in a scene of heroic courage, finally works his way back to his feet using the turnbuckle for support! Here comes Stevens to continue the damage… but the Anglo Luchadore BITES BACK with a boot to the gut!

DM: JA’s window of opportunity is there as Stevens doubles over… and here’s JA, boosting to the second rope and taking the King of the Cage by the head… looking for a TORNADO DDT—but STEVENS shoves him off before he can connect!

MN: Huh-uh, he ain’t havin’ NONE of that!

DT: Fortunately for the deft World Champion, he landed on his feet! Here comes Stevens, raging out of the corner… but JA stops him with a SIDEKICK—OH NO, CAUGHT by Stevens!!

DM: Watch here… JA going for the ENZIGURI—DUCKED by Stevens—but JA merely BOUNCES BACK and catches “Triple X” with his heel!!

Crowd: *POP!!!*


DT: Stevens was looking like he wasn’t going to bite on it, but JA surprised him with that surprising comeback maneuver, and now he’s left clutching his face on the mat, while the World Champion, with the audience behind him once again, struggles to make it back to his feet!!

DM: This is just what the Anglo Luchadore needed to stay alive in this match! Sean Stevens is careful not to give him ANY chances, which means he needs to reach down DEEP to pull off moves like that and put this contest back in his control!

DT: Where does the World Champion go from here as he slowly pulls himself off the mat? Does he attempt to climb the cage wall and escape? Perhaps he’ll go for the door? Or will he try to continue his offense to further debilitate an opponent as dangerous and experienced as “Triple X” Sean Stevens??

DM: Well, by the way we see Stevens shaking the pain out of his face and coming back to his feet, I think the answer is obvious. You don’t want to try and escape the cage when the KING of the Cage is still alive and kicking!

MN: That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all night, President Lincoln!

DM: Mike, I don’t care what you think: I don’t have a beard.

DT: JA finally back on his feet with the help of the ropes, just as Stevens rises with his back to him! The Anglo Luchadore waiting to strike… and Stevens turns RIGHT INTO A KNIFE-EDGE CHOP!!


Crowd: “WHOOOO!!!”



Crowd: “WHOOOO!!!”

DM: Oh man, Stevens’ pecs are going to look like HAMBURGER tomorrow!

DT: Sean Stevens is practically DANCING in pain, and JA looks as though all the devastation he suffered moments ago did NOTHING to stop him!! Here’s JA, hooking Stevens’ arms from behind… flowing RIGHT INTO A DRAGON SUPLEX!!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: JA is BACK and retaking control of this match!!

[The audience cheers wildly as a stunned Sean Stevens briefly flounders on the mat in pain, while JA rises to his knees and POUNDS on the canvas to get the fans even louder!]

DT: If there were any doubts left as to the worth of the World Champion, I’m sure they’ve just been ERASED, as JA, in spite of the beating he’s taken throughout this match, continues to fight strong!

MN: This is BULLCRAP, and I can smell it from a mile away! I DEMAND that as soon as this match has concluded, they test JA for anabolic steroids, and strip him of the title!

DM: So you think JA’s going to walk out of that cage with his belt, do you?

MN: Uh—I DIDN’T SAY THAT—I mean—WHAT I SAID was—uhh—STOP twisting my words around!

DT: This would be an ample opportunity for JA to go to the door and try to escape… but instead, we see him going to Stevens and helping him off the mat! But why would the World Champion turn his back on the chance for a quick and easy victory to continue this match?

DM: The answer’s obvious to me, Dave. The Anglo Luchadore wants to PROVE to Sean Stevens that the reason why HE carries the belt is because he’s the better wrestler and the RIGHTFUL champ, with or without the cage! He isn’t going to leave that cell until that point has been made clear!

MN: He doesn’t need to prove anything! We all know he’s a fluke, and it’s blatantly obvious.

DT: We’ll just see about THAT, Mike, as this alleged “fluke” that’s captured the hearts of the Empire Pro fanbase takes the former World Champion by his mane of blonde hair and leads him to the ropes… throwing him FACE-FIRST INTO THE WALL OF THE CAGE!!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Stevens liked using that cage to his advantage earlier in this match, and it now looks like the Anglo Luchadore is choosing to return the favor! It’s almost as though he’s setting the King of the Cage off his rhythm, putting him in the kind of position where he can’t think fast enough to react and make a possible counter. So far, he’s done quite well in that task!

DT: It’s now Stevens in the precarious position, as Jerichoholic Anonymous continues to control the pace of this match! Here’s Stevens, struggling to his feet as he clutches his face… but JA’s stalking him around his blindspot!


DM: TOO LATE!!! JA, off the ropes, flows RIGHT INTO A ONE-HANDED BULLDOG that puts Stevens right back onto the mat, and directly onto his face!

Crowd: *POP~!!*

DT: Those envious good looks of his are going to be showing quite a number of unsightly bruises tomorrow when he wakes up!

MN: “Envious good looks?” Is THAT the reason why you have it in for Trip all the time? It just pisses you off that he’s younger, better looking, and not to mention a BILLION times more successful than you?!

DM: JA coming off the mat, and heading for the door—but there’s STEVENS’ HAND, suddenly clutching him by the ankle as if he’d just risen from the dead!

DT Uh-oh!! The first attempt made by a contestant in this match to leave the cage that surrounds the ring is immediately cut off as a sneering Sean Stevens has ahold of the champion’s leg, leaving him to bounce in limbo on one foot! Stevens, coming to his feet!

