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UNLEASHED 2011: Nashville, TN - 2/9/11


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[CUT TO: Backstage, where EPW World Champion First stands with Kenny Lombardo, belt hung over his left shoulder.]

KENNY LOMBARDO: I’m here with the World Champion, who later tonight will defend the championship against the man who outlasted all others in the King of the Cage Tournament, Anarky. But before we get to that, let me ask you… how will you handle the possible distraction presented by Stalker tonight?

FIRST: Actually, we won’t get to talking about Anarky later. I’m here only to promise you, and promise everyone else that not only will Stalker not be a distraction tonight… tonight, I’m making sure he’s never a distraction… ever again.

[First glares at Lombardo as he turns and walks away, leaving the interviewer stunned.

Cut to….

Pyro goes off as the camera swings around to show the crowd cheering loudly, signs waving as we cut to the broadcast booth where Dave Thomas, Dean Matthews, and Mike Neely are seated. In the background, “The Imperial March” can be heard blaring over the speakers….]

DT: Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee!! Tonight, Music City is UNLEASHED!!

DM: So many great matches on tap, so many issues to settle here tonight, what an exciting night ahead of us!

MN: And I will finally realize my dream of titty-f***ing Dolly Parton!!!


DM: Yeah, what the HELL??

MN: I uh… didn’t really mean to say that out loud.

DT: How about we try to avoid the lawsuits tonight, eh Neely?

MN: I swear… it was supposed to be an inner monologue…

DM: Well, you just can’t say things like that out loud!!

DT: Exactly! You can’t say things like that out… wait, only out loud, Dean? (Dave Thomas smirks)

DM: Well hey, I can’t pretend I’ve never thought it…

DT: On that note!... Let’s go up to the ring for our first match of the evening!!

["Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne hits the PA and the crowd jumps to their feet……

A loud round of cheers goes throughout the Bridgestone Arena. High Flyer steps out through the curtains and heads down towards the ring. He slides in to another round of appalause.]

MN: I've been waiting for this all night. Stalker's gonna put High Flyer out of his misery for good here tonight!

DM: I wouldn't be so sure of that Neely. It sounds like the World Champion is on a mission to put an end to Stalker’s interference. I’d watch my back if I were him.

MN: You’d watch your back if you were the time to make the donuts guy.

DM: What??

MN: Shut up.

["Did my time" by Korn blares on the PA and the rounds of cheer turn to loud boos and hisses……

Stalker steps out through the curtains extends his arms at the crowd and sneers at them as he walks down the rampway. He stops at the side of the ring and stares at Flyer. His music comes to a stop but he doesn't enter the ring and he informs the ref to ring the bell and he does so.]

DT: Well folks this is a falls count anywhere, NO DQ match. It seems Stalker wants to start this thing off without even stepping in the ring.

MN: Look at Flyer! He's just standing there waiting for Stalker to get into the ring.

DM: Neely he's good at the mind games too, he knows Stalker will jump him as soon as he takes one steps towards exiting that ring.


DT: Stalker is taunting Flyer to step out but he refuses. Throwing back his own words. Laughing at him now, Stalker moves towards the ring apron and lifts it up and looks underneath.

DM: Here comes Flyer! Flyer slides out of the ring and catches Stalker off guard long enough to get a swift elbow strike into his face. Stalker stumbles back and is caught with a swift kick to the gut as a follow up.

DT: Flyer now, grabs Stalker's arm and spins him around, WHIPPING him into the guardrail!

MN: Cheap shot artist that guy is.

DM: Stalker is worse!

DT: Flyer sees a chair sticking out from under the ring and grabs it up. He moves towards Stalker and drills him with it right in the gut. Stalker falls to the ground clenching his stomach and now Flyer smacks him in the back with it causing Stalker to roll over in agony.

DM: Flyer picks him up by his hair and Stalker pushes him off, stumbling back to the guard rail, and steadies himself before falling. Flyer moves back in and nails him with another gut shot with the top of the chair.

DT: Grabbing Stalker again by the hair he drags him over to the side of the ring and slides him in. Tossing the chair in the ring as well as Flyer climbs up to the apron. He steps through the ropes and just as Stalker gets up to his knees, Flyer boots him in the face sending Stalker back to the mat.

MN: So far nothing but cheap hits from High Flyer.

DM: Stalker isn't the only one who knows how to play Hardcore Neely.

MN: He's the best though.

DM: Yeah.... right.

MN: You'll see! Like right now!

DT: Flyer is lifting Stalker up and hooks him but he blocks it. Stalker pushes Flyer into the turnbuckle and nails him with a elbow. Flyer unphased rakes at Stalker's eyes. It sends him stumbling back and Flyer capitalizes with a clothesline that sends Stalker to the mat again!

DM: What was that Neely?

MN: Shut it.

DM: High Flyer picks up the chair that he threw in the ring earlier and is moving close to Stalker. He lifts it up high in the air and brings it CRASHING down onto Stalker's head. He violently shakes the after effects of that hit only to be NAILED AGAIN by another chair shot.

DT: I think High Flyer is exacting some personal revenge after what chaos Stalker caused for him during the KOTC tournament.

MN: Well he needs to get over it. Otherwise Stalker will do more then just cause chaos for High Flyer, he'll retire him.

DM: Oh please. Flyer will not fall for his stupid games like Fusenshoff or Daymon did.

MN: Fusenshoff retired?

DM: Hell if I know, just haven't seen much of him after he got done with Stalker's games.

DT: Anyways back to the match. Flyer has the chair laid out in the middle of the ring and now it looks like he's propping Stalker up for something... Flyer runs against the ropes and charges at the stumbling Stalker who DUCKS his clothesline, Flyer bouncing back from the other ropes gets drop toe holded RIGHT into the corner of the chair!

MN: HAHA! Flyer's face just got busted open with blood!

DM: A steady stream of blood is dripping down Flyer's face coming from above his eye. Stalker like a rabid dog sees Flyer in a vulnerable state and swoops in with a boot to the face!

MN: Look at that blood spatter! We are going to need CSI down here after the match.

DM: To determine who killed you i'm sure.

MN: Yeah... wait what who?

DT: Stalker is smiling at the blood on the mat and moves in closer to Flyer, with a closed fist he hits him right in the cut above his eye sending Flyer back to the mat. Stalker nails Flyer with a few boots to the chest before picking him up again. He hooks him, sets him up... FRONT FACE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP INTO THE CHAIR!

DM: Stalker is going for an early cover... 1...2NO! High Flyer gets the quick kickout.

MN: He should just give up already. That cut is only going to get worse and Stalker will continue to expose it.

DM: Stalker picks up Flyer again, BELLY to BELLY suplex! Following that up Stalker crosses the ring to the corner and climbs on the top turnbuckle, he sizes Flyer up, launches himself.... and MISSES a frog splash! Flyer rolls out of the way just in time!

DT: A rare high flying move doesn't pay off for Stalker as he is rolling on the mat in pain. Flyer see his oppurtunity and pulls up Stalker by the hair. Sizing him now up he nails him with a boot to the gut and drops him back to the ground with an elbow to the back of the head. Picking him up again, he hooks him, and suplexes him back to the mat.

DM: He rolls with it, lifts him up again and ANOTHER suplex to the mat. Flyer quickly gets to his feet, wipes off his face of blood and goes for the chair. He opens the chair in the middle of the ring, lifts Stalker up again, nails him with a couple of elbows and then DRIVES his face into the seat of the chair!!

MN: Bleh, he has no creativitity.

DT: Holding his face in pain now, Stalker is rolling around on the mat. Not wanting to slow down Flyer lifts him up again, grabs him by the back of his head and drives him face first into the chair again! This time Stalker doesn't move. Flyer sees the opportunity and rolls him over, goes for the pin 1....2.... NO! Stalker with a late kickout!

DM: Flyer lifts him up by the hair and throws him into the corner. He charges in... and Stalker MOVES! Flyer just vaulted himself into the steelpost! This doesn't look good for him, Stalker spins him around, EVENFLOW! Flyer isn't moving, Stalker goes for the pin 1.. wait what..?

MN: Hahahah

DT: Stalker just lifted Flyer's own shoulders off the mat. Flyer looks up at him and spits blood in Stalker's face. He follows that up with a punch to Stalker's face and it stumbles him. Flyer nails him with another and gets to his knees. Stalker punches him.. Flyer blocks it! NAILS Stalker with a low blow!

MN: What the hell DQ him REF!

DM: DQ? Are you stupid this is a Stalker's rules match remember?

MN: Doesn't give the man to take another man's manlyhood!

DM: I think Stalker lost the right to be called a man a long time ago, much like yourself.

MN: Yeah.. what HEY! Watch it Dean!

DT: Trying to catch his breath now Stalker is up on one knee. Flyer is on both feet standing over him and he runs against the ropes... bounces off.. and comes back with a swift dropkick to the head! He falls to the mat and Flyer rolls him over and hooks his leg for a pin... 1.....2NO! Stalker with a swift kickout.

DM: Flyer lifts Stalker up and hooks him... oh boy looks like it's Hypothermia!

MN: Ha! Stalker's blocking it!

DT: Neely is right folks, Stalker won't budge and falls as dead weight to the ground. High Flyer nails him with a few strikes to his back and lifts him back up... Stalker with a shoulder to his gut, Flyer lets his grasp go and Stalker hooks him.... RELEASE Northern Lights Suplex!

DM: Flyer bounces off the mat and Stalker slithers his way out of the ring to the outside. He lifts the ring apron up and grabs another chair out and slides it into the ring. Climbing up onto the apron and stepping through the ropes, Stalker is met by a desperate punch by Flyer, Stalker gets pushed back but eye pokes Flyer as a counter!

MN: Now that's how it's done!

DT: Flyer disorientated stumbles back and Stalker positions the chair in the ring. He grabs Flyer's arm, spins him around, hooks him... EVENFLOW into the chair! He rolls Flyer over and hooks the leg for the cover.... 1.....2.....3!

DM: *Sigh*

MN: I told you Dean!

DM: That's only one battle won, Neely.

DT: Stalker doesn't look through with him yet as he demands a mic from the time keeper.

Stalker: Well fought, Flyer.

[The crowd reacts with instant boos.]

Stalker: Now that the match part is over, we can see if the champion will finally admit to his faults!

[Stalker picks up the chair, drops the mic to the mat and lifts it high up.. bringing it crashing down against High Flyer's back!]

DM: Get that lunatic out of the damn ring, the match is done with he won! He needs to learn to move on.

MN: He's sending a point..... OH!! Another chair shot. I'm liking that.

[Stalker lifts the chair up yet again, but stops for a moment and lowers it. He leans down to pick up the mic.]

Stalker: This will keep happening unless you get your ass out here, man up and admit who MADE you champion!

[He waits in the ring but no response from backstage.]

Stalker: Alright then!

[Lifting the chair way high up in the air this time, he stops as the crowd suddenly bursts into a loud chorus of cheers. He looks over to see The First storming down to the ring with a chair of his own. Stalker quickly chucks the chair over the ring ropes which The First dodges. He picks up the mic and escapes out of the ring into the crowd.]

Stalker: Now now.... You'll regret coming here looking for a fight. All I asked was for you to admit the truth you punk. Someone close to you will have to pay now for your actions!

DT: I don’t like the sound of that…

[Cut to First, now in the ring, sneering down at Stalker as he makes his exit.]

DT: The tag team titles are on the line against the newly dubbed Colossal Connection.. Ivan Dalkichev and Olvir Arsvinnar next… let’s go up to the ring!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
World Tag Team Titles: The Heirs of Wrestling (c) vs. Colossal Connection

[FADEIN: The ring where Tony Fatora stands mic in hand ready to announce the next match.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL…And it is for the EPW…WORLD…TAG TEAM...CHAMPIONSHIP! [Pop!]

[MUSIC UP: “Beer, Drugs, and B!tches” by Viking Skull.]

TF: Introducing first, the challengers… at a combined weight of SEVEN-HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE POUNDS… “The Sonic Titan” Ivan Dalkichev… “The Butt-Dominator” Olvir Arsvinnar… <B>THE COLOSSAL CONNECTION!</B>

[A Video package plays as the opening guitar riff cuts over the PA. The giants step out in unison, looking pumped, playing up to the crowd, and posing at the top of the stage for a quick fireworks display. As the vocals come in, they trek down the ramp to the ring, slapping hands with the fans on either side. Reaching the ring, Ivan finishes off his vodka while Olvir finishes off his mead as they toss their drinks aside, rise to the apron, deliver a few pelvic thrusts in unison, and simultaneously step over the top rope to take to the ring.]

DT: Well, folks, some people have been decrying the Heirs of Wrestling’s EPW Tag Title Reign, this being their very first defense of the titles.

DM: You got it, Dave, but if they truly wanted to test themselves, then they’ve most certainly got it! The fans love Ivan and Olvir, dubbing themselves as the new Colossal Connection. Almost EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS!

MN: Good lord, that’s almost as much as the chick from Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire!

DM: …That gross comment notwithstanding, Ivan Dalkichev was one half of the very first EPW Tag Team Champions. Can he repeat history tonight with a new tag team partner or will the cunning Heirs find a way to prevail?

[Both Ivan and Olvir wave their respective paraphernalia of choice – vodka and mead, respectively – as their music cuts out.

[MUSIC UP: “Forever” [remix] by Drake and Travis Barker……


The mass of humanity known as the Heirs of Wrestling begins to make it way down the ramp. Alexandria Malone in front, wearing a purple top with tight black pants. Ryan Gallway behind her looking like he’s about ready to get into a fight with the fans as he gets in different people’s faces screaming at them. Behind him is Frank Pierce in his eyesore of a robe, blood red with LED’s going off all over it, telling the fans they’re the tag team champions. Bringing up the rear is the monster sized Mack Brody, who seems deeply offended that some of his hair might be out of place, as he fusses over it constantly while checking himself out in a mirror.]

TF: And their opponents… being accompanied to the ring by Alexandria Malone… they are the EPW Tag Team Champions… The team of Frank Pierce, Mack Brody, and Ryan Gallway… <B>THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!</B>

DT: This will be the very first title defense from the Heirs of Wrestling. Frank Pierce has gone on record saying that they would find a win, but if they were to truly try and back it up, it’s against this team.

MN: Pfft, the Heirs of Wrestling have this match won, no sweat!


[Alexandria Malone leads the Heirs to ringside, each of them holding up their own gaudy versions of the EPW Tag Team Titles, The Dynastic Devine Right Ravishing Ruling Consortium Titles. The REAL EPW Tag Team Titles – six years’ worth of wrestling history… are being dragged across the arena floor.]

DM: That is just disrespectful to be doing that to tag team titles of such lineage. Hall of Famers, legends, and up-and-comers alike have held the gold.

[It does appear that Frank Pierce and Mack Brody, the biggest tandem of the Heirs of Wrestling, would be taking up the challenge. Understandably so since they were fighting nearly half a ton of humanity for the gold. Ivan and Olvir had seen enough, both of the big men climbing over the ropes to greet the opposition before they’ve even gotten ready!]


DM: Gallway and Malone have gotten out of harm’s way, but Frank Pierce is in the ring and now, Olvir is kicking him around like he owes him some money!

[Sure enough, the de facto leader of the Heirs was getting teed off in the corner, Olvir Arsvinnar taking the fight to him with a barrage of both fists and clotheslines in the corner, knocking the wind out of him. Frank tried slinking to the outside, but Olvir wasn’t letting him go anywhere. Posturing to the crowd that he was going to f*ck some sh!t up, he grabbed Pierce by the arm and BIELED him into the ring with a big power throw!]


DT: As much as the Heirs have run their mouths the last several months, they’ve all but deserved this beatdown.

DM: And now, Frank Pierce off the ropes, but Olvir comes off the adjacent side and just POUNCES Frank nearly out of his awful wrestling boots!

[The Butt-Dominator beats his chest and screams like a feral animal, but the fans continue to eat up everything the Colossal Connection is doing. Alexandria and Ryan stand on the outside, trying to rally up their cohorts, but the only thing that they’re rallying up is a gigantic ass-whomping. Arsvinnar makes the tag over to Ivan Dalkichev, who the fans support heavily. Both of them take turns pinballing Frank around the ring, hitting big right after big right. Both men whip him across the ring and knock him down with stereo Polish Hammers!]

DT: What a fantastic tandem move! You aren’t going to get technical master-class wrestling, but these guys are certainly entertaining. More to the point… they’re massive!

DM: That was something they call Northern Exposure and right now, Frank needs to make a tag to big Mack Brody right away.

MN: This is just bordering felonious assault! What a crock of crap! I’m alerting the authorities!

[Frank is stumbled over in the corner, trying to figure out what the hell has happened to him. In a daze, he sees the big form of Ivan coming at him. He BARELY moves out of harm’s way, sending the big man crashing into the turnbuckles. Gritting his teeth, he wipes some sweat off his face before teeing off on the big man with several right hands. Frank is a big man himself, going 6’3” and 265, but the blows seem to be not doing much to Ivan. He pie-faces Frank away.

The Baron of Ballistics decides to go low instead, hitting a pair of back to back dropkicks to the knee. Bringing big Ivan down, he throws a couple more fists to try and get the big man down, but Ivan returns fire with a BIG chop to the chest, doubling Frank over himself.]