DM: Could be another ENZIGURI coming here as JA tries to shake him off! JA looking to strike—BUT STEVENS RELEASES HIM, leaving the Anglo Luchadore to take a bump to the mat!

MN: You’d have to be an IDIOT to think the KING would fall for that a second time!

DT: JA caught on the mat, trying to get up… but Stevens is on top of him immediately, pinning him with a knee to the chest and looking for the mount as he lays into the masked face of the Anglo Luchadore with a series of right hands!

DM: Sean Stevens is simply ENRAGED right now, but it looks like as though he’s letting it get to him! JA taking the shots, but watch his hands… THERE, HE’S GOT AHOLD OF THAT ARM!


DM: There’s a twist of the body and he wraps the legs around the shoulder… JA’S GOT A FUJIWARA LOCKED IN!! Oh man, he dragged Stevens right into that hook, line, and sinker!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: The World Champion has the challenger locked into that painful submission hold, and we can see its effects on the face of Sean Stevens!!

MN: What is this idiot DOING?! You can’t win a cage match with SUBMISSION HOLDS!!

DM: JA is trying to make him tap, Mike; that isn’t the point! The point is, it slows Stevens down! It hurts him… possibly even CRIPPLING him later on this match when using that arm may be a factor! We’ve talked about focusing attacks on limbs, and JA has done it effectively in the past, and he always reaps the rewards when he does it!

DT: JA’s got a DEATHGRIP on that arm, even though Stevens is on his feet, and—oh wait… Stevens, with that leverage he has, just LIFTS THE ANGLO LUCHADORE OFF THE MAT by his ARM… and DROPS HIM to shake him off!!

DM: NO GOOD!! The champ hangs on!!

MN: That annoying little MONKEY!!

DT: Stevens, with ANOTHER LIFT—and you can SEE it takes a great effort on his part—DROPS JA… but HE CLINGS ON STILL!!

DM: The King of the Cage can’t strip the Anglo Luchadore from his arm, and every time he tries, it only hurts him more!

MN: Hey, let’s not forget who we’re DEALING with here! Can any of you honestly recall the last time you saw Sean Stevens tap to ANYTHING?

DM: I… uh, well… okay, I’ll give you that Neels. But once again, JA’s not trying to make him tap!

DT: Wait a minute, here’s Stevens trying to lift him again… I don’t know how much good another drop will do, but—oh wait… Stevens beginning to… SPIN!?

DM: Oh, you gotta be KIDDING me!!

DT: I can hardly believe what I’m seeing, but Sean Stevens, twirling himself like a human CYCLONE with the Anglo Luchadore still clutching his arm, and the centripetal force is elevating the champion further from the mat and whipping him around dangerously through the air!

MN: Let’s see this idiot hang on through THIS!!

DM: This is probably the first time I’ve seen a Fujiwara reversed in such a way, but it might pay off!! It almost looks as though JA’s grip is SLIPPING on the wrist of Sean Stevens!

DT: Oh no, keep holding on, JA!!

DM: It’s too late, he’s slipping—AND THERE HE GOES!!


Crowd: “OOOOoooohhh…”

DM: And like a DISCUS, the Anglo Luchadore gets TOSSED right into the cage wall!! I’m surprised he didn’t go THROUGH that chain-linked fence at the force he came flying off the arm of Sean Stevens!!

DT: A DEVASTATING fate for the Anglo Luchadore as a result of his trying to wear down the arm of Sean Stevens… but perhaps it was a price willing to be paid, as we see the King of the Cage just COLLAPSE in the center of the ring from the pain coming from his arm!

DM: It took everything he had to throw JA around like that, and it couldn’t have been good for his shoulder. The question now is, will that wounded arm hold him back later on while trying to wrestle this match, or possibly slow him down while climbing the cage wall?!

MN: Sean Stevens can win this match with BOTH hands tied behind his back! And screw climbing; why do you think they put a door in these things?

DM: I always considered them as “in case of fire” exits.

DT: The Anglo Luchadore and World Champion, meanwhile, looks hurt, lying in a heap stranded in the ropes against the cage wall. Stevens is back on his feet, shaking some of the feeling back into his arm… and now he’s putting his focus back onto the incapacitated JA!!

DM: JA looking helpless as Stevens looms over him and reaches for—WAIT, JA WITH A BOOT TO THE GUT!! I thought he was OUT of it!! Stevens is only stunned, but that gives the Anglo Luchadore all the time he needs to work back onto his feet!

DT: JA IS FIGHTING BACK!! The champion looking wobbly as he fights the pain coursing through his body, but he is nevertheless fighting valiantly as he takes Sean Stevens by the arm, and whips him right into the ropes!!

DM: Here’s Stevens on the rebound… running right into a SPINNING HEEL KICK—OH HE DUCKED!!

DT: JA turns around—



Crowd: “OOOOOooohhh…”

DM: You could literally hear the sound of STEVENS’ HEEL slapping JA’S JAW with that superkick ringing out through the entire arena, and it simply caused the World Champion to COLLAPSE TO THE MAT!!


[An eerie hush falls over the entire audience as both men lie lifelessly on the mat, looking through the open top of the cage and to the arena lights overhead. Eventually, the silence is broken as a few ringside fans begin clapping in time to urge their hero back to his feet. It soon catches on, and within moments, the entire capacity crowd is cheering as both men struggle to get up.]

DT: …with that powerful and hope-ending superkick on the part of “Triple X” Sean Stevens, the World Champion is now left motionless on the ground, and now it’s the challenger showing signs of life!