DM: And now the tag to big Olvir Arsvinnar… OOOH! Throwing splash into the corner! And now Frank Pierce is down!

DT: OOOOHHH! And what a shot for Mack Brody, who was mouthing off on the corner! Olvir just popped him one with a big boot of his own!

[Brody falls off the ropes, grabbing his jaw in pain as Frank Pierce tries to get away from the smaller [but still bigger than him] Olvir. The man known in some circles as Olvir the Deflowerer grabs Frank by the hair, but Frank rakes the eyes. He walks over to Mack Brody and makes the tag as the two begin throwing blows to try and weaken Olvir. They whip him off to the ropes… NO!]

DT: And a HUGE Flying Double Clothesline from Olvir! The Heirs have yet to really get too far out of the starting blocks as Olvir and Ivan have been keeping up the high-impact offense like that!

[Olvir makes the tag back to Ivan Dalkichev, who climbs over the ropes. Holding a big hand up for the crowd to cheer, he runs right through Mack Brody with a big clothesline, sending the enforcer of the Heirs crashing to the ground. He turns his attention to Frank, who stabs him in the eye with a big thumb. He tries to whip the big man, but he puts the brakes on and sends him flying. Off the rebound, he caught him and THREW him away with a Fallway Slam!]

MN: Okay, referee, ring the damned bell already! This is a massive injustice. And I do mean massive! Couple of massive retards!

DM: These fans are firmly behind The Colossal Connection here tonight!

[The former CHRONIC COLLISION~!!! Member tosses Frank away and waits for Mack to get around, only to drive the fellow big man to the canvas with a big Sidewalk Slam into the mat! And with that, finally comes the first cover of the match.]




MN: Oh, thanks the lords those two goofs wouldn’t win our Dynastic… Tag title… The Heirs’ awesome belts! You idiots should know what they’re called by now!

DM: And now Ivan Dalkachev trying for a move, but Mack Brody fired off a couple rights, he has the big man stunned! The tag now goes back to Frank Pierce.

[Shaking off the Fallaway Slam from earlier, Frank Pierce goes to town on the kneeling Ivan, trying to lower the big man even further with a couple of big right hands. He tries to whip the giant, but once again, it fails as Frank gets tossed to the ropes. Ivan telegraphs a back body drop a little too early, allowing Frank to kneel down and BLAST him with a European Uppercut!

The Sovereign Superman looks proud of himself, catching Ivan off-guard with the blow, but Ivan is already back on his feet, LOOMING over Frank. Pierce tries to get his arms up to plead with the giant, but The Sonic Titan won’t listen to any of his BS. With encouragement from the fans, he goes for a wild swing, but Frank ducks.]

DT: And there goes Mack Brody, he’s got the giant by the legs…


MN: Haha! Suck it, you big Ruskie!

DM: And Mack Brody sends the massive Ivan Dalkichev crashing violently into those steel steps on the outside!

DT: Now the Heirs have the advantage… oh, come on!

[While Frank Pierce keeps the referee distracted with a wad of cash produced from his tights, Mack Brody, Ryan Gallway and even petite Alexandria Malone put the boots to the giant. They seem to be having something of an effect as The Sonic Titan has crumbled to the ground.]

DM: This is crap! Stop worrying about Frank’s crotch money, ref!

DT: It appears he won’t be bought by Frank!

MN: Oh, well, that’s more millions for Mr. Pierce, who I fully support and accept bribes from!

[Mack negotiates the Sasquatch of St. Petersburg to his feet, just enough to power the dead weight underneath the ropes and back into the ring. Ivan holds his arm in pain from the impact of the steel steps, but doesn’t see Frank Pierce run off the ropes and SNAP an arm across his neck, courtesy of the Sliding P Lariat!]

DT: And what a shot there from Frank Pierce! Finally, the Heirs have managed to get the advantage over the big man. And here comes the Heirs’ first cover.




[It is still a powerful kickout from Ivan Dalkichev, but Frank Pierce sees the injured arm and goes to work, grabbing him by the arm and driving him back down into the canvas with a Single Arm DDT. As Ivan remains grounded for the moment, Frank looks out to the crowd and holds both arms out, to much jeering.]


[And he goes back to work, driving a succession of stomps to the massive body of Ivan. STOMP to the arm. STOMP to the right knee. STOMP to the left knee. STOMP to the hand. STOMP STOMP STOMP F*CKING STOMP a few more times to the bad arm. And just because he feels like it, he runs off the ropes and drops a knee right into the arm again!]

MN: That’s the Bootlicker! And these are my boys! Nobody’s been able to step to them as a tag team yet and it doesn’t look like The Colossal Retards are gonna be the first!

DT: The Heirs of Wrestling have always had that numbers game and they’re employing it even on these giants tonight.

DM: And Ivan tries to shove Frank Pierce away, but the leader of the Heirs comes back with a Yakuza Kick to the kneeling Ivan!

[The shot echoes loudly throughout the arena, the crowd educing a loud groan in the process. Frank wipes a bead of sweat from his brow as he tags in Mack Brody again.]

DT: And what are the Heirs setting him up for here?

[Ivan Dalkichev is back to his feet, groaning in pain as he sees Mack Brody raise his own big-ass arm over his head. What he doesn’t see is Frank Pierce behind him!]

DM: OH, DAMN! A little high-low action there, but what a SHOT from Mack Brody! That big lariat combined with Pierce’s chop block takes the big man down again! And here’s Mack Brody with the cover.




[Ivan kicks out of the close fall, but it’s clear he’s not nearly as energetic as he once was before. Olvir Arsvinnar tries to come to the aid of his friend, but the referee has none of it. Meanwhile, Frank and Mack take advantage of him, both men kicking around The Sonic Titan.]


DM: And there’s the Heirs, AGAIN, pressing the issue. They’ve just brought this match to a complete stop for The Colossal Connection.

DT: Mack Brody now attacking the arm as the referee turns around!

[Midas Mack Brody throws a couple of kicks into the arm before grabbing it, then dropping all his weight across the joint. Ivan yells out in pain as Mack Brody continues to drill the arm with a succession of Double Axe Handles. He grabs Ivan by the head, but Ivan returns fire with a couple of nasty body shots to double him over.

Ivan tries to get back to his feet as he runs off the ropes, looking to mow him down…]


DM: THAT was some great athleticism! Who knew Mack Brody had it in him?

MN: I did! You idiots and these fans underestimate the younger generation of wrestlers! Mack Brody’s holding so much back! He told me earlier he could bust out a Flying Space Tiger Drop, Hold the Onions if he wanted to!

DT: Pretty sure that’s not a wrestling move.

[As Ivan remains doubled over, Mack Brody goes back to work on the arm, pressing all 330 of his weight down on it and using the ropes in the process. The referee counts to five before he tries to disqualify Mack Brody, but he lets go at the count of four.

Ivan tries his best to fight off Mack Brody, throwing another big body shot with his good arm, but Mack Brody doubles him over with a knee. The fans start cheering again for Dalkichev as The Sonic Titan rises, throwing a couple more rights. Frank Pierce tries to restrain him, but all he eats is a big back elbow. ]

MN: No! Contain him! Contain that massive drunk!

[Ivan starts punching, kicking, doing whatever he can to impose his will upon both young rich a-holes, but he misses a swing to Frank on the apron. Pierce grabs the arm and snaps it over the top rope, sending Ivan falling to a knee. Mack Brody gets a pump kick and catches the giant, sending him crashing down yet again!]

DT: Whether you love or hate the Heirs, you’ve got to love this strategy. The Heirs have all but kept the big man grounded.

DM: And now, here comes Mack Brody, he’s got the giant grounded in the center of the ring with a modified armbar submission.

Crowd: LET’S GO, IVAN! Clap-clap-clapclapclap! LET’S GO, IVAN! Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
LET’S GO, IVAN! Clap-clap-clapclapclap! LET’S GO, IVAN! Clap-clap-clapclapclap!

[The crowd is now getting loud for The Raging Russian as he gets his arm twisted into ways it shouldn’t go. Mack Brody pulls the arm back behind Ivan’s head and continues to torque on the arm. Pulling back, Ivan tries to get to his feet, but Mack kicks the leg out from under him, sending him doubling over again.]

DT: Ivan needs to get that tag. Olvir’s clearly ready for it, but if this punishment continues, the Heirs are going to be victorious.

DM: The Sonic Titan’s now trying to get back to his feet again.

MN: No, no, no! Mack Brody, use your golden god powers! Blind him with the shine from your abs! do something!

[Alas, Ivan ignores Mike Neely’s retarded pleas as he starts rising to his feet. Frank Pierce tries to head into the ring to stop Ivan from gaining any more momentum, but he gets a boot up, hitting Frank right in the face. Ryan and Alexandria gasp and look on in horror from the outside as Ivan makes his way to the ropes…]

DT: And Olvir just decked Mack Brody, sending him tumbling over to the side. Ivan’s free from that hold, but how bad of shape could that left arm be in?

DM: Ivan now on his knees, the near-seven footer heading to the ropes. Mack Brody staggers back to his feet and swings… THE RUSSIAN HAMMER!

[He nails it perfectly, sending Mack Brody tumbling to the ground. However, the arm is still badly damaged. Ivan Dalkichev reaches out to Olvir, who is bouncing around the ring apron, waiting to get his turn…]


[And Olvir goes to town, first knocking down Mack Brody with a running clothesline! Frank Pierce is back to his feet, but only gets put on his ass with a running back elbow! And another shot to Mack Brody, sending him down to the ground. A whip for Frank Pierce sends him shooting to the corner…]

DM: Running Clothesline! He’s just imposing his will on both Frank and Mack!

MN: Come on, check his piss! That’s gotta be all roids! His piss is probably neon green, that’s your first indicator!

[As Frank remains doubled over, Mack tries to mount a comeback, but Olvir goes low and buries a battering ram headbutt into the stomach of Midas. He sends the Bronze Bomber across the ring and drives him in the middle of the ring with a big scooping powerslam!

Pierce catches him with a cheap shot to the back of the head, but Olvir remains almost unfazed by the hit to the back of the head. He kicks Frank in the gut and AMAZINGLY presses him over his head, walking over to the turnbuckles and dropping him face-first!]

DM: And Frank Pierce is down and out. Now, he’s back to Mack Brody.

[The Viking Violator turns his attention once again to Mack Brody, tossing him over to the corner. He crushes him with a Stinger Splash in the corner! He tosses him from one turnbuckle to the other and back again, running to the ropes before dropping a HUGE Atomic Legdrop across the neck! He goes for the cover.]




DT: The Nordic Legdrop almost gets the three, but Mack Brody barely gets a shoulder up!

DM: And Frank pulls the ropes down! Olvir is down and out on the outside where Frank goes back on the attack to the big man!

[Mack Brody is on a knee, doubled over in pain, but what he does see is The Raging Russian, back into the ring. Ivan kicks Mack Brody in the chest with a boot as the two start exchanging blows, the referee losing quick control of the EPW Tag Team Title match. The camera switches back to the ringside area where Frank and Olvir are fighting. He tries for a swing, but he ducks. He lifts him up with a Full Nelson…]


MN: Good lord, the Butt-Dominator hit the Butt-Dominator. If that isn’t the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.

DT: It appears we could very well see new EPW Tag Team Champions!

MN: Wait, THERE’S our winner!

DT: Frank Pierce down and out for the momemt, And here’s Ryan on the apron! What the hell is he thinking here?!


[He runs off the apron, but Olvir catches him. Ryan thinks twice about his shenanigans and pleads with the viking, but that gets nowhere. Well, actually not true. It does get him RAMMED into the ring post an end result!

Back inside the ring, Mack Brody has Ivan doubled over, looking for a slam of some kind, but he sees Olvir coming back into the ring. He ducks a clothesline and chop blocks the Viking Violator, sending him to the ground. He grabs him by the body…]

DM: The Golddigger! He got all of that move on Olvir and now, here’s the cover!




DT: Ivan to the rescue! This has been cutting it close and these giants are giving the Heirs all they can handle!

[Mack Brody gets back to his feet, but Ivan catches him in the face with a back elbow. He goes doubled over as The Viking Violator steps up again, both men now towering over Mack Brody. They palm him by the throat…





[Olvir looks on to the outside where Alexandria Malone has pulled the referee out of the ring. He yells at her, threatening to disqualify the Heirs. Ivan gives chase to her outside the ring, sending the young sister of Joey Malone scurrying away from ringside. Ryan Gallway once again comes to her aid, only to be swatted away by the massive Titan.]

DM: Ivan’s dealing with the threat on the outside, Olvir dragging the dead weight of Mack Brody up to his feet… BLIND TAG BY FRANK PIERCE!

DT: Olvir drives Mack to the ground with a spinebuster, but I don’t think he saw Frank coming… CLIPPED THE KNEE!



[Ivan turns around and tries to slide into the ring.


[Ivan is almost there…]


[The fans jeer to all get out as the match had just been stolen by the Heirs of Wrestling.]


[The Heirs quickly gather up again near ringside, get their titles and get the hell out of dodge. A woozy Mack, a sore Frank, a dizzy Ryan and a scared Alexandria Malone each head back up the ramp with their tag team titles in tow, but for tonight, they are still the EPW Tag Team Champions!]

DM: On several occasions, the Colossal Connection almost had this thing won. The interference from Alexandria Malone cost them the titles, but Olvir failed to see the blind tag from Frank.

DT: And that new move he calls GET BENT spelt the end for Olvir and Ivan.

MN: Ouch, SO close but SO far!

[Olvir holds the back of his head in pain while Ivan looks down at his fallen comrade. Their debut was nearly a victorious one, but thanks to the numbers game and expert timing, the Heirs spoiled the party.]
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Television Title: Karl "The Dragon" Brown (c) vs. Donovan Astros

DT: The Television Championship is up for grabs in our next contest! Donovan Astros will meet the TV Champion, “The Dragon” Karl Brown, in the ring here in just a moment! I can’t wait for this match...

DM: Nor can I, Dave. We’re sure to see a good match-up between two talented technical experts. Karl Brown is a proven veteran in the EPW ring, not to mention a former Intercontinental Champion... but Astros has a good decade of experience himself, and he’s going to come into the ring tonight HUNGRY for his first major championship.

MN: I’m hungry, too... for a cheeseburger. You guys mind if I take five while these losers stink the place up?

DM: Sit down, Neels...

DT: Donovan Astros earned the right to be here tonight after he and Michael Bastard overcame the team of Brown and the Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Hart, back at Aggression 53 in Minneapolis. Bastard will get his shot against Hart later tonight, but first, we’ll see how the TV Title is decided!

DM: Sounds like we’re ready to go!

[CUE UP: “Worldwide Suicide” by Pearl Jam……

As the guitars come in, DONOVAN ASTROS steps out onto the stage, posing to the fans to a considerable pop. After another moment, he starts down the ramp, looking pumped up and determined.]

DT: The challenger makes his way to the ring, and I have to say, he looks READY for this match!

DM: He’s waited a long time to get to this point after spending nearly a decade climbing the ladders in independent leagues... and I’m not surprised to see him this determined.

DT: No doubt CONFIDENT as well, considering he a managed to score a victory over Karl Brown at Aggression 54 in a non-title match.

MN: Bah, that was inconsequential flash pin. The way I see it, anybody who takes TEN YEARS to finally get to the big leagues just REEKS of being an untalented waste of space. I thought Astros had potential, but after seeing that maniac Stalker lay waste to him at Aggression 55, I’m convinced he’s nothing but a pushover...

[Astros rolls into the ring, pumps up a turnbuckle, and poses again for the fans for another few moments.]

[CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden…..

The fans POP LOUDLY as Karl Brown’s video package plays on the EmpireTron, switching between shots of the TV Champion nailing the Dragon’s Bite and several shots of a CGI Dragon flying over the British flag. As the vocals come in, “THE DRAGON” KARL BROWN steps onto the stage with the EPW TV Title around his waist, garnering a TREMENDOUS ovation from the fans. He bounds down the rampway at a confident pace, slapping hands with the fans on his way to the ring.]

DT: What an OVATION for “The Dragon” Karl Brown, coming to the ring looking ready to defend his title and his pride! No doubt, he wants to put the embarrassment back at Aggression 53 behind him. Tonight, the Television Title is at stake, and he’s going to do ANYTHING to keep it!

DM: There hasn’t been a man in all of Empire Pro who has had the long-standing impact and effect over these loyal fans than that man right there, “The Dragon” Karl Brown! Not only is he a FABULOUS technical wrestler, but he’s also got two EPW belts to add to his legacy!

MN: Except the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT Belt, of course...

DT: I feel it’s only fair to measure the success of Karl Brown by what he’s done in the ring and how he’s managed to inspire so many young fans out there with his discipline and fierce determination.

DM: That’s right, Dave. He may not have had a grasp on the World Heavyweight Title... YET. But he’s had some memorable matches, and definitely raised the bar for a lot of up-and-coming talents... the challenger, Astros, included. EPW wouldn’t be what it is without “The Dragon”, and I’m thankful he’s still with us, representing this federation’s prestige as its TV Champion.

[Brown enters the ring, climbs to the second rope, and poses with the belt for the fans to get a good glimpse. He has a very cold and calculating look as he casts his eyes in the direction of Donovan Astros, and meets referee Pat Jones in the center of the ring for the usual pre-match formalities. Tony Fatora stands before the camera with a mic in hand.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is for the EE-PEE-DOUBLE-YOU TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

Crowd: *POP!*

TF: Introducing first, the challenger... hailing from Los Angeles, California, and weighing in at 237 pounds... HERE IS... DOOONNNOOOOVVVAAAAANNN AAAAAASSSSTRRROOOOSSSSS!!!

[The crowd pops as Astros raises an arm.]

TF: And his opponent... from Nottingham, England... he weighs in at 211 pounds... he is the EE-PEE-DOUBLE-YOU TELEVISION CHAMPION... “THE DRAGON”... KAAAAARRRLL BBRRRROOOOOOWWWWNNNNN!!!!

[The fans pop HUGE as Brown thrusts the TV Title into the air. A moment later, he hands it over to Pat Jones who holds it up for all four sides of the arena to see. After handing it over to the timekeeper, he orders both competitors to their corners, and cues for the bell.]


DT: Here we go! Both competitors advancing to the center of the ring, and go right into the lock-up!

DM: These guys look eager to dig right in... and almost right away, Astros scores the first points with a quick go-around, putting Brown’s arm into a hammerlock! Slick move on the part of the challenger!

DT: Brown, weighing his options... and he BITES BACK with a quick ELBOW STRIKE to knock Astros back! Astros stunned, and Brown QUICKLY follows through with a SNAPMARE to roll him to the mat!

MN: Apparently, he wasn’t slick ENOUGH...

DM: The TV Champion is wasting no time... he’s going right into a headlock, trying to force the challenger down to the mat -- but Astros quickly rolls to his side and gets to his feet!

DT: Brown still has the headlock in place, but Astros looks like he knows what to do next! He locks the waist... and LIFTS UP the TV Champ for the BACK SUPLEX -- but BROWN LANDS ON HIS FEET -- and goes RIGHT BACK to the headlock!

MN: Well THAT was clearly wasted effort...

DM: Brown is clenching his teeth as he squeezes the forearm against the temple of Donovan Astros. I’ve never seen anybody in the EPW ring make a simple side headlock look so PAINFUL other than “The Dragon!” Astros, trying to back into the ropes now... he bounces off, and the momentum sends Brown RUNNING!

DT: Karl Brown rebounds off the other set of ropes... OH! But he runs right into a STIFF shoulder block from the challenger! Astros, the man in motion now, off the ropes... quickly hurdles the TV Champ as he’s rolling onto his belly... Brown to his feet as Astros rebounds – and the champ CATCHES HIM WITH AN ARM DRAG!

DM: Astros back up... RUNS RIGHT INTO ANOTHER ARM DRAG! Brown is looking good now, and quickly tries slapping on an armbar to keep the challenger pinned to the mat... but Astros QUICKLY reaches out with his leg and sets his foot on the bottom rope!

DT: Referee Pat Jones calls for the break, and Karl Brown releases him on a moment’s notice, backing away and giving the challenger a chance to get back to his feet.

MN: He could have easily milked that for another three or four seconds, if you ask me.

DM: He could have, but Karl Brown is the prime example of what a RESPECTABLE wrestler truly is. Astros back to his feet now, ready to get back into the match without much delay... he comes off the ropes, and both men tangle into the lock-up once again!

DT: And this time, Karl Brown comes out on top, slapping the challenger into a front facelock! Astros trying to squirm free, but Brown delivers some SHARP elbow strikes right into the SPINE with his free arm!

DM: Donovan Astros reeling in pain... and now Brown throws the arm over, grabs him by the tights... and Astros goes UP AND OVER with the Snap Suplex by the champ! Absolutely PERFECT form on that one!

Crowd: *POP!*

DT: The TV Champ is looking good so far! Brown with the lateral press now, hooking the legs for the pin!



Astros quickly kicks out! Still plenty of life left in the challenger!

MN: You could’ve fooled me...

DM: Astros sitting up, but Brown quickly slaps on a chinlock to keep him pinned in place! The challenger is certainly being tested here tonight by the Empire Pro veteran, Karl Brown!

DT: He’s waited a long time for this opportunity, but he can’t get over-anxious when against an opponent like “The Dragon”! Brown wrenching back on the head of the challenger... and now Astros struggling to get to his feet!

DM: Brown switching back to the side headlock as Astros works his way back off the mat... wait, Astros with ELBOWS to the mid-section! Brown loses his grip... and Donovan breaks away! Astros with a BOOT TO THE GUT – NO, Brown CATCHES THE LEG!!

MN: This kid just can’t catch a BREAK!

DT: Brown draws him in... RIGHT INTO A CAPTURE SUPLEX!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: “The Dragon” has this capacity crowd ROARING, and now he’s quickly in motion, rolling over and hooking the legs for another pin attempt!



And Astros kicks out! He’s determined to hang in there, but the Television Champion is pulling ahead!

DM: Donovan Astros hasn’t found the opportunity to get in some solid offense yet. It’s as though Karl is able to predict his next move, and knows EXACTLY how to react when it happens!

MN: Maybe Astro Boy just needs to be little less PREDICTABLE in what he does, huh? Anybody think of that?

DT: The pain is starting to show on the face of the challenger, but nevertheless, Donovan Astros is trying to get to his feet! He isn’t going to make it, because the TV Champion, “The Dragon” Karl Brown, is up before him and already has him in a rear waistlock!

DM: Brown isn’t going to give him a free moment! Astros, nevertheless, forcing himself to the ropes and dragging the TV Champion to the ropes... here’s Brown, bouncing back AND GOING FOR THE ROLL-UP – NO!! Donovan took ahold of the ropes!

MN: The Brit’s got butterfingers!

DT: Brown charges... NO!! Astros COUNTERS THE RUNNING LARIAT WITH A BACK-BODY DROP, putting the champion OVER THE ROPES to the OUTSIDE!!

Crowd: “OOOHHH!!”

DM: Great reflexes on the part of the challenger! Now he can buy himself a minute to readjust his gameplan while Karl recovers out on the floor.

DT: I don’t think he’s going to sit back and wait... Astros stepping through the ropes to the apron, and now Brown comes to his feet... and OH WOW, HE TURNS AROUND INTO A RUNNING MISSILE DROPKICK OFF THE APRON BY DONOVAN ASTROS!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: What an AMAZING comeback by Donovan Astros! He’s definitely not afraid to take risks tonight!

DT: No playing it safe tonight... he’s waited too long for this opportunity!

MN: Not long enough, if you ask me...

DM: Astros has Brown to his feet, and doesn’t waste any time rolling him back under the ropes and into the ring. The TV Champion is already trying to make it to his feet, shaking some sense back into his head, as the hungry challenger slides in after him...

DT: Astros takes ahold of Brown’s head... NO!! Karl BITES BACK with a FOREARM to the mid-section! Brown pops to his feet... and PUTS ASTROS DOWN with a LIGHTNING FAST SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: You can’t give “The Dragon” a SECOND, or he’ll turn things around on you just like that!

MN: He probably could have done more damage if he kept him on the outside, but naturally, I wouldn’t think him capable of thinking of that.

DT: Brown is back to his feet after the quick recover... and he’s going to the TURNBUCKLE!! The TV Champion stepping through the ropes... he’s GOING TO THE TOP!!


DM: OH MAN, high-risk move on the way! Astros getting to his feet now, but he’s got his blindside to Brown perched on the TOP ROPE!!

MN: He’s just ASKING for it now...


Crowd: *YYEEAA – HUH?!”

DT: NO, WAIT – Astros ROLLS THROUGH... he’s ON TOP with Brown’s LEGS HOOKED!!

Crowd: “OOOOHH!!”

DT: Pat Jones with the count...



KICKOUT!! Donovan Astros came close to stealing it right there with that counter!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Brown wasn’t going to let it happen! Both men scrambling to their feet... Astros swings WIDE – and it’s DUCKED by Brown – who quickly FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH A RELEASED GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Crowd: “OOOOoohhh...”

DT: OH MAN, Astros took a hard bump there!

MN: Ah, I bet hard bumps to the head are no strange thing for him...

DM: Yet again, Karl Brown’s lightning fast reflexes and veteran awareness have successfully diffused the challenger’s rising momentum. Brown has a moment to catch his breath, and meanwhile, Donovan hasn’t moved since suffering that suplex.

DT: “The Dragon” moving in... now he’s lifting Astros off the mat by the head – BUT WAIT, ASTROS WITH A SMALL PACKAGE OUT OF NOWHERE!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Brown’s shoulders ARE ON THE MAT!!



BROWN KICKS OUT AGAIN!! OH MAN, Astros came close to stealing it AGAIN! I thought he was OUT!

MN: You thought WRONG, Dave...

DM: “The Dragon” is trying to get back to his feet, but Donovan is already up and springing off the ropes... NO!! He runs right into a DROP TOE HOLD by the TV Champion!

DT: And Karl QUICKLY gets himself into position to apply the side headlock... but Astros POWERS himself back to his feet! Brown trying to control him, but... wait, Donovan REVERSES into a Hammerlock!

DM: Astros is just REFUSING to stay down for even a MOMENT! The TV Champion has been dominant through this match, but Donovan is definitely hanging in there with him every step of the way! He went from being aggressive right out of the gate to catching the veteran Karl Brown off-guard with a couple of tricky counters!

MN: It obviously doesn’t take MUCH to impress you, Dean!

DM: I can certainly say I’m impressed with what I’m seeing in the ring right now!

DT: This is turning into quite the contest! Brown going for the ELBOW, but Astros keeps his head tucked down and the arm of the TV Champion wrenched! Karl can’t get an angle!

DM: Astros is working that arm... and again, Brown going for the ELBOW – NO!! He FAKES IT and GOES LOW FOR THE LEG!!

DT: HE’S GOT IT!! Brown PULLS OUT THE LEG and TRIPS Astros to the mat! Good counter!

MN: That limey hooligan!

DM: Astros looks a little shaken after hitting the mat... and Brown keeps ahold of the leg – wait, HE’S TRAPPING THE LEG – YES, HE BRIDGES OVER FOR THE ESS-TEE-EFF!! Look at the FORM on that submission hold!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: The TV Champion has the S-T-F LOCKED IN, and Donovan Astros is a good distance away from the ropes!! Could Karl Brown force the challenger to tap out here?!

MN: I wouldn’t be surprised! Astro Boy looks WHIPPED, if you ask me!

DM: Look at the face of Donovan Astros... he is in some SERIOUS pain right now! Brown, with that PERFECT dexterity of his, is applying as much leverage as he can on the chinlock! But still... the challenger is trying to force his way out!

DT: Astros is NOT going down without a fight here tonight! He’s shaking his head to the referee and trying to pry away at the iron-clad GRIP of Karl Brown! He’s in the coils of “THE DRAGON” now!

MN: The Godfather of Lame Puns... Dave Thomas, everybody.

DM: Brown’s got those hands LOCKED!! Astros can’t break the hold... so now he’s CRAWLING inch by inch to the ROPES!!

DT: That man is showing some REAL determination here tonight! Astros, only a foot away now... make that only INCHES away now... he’s got his ARM OUTSTRETCHED for the bottom rope!!


DM: Astros, with the crowd motivating him to push forward, just keeps moving closer and closer to the ropes! Brown can HARDLY BELIEVE IT!! Donovan Astros, REACHING OUT...


Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Astros HAS GOT THE BOTTOM ROPE, and Pat Jones calls for the break... and Brown follows his command without hesitation!

MN: No, NO!! Karl, you IDIOT!! That’s when you pretend not to HEAR the referee! I tell ya, these guys DON’T know how to get it done...

DM: Brown, hesitating on his knees for a moment before standing again... he looks a little disappointed, but I think he’ll get over it quickly. He did a LOT of damage to Donovan Astros, as we can see by the challenger remaining on the mat for a few moments as the agony wears off!

DT: Brown respectfully waits while Astros recuperates... he’s slowly but surely back on his feet, but you’re right, Dean, he definitely looks hurt right now! He exhausted a lot of energy just trying to crawl his way to the ropes, and you know that’s just GOT to affect his performance from here on out!

MN: Clearly, he’s got nothing left in the tank. Not that he had much of a tank to begin with...

DT: Nevertheless, Donovan Astros comes forward... looking for a BOOT TO THE GUT – but it’s CAUGHT and QUICKLY COUNTERED into a DRAGON SCREW by “THE DRAGON”!!

MN: He really likes milking those “dragon” puns...

DM: Brown already trying to follow up with what looks to be a half crab... but Astros KICKS HIM AWAY with what strength he’s got left! He definitely doesn’t want to find himself caught in another submission hold...

DT: The TV Champion makes the quick recovery as Astros continues struggling to his feet... there goes Brown into the ROPES – and CATCHES THE RISING CHALLENGER WITH A RUNNING BULLDOG!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: Kiss the canvas, Astro Boy!

DT: Donovan Astros is OUT! Now Brown quickly rolls him over... hooks the LEGS...



NO!! Astros kicks out!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: And Brown’s already getting him back to his feet! He’s got him hooked around the body... AND BROWN SENDS ASTROS UP AND OVER WITH A T-BONE SUPLEX!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: Would these idiot fans make up their minds already?!

DT: This capacity crowd is completely fired up here tonight! Earlier on, they were heavily in favor of “The Dragon”, but I think Astros performance here tonight has definitely earned their respect!

DM: They’re having too good of a time watching this AMAZING contest to give a damn who wins at this point! Can’t say I blame them! Brown still in control, getting a weary Donovan Astros to his feet... no, ASTROS WITH SOME SHOTS TO THE MID-SECTION!! He just keeps FIGHTING BACK!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: How is THAT for a “do or die” attitude! Brown is REELING... and Astros quickly POPS TO HIS FEET and RUNS TO THE ROPES! Here he comes with a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE – NO!!



MN: AGAIN, with the “dragon” thing!

DT: Astros is OUT!! That could have been IT right there!! Here comes Brown with the cover...




Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: He’s not DONE YET!!

MN: Damn, and neither is this UNBEARABLY BORING match!

DT: Karl Brown has kept control for much of the match, but Donovan Astros continues to hang in there and keep fighting, tooth and nail! You can really see the determination in his EYES there in that ring!

DM: There’s determination in the eyes of the TV Champion as well... no doubt determined to put this upstart challenger down for once and for all! He’s got Astros back up... and there’s a WHIP right to the corner! Astros connects, and the champ RUNS AFTER HIM –

DT: BIG STINGER SPLASH!! Astros didn’t even have a chance to avoid that one – “The Dragon” was just TOO FAST!

MN: I like to think Astros was just too SLOW!

DM: Astros looks like he might just fall flat on his face, but Brown quickly takes him by the back of the head and leads him out... wait, Brown putting himself into the turnbuckle, and BOOSTING UP to the top rope!!

DT: Oh man, “The Dragon” could be going for something BIG here! Karl Brown is seated on the top turnbuckle, leading a dazed Donovan Astros back to him by the hair!

DM: Brown reaching down and getting the WAISTLOCK... he’s going for the SOMERSAULT POWERBOMB – OH NO!!

DT: ASTROS REVERSED WITH A BACK BODY DROP!! Karl Brown took a HARD FALL flat on his back all the way from the TOP ROPE!!

MN: Is that what happened?! Looked to me like he botched a sunset flip!

DM: The challenger finally has an opportunity to capitalize! Brown getting to his feet... but Astros gets him from behind! Crosses the arms... FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH AN AZTEC SUPLEX!!

Crowd: *POP!!*





Crowd: *POP!!*


MN: Oh whatever...

DT: Both competitors scrambling to their feet... Brown quickly gets off a KICK TO THE RIBS – NO!! Astros CAUGHT HIM BY THE FOOT, and SPINS HIM around!


Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: What a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK FACEBUSTER that was!! The challenger has successfully turned the tables on the TV Champion... but can he finish him off?!

MN: This punk couldn’t finish a crossword puzzle in the New York Times!

DM: Neither can you, Neels...

DT: Brown not moving on the mat, and Astros hooks the leg for the COVER!!




Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Brown JUST GOT THE SHOULDER UP at the last moment! We were half a second away from a new TV Champion right there!

MN: And I was half a second away from falling ASLEEP!

DM: There’s a bit of anxiety in the face of the champ! I think he’s beginning to recognize just what’s at STAKE and just how far he’s going to have to GO to put away this challenger, Donovan Astros! Astros, meanwhile, helps him back to his feet...

DT: ...and Brown QUICKLY STRIKES with a KNIFE-EDGE CHOP to the chest! A SECOND! A THIRD!! Astros’ chest is turning beet-red now, and Brown leaves him staggering to run into the ropes!

DM: Brown on the rebound... Astros waits with the SLAM – but Brown GOES AROUND – HOOKS THE ARM – AND HE ROLLS UP THE CHALLENGER WITH A CRUCIFIX!!

Crowd: *POP!!*




THR – ALMOST!! ASTROS SQUIRMED FREE before the three!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: Is there amnesia gas being pumped into the arena, or these idiot fans just cheering at ANYTHING that just so happens in the ring?!