DM: And he’s going right to the door, Dave! I don’t blame him, either! The champ is down and out, and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to walk out of this the winner.

MN: Come on, Trip! Move yer ass!!

DT: Stevens has rolled onto his belly and is proceeding to crawl for the cage door in the far corner. Senior official Pat Jones has unbolted and opened the door to give him the leeway! He’s only half the length of the ring away from taking the World Heavyweight Title and effectively crushing this entire capacity crowd!

MN: I know, it’s great, isn’t it? Justice is about to be served!

DM: …or maybe not! I think I see JA coming back!

[The crowd begins cheering even LOUDER as JA rolls onto his side, rubbing his aching chin. Then he spots Stevens crawling a body length ahead of him, and realizes what he must do.]

DT: He IS back!! JA, perhaps not fully recovered from taking that superkick to the face, but digging down deep to crawl after the fleeing Sean Stevens! He’s got a lot of ground to catch up on!

DM: But Stevens is already near the corner! I don’t think he’s putting very much haste into it, because he doesn’t realize JA is conscious and pursuing him!

MN: Come on, Trip, HURRY UP!!

DM: Sean Stevens coming to the turnbuckle… now sliding beneath the ropes, and extending his arms outside the cage! Now he’s HALFWAY out!! All he needs to do is drop to the floor, and—

DT: NO!!!

Crowd: *POP~!!!*

DT: JA HAS HIM BY THE HEEL!! Now he grabs ahold of his OTHER heel!!! Stevens was CLOSE, but the Anglo Luchadore has STOPPED him!! The King of the Cage is desperately clinging onto the cage door, trying to pull himself out the rest of the way!

DM: I don’t think JA has enough in him to pull Stevens back in there! He’s outweighed, and he just doesn’t have the stamina!!


DT: JA still has ahold of both of Sean Stevens’ legs, even though the challenger is DESPERATELY trying to kick him off!! But now the World Champion rises to his feet, and he has the extra leverage to pull back!! Stevens LOSES HIS GRIP ON THE CAGE DOOR!!

DM: It looks like escape WON’T be that easy!!


DT: Stevens, THRASHING for something to grab onto, finally finds the middle set of ropes in the turnbuckle, still trying to pull himself through that door, but the Anglo Luchadore still has him by both feet and is digging his heels into the mat trying to reel him in!

DM: Both men in limbo as they pull in opposite directions, and you could only imagine the strain on Stevens’ middle as—AND JA RELEASES HIM!!


Crowd: *OOOooohhh…*


DM: That was his bad arm, Dave!! Sean Stevens is in a LOT of pain right now, and furthermore, he’s STUNNED!! JA HAS A CLEAR SHOT FOR THE CAGE DOOR!!


MN: Somebody, STOP HIM!!



Crowd: *OOOOOOoooohhhh…*


MN: WOO-HOO!! Oh man, that was BRILLIANT!!

DM: At the last moment, before JA could clear the door, Sean Stevens used the last bit of his remaining strength to reach out, grab the door, and bring it SLAMMING SHUT across the Anglo Luchadore’s face!! The champ was just sent SPRAWLING back into the middle of the ring, clutching his face in agony!

DT: A desperate move on the part of Sean Stevens, who keeps his hopes of being EPW’s first two-time World Heavyweight Champion alive.

DM: Just barely though. Believe me, I could practically SMELL the dread coming off of Neels over here.

MN: Hey, pipe down you Clown-Ass!

DM: Jeez, if you’re going to insult me, at least do it the right way: it’s ASSCLOWN, you assclown!!

DT: Wait a minute… what’s going on out here, outside the cage?

[While the two competitors regroup inside the cage, outside, another story is taking place. The camera cuts to the cage door, Pat Jones is in the middle of a anxious discussion with fellow referees, continuously pointing to the bolt of the door, indicating it’s jammed.]

DT: Senior referee Pat Jones is talking over with the other officials… apparently about the cage door. What are they talking about over there?

DM: I can’t really make it out, Dave, but… the way Pat keeps pointing to the bolt, I’d almost have to assume it has something to do with it being stuck!

MN: You mean the door is jammed?!

DM: Well, Stevens DID forcefully close it over the face of the Anglo Luchadore. Perhaps, in his desperation, he pulled with a bit too much force and ruptured the bolt’s release mechanism!

MN: …wow, man. Now THAT is a cheap cage! Did we get this thing from New Era of Wrestling’s yard sale, or something?

DT: What would this mean for the outcome of the match? Time will tell as Sean Stevens, favoring his weakened arm, pulls himself out of the turnbuckle and approaches the World Champion as he comes to his feet. JA trying to defend himself, but gets a HARD ELBOW to the face to keep him stunned!

DM: Stevens has him by the head now, and he’s looking to finish this off!! Stevens sets him up for the X-TERMINATOR… but he’s looking to use his WEAK arm!

DT: We saw the very same thing in their last encounter! JA crippled the strength of Sean Stevens, disabling him from unleashing his finishing maneuver! Now we can see the King of the Cage STRUGGLING as he fights the pain in his arm, trying in vain to lift JA into position over his shoulder… but he CAN’T!

MN: Come on, Trip! Shut these fools up and prove you can BURY that Lucha-LOSER!!



DT: Stevens grabbing his arm in pain, and leaving himself COMPLETELY OPEN—


Crowd: *PAAAWWPPP~~!!!*

DT: THE ANGLO LUCHADORE HAS DONE IT ONCE AGAIN!!! That patented side neck drop has thoroughly LEVELLED “Triple X” Sean Stevens and all but assured the champion his title defense!