DM: Can’t hate them for simply enjoying what they see, Neels! Astros quickly trying to get to his feet, but Brown’s there first with a HARD KNEE right into his ribs! Brown gets him up the rest of the way... THERE’S A SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP, and Astros is back on the mat!

DT: Brown, rolling under the ropes and stops at the apron... and right back on his feet! He’s got Astros right where he wants him! “The Dragon”, VAULTING OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH THE ELBOW-DROP – NO!!

DM: Astros SLID TO THE SIDE, and Brown hit nothing but CANVAS! The see-saw battle continues! Astros with an opportunity now that Brown lies stunned, favoring the arm! Astros takes that arm and rolls him over... right into a STEP-OVER HEAD-HOLD ARMBAR!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: Donovan Astros has him in THE ASTROLOCK!! Karl Brown looks to be in REAL AGONY right now!

MN: I’d be in REAL AGONY too, if my face were that close to a grown man’s ASS!

DM: Astros continues wrenching that arm with the submission hold, but Brown doesn’t look like he’s going to stick around there much longer! The TV Champion, moving his lower body to the side... and he SWEEPS ASTROS RIGHT LEG with his free arm!

DT: Astros on the mat, and he LOSES HIS GRIP on the arm of the TV Champion! “The Dragon” in motion, quickly rolling the challenger over and getting him from behind – RIGHT INTO THE DRAGON SLEEPER!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

MN: Geez, what is it with these guys! Every move is Dragon-this and Astro-that! I oughta throw these losers out of the ring with a good ol’ NEELY-BOMB and be done with it!

DM: The tables have been turned on Donovan Astros, only moments ago applying a favored submission hold of his own, but now finding himself on the receiving end of “The Dragon’s” wrath! He has to be careful, because Brown could EASILY get him with the DRAGON’S BITE at this point!

DT: Brown trying to get to his feet as Donovan Astros thrashes desperately to free his head from that sleeper hold! I think the challenger is trying to get to the ropes, but Brown quickly backs him away toward the center of the ring!

DM: If he can hold him there, he might have this thing finished!


DT: But Donovan Astros is FIGHTING IT!! He’s trying to twist around... thrashing his arms... ANYTHING he can do to free himself!

MN: Are you sure he isn’t just overwhelmed in absolute pain right now?

DM: I think Dave’s right, Neels... Astros is trying to free himself from that submission hold! LOOK! Now he’s got that ARM behind Karl Brown! He’s GAINING LEVERAGE!!


DT: Brown on his feet now, trying to control this bucking bronco named Donovan Astros! Astros, planting his feet... HOLY COW, HE JUST HOISTED KARL BROWN RIGHT OFF THE MAT!!

Crowd: “WHOOOAAA – ”


Crowd: *POP!!!*


DT: Karl Brown looks considerably STUNNED now! I think Astros might have dropped him on his HEAD with that slam!

MN: I’m pretty sure Karl Brown’s been getting dropped on his head all the way back when he was a baby back across the pond...

DM: Astros takes a moment to catch his breath and let the bloodflow return to his head... and now he’s getting Karl Brown back to his feet! Donovan puts him into a headscissor... hooks both arms... going for a BUTTERFLY SUPL – BUT BROWN HOOKS A LEG and BLOCKS IT!!


Crowd: *POP!!*





Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: These guys just won’t QUIT!!

MN: Tell me about it...

DT: Brown bursting to his feet... and Donovan Astros isn’t far behind! Here comes Brown with the grapple – NO!! Astros caught him with the BOOT TO THE GUT!!

DM: Astros draws him forward – BIIIIIIG SPINNING IMPLANT DDT!!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DM: Astros just DRILLED the TV Champion with that one! If “The Dragon” takes any more punishment to that head, he’s going to have a CONCUSSION by the time this match is over!

DT: Astros wastes NO TIME going for the cover!




DM: He’s still in it!

MN: Me, I checked out a long time ago...

DT: Astros going to the CORNER now... and he’s going UP TO THE TOP ROPE!! Astros looking for the BIG RISK MANUEVER!!

DM: But never turn your back on “THE DRAGON”! Brown recovers... LUNGES TO THE ROPES – OH MAN, AND DONOVAN ASTROS GETS RACKED!!

MN: Saving the world from future generations of Astroses!

DT: Astros in a WORLD of pain... but that should be the LEAST of his worries now, as Karl Brown deftly SPRINGS to the top rope, hooks the challengers arms – OH MY GOD, “THE DRAGON” KARL BROWN COMES OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH THE ANGEL WINGS!!


Crowd: *MEGA-POP!!!*


DT: Astros decided to take a risk, and the TV Champion made him PAY!! Brown with a chance to finish things now... hooks BOTH LEGS FOR THE COVER!!




DM: That man will just not QUIT!!

DT: Donovan Astros keeps his hopes of becoming champion alive, but Brown is already back on his feet, bringing him up! I think Karl wants to FINISH THIS NOW!!

DM: You may be RIGHT, Dave! Brown taking Astros from behind... HE’S GOT THE INVERTED FACELOCK!! There’s THE LIFT – HE’S GOING FOR THE DRAGON’S BITE –



DM: Astros SHOVES HIM AWAY into the ropes... but Brown just BOUNCES OFF and SNAPS A BOOT right into his gut! Brown hooking the arm... going for the VERTICLE SUPLEX – NO, WAIT!! Astros HOOKED THE LEG and BLOCKED IT!!




Crowd: *POP!!!*





Crowd: *MEGA-POP!!!*


[Donovan Astros rolls off of the defeated TV Champion’s chest, his face an incredulous combination of exhaustion and joy. Brown, a quarter-second away from a kick-out, looks simply shocked and disbelief.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is the winner of the match...



DM: What an INCREDIBLE contest we just saw here!

MN: What? Did you say something? I was asleep again. Oh hey, the match is over? Who won?

DT: Clearly, it’s an emotional victory for Donovan Astros, who has come so far and labored for so many years to realize this moment happening NOW!! Donovan Astros is the NEW E-P-W Television Champion, and “The Dragon” Karl Brown cannot BELIEVE IT!!

DM: It all just happened SO FAST!! These two guys were going back and forth through the ENTIRE match, and all it took was one, simple mistake, and Astros found the opportunity to put him away! An amazing feat, considering very FEW have gotten the better of “The Dragon” Karl Brown!

[Referee Pat Jones raises Astros arm in victory. Meanwhile, Karl Brown rolls from the ring and intercepts the timekeeper bringing what was just a few moments ago HIS TV Title to the ring. Brown takes the belt into the ring himself, and honorably hands the prize over to the successor in a clear show of respect. He offers a handshake, but gets caught into an embrace instead when Astros pulls him in.]

DT: A fantastic match by two fantastic competitors! Karl Brown gave it his all here tonight, but the determination and years of patience gave Donovan Astros all he needed to pull ahead against a veteran talent like “The Dragon”!

MN: Oh, whatever. One mediocre shmuck beats another mediocre shmuck for a mediocre title. The guy’s acting like he just won the Super Bowl!

DM: Clearly, Neels, you don’t understand just how LONG Donovan Astros has waited for this moment to be realized! He made it to the top of the mountain elsewhere, but making a mark like this in a new company is a big deal. Not too many people can branch out like this!

DT: Donovan Astros will sleep tonight with a smile on his face and a shiny new belt under his pillow!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Copycat vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens

DM: Well, coming up right now, folks, you’re about to see one hell of a grudge match.

DT: That’s right, Dean. There are a lot of titles on the line tonight at Unleashed, but the stakes in this next match could not be higher, as “Triple X” Sean Stevens prepares to go one-on-one with Copycat.

DM: In his time here in EPW, Sean Stevens has made a lot of enemies, but one thing he has never done is turn his back on EPW. Copycat, on the other hand, has vowed to bring EPW to the ground if it doesn’t align with his misguided vision.

MN: What do you mean, “misguided?” Copycat is speaking the truth about the deterioration of the business, and it’s pathetic that Sean Stevens is trying to defend it! And I used to think he was cool.

DM: Surely, Mike, you can’t possibly be defending what Copycat has done since beginning this crusade. Running over Dan Ryan, throwing Frank Pierce off the entrance ramp, trying to blind the First, brainwashing senior official Pat Jones’ son, kidnapping Sean Stevens’ son…

MN: Now wait a minute there, Matthews. I’m willing to concede the necessity of most of things, but kidnapping a man’s young son is wrong.

DM: Well then—

MN: But how do you know Copycat is the reason the kid is missing? Kids are dumb! He probably just heard an ice cream truck or something, and—

DM: You’d better hope Sean Stevens doesn’t hear what you’re saying about his boy, Mike. That’s all I’ve got to say.

MN: Oh, he’s got bigger things to worry about.

[The lights go out in the arena. CUE UP: “The People That We Love” by Bush, as the lights begin to flicker on and off……..

A flashing siren appears on the video monitor. When the drums first kick in, the monitor shows a sped-up version of Copycat running Dan Ryan down with his car. When the drums drop back out, the siren -- now with Copycat's dead eyes layered over it -- reappears. When the drums kick in again, the video monitor changes to the typical in-ring highlights as Copycat comes through the curtains. The fans boo vociferously as Copycat slowly makes his way to the ring]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following matchup is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring now, from Kalamazoo, Michigan! Weighing in at 280 pounds, Copycaaaaaaaaaat!

DT: And this capacity crowd is telling Copycat exactly what they think of him.

MN: But look at Copycat’s eyes. He doesn’t care even a little. Heck, he might not even hear it at all.

DM: I assure you, Mike, Copycat hears these fans loud and clear. But he’s convinced himself that the path he’s taking is the right one, and he’s not about to let them tell him any different, even though he should.

[Copycat slowly walks to the ring, eyes fixed on it. He steps into the ring as the lights stop flickering, settles himself in a turnbuckle opposite the entrance ramp, and keeps his eyes focused on the ramp]

DT: Well, if you had any question about where Copycat’s priorities lie, this might answer them. The man is staring at that entranceway, barely blinking – he’s waiting for Sean Stevens, and I shudder to think what he has in mind.

DM: Maybe, but you can bet Sean Stevens has some plans of his own for this match, after the things Copycat has been saying through Aaron Jones in recent weeks.

DT: I can say, sadly, that the rumors of the disappearance of Sean Stevens’ son are confirmed, and to me, it’s shocking that Copycat would resort to that… and now the insinuation is coming in that he’s become brainwashed just like Aaron Jones….

DM: Can you have any doubts where Sean Stevens’ son was now, Mike? I can’t believe Copycat would sink this low, that coward!

MN: Look, if it was Copycat – and I’m not saying it was – even I agree with you that this is low.

[The lights dim……. CUE UP: “King Back” by T.I. ………..

SFX: Thunder, lightning, horses, chariots, grunts, growls and other sounds of gladiator-style war]


[Up on the video monitor, images flash, starting with an up-close photo of a blue-eyed baby – crawling, playing football and basketball, things that babies generally do]


[Several more images appear. The first is an older Sean Stevens, in amateur wrestling gear; in a cap and gown, signifying graduation. The scene shifts to Sean in the audience, in what looks to be a wrestling arena, before cutting to the final image of Sean, in the middle of a death-defying leap from a 40-foot-high camera tower, as his foe – below – lies unconscious]


[The very last image appears. One of "Triple X" Sean Stevens in the center of the ring, being handed a crown, tired, sweaty, yet triumphant. Suddenly, the video monitor fades to black. And, for a moment, there is nothing but silence]

“Time to ride, n[BEEP].”


[Fireworks in the shape of an X shoot to the roof. The crowd pops loud.

Sean Stevens explodes through the curtain in a dead run toward the ring, and Tony Fatora quickly rushes through his introduction]

TF: And his opponent, from Orlando, Florida! At 243 pounds, “Triple X” Seeeeeeeeean Steeeeeeeeeevens!

[Stevens slides into the ring and goes straight for Copycat, who hasn’t moved since turning to face the entranceway]

SFX: Ding! Ding!

DT: And Sean Stevens wastes no time getting to the ring! It takes a lot to make Triple X lose his cool, but mess with a man’s family, and he’s bound to react!

DM: Stevens tackles Copycat to the mat! He didn’t even have time to react! And now, Stevens laying into Copycat with right hands as Copycat tries in vain to cover up!

DT: Copycat now able to roll under the bottom rope to the outside! He’s shaking out the cobwebs, but the eyes are as dead as ever.

MN: Thank goodness Copycat was able to escape, I think Stevens is probably willing to kill him!

DT: Copycat circling the ring, looking for a way back in, but Stevens isn’t taking his eyes off him – he’s not going to be able to sneak up on the Blue-Eyed Badass!

DM: Copycat cautiously stepping back into the ring…

DT: And Stevens tackles him to the mat again! Right hands by Stevens! He is looking to dole out some serious punishment to his opponent here tonight!

DM: But Copycat is again able to escape the ring.

DT: He’s going to be re-evaluating his strategy in this one.

MN: Are you kidding? This is the Smartest Player in the Game you’re talking about! If Sean Stevens came to the ring ready to kill, it’s because Copycat wanted him to!

DM: I doubt anyone would be foolish enough to provoke Sean Stevens like this on purpose, Mike. Copycat has been trying to break Stevens’ will, not arouse his killer instinct.

DT: Copycat back in the ring again, and I can’t believe it! He’s hiding behind referee Emilio Gomez!

DM: And Gomez is preventing Stevens from going right through him to Copycat! Some incorruptible example Copycat is setting here tonight!

MN: This is the brilliant mind of Copycat at work again, Matthews! He knows what Sean Stevens is thinking – if he gets disqualified right now, the match is over and he won’t be able to inflict any more punishment!

DT: And Copycat reaches past Gomez and pokes Stevens right in the eye!

MN: See, I told you! It’s all part of his plan!

DM: Copycat now laying into Stevens with big right hands! That’s a 280-pound man in there, and when he hits you, it’s going to hurt!

DT: Copycat now takes Stevens to the corner and slams his face into the turnbuckle! Stevens trapped in the corner, and Copycat with kicks to the midsection!

DM: You can see Copycat teeing off on Stevens here, but look at the difference between the shots he’s taking and the shots Stevens was taking – every kick and punch Copycat throws is measured. You’re definitely right, Mike, he definitely came into this match with a strategy.

MN: That shouldn’t be a surprise to you, Matthews.

DM: That Copycat has a strategy?

MN: No, that I’m right!

DT: Copycat whips Stevens to the opposite corner, and Stevens explodes out of the corner with a clothesline, dropping Copycat to the mat! Another clothesline puts Copycat down!

DM: Some strategy, eh Mike?

MN: It’s all part of the plan! Probably!

DT: Stevens takes Copycat to the corner, and this time Copycat goes face-first into the buckle! Stevens now lays into him with a hard chop! And another one! And another one! Stevens is going nuts in there!

DM: Stevens whips Copycat to the opposite buckle, reversed! Copycat charges in with a clothesline, Stevens ducks out of the way, and a dropkick by Stevens! Stevens goes for a cover!

DT: No, Stevens just mounted Copycat and he’s now hammering away at him yet again!

MN: Doesn’t Stevens have any other moves?

DT: Emilio Gomez now having to pull Stevens off Copycat, and Stevens is steamed!

MN: But he can’t hit Gomez! That means Copycat can escape – no more revenge!

DT: Stevens slips around Gomez and nails Copycat with an elbow as he gets back to his feet! Stevens scoops up Copycat, and there’s a bodyslam! Stevens up to the second rope!

MN: And Copycat rolls out of the ring again! You can’t outsmart the Smartest Player in the Game!

DM: Can’t you? Stevens is following him out this time! Copycat turns around – and a hard shot to the face by Stevens!

DT: A kick to the midsection, and Stevens now grabs Copycat and slams his face right into the ring steps! And again!

MN: Hey, come on, where’s the referee now?

DT: Copycat rolls back into the ring, with Stevens in hot pursuit! Stevens rolls in, and Copycat lays into him with stomps!

MN: That’s it, Cat! If he’s going to do nothing but brutalize, you’ve got to respond! And there’s an elbowdrop!

DM: Copycat drags Stevens to the center of the ring, goes for the cover – no! He’s choking Stevens on the mat! You’ve got to be kidding me! And he breaks at a four-count!

MN: How is that any worse than Stevens pounding on Copycat a minute ago?

DM: Punches are legal, Mike, chokes are not. And Copycat choking Stevens again – another four-count!

DT: Copycat now hauling Stevens to his feet, Stevens whipped off the ropes and Copycat with a big knee to the gut that sends Stevens to the mat! Copycat drags Stevens to his feet, hooks him up and … vertical suplex!

MN: And look at Copycat just holding Stevens there, letting the blood rush to his head! That’s the power you have to watch out for when you’re in the ring with Copycat! And <i>slams</i> Stevens to the mat!

DT: Copycat with a legdrop right across the face of Stevens! And another! Copycat with a cover!



No! Stevens gets the shoulder up.

DM: It’s going to take a lot more than that to put Triple X down.

DT: Copycat now with an Irish whip, sends Stevens to the buckle! Copycat charges in and nails Stevens with a big clothesline! Now a whip to the opposite buckle, Stevens staggers out and Copycat with a Samoan drop! A cover!