DM: Truly remarkable! In the fated match where JA acquired the title, he used the same strategy of weakening Stevens’ limb and preventing him from finishing him off! This time, he turned it around in his favor and showed the challenger how one REALLY puts the nail in the coffin!

MN: SHUT UP, the both of you! He still has to get out of the cage!

DT: That’s true, Neels… but JA is coming back to his feet, and Stevens isn’t moving! He’s got all the time in the world to walk through that door—

DM: You mean… the door that’s stuck?

DT: Oh NO…

[The Anglo Luchadore approaches the cage door in the far corner, where Pat Jones and two other referees have their hands clenched in the chain-link fencing and are struggling to pry it open. Despite their efforts, it won’t give. The champion quickly sees the situation at hand as he observes their efforts, and tells them to back away. The officials stand back as JA slips a leg between the ropes and begins KICKING at the door!]




DT: I guess we were correct to assume that the cage door is stuck, and despite the efforts of the champion and the ring officials, it can’t be opened up again!

MN: Oh man, it’s a MIRACLE!!!



DM: No dice… that door just won’t give! And in the time it took to try kicking it open, we can see the King of the Cage beginning to recover at his end of the ring!

DT: You’re RIGHT, Dean! Stevens is coming back to reality, and now JA has abandoned the prospect of exiting through the door, beginning to scale the cage wall!!

DM: But Stevens SPOTS HIM!!


DT: Stevens, peeling himself off the mat, fighting the pain in his arm and along his upper back and head, as he tails JA reaching the halfway mark on the cage wall, and GRABS HIM BY THE ANKLE!!

DM: Uh oh… it ain’t going to be that easy after all!! The Anglo Luchadore’s run out of time, and now he has to either kick Stevens away, or outlast him on the cage wall! Looking at the expression of SHEER RAGE in the face of Stevens, I think he’s going to have a hard time doing either!

DT: Stevens is trying to pry JA off the cage wall… but JA BOOTS HIM IN THE FACE with his free leg!! Come on, JA… CLIMB!!

DM: The champion is nearing the top, but here comes Stevens once again, this time scaling up the ROPES and getting ahold of JA’s ankle yet again! A single forceful YANK would cause the Anglo Luchadore to come tumbling back into the ring, but he’s hanging on the top of that cage for dear life!!

DT: He just needs to hang on for a little bit longer!

DM: I don’t know how that will help, Dave! The more time you give Sean Stevens to think, the more of an opportunity you give him! Now we see Stevens, remarkably BALANCING himself on the top rope, grab ahold of JA’s other leg! All JA has to keep himself held onto the cage are his fingers, and he’s got GRAVITY working against him!

DT: JA is hanging on, but… now we see Stevens adjusting his position, and hooking the legs of the Anglo Luchadore over his shoulders! This doesn’t look GOOD!!

DM: Time has ran out for the champion, and Sean Stevens is BRINGING HIM DOWN…

…with a POWERBAWMB!!!


Crowd: *HO-LEE-SH*T!! HO-LEE-SH*T!!*

DT: WHAT A DEVASTATING TOP ROPE POWERBOMB!! That single move has effectively LAID THE CHAMPION OUT in the center of the ring, and now his hopes of retaining are becoming even MORE slim!!

DM: You have to give credit to Sean Stevens in this match! While JA has been resourceful and undying, the King of the Cage’s sheer DESPERATION when the match has been in jeopardy has kept him alive!

MN: He just proves that the only way anybody EVER walks out of a cage is following right behind its KING!!

DT: With or without the title, there will be no doubt as to why “Triple X” Sean Stevens is Empire Pro’s own “King of the Cage!” Stevens, still fighting the pain in his arm… now bringing the Anglo Luchadore back to his feet! He hooks him by the head again… oh no, could he be going for the X-TERMINATOR AGAIN?!

DM: It seems that way, Dave, but why he’s trying, I couldn’t tell you! He didn’t have the strength to lift JA over his shoulder into the Ace Crusher the first time, so what makes him think he can pull it off the second time around?

MN: Don’t DOUBT the abilities of the KING!!

DT: Stevens, trying to lift JA up… but he CAN’T! This whole thing is futile, and he’s missing a great opportunity to leave the cage!

DM: He’s only trying to make it certain, Dave, but I’m not sure he can pull this off! Stevens trying again… NO!! He just doesn’t have the power in that arm! You can SEE the pain on his face!

[The camera focuses in on the face of the Blue-Eyed Badass as his teeth clench tightly and he squares off his footing… finally tensing up and trying to lift JA into the air once again… and this time… the Anglo Luchadore RISES…]

DT: Wait a minute… WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!





DT: “Triple X” Sean Stevens has HUMBLED the nay-sayers tonight, effectively TERMINATING JA in the middle of the ring, and leaving the champion as a lifeless heap on the canvas!

DM: But at what cost, Dave? Stevens is on the mat as well, but for an entirely different reason; whatever he had inside him to lift JA into that Osaka Street Cutter went right into that weakened arm, and now he’s probably feeling as though his entire shoulder were on fire!

DT: And with the door being stuck the way it is, Stevens has no choice but to fight that pain even further as he uses that arm to climb out of the cage! Will it hinder his progress??

MN: Hey, that ain’t no thang! You just saw what happened to that stupid “Anglo Luchadore!” He’s out like a light, and he’s not coming back for a while! Trip has all the time in the world to leave that cage!

DM: You never know… he just may need it!

[After spending a few more moments recovering in the ring, Stevens casts his gaze to the chain-linked cage wall looming over him, and his destination is in sight. Fighting the pain in his arm, he scales over the ropes and begins the long climb up. His face fills with fire as soon as he tries using his weakened arm, and soon discovers he is incapable of using it to further lift himself over the obstacle.]

DT: Sean Stevens is finally making the trip over the cage wall to the outside… and just as you said, Dean, that wounded arm IS playing a factor! You could see the sheer AGONY cross his face as he tried to use it to climb, and it just wasn’t going to happen!

DM: Stevens is still making his way up the cage wall, but at a pace that is surely slower than he would prefer. He’s gotta use that one good arm to pull himself up inch by inch! He’s already half way, but he’s going at a snail’s pace!

MN: Whatever happened to the expression “slow and steady wins the race?!”

DT: Wait a minute… look there to the center of the ring!

[The camera zooms in on the laid out body of JA as his eyelids begin to flutter and his arms jerk. The Anglo Luchadore slowly regains consciousness and begins stirring to life.]

DT: We’re seeing SIGNS OF LIFE in the World Champion! Perhaps he isn’t doomed to lose his title after all!

MN: It CAN’T be!! He was DRILLED by that X-Terminator!

DM: Stevens is only halfway up the cage wall, but if he doesn’t move any faster, JA may recover and could EASILY catch up to him!

DT: It’s a RACE TO THE TOP OF THE CAGE, as Sean Stevens continues to inch his way higher and higher above the ring, nearing the crest of the steel cage! Meanwhile, back on the canvas, the Anglo Luchadore and hero to the Empire Pro fans is slowly peeling himself off the mat!! The fans are COMING ALIVE to show him their support!


MN: STUPID FANS!! Come on, Trip, you’re SO CLOSE!!

DM: Sean Stevens nears the top of the cage… but the Anglo Luchadore is gaining new strength!! He’s FORCING HIMSELF ONTO HIS FEET!!

Crowd: *POP~!!!*

DT: He can hardly stand, but he knows full well that he’ll lose that title if he DOESN’T!! The champion spots Stevens reaching the top of the cage, and now HE’S GOING UP AFTER HIM!!

DM: Stevens is now aware that he’s being pursued, and trying his best to get his leg over that cage wall… meanwhile, JA is TEARING up the chain-link fence after him! I don’t know HOW he’s doing it, but HE IS!!

DT: JA is nearing the top… but Sean Stevens just got his second leg over!! All it is now is a short climb down, and—NO WAIT!! JA AT THE TOP, AND HE JUST SNATCHED JA BY HIS HAIR!!


DM: The Anglo Luchadore, FIGHTING FOR HIS TITLE, prevents Sean Stevens from going any further!! Stevens, THRASHING to free himself, but CAN’T!!


DM: I don’t think ANYBODY would be crazy enough to fall from that height, Neels! Nevertheless, Stevens’ attempt to escape is being CEASED by the World Champion, reaching over the top of the cage and just DRAGGING the challenger over the edge and back inside!!

DT: It’s an ALL-OUT BATTLE at the PEAK of the steel cage!! JA laying some HARD elbows into the face of Sean Stevens as he clings to the top of the cage!! It was a good thing he waited until Stevens was back on the ring-side of that wall, otherwise he could have easily knocked him out and caused him to inadvertently fall to the outside!

DM: But Stevens didn’t make it this far without a fight! Now we can see the King of the Cage RETURNING FIRE, using that arm we all thought to be USELESS in a way that leaves me simply ASTONISHED as to how he could be taking that pain and not even show it!

DT: OOOH!! A HARD haymaker to the jaw nearly knocks JA loose, but he clings on with one hand and prevents a nasty fall back into the ring! Either man dropping from this height would not only be in for a sickening fall, but also effectively END their chances of winning this match!

DM: The Anglo Luchadore is left temporarily reeling on the cage… and “Triple X” uses the opportunity to pull himself up to the edge, and now… now he’s STANDING on the rim of the cage!! This just turned into an old-school SCAFFOLD MATCH!!!

DT: One that requires a MIND-BOGGLING ability to balance oneself on just a few inches of steel! One hard strike could easily send a man TEETERING OVER THE EDGE!!

MN: Hopefully, it’ll be JA!! But, uh, you know… hopefully he falls back INTO the ring so Stevens can climb out and finish this thing!

[Rather than make a move to escape, Stevens waits for JA to recuperate and taunts him up to his level. Unabashed in his pride and with thousands of screaming fans supporting him, JA valiantly rises to the top of the cage and stands on the very edge, standing face to face with the King of the Cage!]

DT: Here we go… the FINAL SHOWDOWN at the very TOP OF THE CAGE!! The stakes are high, and a crushing blow could easily send either man to his doom!

DM: There isn’t a whole lot of leg room up there, which leaves me to wonder how either of these guys will effectively fight the other!

DT: THERE’S A BIG RIGHT HAND FROM STEVENS—oh, NARROWLY AVOIDED by JA with a quick backpedal! But Stevens is ADVANCING, giving the Anglo Luchadore no choice but to retreat to the corner!

MN: That’s the spirit! Keep on pushing, Trip! Give him nowhere to run!

DM: JA might have his back against the wall if he doesn’t attack Sean Stevens head on! Stevens isn’t landing any blows, but he’s pushing JA further and further to the edge!

DT: JA’s REACHED THE LIMIT, and now he has no choice but to attack or face a potentially dangerous—




Crowd: “OOOOOhhhhh…”

DT: And Stevens, losing his balance, RACKS HIMSELF ON THE RIM OF THE CAGE!!!