Kickout by Stevens!

MN: That’s smart on Copycat’s part – make Stevens waste energy by kicking out, tire him out!

DM: Stevens certainly has the quickness advantage in this one, so if Copycat can tire him out first, that’s a big plus for the big man.

DT: Copycat whips Stevens off the ropes, lowers the head – and catches a kick right to the face from Stevens! Copycat took his eyes off his opponent, and you don’t do that when your opponent is Sean Stevens!

DM: Stevens off the ropes – and runs right into a huge clothesline from Copycat!

MN: Copycat’s not going to give Stevens an inch, you can be sure of that!

DM: And Copycat with another choke locked in on Stevens! Gomez to three, four, and Copycat breaks! Gomez is warning Copycat, but I don’t know if Copycat even hears him!

DT: Copycat bringing Stevens back to his feet, and look at that! Copycat has Stevens up over his head in a military press! I don’t know what he’s going for, but—

DM: And a rake of the eyes by Stevens! Stevens is loose! And Stevens with a neckbreaker to Copycat! Cover by – no, wait, now it’s Stevens locking in a choke!

MN: Disqualify him!

DM: You cannot be serious! Stevens breaks at four. Stevens dragging Copycat over to the ropes, and now he’s choking Copycat against the ropes!

MN: Seriously, how can that not be a disqualification?

DT: Stevens off the ropes from the other side, and drives Copycat’s throat right into those ropes! Copycat down to the mat, and now Stevens lets loose with stomps to the head!

MN: What match is Gomez watching here?

DM: What match have you been watching for the last few minutes as Copycat has taken liberty after liberty with Stevens, Mike?

DT: Stevens with a headlock on Copycat, gets a running start and bulldog! Stevens with a cover!



No! Copycat able to kick out!

DM: Stevens with Copycat up now, and a back suplex! Another cover by Stevens!



And no! Copycat rolls the shoulder out!

DT: Stevens pulling Copycat back up to his feet, not giving the big man a moment to rest! Copycat into the corner and Stevens fires away with kicks to the midsection!

MN: I don’t see how you can support Stevens ignoring the referee’s warnings, but not Copycat!

DT: I’m just calling the match, Mike.

DM: Stevens backing away, charges into the corner – and right into a boot by Copycat! Copycat out of the corner and Kit Kat Kick! No, Stevens ducks under it! And he kicks out Copycat’s other leg!

DT: Stevens now with the leg of Copycat, and he delivers kick after kick to it with Copycat on the mat! An elbow to the leg now, and Stevens holds on into a grapevine! And those eyes of Copycat can’t hide the pain!

MN: But Copycat’s right on the ropes! Stevens has to break the hold!

DT: And the hold is broken at a count of two! Copycat getting back to his feet, and Stevens kicks out the leg again! Stevens with another elbow, and he’s got the grapevine locked back in!

MN: No way! Copycat’s close enough to the ropes – and he’s got them again! Stevens had better break!

DM: A three-count this time from Stevens, who’s clearly looking to test the limits just as Copycat has been! Stevens hauls Copycat to his feet and sends him into the buckle! Stevens now wraps Copycat’s leg up in the ropes and kicks away at it!

DT: And now he’s pulling on that trapped leg, putting even more pressure on it!

MN: Another illegal hold from Stevens! Some hero he is!

DM: Stevens has never claimed to be a hero, and he’s not about to start tonight as he releases the leg at four!

DT: Emilio Gomez is warning Stevens, but I think Stevens knows exactly how far he can go and how much he can get away with! Stevens charges in, Copycat lifts a boot to stop him – but Stevens catches it, and he wraps that leg up in the ropes again!

MN: Why isn’t he being disqualified? He’s breaking the rules much more than Copycat was!

DT: Stevens breaks at four! Stevens now pulls Copycat out of the corner, and an inverted atomic drop! A kick to the knee now by Stevens, and a DDT! Stevens with a cover!



No! Copycat is up.

DM: Stevens with an Irish whip, reversed by Copycat, and Stevens ducks under a big clothesline! Off the ropes from the other side, and a flying forearm by Stevens fells the 280-pounder!

DT: And Copycat is slow to get back to his feet with that damaged leg! Stevens is waiting for him and … huracanrana!

MN: That’s a big risk to take against a guy whose finishing maneuver is a powerbomb!

DM: Sean Stevens is more than willing to take risks when the stakes are high, and the stakes are high tonight! Stevens now with the leg again, and he’s looking for a figure-four! But Copycat kicks him away!

DT: Copycat trying to get back to his feet, and Stevens pulls the leg out! He’s looking for the figure-four again! He’s got the leg turned, but Copycat now with hard right hands to the face of Stevens, and he loses his grip!

DM: Copycat up to his feet now! Stevens charges in—

MN: And a huge spinebuster by Copycat! What a spinebuster that was! That could do it right there!

DT: Copycat with a cover!



No! That won’t do it.

MN: That may not have ended it, but just look at how Copycat managed to stop Stevens’ momentum with one big move!

DM: Copycat has stopped Stevens’ momentum, but with that aching leg, how much momentum of his own will he be able to build?

DT: And Copycat with mounted punches to the face of Stevens! Emilio Gomez telling Copycat to stop it, and he’s off Stevens! Copycat with Stevens to his feet, and a big bodyslam!

DM: Off the ropes, and a hard elbow to the chest by Copycat! A cover!



No! Stevens gets the shoulder up. Some great resilience being shown by Sean Stevens in this one.

MN: But look at that! Copycat’s got Stevens pressed over his head!

DM: But Stevens slides down the back! Stevens with a reverse headlock! He’s looking for the X-Terminator!

DT: No! Copycat turns into the hold, and there’s a Northern Lights suplex!



No! Stevens with the kickout!

DM: Copycat hauling his smaller opponent to his feet once again! Kick to the midsection with that one good leg, and there’s a double underhook suplex by Copycat! A cover! The leg is hooked!



And Stevens is up again!

MN: But Copycat isn’t giving an inch! He’s got Stevens up again, and a whip to the buckle! Copycat charges in—

DM: And gets a faceful of boot! Stevens up to the second rope – no, to the top! But Copycat with a punch right to the breadbasket!

MN: Copycat’s climbing up there with him! We could see a superplex here! Copycat’s got Stevens in position!

DM: But Stevens fighting back! Stevens with punches to the stomach, and a shot to the face! A headbutt, and Copycat falls to the mat!

Crowd: [Pop]

DT: Stevens positioned on the top again! Stevens off the top rope – but Copycat gets the boot up!

DM: And Stevens caught it! A fundamental mistake by Copycat there! Stevens looking for the figure-four – and he’s got it!

Crowd: [Pop]

DT: There’s no hiding the pain for Copycat now! Look at that grimace!

MN: I’m sure he’s just mustering the energy to break the hold!

DM: Copycat is trying to make it to the ropes, but Stevens has that hold in tight, and he’s wrenching it in with everything he’s got! If he can’t escape, he’ll have no choice but to tap out!

MN: No! They’re moving! Copycat is using his size to his advantage and dragging Stevens with him to the ropes!

DT: And look at the agony on Copycat’s face! It’s no easy task for him to reach for the ropes!

MN: You’re almost in range, Cat! Come on, you can get there!

DM: Copycat reaching out – but not far enough! The ropes are just out of range, and Stevens is wrenching the hold even tighter! Can Copycat make it?

MN: Yes! Yes! He’s there! Copycat’s got the ropes!

DT: And Gomez is telling Stevens to break the hold! But the damage may have been done!

DM: And look, Stevens going right back for it! But no! Copycat grabs Stevens by the tights and sends him tumbling to the outside!

MN: Good move by Copycat! He can take a rest while Stevens gets to his feet and gets in the ring! That’s the Smartest Player in—

DM: Look out! Stevens grabs the leg of Copycat and drags him halfway to the outside! Stevens slams Copycat’s leg onto the apron! And again! Now an elbow to that injured leg! What in-ring acumen Stevens is showing tonight!

MN: But Copycat kicks him off, back into the announce table! Copycat down to the floor, and he sends Stevens into the ring steps!

DT: Another reprieve for Copycat, but he’s limping on that leg! That could be the difference-maker in this one!

MN: I think Copycat’s looking for a difference-maker of his own!

DM: Hey, get away from there!

DT: Copycat clearing off the announce table! I shudder to think what he has in mind!

MN: I think I can guess! Copycat with a standing headscissors – he’s going to LitterBomb Stevens through the table! Don’t worry, Cat, I’ll forgive you!

DM: I don’t think he’s interested in your forgiveness!

DT: Copycat looking for the LitterBomb, but Stevens backdrops Copycat out of it! Stevens shaking out the cobwebs, and now a suplex to Copycat right on the floor!

MN: Hey, what are you looking at?

DM: Stevens has gotten an idea! Copycat has already cleared off that announce table, and now Stevens rolls him on top of it!

MN: This table is for Copycat to break, not you!

DM: Stevens with a hard shot to the face of Copycat, and now he’s up to the apron! What’s he got in mind?

DT: Stevens climbing to the top rope! He’s about to take a huge risk here, and the crowd is excited!

DM: Stevens soars off the top rope with an elbow!

Crowd: [Gasp]


DM: Good <i>grief</i>!

MN: He missed! He missed! Oh, thank goodness!

DT: Copycat rolled out of the way at the last second, and Stevens just crashed right through our announce table!

MN: Stevens just dug his own grave!

DM: But can Copycat follow up? He’s slow to get up to his feet and he needs the apron to do it, but Stevens is still down!

DT: Copycat over now, and he drags Stevens up by the hair! And … oh no!

DM: Oh, that is gruesome! Copycat didn’t clear off the announce table completely, and Stevens must have caught his elbow on the corner of one of our monitors, because he has opened up a hell of a gash in that arm!

MN: Massive blood loss, possible broken bone – no way Stevens can come back from this one!

DM: Mike, you know very well he’s come back from much worse in his time in EPW!

DT: Copycat rolls Stevens into the ring, and follows him in! Copycat with a cover!



No! Stevens with a kickout! It could have been over there!

DM: Copycat with Stevens to his feet, wraps that injured arm behind him and slams Stevens right on the arm! Copycat now stomping away at the arm! And now a kneebar with that arm! Stevens’ face is contorted in pain!

MN: Do the smart thing and give up, Stevens, while you still have two functioning arms!

DT: No! Stevens stretches a toe out to the ropes! Copycat breaks the hold at a count of three!

MN: But Copycat drags Stevens back into the center of the ring, and locks in the kneebar again! Stevens is going to have a much tougher time dragging his much larger opponent to the ropes!

DM: But look at Stevens struggle! He’s making it to those ropes, and a lot faster than Copycat expected! Copycat pulling back – but Stevens makes it! Gomez starts the count, and Copycat releases at four!

DT: Stevens hauled to his feet, and Copycat wrenches that arm! Copycat now into a crowbar, and Stevens shouts in pain! That’s a painful hold even if you don’t have a possible broken arm!

DM: But Stevens still has one good arm, and he uses it to fire elbows into the head of Copycat! More elbows, and Copycat breaks the hold! Stevens off the ropes, and … runs right into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex by Copycat!

MN: And did you see the air Stevens caught on that one? I think he got more hang time off that suplex than off his suicide leap through our announce table!

DT: Copycat’s not looking for a cover – he grabs the arm and locks in an arm-scissor! But Stevens is too close to the ropes for that to be effective!

DM: Copycat with stomps to the downed Stevens, and you can see the frustration starting to mount for Copycat!

MN: No way! He knows how tough Stevens is, and he’s more than prepared!

DT: Copycat wraps the injured arm behind Stevens, and a back suplex right on top of it! Stevens has a lot of pain to fight through! And Copycat with the arm-scissor again! Stevens trying to make it to the ropes again, but he’s got a lot of weight to move!

MN: The pain has to be almost too much for Stevens to take! It could only be a matter of time!

DM: No! Stevens makes it to the ropes. Copycat’s up to a count of three, four, and he breaks the hold! Copycat with Stevens up again, and there’s definitely frustration in the big man’s eyes!

DT: Copycat with a hard bodyslam to Stevens, and Copycat … Copycat now to the apron! Copycat climbing to the top rope! This is a huge risk for a man his size!

MN: But if it pays off, it will be worth it!

DT: Copycat up top and … a frog splash flattens Stevens! That’s 280 pounds crashing down on Triple X! Copycat hooks the leg!



Thr-NO! Stevens rolls the shoulder out!

MN: Are you kidding me? How did he manage that?

DT: Copycat pounds the mat in frustration! What else will it take to beat Stevens?

DM: Copycat may know what it takes, as he’s looking for the Cat’s Claw! But no! Stevens with a stiff elbow before he can get it locked in, and Copycat is stunned! Stevens with a clothesline with that good arm, and Copycat is down! Off the ropes, another clothesline to Copycat! Off the ropes again, another clothesline—

MN: But Copycat ducks! He’s got a waistlock, and there’s one hell of a release German suplex! That’s it, Cat, don’t let him build momentum!

DT: Copycat, wasting no time, floats over Stevens and … Fujiwara armbar! And Stevens is very clearly feeling an enormous amount of pain!

MN: He’s got nowhere to go, and Copycat is leaning all his weight on him! This has to be it! Look, Stevens can’t even move him!

DM: I beg to differ! Stevens is inching his way to the ropes! But it may not be quick enough – he’s losing blood fast, and that means he has to be losing steam!

DT: Stevens is moving him, though! He’s getting there! He’s almost to the ropes, but not quite!

MN: The hand is up! Stevens is going to tap! He’s—

DM: He’s got the ropes!

Crowd: [Pop]

MN: No!

DM: Copycat releases the hold, and he can’t believe Stevens was able to hold on! Copycat with kicks to the arm, but Stevens is still too close to the ropes for another hold! Copycat off the ropes from the other side, and nails Stevens with a baseball slide that sends him out to the floor!

MN: These guys have spent more time outside the ring than in it!

DT: Copycat lifts Stevens up and drops him across the barricade! Copycat with a handful of hair, and he slams Stevens face-first into the ring steps!

MN: A little payback from before!

DT: Copycat now wraps Stevens’ arm behind him! He’s got him up in a bearhug – and he slams Stevens’ back and arm into the ring post! Innovative offense by Copycat, continuing to target that arm!

DM: Copycat’s paused for a second, and you can see the gears turning in his head! Copycat with Stevens over to the steps, and – oh no! Don’t tell me he’s going to LitterBomb Stevens onto them!

MN: Yes! Finish the job!

DT: Copycat with Stevens poised for the move – wait! Stevens with a waistlock on Copycat – and he <i>stunguns</i> him face-first onto the steps!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Copycat’s face smacked right into those steel steps! Stevens may have just evened things up once again!

MN: No way! Stevens is still out on his feet!

DM: But look at Copycat!

DT: Oh no! Copycat back to his feet, and look at that blood pour! He may have caught a corner, too!

DM: Stevens with a hard shot to the bloodied face of Copycat, and he rolls him into the ring! Stevens back in, and he lays into Copycat with fists, trying to open up that wound even more! Copycat covering up, but Stevens brings him to his feet! Swinging neckbreaker!

DT: Cover by Stevens!



No! Copycat gets the shoulder up!

DM: And Stevens slams the face of Copycat into the turnbuckle! Stevens now scoops him up – and hangs him in a tree of woe! What’s Stevens got in mind?

DT: Stevens charges in – and a stiff dropkick right to the face of Copycat! Copycat trying to crawl away, but Stevens is having none of it! He brings Copycat to the center of the ring, and an inverted DDT! Stevens covers, and hooks the leg!



No! Copycat stays alive!

MN: Come on, Copycat! Don’t let him make a comeback after all the work you’ve done!

DM: Stevens off the rope, and a facebuster inflicts even more punishment! Stevens brings Copycat right back up, and a bodyslam! And Stevens is headed up to the top rope!

DT: This worked out alright for Stevens before, and it certainly worked out fine for Copycat when he did it! Copycat still down, and Stevens off the top with a frog splash! Stevens has the cover!



Thr-no! Close one! But Copycat isn’t finished yet!

MN: I think maybe Stevens is starting to get frustrated!

DM: I beg to differ – the Blue-Eyed Badass is just getting fired up! Copycat face-first into the buckle again, and now Stevens climbs up on Copycat and lays into him with punches!

Crowd: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six!

MN: No, no! Stevens made a mistake! Copycat coming out of the corner with Stevens on his shoulders! LitterBomb! LitterBomb!

DM: No! Stevens rolls over Copycat into a sunset flip!



Thr-no! Close call there for Copycat!

DT: A hard elbow to the face of Stevens by Copycat! Stevens staggers back, Copycat off the ropes and there’s a pump kick!

DM: But Stevens catches the foot! Stevens kicks out the other leg and – STF! STF!

Crowd: [Pop]

MN: No! No!

DM: A move that puts pressure on both the injured leg and the injured face! Copycat has to be in a world of hurt right now!

MN: He’s got to be able to survive this! Right?

DT: Copycat sent Stevens to the center of the ring for that pump kick, and now that’s exactly where he’s trapped! And look at Stevens wrench in the STF! He’s pulling so hard it looks like he’s the one in pain!