DM: A deadly ONE-TWO COMBO, if you ask me! Stevens is in an INCREDIBLY AMOUNT OF PAIN, but nevertheless prevents himself from taking a dive!

MN: That was a BLATANT NUTSHOT!! Somebody disqualify that masked loser!!

DM: I’m afraid anything goes in the cage match, Neels! Especially at THAT height!! Now it’s STEVENS retreating, with JA standing up once again and egging him on! Stevens inching back with his legs straddled over the cage wall, trying to GET AWAY from the World Champion!!

DT: Stevens nearing the opposite corner, and JA continuing to taunt him, trying to get him to stand up again! Stevens, however… Stevens seems interested in something else!

DM: I think he’s got something else up his sleeve! Sean Stevens is getting desperate, and we’ve seen how dangerous he can be in those situations! Stevens nearing the corner, and… what is he doing up there?!

DT: It looks like… he’s pulling something off the CAGE?!

[The camera zooms in on the action, as the sweat-drenched face of the Blue-Eyed Badass hovers over a pair of hands that tug at a concealed object embedded in the cross-point of cage walls. JA, from behind him, can’t quite catch a glimpse of what he’s doing. Finally, the piece of metal gives way—a bolt connecting the walls—and JA springs forward just as Stevens turns to show him what he’s found…]


DM: It looks like… the bolt connecting those cage walls! Stevens REMOVED IT!!



Crowd: “OOOOooohh…”


DM: That knocked JA COLD!! The Anglo Luchadore… WAVERING ON THE RIM OF THE CAGE…


[The Anglo Luchadore recoils violently from the pain that just struck his face, and almost instantly loses his sense of balance. Dreadfully, his body pitches forward and he falls INTO THE CAGE—]

Crowd: *SCREAM!!*

[—and at the VERY LAST MOMENT, his hands shoot into the air and GRAB the rim of the cage!! A moment follows as the fans CHEER, watching the World Champion dangle from such a dangerous height by his fingertips!]


DT: THE CHAMP, HANGING ON BY A THREAD!! MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE HE DIDN’T FALL!! That could have VERY EASILY been the end of the match!

MN: DAMMNIT!! That shoulda done him in!!

DT: Pipe down, Neely! Stevens CHEATED using that steel bolt!

MN: Oh come, Dave! That’s perfectly legal!

DM: You know, Dave, far be it from me to agree with Neels, but I think he’s RIGHT!


DM: Any part of that steel cage can be used as a weapon. If you’re going to classify that bolt as illegal, you might as well say the same for the cage walls, and the door. Sean Stevens made a very smart move in knowing his environment and using it to his advantage!

DT: That ain’t right!

MN: Well, it’s REALITY, so DEAL WITH IT!!

DM: The Anglo Luchadore is most certainly dealing with it now! He’s got his legs back on the cage wall, but now he’s got STEVENS over him! Stevens is trying to use that bolt in his hands to POUND ON THE KNUCKLES of the champion, forcing him to lose his grip and cause him to fall!!

DT: JA is shimmying across the cage wall as fast as he can, moving his HANDS away from the reach of Sean Stevens!

DM: OH MAN!! JA just took a HARD SHOT to his right hand and was forced to let go!! Stevens has him RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS HIM!!




DT: …oh… MY… GAWD!!!

[A sudden movement forces Stevens to hesitate and grab onto the cage to prevent falling, and with good reason. He looks back to see that the entire cage wall, now unfastened in one corner, beginning to WARP from the excess weight! The steel chain-link fencing leans DANGEROUSLY over the ringside area, but nevertheless remains in place as long as the other adjoining bolt is in place.]

DM: This doesn’t look good! That bolt Stevens removed from the corner and the added weight are causing that entire cage wall to wobble loose! I’m afraid that thing might come down at any point!

DT: We can only HOPE not! That’s RIGHT ABOVE US!!

MN: THAT’S IT, I’m outta here…

DM: Hey… NEELS!!

DT: Where are YOU going?!

MN: Over here!

[The camera briefly cuts to commentary as Mike Neely, bearing a concerned expression, gathers his notes and quickly hops out of his seat, moving over to a safer side of the ring.]

DT: What are you doing over there, Mike?!

MN: I don’t want to be under that thing when it comes down!

DT: It’s not coming down, Mike! It’s still got the other bolt to hold it in place!

DM: …maybe not for long!



[The cage wall shudders again, but JA continues to sidle his way toward the other corner, still bolted. Suddenly it becomes clear that he’s not trying to get away from Stevens, but rather, trying to even the odds!]

DM: He CAN’T be going for that other support bolt! The whole WALL would collapse!!

DT: I don’t think the Anglo Luchadore CARES!!


DT: Stevens is careful not to move any further lest he lose his grip while that massive steel chain-linked side of the cage wavers in the air! JA coming to the corner now… and you’re RIGHT, DEAN!! HE’S GOING FOR THAT SUPPORT BOLT!!

MN: He’s CRAZY!!

DT: That’s why he’s the CHAMP, Mike!!


[The crowd CHEERS WILDLY as JA removes the piece of metal and holds it high over his head, locking eyes with Stevens and showing him that he’s equally equipped! Stevens shakes his head in panic, continuing to clutch to the rim of the cage, and soon JA pulls himself up the rest of the way and edges toward the challenger. The further weakened cage wall shudders again, now beginning to LEAN OUT, casting a shadow of doom over the two remaining commentators at the table.]



DT: …uh… DEAN-O?!

DM: Looks like it’s TIME TO MOVE, Dave!!


[In a haste, Thomas and Matthews flee the scene, as ring officials quickly clear that side of the ring of personnel, including the nearby fans pressed against the barricade, for their safety. Meanwhile, teetering over all some twenty feet straight up, minus a foot or two every time the steel structure gives way a bit, JA presses upon Sean Stevens, who clings to the rim of the failing cage wall for dear life.]

DT: My God, it’s COMING DOWN SOON, and Stevens knows it! The World Champion, however… I don’t think he CARES!! HE WANTS STEVENS!!

DM: And he’s going to GET him if Stevens doesn’t do anything to protect himself!



[With mercy or remorse, the Anglo Luchadore takes a handful of the paralyzed Sean Stevens’ hair, holds his head back, and LAYS INTO HIS JAW with the steel bolt clenched tightly in his hand! Stevens’ eyes roll back as the lights go out, and his body slumps over the side of the cage! Fans SCREAM as for a moment, it appears as though he’d drop lifelessly to the outside—but JA narrowly CATCHES HIM by the arm before he can fall!]


MN: What he just did WAS ILLEGAL!!

DM: Shut up, Mike…




[A loud POP fills the arena as the supports near the base of the call wall gives way, followed by more. The leaning side of the cage SHAKES VIOLENTLY as it prepares to fall! Concerned, JA looks around for a means of escape—when suddenly, as if back from the dead, the hand of SEAN STEVENS clenches TIGHTLY around his throat!! Unable to act, JA cannot help but be PULLED BACKWARDS as the amazingly reawakened and visibly FURIOUS King of the Cage grabs on tight and pulls the champion down with him as the entire side collapses! Helplessly tangled together, both competitors FALL THROUGH THE AIR!]




DM: Somebody get the EMTs out here… NOW?!

MN: That was a REALLY… cheap… cage…


DM: I don’t KNOW!! I can’t see ANYTHING!! The entire ringside area looks like a WARZONE!! Both competitors are buried under a tomb of steel and wood!!

[In an instant, the ringside crew goes to work, frantically trying to clear the area of debris to check on the status of the competitors. A team of seven men work together to life the failed cage wall covering everything and leave it propped against the ring. Camera crews quickly move in on the point of impact, between two destroyed halves of what used to be the EPW commentary table—the twentieth or thirtieth of its kind, given how many times various talents have gone through them.]


DM: It all depends on who landed first!

DT: Somebody tell the video crew to start checking the footage from EVERY CAMERA ANGLE!! We need a winner by the end of the night or—

DM: Wait, LOOK!!!

[A broken piece of plywood is moved aside, and beneath the lifeless bodies of Sean Stevens are spotted. Stevens lies face-down, motionless… OVER the form of the ANGLO LUCHADORE!! Upon seeing this on the EmpireTron, the entire audience CHEERS WILDLY!!]

DM: JA is on the bottom…




[“Eat the Rich” hits the PA, and the fans CHEER WILDLY as EMTs rush in and help both men off the ground. Pulled clear of the wreckage, they quickly begin the task of resuscitating both men. In time, they both come around, though showing visible pain and looking beyond the point of exhaustion.]

[Sean Stevens, hearing the music, suddenly forgets the pain flowing through his entire body. His face turns to RAGE as he tries to come to his feet and protest, but the agony overcomes him, and he collapses once again, further adding to his ire as the EMTs try to help him to his feet, and get violently shoved away for their efforts.]

[Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the ring, Jerichoholic Anonymous reacts to the news of his being on the bottom of the pile, and in spite of hardly being able to stand, FALLS into the wall of ringside fans at the barricade in ecstatic celebration, being slapped on his bruised back and shoulders in congratulatory fashion by his adorers.]

[While all this is happening, few notice Pat Jones conferring with the other referees, some putting hands to their earpieces to hear orders coming from backstage.]



DM: I don’t think the winner has been declared yet, Dave! It appeared as though JA was the first to touch the ground, but nobody had a clear angle, and now there seems to be some discussion among the officials!

DT: But… BUT…

DM: We need undeniable evidence, Dave! A winner can’t be declared until we have proof!

MN: Well, get those idiots back there in the video editing truck to work! Give us some footage, damnit!!

DT: Wait, where are THEY going?!

[Continuing to deliberate, the referees are called to the backstage area, and hurry back up the ramp. Confusion permeates the entire arena as the music abruptly ends. JA begins to realize what is taking place. Meanwhile, an enraged Sean Stevens can’t help but take his anger out on a poor ringside employee, pointing at the remains of the steel cage and voicing his most negative and vulgarity-laced opinion on its craftsmanship. The sole official left at ringside gives the message to the waiting Tony Fatora, still standing with the unclaimed World Heavyweight Title. Fatora comes to his feet and raises the mic.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… due to the uncertainty of the winner of this match, the EPW officiating team is currently reviewing the footage of the final moments to determine WHO touched the ground first!

DM: Well, that explains that! I’m getting word that the officials are looking over all the possible camera angles! A decision will be made in due time!

DT: In the meantime, let’s see if we can get our OWN review going! Somebody fire up that EmpireTron!

MN: Screw that… somebody get me a chair! Where in the HELL am I supposed to sit down?!

[The ring crew continues to work around the ring, beginning to disassemble the steel cage. The World Champion, patiently waiting on the decision, paces back and forth with his eyes looking to the ground. “Triple X” Sean Stevens, meanwhile, continues his crusade to voice his angry concerns on the faulty design of the steel cage to any worker that so much as crosses his path.]