MN: He is in pain, Thomas! He’s got to use that busted-up for this move, remember?

DM: Copycat certainly remembers, and he’s trying to pry the injured arm off! But it’s not doing him any good – Stevens is not about to release this hold! Copycat will have to get to the ropes, and he’s got a long way to go!

MN: You can make it, Cat! Just go one inch at a time!

DT: Copycat is trying to drag Stevens to those ropes, but he may not make it! Stevens pulling back with all he’s got, and Copycat looks to be fading!

DM: He may look to be fading in the eyes, but he’s still making slow progress! Stevens is going to have to use all his strength to keep Copycat away from the ropes!

MN: He’s halfway there! Come on, Cat!

DM: Can you stop cheerleading for even a second? Copycat is reaching out, but he’s not nearly close enough! Copycat stretching as far as he can stretch, but it’s not far enough!

MN: He’s almost there! More or less!

DT: Copycat in a world of pain! Copycat isn’t moving! This could be over!

MN: No, he’s stirring! Look! He just needed to rest before his last big surge toward the ropes!

DM: The ropes are in sight, but can Copycat make it? Copycat reaching out … no! Copycat’s reaching up! Copycat …

MN: Makes it to the ropes!

SFX: [The sound of air being sucked out of the room]

DM: And listen to the disappointment of this capacity crowd! They thought this one was over!

MN: Heck, just look at the face of Stevens! He thought he had Copycat!

DT: Stevens is shaking it off, though – he’s certainly not giving up! Copycat to his feet, and Stevens with a kick to the midsection! Hooks Copycat up, and … brainbuster! Cover!



Thr-no! Copycat kicks out!

DM: Copycat held on, but he can’t even get back to his feet! Stevens rolling him over to the corner! Stevens going up to the top rope!

DT: What can keep Copycat down?

DM: I think Stevens has an idea! Stevens up top! Shooting star press!

Crowd: [Pop]

DT: Stevens hooks the leg!



Thre-no! No! Copycat got the shoulder up!

DM: Stevens back to his feet – and he’s saying this one is over!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Stevens with Copycat in place, and he could be looking for the X-Terminator! He’s got Copycat in position! Stevens – no! The arm gave out on him!

MN: Copycat pushes him off! That’s it, Cat!

DT: Copycat charges – and a belly-to-belly by Stevens! Stevens back to his feet! Stevens is feeling the energy from the EPW fans here tonight, a feeling he may not have felt in some time!

DM: Stevens calling for the X-Factor!

Crowd: [Pop]

MN: Don’t let him get you, Cat! Don’t let him get you!

DT: Copycat up to his feet! Stevens loads up—

MN: But Copycat ducks it! Copycat with a kick to the back! Copycat with a reverse headlock -- <i>X-Terminator by Copycat!</i> He hit Stevens with his own move!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DT: What a move by Copycat! And both men are down! Emilio Gomez starts the count!

Crowd: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven!

DM: And Copycat throws an arm across Stevens!



Thre-no! No! Good grief, Stevens kicked out! Copycat can’t believe it!

MN: I’m surprised you can even see Copycat’s expression through that crimson mask!

DT: Both men slow to get to their feet! A right by Copycat, and a left by Stevens with his good arm! Another shot by Cat, and another by Stevens! The two men trading blows! And Copycat rakes the eyes!

MN: And now Copycat with Stevens up above his head again – press slam! This time it connects!

DM: Copycat off the ropes with a big splash! He hooks the leg!



No! Stevens kicks out yet again!

DT: Copycat pounds the mat in frustration! Copycat with Stevens to his feet, sends him off the ropes with an Irish whip, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

DM: And Copycat not even going for the cover as he brings Stevens up again! Stevens up on the shoulder, and Copycat runs him right into the turnbuckle! Copycat’s got Stevens in a tree of woe this time, and Copycat fires away with kicks! Copycat slides to the outside, and – Scratching Post! He’s got the Scratching Post on Stevens!

MN: This has to be it!

DM: The Scratching Post is an illegal move, Mike, it cannot end the match! But it can take a lot out of Sean Stevens, and I’m sure it has, as Copycat breaks the hold and rolls back into the ring!

DT: Copycat scoops Stevens out of the tree of woe back onto the shoulder, and a running powerslam! The leg is hooked!



<i>No!</i> How does Stevens keep going? How do either of these men keep going?

DM: Copycat brings Stevens up, but Stevens with a hard left! And another! Stevens is fighting with all he’s got! But Copycat with a knee to the midsection – and he tosses Stevens right into the ring post, injured arm first! Copycat now drags him out, and … crossface chicken wing!

DT: Another extremely painful hold! And with that arm of Stevens continuing to bleed and swell up, this time may be it!

MN: With all the weight Copycat has on Stevens, he can’t possibly make it to the ropes this time!

DM: Stevens has surprised us before, Mike, especially you! He’s already trying to roll to the ropes! But Copycat has that hold – and a body-scissors – locked in!

DT: Stevens’ face contorted in pain! How much more can he take?

MN: No more! This is it! It has to be!

DM: Stevens reaching out, but he’s not close enough!

DT: Stevens has fought a hell of a match, but I don’t think anyone would blame him for giving up now!

DM: Stevens would blame himself, and that’s enough! Stevens – Stevens manages to roll Copycat over! Stevens has a hand on the ropes! Copycat has to break!

DT: And he can’t believe it! He really thought it was over for Triple X!

DM: Copycat with Stevens to his feet, and Stevens breaks free with another flurry of punches!

MN: Where is this energy coming from?

DM: Stevens off the ropes!

MN: Kit Kat Kick! Kit Kat Kick!

DT: Stevens caught it right in the face! Copycat with a cover!



Three—no! Stevens kicks out! Unbelievable!

DM: Copycat gives the throat cut! He’s looking to end this one! It could be the LitterBomb! He’s got the standing headscissors! Will this time be successful?

DT: No! Stevens drops Copycat to the mat – and a slingshot right into the turnbuckle! Stevens up, and a waistlock!

MN: No, Copycat with a go-behind! <i>Cat’s Claw!</i> If he gets it in this time, it’s—

DM: <i>Stunner</i> by Stevens!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: It’s not a full X-Terminator, but it may be enough!

MN: Both men are down, though!

Crowd: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

DM: And Stevens is up!

MN: But Copycat is up with him!

DT: A left by Stevens! A right by Copycat! And we’ve got a slugfest! Where are these men getting the energy?

DM: Stevens with a whip, reversed by Copycat! Spinning heel kick by Stevens! A cover!



No! Copycat gets the shoulder up!

DT: No time to lose, Stevens with a kick to the midsection! Hooks up Copycat, and a piledriver! Another cover!



No! Copycat still alive!

DM: Stevens backed to the corner! Copycat up to his feet – Stevens with the X-Factor! No, Copycat dodges out of the way! Cat’s Claw! Cat’s Claw locked in!

MN: He’s got it! He’s got the Cat’s Claw! It’s over!

DT: No, Stevens isn’t going down without a fight! Stevens, lightning-quick, forces Copycat back into the turnbuckle!

MN: And right into referee Emilio Gomez! That’s two men, totaling more than 500 pounds, squashing Gomez in that corner!

DT: Oh no! I can’t imagine what these men might do when the rule book is thrown out the window!

DM: Stevens off the ropes, and he runs into a huge lariat from Copycat! And I don’t like the look on Copycat’s face!

DT: Copycat rolling to the outside! He’s got a chair! Now back in the ring! Stevens is getting to his feet, and he doesn’t see a thing!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DT: Copycat with the chair raised…

DM: <i>X-Factor!</i>

Crowd: [Massive pop]

DT: Stevens falls into a cover! Copycat is done!

MN: But there’s no referee! There’s no one to count Copycat down! He’s not finished yet!

DT: Stevens off of Copycat, and now trying to revive Emilio Gomez! But Gomez is out! Stevens … no! Don’t tell me! Stevens has the chair!

MN: Oh, where’s the referee when you need him?

DM: Not 10 seconds ago, you were ecstatic that there was no referee!

DT: Stevens with the chair! Copycat trying to pull himself to his feet!

SFX: [Crack!]

Crowd: [Pop]

DT: And what a shot! What a shot with that steel chair! Copycat has to be out cold!

MN: No! No no no no no!

DM: Stevens dragging the body of Emilio Gomez over to Copycat! Stevens with a cover! But Gomez still isn’t stirring! This one should be over! One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

DT: Gomez isn’t stirring! How is this match going to end with no referee?

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: It’s EPW senior referee Pat Jones! It’s Pat Jones! Pat Jones, the man whose son Copycat brainwashed, is out to the ring to continue the match!

MN: This isn’t fair! He isn’t an unbiased referee! Stevens used a chair! Where’s the justice!

DT: Jones in the ring! Stevens still has the cover!



Thr-NO! I can’t believe it! Copycat kicked out!

MN: Oh, thank God!

DM: But he can’t have much left! We’ve got a fully alert referee, and Stevens is up! He’s looking for the X-Factor! If he gets it with Pat Jones in there, you can kiss this one goodbye! Copycat staggering to his feet!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DM: And here comes Aaron Jones! Aaron Jones running down to ringside, and he’s shouting something at his father! You have to be kidding me!

DT: Pat Jones is telling his son to get out of here! He’s laying down the law! Stevens now giving Aaron Jones a warning!

MN: And Copycat shoves Stevens right into Pat Jones! Pat Jones tumbles through the ropes to the floor! That’s two referees we’ve lost!

DM: A kick to the midsection by Stevens! And now a spike DDT! But there’s no referee! Stevens trying again to revive Emilio Gomez! And Gomez is moving again, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting up anytime soon!

DT: And a low blow by Copycat!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DT: Stevens dropped to his knees! A desperate move by Copycat!

DM: And Copycat’s got that steel chair! Stevens getting back to his feet!

SFX: [Crack!]

Crowd: [Boo!]

DM: And a <i>brutal</i> chairshot right to the face by Copycat! Stevens is down! But there’s still no referee!

MN: No, wait! Gomez is stirring! Oh, Emilio Gomez, you’ve finally done something useful!

DT: Copycat covering Stevens! Gomez makes the count!



Thre-no! Stevens gets the shoulder up!

Crowd: [Pop]

MN: No way! No flippin’ way! How did he get the shoulder up?

DM: Copycat is furious! Copycat with Stevens to his feet – and he slams him right on top of Gomez! What a despicable move by Copycat!

MN: Hey, it’s not his fault Gomez gave such a slow count!

DT: Copycat’s got that chair again! And he just folded it up on Stevens’ arm! Copycat going to the top rope! He’s looking to break Stevens’ arm!

DM: No! Stevens is up! And Stevens kicks out the leg of Copycat! He crotches himself on the top rope!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Stevens has Copycat now, and he slams him off the top rope – right onto that chair!

DT: Stevens has averted disaster, but how much can he have left in the tank? Stevens is leaning on the turnbuckle to hold himself up! Copycat is trying to stagger to his feet!

DM: And Aaron Jones is on the apron! Someone get him out of here!

DT: Stevens just spotted Aaron Jones! <i>X-Factor to Jones!</i>

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Maybe that will knock some sense into him!


SFX: [Crack!]

DT: And Copycat just drilled Stevens with the chair, right in that injured arm!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DT: Stevens down to a knee, and Copycat with another shot right to the back!

SFX: [Crack!]

DT: Stevens is down, and Copycat is wearing him out with chairshots!

SFX: [Crack! Crack! Crack!]

DM: Damn that Aaron Jones!

MN: Bless that Aaron Jones!

DT: Copycat puts the arm back through the chair! Copycat going to the second rope! Don’t tell me!

Crowd: [Gasp]

DT: And Copycat comes crashing down on that chair! Good God! He could have just broken the man’s arm! Stevens screaming in pain!

DM: And there’s still no referee! What else can he possibly – oh no. No, no, no! Tell me he’s not going to do this!

DT: Copycat has just wrapped the chair around the throat of Sean Stevens!

DM: He can’t possibly do this! He could cause permanent damage to the throat of Stevens! Copycat going up top! Don’t do this, Cat! Don’t <i>do</i> this!

MN: I may want Copycat to win this match, but even I agree this would be going too far!

DM: Copycat up top! Where the hell is the referee!

DT: It looks from our monitors like Pat Jones is waking up on the floor, but he’s spotted his son and has turned his attention to him! He’s not looking at what’s going on the ring!

DM: Come on, Sean! Get up! Don’t let this happen!

DT: Copycat perched on top! And …

Crowd: [Gasp]

DM: Good <i>Lord!</i> Oh, my God in Heaven! He did it! He really did it! He’s trying to end Sean Stevens’ career here tonight, and he may have just succeeded!

DT: Stevens is coughing up blood! We knew Copycat was willing to go far, but I had no idea he would go this far!

MN: I can’t even watch. I’m going to be sick.

DT: And Copycat is down too! He put all of his weight into that stomp, and that’s a lot of weight coming down on the injured leg!

DM: Copycat crawling over to Stevens! Stevens is still hacking up blood, but he hasn’t moved from the mat!

DM: Copycat grabs that chair and tosses it out of the ring! Copycat going for the cover! And Aaron Jones is telling his father to get in and count! Stop the match, Pat! Someone stop the damn match!

DT: Copycat’s got his arm over the face of Stevens! Pat Jones can’t see that Stevens has internal bleeding! Jones slowly crawling into the ring!

MN: Is it over yet? Tell me it’s over!

DT: Copycat still with the cover! Stevens has been down all this time, and he’s still not getting up! You can see the reluctance in the eyes of Pat Jones, but Copycat has the cover! Jones with the count!




NO! By God, are you <i>kidding</i> me? Stevens kicked out! Stevens kicked out!

Crowd: [Pop]

MN: What? Are you <i>serious?</i> OK, this I have to see!

DM: Stevens kicked out at the last possible moment! Stevens kicked out! And Copycat can’t believe it! He’s got his eyes locked on Pat Jones, but the man kicked out! There’s nothing Jones can do!

DT: Copycat slowly back up to his feet! Stevens down on the mat! Copycat is trying to pick him up, but Stevens is dead weight! How much more can he take?

DM: Copycat trying to get Stevens up for the LitterBomb, it looks like, but Copycat is spent and Stevens isn’t moving! Someone stop this!

MN: If Copycat hits the LitterBomb, I can’t imagine Stevens will kick out! Copycat with—

DM: <i>Inside cradle by Stevens!</i>



Three-no! Copycat gets the shoulder up! Damn! He was so close!

DT: A desperate move by Stevens, but not enough to put Copycat away!

DM: And Copycat with a hard shot right to the throat of Stevens!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DT: Copycat drags Stevens up into the standing headscissors!

MN: Please, tell me this is it!

DT: Copycat’s got Stevens up! Copycat with the <i>LitterBomb!</i> LitterBomb connects! Copycat into a cover! He hooks the leg!




SFX: Ding! Ding!

[CUE UP: “The People That We Love” by Bush]

DM: By the mercy of God, this one is over!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner: Copycaaaaaaaaaaaat!

DT: And you can see the reluctance in Pat Jones’ eyes as he raises Copycat’s hand! Copycat picks up the victory tonight, but at what cost? His face is a mess of blood, he’s limping on one leg, and he has to have used every reserve of energy in his body!

DM: And that’s to say nothing of Sean Stevens! Stevens isn’t moving. Copycat rolls out of the ring, and Pat Jones is calling for some help for Stevens.

MN: At least Copycat has the decency to let those trainers and EMTs run to the ring unfettered as he and Aaron Jones limp back to the dressing room.

DT: We’ve seen Sean Stevens take some beatings before, but as beatings go, this has to be one of the most brutal. Those EMTs are checking Stevens out, and he still isn’t moving.

MN: It may have been a bad move for him to get up and keep fighting after Copycat crushed his throat with that chair – he just made it worse.

DM: That’s the fighting spirit of Sean Stevens. But it may have cost him this time.

DT: Stevens now being loaded onto a stretcher, and he still hasn’t moved.

DM: This capacity crowd is showing their appreciation for Stevens, though, and his efforts to defend EPW as he’s being wheeled up the ramp. These fans and Sean Stevens have had their differences, but they clearly appreciate what he tried to do for EPW tonight.

DT: He may not have succeeded in beating Copycat, but he may have done something for EPW after all – he showed Copycat how hard EPW is willing to fight him and the radical changes he wants to make.

DM: And listen to this crowd cheer for Stevens as he’s being wheeled through the cur—

Crowd: [Boo!]

DM: No! I can’t believe this! Copycat is back out here, and he just charged those EMTs! They just scattered like bowling pins! Hasn’t he done enough?

MN: Yeah, enough is enough! He’s made his point!

DT: Copycat just cleared those EMTs away from Stevens! And Stevens is still strapped to that stretcher! My God, he’s completely helpless! EMTs are trying to pull him off, but that’s a 280-pound man with a goal in mind, and he’s just shaking them off! What is he doing?

DM: Don’t tell me! Copycat’s got the stretcher! He’s turning it toward the edge of the entrance ramp! Don’t do this, Cat!

DT: Copycat leaning down over the face of Stevens! It looks like he’s trying to tell him something! We haven’t heard Copycat speak in months!

Copycat [picked up by cameras]: See what I see.

Crowd: [Gasp]

DM: <i>No! Good God, no!</i>

DT: Copycat just pushed that stretcher off the edge of the entrance ramp with Stevens strapped to it! Look at that drop! He could have just ended the man’s career!

DM: Someone get some help down there, now! What has Copycat done? And look at him, emotionless, going back through the curtain like nothing has happened!

DT: Folks, it hurts me to say this, but we may have just seen the end of Sean Stevens here tonight. Sean Stevens swore he would defend EPW to the end, and Copycat may have just made that end here at Unleashed.

MN: I don’t even know what to say at this point.

DM: Let’s just hope these medical technicians can get Sean Stevens to the hospital before he suffers any more permanent damage here tonight.

DT: We’re gonna take a quick break… hopefully Sean Stevens is alright… we’ll have the Intercontinental Title match right after this…


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Intercontinental Title: "The Phenom" Shawn Hart (c) vs. Michael Bastard

TF: The following contest is set for ONE FALL, and is for the Empire Pro Wrestling… INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

[The crowd cheer as Tony announces which match it is, but their reaction quickly becomes negative as we…….. CUE UP: “All Secrets Known” by Alice in Chains……

Michael Bastard, the Psycho Killer, stalks to the ring with his manager, The Amazing Logan, keeping a respectable distance behind. Some fans try to touch Bastard, but he just stares a hole straight into the ring]

TF: Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing 228 pounds, he hails from Flint, Michigan, and is accompanied by his manager, The Amazing Logan… he is the number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship… the Psycho Killer…


MN: What a Bastard. In a good way.

DT: Will your jokes about his name ever end?

MN: No way, Burgerman.

DT: Michael Bastard won the right to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship by pinning Shawn Hart in a great tag team match that also featured Donovan Astros and Karl Brown. This is his big chance.

DM: He’s been impressive, right from his debut through that MMA match and his recent form. But has he got enough to beat Shawn? I don’t know.

MN: He’s a monster, Dean!

DM: Shawn’s beaten monsters before.

[Alice in Chains fades as we CUE UP: “Phenomena” by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!...........

The crowd pops HUGE as a golf cart swerves through the curtain, being driven by the Intercontinental Champion. Shawn Hart steers the cart towards the ring, and as it crashes he holds the title above his head]

TF: Hailing from Orlando, Florida, he weighs 215 pounds… and he is the REIGNING… and DEFENDING… Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Champion…


DT: It’s great to see Shawn, he’s looking in great shape.

DM: I was talking to him earlier, and he really does seem to be over the illness that kept him in hospital.

MN: I doubt he was ever sick.

DT: Mike!

MN: I mean, look at Bastard – would you want to wrestle him? I bet Shawn was just stalling.

DM: Dan Ryan wouldn’t let someone call in sick like that, and you know it, Mike. You’ve tried it often enough.

MN: Hey!

[In the ring, Hart hands the Intercontinental Championship to the referee, who shows it to both competitors before raising it above his head and turning to fans on each side of the ring. Handing it to the time keeper, he turns just in time to step in between the two grapplers as Michael Bastard tries to start the festivities early]

MN: Bastard’s looking really intense tonight. It’s going to be a short workout.

DT: Hart goading the Flint native… there’s the bell, Hart ducks a dive from Bastard, right hand from the champ, another one, Bastard against the ropes. Irish whip from Hart, Bastard reverses.

DM: And Hart slides to the outside.

DT: Bastard charges Hart, to the outside

MN: And Hart’s a coward.

DT: Hart on the inside, Bastard back in but Hart drops the elbow!

DM: See? This is what makes Hart a champion.

MN: Being a coward?

DT: Hart showing the intelligence that won him the title, dropping a succession of elbows on the back of the head.

[As Hart stops his barrage, the challenger gets to his feet only to be met with a side headlock take down. Michael slams his fist into the mat in frustration as Hart positions himself to prevent a roll up and cranks on the head and neck]

DT: It’s early going but Hart’s showing no ill effects.

DM: He’s kept Bastard from grabbing him and played to his strengths.

MN: So far. Hart’s been a good champion but come on, he’s never going to beat Bastard one on one.

DT: Bastard scooting round, Hart keeping the hold applied. Releases the headlock, elbow to the back of the head, and back to the headlock


Hart rolls out of it!

DM: Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Very good roll up. We know Michael can take a hit and he showed a good sense of awareness.

MN: He’s the perfect package.

DT: Stiff shots to the head as Hart was a little slow getting up. Bastard throwing Hart back into the corner, hard shot to the ribs. Hoists Hart to the top rope – boot to the face by the champion.

DM: Michael staggered

DT: Blockbuster!

[Hart quickly goes for the cover, but the challenger gets his shoulder up even before the count of one. Hart tries to grab a rear chin lock but the challenger slips out quickly and gets to his feet. Bastard glares at Hart, and feints diving in, but Hart simply pulls himself up and straightens an out-of-place lock of hair]

DT: Hart has so far had the upper hand.

DM: It’s not much of a surprise to me.

MN: What? You’re mad, Dean. Hart’s taking Michael waaay too lightly.

DT: Bastard getting applauded by his manager but he’s looking a little more cagey. Taking his time, not diving in on Hart.

DM: Hart’s too cagey, Michael probably realises he’s not going to be able to just dive in.

DT: Hart taunting the challenger, but Logan seems to have him

Crowd: *groan*

DT: Well Hart may have made a mistake turning his back on Bastard. Logan had his charge under control and ready to pounce.

MN: Excellent bulldog!

DT: Bastard looking down at the champ, smashes him with a boot to the face.

[Grabbing Hart by the waist, Bastard hoists him up and spins him around, planting him with a very heavy gut wrench powerbomb]

DT: One!

Two and a kickout from the champion, that looked like it hurt.

DM: It was a powerbomb. I never took one that didn’t hurt.

DT: Bastard with a stiff elbow to the bridge of the nose, Hart rolling on the canvas, and the challenger with a choke hold!

MN: But the five second rule is in place.

DT: I wish they’d get rid of that rule.

MN: Well they ain’t, so there.

DT: Bastard breaks before the five, peels Hart off the mat. Irish whip, kick to the midsection, headbutt to the back of the head!

DM: That’s a lot smarter than you’d think. The back of the skull isn’t as strong as the front so Hart comes off a lot worse than Bastard.

DT: Quick kickout by the champion though.

DM: Hart’s always been resilient, that’s why I think he’s going to retain.

MN: OK, Dean, money on the table. Fifty bucks says my man wins.

DM: You’re on. I’ll take it off what you owe me.

MN: Hey!

DT: Take the deal, Mike. Michael Bastard with Hart up, props him in the corner, and those hard, driving knees to the ribs. Irish whip by Bastard, Hart hits the corner hard sternum first and Bastard in with a back stabber!



DM: And my money’s safe.

MN: For now.

DT: Hart with the kickout at two and a half, and Bastard with a stiff forearm to the back of the head.

[The challenger, forced back by the referee as Hart grabs a hand out to the bottom rope, starts pacing, his eyes firmly locked on the champion. As Hart gets to his feet, Bastard moves in again, but the wily veteran rakes Michael’s face before taking him down with a side Russian leg sweep and applying a rear chin lock on the canvas]

DM: Hart’s known more for his speed, but he really looks to be trying to slow this match down.

DT: It might be a smart move, Bastard goes straight through opponents and if Hart can he has to stop that train.

MN: Bastard could just grab the rope, but look at him actually trying to fight his way out of it, he’s going to be the greatest IC champ ever!

DT: He’ll have a lot of work to get that accolade, but Michael Bastard has managed to loosen the grip Hart had. Rolled onto his knees, Bastard trying to get to his feet. Hart lets go of the hold, grabbing the head – slams the back of Bastard’s head on the mat!

DM: Hart’s holding those ribs, maybe that offence from Bastard was stronger than it looked.

DT: A very measured knee drop by the champ, Hart targeting the head. Might not be a very good idea.

MN: It’s a stupid idea. Hart with a suplex.

DT: Floats over, Bastard rolling the shoulder up.


And rolls the shoulder again.

[The champion, without losing a beat, peels Bastard from the canvas and smashes his knee into the challengers face. Bastard staggers back before Hart sprints past him, the champion taking the Flint native down with a neck breaker. Instead of going for the cover, Shawn sits up on the ropes, and as Michael gets to his feet, Hart leaps off with a flying clothesline]

DT: Bastard hits the mat hard!

DM: And the fans appreciate that quick display of speed from the champ. Bastard’s holding his jaw, Hart with a kick to the face. You’re oddly quiet now, Mike.

MN: …

DT: Don’t tease him, Dean, he’ll cry.

MN: …

DT: Hart with a couple of forearms. Irish whip off the ropes, hip toss by Hart!

DM: And he follows it up with a running knee to the back of the head.

DT: One!


Kickout by the challenger off the lateral press.

MN: Come on you Bastard!

DT: After that hard offence earlier, Bastard hasn’t been able to catch a break. Hart with another shot to the head, hooks Bastard – fisherman’s attempt blocked, Hart off the ropes, Bastard charges and takes him over the top rope!

DM: That’ll change the complexion of a match.

DT: What a burst of speed! Hart’s no slouch but as he reached the ropes, Bastard was there to clothesline him to the outside!

[Hart quickly rolls back to his feet, but as he tries to get into the ring he’s kicked in the head by the challenger. Hart staggers as Bastard rolls out of the ring, the challenger grabbing the champ and ramming his head into the ring apron]

DT: Hart’s reeling, Bastard with a kick to the gut, throwing the champ into the ring steps.

DM: Is that blood?

DT: Where?

DM: Hart’s bleeding.

DT: I don’t know if that’s from the trip to the ring apron or the ring steps, but you’re right. The Amazing Logan applauding, telling Bastard to stay on Hart – reverse DDT on the outside!

MN: Yes! You Bastard! I should get that as a T-shirt.

DT: Maybe. The challenger rolling back inside, back to the outside again.

DM: It breaks the count.

DT: And maybe Hart if he keeps with those stiff shots to the ribs.

MN: It’s hard to breath with broken ribs. It’ll make it oh so easy for Michael to win the title, and Dean to pay me my winnings.

DT: Bastard rolling Hart back into the ring now, follows in and smashes Hart with a knee to the ribs. That’s definitely a cut on Hart’s face, the champ’s bleeding.

MN: I hope he’s had his shots. I don’t wanna catch whatever he may or may not have had.

DM: You’re quite a way from the ring, Mike.

MN: How many times has the announce table been destroyed, Dean, hm? I don’t want to risk it.

DT: Bastard’s just realised Hart is bleeding, look at those smashing rights, straight to the cut.

DM: If he can keep that wound open it’ll sap Hart’s strength. I think we tend to only see Michael as a hard, heavy hitter but he’s showing he’s got a good mind.

[The referee pulls Michael off, the man from Michigan glaring angrily at the interruption. Hart sinks into the ropes, shaking his head, as the referee checks the cut. Hart says he’s able to carry on, and as Bastard charges in, the reigning and defending champion retaliates with a kick to the midsection and snap DDT]

DT: Hart staggering to his feet.

MN: That lousy ref!

DM: He had to make sure Hart could carry on and defend himself, Mike.

MN: No he didn’t! He should’ve let Bastard carry on, we’d have a new champion now if he’d done his job.

DT: Mike’s got a point, but that’s what happened. Hart with a somersault neckbreaker, into the cover



Kickout by Bastard.

MN: Hart’s done nowhere near enough to beat my man.

DT: He’s hoping to build some momentum now though. Hooks Bastard – atomic drop! Back suplex!! Great combination by the champion!

DM: And it was a high angle suplex, all of Bastard’s weight onto the back of the head and neck.

MN: But Hart’s still looking a little glassy eyed.

DT: I’m wondering if he hit the steps head first earlier.

DM: He might have done, but grabs the arm as Bastard’s kneeling, rolls through – cross arm breaker!

DT: And he’s got it in the middle of the ring!

MN: Bastard’s hurting

DM: Hart’s bending the arm back against the elbow, Bastard has nowhere to go.

DT: And look at how Hart’s locked the ankles, forcing Bastard to stay on the mat.

DM: You better get your money ready, Mike.

MN: Never!

DT: Bastard trying to fight his way out of this hold, Hart has been working on the head and neck but this arm bar is locked in tight.

DM: Logan’s looking very worried, slapping the mat to try and rouse Bastard

MN: Bastard… YES! Breaks the hold!

DT: Michael Bastard managed to split Hart’s ankles and roll into the hold, Hart releases the hold and hits a square kick to the jaw!

DM: But Bastard did a wise thing and hit the mat near the ropes. Hart comes in, side headlock applied but that’s all he can do, he couldn’t risk a submission or pin attempt with the ropes so close.

DT: Bastard fires Hart off the ropes, Hart ducks the clothesline



Oh! Nearly, nearly a new intercontinental champion off the powerslam!

MN: Come on, Michael!

DT: Bastard with a stiff forearm smash to the head as both men get to their feet. Knee to the head, headbutt drives Hart down to the canvas.

DM: And the champion looks like he’s reopened that cut on his face.

MN: Michael Bastard with Hart by the hair, knee to the ribs and a gut buster! Beautiful!

[The fans boo as Bastard, breathing heavily and shaking out the arm, stares down at the grounded champion. He does a cut-throat gesture, grabbing Hart by the hair, but as he tries to scoop the champion up the Phenom slips out the back, rolling Bastard up]



No! No! Bastard powers out!

MN: Damn! How’s Hart still standing?!

DT: Bastard is quickly to his feet, charges HART


DM: Hart tried the Hart On, gets shoved away, ducks under a clothesline, right hand from Hart! Another right! Bastard rocked, Hart with the Irish whip, reversed. Hart stops against the ropes, Bastard charges


DT: No he doesn’t. Michael Bastard elevated over the top rope but great agility to land on the apron. Hart turns around, slingshot off the top rope by Bastard.

DM: Hart staggers, Bastard back onto the apron

DT: Dropkick by the champion! Bastard hits the arena floor, Hart follows him to the outside. Kick to the ribs by the champ, clubbing right hand – Russian leg sweep!

DT: Big move by the champion. Hart rolling back into the ring to break the count, Logan pleading with Bastard to get to his feet.

Ref: One!

DT: There’s the count, will Michael beat it?

MN: He better! He can’t lose to a loser like Hart!

DM: He’s got until the count of ten or he’s another notch on Hart’s title, and you’re another fifty down.

MN: Shut up.

DT: There’s the four. Bastard stirring, holding onto the apron.

Ref: Five!


DT: Bastard into the ring. Hart against the ropes, Bastard to his feet, the champ charges


Crowd: HO-LY ****! HO-LY ****!


DM: I… that’s one hell of a fall.

MN: Yes! You beauty!

DT: Folks, Shawn Hart just got hiptossed from the ring down to the arena floor! The referee’s checking on him, Michael Bastard’s – just shoves the ref aside and grabs Hart!

DM: I think I saw Hart’s arm swat at the ref, so Hart’s still able to carry on, but still, that had to take a lot out of the champ.

DT: Bastard rolls Hart back into the ring. Follows him in, peels him from the canvas


MN: Pay up, Dean!

DT: Michael Bastard with the Bastard Driver, into the lateral press hooks the leg




[SFX: ding ding ding ding]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen – the winner of this match, and… NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW… Empire Pro Wrestling INTERCONTINTENTAL CHAMPION…


[Grabbing the belt from the time keeper, The Amazing Logan rolls into the ring and leaps towards Bastard, slapping his charge on the back and showing him the gold]

DT: Fans… Michael Bastard picks up the biggest win of his fledgling career, dethroning Shawn Hart!

MN: And I’m fifty bucks better off!

DT: I’ve got to give it to Bastard, he took everything Hart could throw at him before he threw Shawn to the outside. There’s some EMTs down checking on Hart, but the former champion looks ok.

DM: He’s lucky. That was a huge hip toss and I’m not surprised after such a move we’ve got a new champion.

DT: Michael Bastard joins a prestigious list of Intercontinental Champions and after the displays he’s shown us, is there anyone who can take the belt from him?


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[CUTTO: The backstage area, we see Muse being held by Stalker as The First walks into the shot.]

FIRST: What are you doing?! Let her go!

STALKER: I told you! I told you what would happen. Do you see how easy it is for me to get to someone that you care for? Imagine if I had actually decided to hurt her BEFORE you got here? How would you make up for your lies to someone who got hurt just because they stand by your side?

[Stalker's grip tightens around Muse's neck. First starts to move towards them but she gasps for air and Stalker shakes his finger at him.]

FIRST: Let her go…This is between us…

STALKER: You should've have thought of that before you went on your little crusade pretending that you deserved that damn belt! I HANDED IT TO YOU and until you realize that you will never be rid of me..... NEVER! This is my god damn world First. It's about time you start respecting that. She won't be so lucky next time.

[Stalker kicks a door that’s behind him, then shoves Muse into First, Stalker escapes through the door and as First rushes it, the door shuts and locks, First bashes on the door repeatedly to no effect.]