[The EmpireTron eventually lights up once again, catching everyone’s attention as we see the final moments of the match replayed from the same angle, this time slowed down. The impact isn’t clear, as both competitors disappear beneath a wall of mesh fencing as they fall through the table.]

DT: Well, THAT doesn’t help anything… did we get anything from the cameras on the south side of the arena?!

[We get a replay from an angle from the other end of the ring. This time, we can clearly see both men fall through the table just before the cage wall falls over them. It can clearly be see that in the final moment, JA is BENEATH Stevens as they collide with the commentary table!]

DT: Looks fairly evident to ME!! JA is CLEARLY on the bottom there!

DM: Let’s try it from another angle!

[Another replay from a closer angle, within the ringside seats. Once again, through the slow-motion, it’s evident that JA is below Stevens as they come careening through their fragile point of landing. Seeing this, the Anglo Luchadore victoriously raises his arm, and the fans CHEER!! Stevens shakes his head in dismay, sneering with spite.]

DT: I’ve seen enough! JA was the FIRST MAN to touch the ground! Even YOU can’t help but deny it, Neely!


DM: Here come the referees with the official decision! I think JA’s going to be pleased to hear this!

[The promenade of zebras come to the ring as the last remnants of the steel cage are taken down and carted away. The ring is soon occupied with the team of officials, soon joined by Jerichoholic Anonymous, “Triple X” Sean Stevens, and Tony Fatora. Pat Jones gives the message to Fatora who listens with a blank expression, raising the microphone to make the fateful announcement.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… after reviewing ALL of the available footage, the EPW officiating team has come to a decision!






Crowd: “BOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

[Stevens springs nearly FIVE FEET INTO THE AIR as his name is announced. Fatora hardly has a chance to hand him the title before the King of the Cage RIPS IT out of his hands, runs to the nearest turnbuckle, and holds it HIGH OVER HIS HEAD, presenting his newly won title to the sea of disapproving fans! “King Back” BOOMS over the PA as Jerichoholic Anonymous stands STUNNED in the middle of the ring.]



DM: What an UNEXPECTED ANNOUNCEMENT!! I’d like to see what those referees saw!!

DT: Somebody, PLEASE, give me a replay!!

[The EmpireTron lights up once again, showing a completely new angle that takes place at ringside, at floor level. In slow motion, the cage wall comes down and both men violently tumble through the commentary table, which splits apart upon impact. The camera freeze frames as both bodies linger just a few inches above the ground amid a cloud of splinters… and a yellow circle appears over the point in the footage where Sean Stevens’ legs are CLEARLY touching the ground. The slow-motion footage soon continues, showing them connect with the hard, scantily padded floor. Upon witnessing this, JA COLLAPSES in agonizing disappointment, and the fans audibly react in a similar way!]

DM: There it is! You’re UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE!! Stevens’ legs hit the floor before JA!!

DT: What UNBELIEVABLE LUCK!! I thought for CERTAIN that JA hit the floor first!!

MN: Well, you thought WRONG, Dave! Maybe this will tell you a thing or two about jumping to conclusions before all the evidence is out on the table!

[Stevens continues to scale turnbuckles, holding his title while sneering into the spite-filled fans beneath him. The defeated and deposed Anglo Luchadore can only hang his head in defeat and leave the ring.]

DT: Fans… I’m completely SPEECHLESS as to what we have just witnessed! This has truly been one of the most monumental World Title contests we’ve ever seen! We’ve watched a CAGE COLLAPSE before our very eyes, and a World Champion DEFEATED!

DM: “Triple X” Sean Stevens has made HISTORY here tonight! With this win, he is the FIRST PERSON to EVER win the coveted EPW World Heavyweight Title TWICE!! No doubt, he’s set a new standard of excellence, and proven just why he bears the title of “The King of the Cage!”

DT: Of course, we can’t quite easily forget the efforts of the Anglo Luchadore, Jerichoholic Anonymous, who fought TOOTH AND NAIL even when the odds were stacked against him! There where times where he thought he was finished, and he proved us wrong! He may not leave the arena with the title tonight, but one thing is for certain, there isn’t a fan out there who doesn’t believe he is the TRUE World Heavyweight Champion!

MN: Well, they’re all wrong. You see that title there, Dave? You see the man holding it up?

DT: …yes, Mike. I can see.

MN: That’s what I THOUGHT!! WOO-HOO!! JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!! Oh man, I’m buying TWO hookers tonight!!

DM: Just make sure neither of them have Adams Apples, Mike. Wouldn’t want to repeat that incident in Houston.


DT: Ladies and gentlemen… we’ve reached the CONCLUSION of Unleashed!! You’ve just witnessed one of the most INTENSE Pay Per View events of the year!! The EPW Title has come to a new owner! But what will happen from here?? Will the ever-determined JA continue to fight for the title and stand EPW’s hero?? Will a NEW challenger step up to try his hand at the gold?? All these questions will be answered in due time, but for now… I’m Dave Thomas, standing here at ringside with Dean Matthews and Mike Neely—who I’m CERTAIN needs a new change of pants—


DT: Join us again, folks, at Aggression, as we see the fallout from this event! GOOD NIGHT!!

[Defeated, JA continues up the ramp. Despite his loss, he acknowledges those fans reaching out to give him a supporting high-five, and returns their gestures as a hero would. Back in the ring, Stevens, bearing a grin that would make the Devil himself turn green with envy, continues to loom upon the turnbuckle, showing off his title as fireworks begin to explode overhead.]

[Fade to the EPW logo.]
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