MUSE: Forget him, you have a match, we’ll deal with him later.

[First shakes his head and glares at the door, then kicks it one more time, still not busting it open.]

FIRST: Dammit…You’re a dead man Stalker…You’re DEAD!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: EPW WORLD TITLE: First (c) vs. Anarky

[SFX: The ring bell tolling three times]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is your main event of the evening!

[The crowd pop as we CUE UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie……..

Despite the massive roar from the crowd, Anarky ignores them, his eyes locked on the ring as he strides with purpose. When he reaches the ring, he rolls under the bottom rope, before going and standing in his corner to wait]

DT: Total focus on the face of the challenger!

DM: He’s already beaten one of the Tag Team champions and the TV champion en-route to this match. Some huge victories in the King of the Cage, I think he might be able to take the belt tonight.

MN: I hope so! Somebody has to take the title from that joke.

[CUE UP: “Happy Birthday [EPW Mix]” by The Birthday Massacre as smoke fills the entrance, and the fans go BALLISTIC……….

The First steps into the purple spotlight, the EPW World Title around his waist and Muse at his side, and soaks in the roar of the crowd]

DT: You mean the World Champion, Mike?

MN: He stole that belt!

DM: So Anarky shouldn’t be number one contender, is that what you’re saying?

MN: No, I’m saying he should be facing Sean Stevens, the rightful world champ and saviour of Empire Pro!

DT: Let’s throw it over to Tony for the introductions.

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is set for one fall, and is for the EMPIRE PRO WRESTLING WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!

At the bell, your referee is senior Empire Pro Official PAT JONES!!

[The crowd applaud Jones as he holds the World Title aloft]

TF: Introducing first, in the corner to my left, the challenger. Standing in at 6 feet tall… he weighed in this morning at 231 pounds and comes to us tonight from Hartford, Connecticut… and is the current KING OF THE CAGE…


[The camera shows Anarky, his eyes focused across the ring. He’s ditched his jacket but is showing nothing but intensity]

TF: And his opponent, in the corner to my right. Accompanied by Muse, he too stands 6 feet tall, and weighed in this morning at 209 pounds. Hailing from Salem, Massachusetts, he is the rrrrrrreeeeeeeigning… and deeeeefending… Empire Pro Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… I give you…


[By contrast to Anarky, The First salutes the fans, Muse clapping and geeing the crowd on. However, the champion doesn’t take his eyes off the challenger]

DT: What a match we’ve got in store! Pat Jones just making final checks, Tony Fatora’s taken the belt down to the time keeper. Dean, what’s going through Anarky’s mind right now?

DM: If I know him, he’s just thinking about the win. He had chances to win gold on the way to becoming King of the Cage but he opted to take the guaranteed win rather than risk losing by trying to pin a champion. He knows what it’s going to take, but so does First. It’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top in the early exchanges.

MN: Would you two stop gushing over this?! There’s no Sean Stevens! There’s no Stalker! This match is going to suck, I just know it.

DM: Care to go double-or-nothing on the result?

MN: You’re on! My man Anarky to win.

DM: Deal.

DT: While you two’re taking bets. Final instructions have been given.

[SFX: Bell ringing]

DT: And away we go! Anarky and First trading right hands in the middle of the ring! Anarky, First, Anarky with the upper hand. Irish whip off the ropes, First between the legs, dropkick!

[Anarky rebounds quickly, rising to his feet only for First to hook a side headlock]

DT: Anarky fires First off again, shoulder tackle and nobody budges!

DM: Listen to this crowd! I can’t believe how loud they are! First sprints the ropes but Anarky dug in his heels and no budge!

DT: First off the ropes, big knee to the gut by Anarky! Anarky outsmarting the World champ there, drops down and right hands, right hands to the skull. Stomping away on the champion, Anarky doesn’t want to give First a chance to use those aerial skills, keeping him grounded.

DM: Quick action in the early going. Anarky bringing First back to his feet again, scoops him up – First drops down behind, backslide

DT: And a very quick kickout.

DM: And a hip toss by the champ.

MN: How’re these two doing this?!

DT: Anarky grabbing a headlock after kicking First off, he’s going to have to try and take away First’s speed.

DM: That’d be a good plan but don’t forget that Anarky can move too.

DT: The First trying to grab hold of the wrist and turn out of the hold, but Anarky with a takedown – no, First escapes into a headscissors!

[The challenger tries to quickly fight his way out, but the champion locks his ankles, grounding the veteran. Muse looks on with a smile on her face as First slaps down on his own leg, tightening his grip on the neck of Anarky]

DM: A nice choice of hold, cutting the blood off from the head.

DT: How does Anarky get out of something like this?

DM: Usually you try and shift your position, but First has the hold locked in tight so that’s going to be difficult with Anarky on his back. He could try powering out, or if he can get to the nearby ropes.

DT: Anarky with a shot to the knee, but First just tightens his grip. Anarky trying to twist, but can’t – finally he kicks out and gets a toe under the bottom rope, Pat Jones calls for the break and we get a clean one.

MN: I mean, who breaks cleanly these days?

DT: Champ and challenger quickly back to their feet, First in a guard centre of the ring.

DM: Anarky comes in, collar and elbow.

DT: Anarky getting the better, forcing First back to the ropes. Irish whip, First reverses, Anarky avoids the clothesline, side Russian legsweep!


Two and an easy kickout by the champion, but Anarky with a rake to the eyes before First can get to his feet.

DM: Anarky needs to make sure the match is done his way if he wants to win, and I think he’s going to try just that.

DT: Hard elbow to the top of the head, brings the champion to his feet and hurls him to the outside.

[Pat Jones admonishes the challenger, but Anarky ignores him, following First and rocking him with a right hand before smashing his head into the steel barricade]

DT: This is the kind of aggression we’ve come to expect from the challenger. Scoops First up, slams him on the arena floor

MN: And scares Muse off in the process.

DT: Kick to the face by Anarky, brings First back up and rolls him into the ring.

DM: Well he can’t win the title if it’s a count-out. Notice he rolled First in rather than just going back into the ring.

DT: Another cover but First rolls the shoulder before the count of one. Anarky really hoping to press the advantage, brings First back to his feet – back suplex!

DM: And Anarky slowing the pace down to make full use of his high impact shots. Brings the champion to his feet.

DT: And shoves him into the corner. Right hand to the midsection, grabs First by the hair, charges across the ring BLOCKED! First rams Anarky’s head into the turnbuckle, kick to the back of the leg, HURRICANRANA!



I thought he had it!

MN: No way! It’s way too early in a world title match for that to happen.

DT: The First surprising Anarky with the hurricanrana, there’s been some nice back and forth so far in this match.

DM: The First taking the strain and a nicely executed pendulum back breaker. Climbs the corner, Anarky’s back up, but a nice dropkick from the second rope by the World Champ!

[Hoping to press the advantage, The First brings Anarky back to his feet and scores with a couple of kicks to the midsection, but when he tries to lift the challenger for a suplex, Anarky drops down and rattles the champ with a right to the jaw. First staggers against the ropes and snaps a right of his own, flooring Anarky and eliciting a huge cheer from the fans]

DT: Anarky back to his feet, holding his jaw, I think that punch surprised him.

DM: First back off the ropes as Anarky ducks under the running clothesline, First off and a flying headscissor!

DT: Anarky back to his feet, First with an armdrag and holding it in the middle of the ring.

[Anarky slaps the canvas, more in frustration at being caught in another hold than anything else. Muse is beaming as First holds the arm, and as Anarky tries to get to his feet, First twists the wrist and forces the Hartford native back to the canvas]

DT: I’m surprised that First is trying to slow the pace, I’d’ve thought he’d want to use high-impact aerial moves.

DM: Anarky can take a lot of punishment. Those aerial moves are great for quickly ending a match but I think Anarky, right now, could take almost any and keep going. If the champ can weaken him, tire him out, then the aerials will be more effective.

MN: Come on, ‘Nark!

DT: We saw that Anarky can change things up during the King of the Cage tournament, he’s trying to grab a handful of hair

MN: Good luck. First’s hair is so greasy you could cook fries in it.

DT: Will you stop!


DM: Anarky getting told off for trying to grab the hair, pushing back on the chin of First – back to his feet, pushes the champion to the ropes, and that forces the break.

MN: And we’re right back to square one!

DT: First slowing the pace, Anarky looking a little wary now, that offence on the outside doesn’t seem to have had much impact on the champ. Circling each other, First comes in for a tie up but Anarky with a kick to the midsection, gutwrench powerbomb!!



Kickout by the champion! Anarky I think is focusing on the back here, big impact move there.

[Anarky follows up quickly by grabbing the right arm of first, placing it on the ground and stomping on the fingers. Grabbing the leg, the challenger turns the champion onto his stomach and throws the knee into the mat. First grabs his knee, rolling against the ropes, as Anarky kicks him to the outside]

DM: There goes your theory, Dave.

DT: Anarky stomping on the hand, distracting First from the pain that was to come in the knee. Anarky to the outside, grabs First, looks to ram him into the barricade again but the champion reverses it! Irish whip reversed and this time Anarky meets the barricade!

DM: It’s not as painful as going into a cage wall but the King of the Cage suffering from that move.

DT: First sees Anarky against the barricade, sprints up – BIG knee to the side of the head! What athleticism, springing up onto the barricade and pushing off to hit Anarky squarely in the side of the head with the knee!

MN: Oh baby… I love when Muse is happy.

DT: Anarky is trying to get to his feet, First up on the ring apron, breaks the count – plancha!!

DM: There’s the aerial offence we’ve come to expect from First, taking his life in his hands.

DT: The world title means EVERYTHING to him, and he wants to keep it.

DM: Bringing Anarky back into the ring, he wants to pin the challenger and make it clear who the better man is. Anarky getting to his feet, First on the outside – springboard clothesline!

DT: Into the cover, lateral press

Kickout at two by the challenger, and The First with a body scissors

MN: I’ve never seen the point of this hold.

DM: When you’ve got strong legs, you can actually make it hard for your opponent to breath and apply pressure on the ribs. First actually has strong legs, you can tell by how far he can leap so this kind of move on someone like Anarky could be very effective.

DT: It also means First can control the flow of the match.

DM: There’s that too.

DT: Anarky trying to separate First’s legs

MN: [*thwack*] HEY! What was that for?

DM: I knew you were thinking of making a joke. We’ve been working together too long.

MN: Why I oughta

DT: Guys! First still with the body scissors applied, Anarky can’t fight out of it. First



Woah! Nice roll up by First, but Anarky rolled back over and it’s still a body scissors.



And again! Nice moves from First, rolling Anarky onto his shoulder but the King of the Cage able to escape the pin attempts.

DM: Anarky trying desperately to escape, smashing on the knee, but First with a clubbing blow to the back of the head stuns the challenger.

[Muse slaps the mat, calling on First to tighten his grip, but suddenly a group of fans behind her start chanting for Anarky. The challenger from Hartford seems to respond, and manages to turn over so The First is on his back. Using all his strength the challenger manages to stand, and, seeing that he’s directly opposite one corner, he charges backwards, driving First into the turnbuckle nearest the announce table]

DT: WOW! What a show of strength from the challenger!

MN: I’m more impressed with his ring-presence! Knowing just where he was and using it to break the hold – that’s a champion we deserve!

DM: Anarky with hard elbows to the ribs and head of First, starts away from the corner. Charges in

DT: And First up and over! Roll up



Kickout by the challenger. First up first and hits a running knee to the head!

DM: Shutting down the challenger very quickly as Anarky was looking to build some momentum, but First’s holding his jaw. Those back elbows hit hard.

DT: First taking a moment, Anarky holding the ropes. Champ charges in, BACKDROP


DT: First lands on the apron HOLY COW!!!



[SPLIT SCREEN: As Dave, Dean and Mike question the physics of the move, and the crowd chant their traditional three-syllable chant, we see the move in slow motion. As First lands on the ring apron, and Anarky turns, we see First leap into the air, grabbing Anarky’s head between his legs and the ropes in one hand, before toppling backwards and yanking Anarky over the top rope and down to the floor. Anarky hits the arena floor hard but well, landing on his back and keeping his legs away from the barricade and startled fans. First, meanwhile, has landed on the apron and is looking down at his handiwork from one knee]

DT: That’s how much this title means! That’s how much Empire Pro Wrestling means to these two! Nowhere else will you see moves like that!

MN: Credit where it’s due, that was one hell of a move!

DM: Pat Jones is out checking on Anarky, I think he’s OK. That was a scary moment!

DT: We’ve seen some big moves over the years but wow! First might have just ended the match with that one! He’s back in the ring, senior official Pat Jones is counting Anarky out.

DM: And look how happy Muse is!

MN: Come on, ‘Nark!

DT: The fans don’t want this match to be over but if it is, that’s one hell of a move to go out on. Anarky’s stirring, Pat’s at four.

DM: First is pacing in the ring, not taking his eyes off Anarky.

DT: That’s what a champion does, he’s always aware. Six… seven… Anarky’s back on one knee, clinging to the apron, eight… nine… HE MAKES IT BACK UNDER



FOOT ON THE ROPES!! First VERY quickly into the cover as Anarky rolls under the bottom rope!

DM: He might have wanted to wait a couple more seconds and get Anarky closer to the centre of the ring.

DT: He’s got the challenger up, backbreaker near the corner. Quickly across the ring, sprints back across – VADER SPLASH!


Hooks the leg

KICKOUT! Anarky kicks out again!

DM: Barely though. He’s still holding the ribs. First has had it his way since that knee on the outside and he’s clearly targeting the ribs, making it painful to breath.

DT: Anarky up in the corner, First with forearms to the head. Irish whip, across the ring, handspring – elbow!

DM: Get ready to pay up, Mike.

MN: Never!

DM: True, it would be a first.

DT: First taking a moment, he’s able to pick his shots now. Hooks Anarky, fisherman’s suplex!!



Kickout at two and a half by the challenger!

DM: It’s looking a little one-sided.

DT: First scoops the challenger off the mat again, Irish whip to the buckle. Charges in, handspring MISSES!


DT: Anarky side stepped that one, First hits hard! Anarky with a shot to the jaw, steps back, charges in, First up and WOAH!

[Unlike earlier, when Anarky landed well, First doesn’t. On a SPLIT SCREEN we can see that as Anarky charged, First tried to leap over only for the veteran to spot it early, grabbing the champion and spinning him over the top rope. First lands badly on his hip and knee, and Muse rushes over to check on him]

DT: I think First is hurt.

DM: Anarky only tipped him but First was not expecting that, he could have torn something.

DT: Pat Jones is counting, Anarky holding his ribs and catching his breath, Muse is screaming at the ref to stop counting!

DM: Well, Pat did check Anarky before starting the count earlier, he’s not even left the ring to look at First. Though I don’t think he saw the landing.

DT: Anarky down under the bottom rope, grabs First and shoves Muse out of the way. First isn’t even trying to support his weight on that knee, Anarky with a scoop slam against the ring apron!

MN: This is the Anarky I love!

DT: The ref’s counting out both men, Anarky dragging First by the hair round the ring, shots to the jaw.

[Anarky tosses First against the ring barrier, before smashing his face into the apron and rolling him under the bottom rope. As the referee stops the count to check on First, Anarky doesn’t immediately follow – instead, he takes a moment, lifting up the padding near the announce table and exposing the hard concrete floor. Only when he’s satisfied does he enter the ring, stomping on First’s knee]

DT: Anarky moving slowly, still holding the ribs but he’s back in control. Standing on the champ’s throat, breaks at four and a half.

DM: He always does that. He’s lucky he’s never been disqualified for holding on too long.

MN: You mean, skill?

DT: It could be that. Anarky with the champion up – and down with a spinebuster!

DM: But he doesn’t go for the cover.

DT: Anarky bringing First back over to the ring ropes, fires him off – big back elbow and he follows up with a back splash!

DM: And again he’s not going for the cover. He probably thinks that First needs more punishment, but I don’t know.

DT: Anarky with right hands to the head, closed fists that the referee’s letting go.

DM: Pat doesn’t want this to end in a disqualification. And he’s probably got a lot on his mind.

DT: Anarky now, peeling the champ off the mat. Hooks him – piledriver!!


DT: Lateral press



THKickout by the champ!

[Unperturbed, Anarky grabs The First, hooking him in a standing headscissor’s again. Instead of going for a second piledriver, he carries on lifting First up, hitting a sitout powerbomb]



Another kickout by the champion and Anarky is in control now.

MN: As it should be.

DT: He’s looking a little frustrated though. Brings First back up to his feet



And Anarky just manages to kick out!

MN: How jammy would that have been if First’d managed to hold it? Winning the title without winning and defending when he’s getting creamed?

DT: Anarky with a rake of the eyes, off the ropes – big lariat!

DM: And he’s signalling for it!

DT: Anarky calling for the Chaos Breaker! He hooks First, front face lock. Starts to turn but First spins out, Anarky ducks a superkick, hooks the waist and a BIG German suplex!

DM: You tend to forget just how good Anarky is. He’s a crafty veteran who’s able to turn things to his advantage at a moment’s notice.

DT: Anarky grabs First roughly by the hair. Irish whip far side, Anarky by the ropes, tries to lift First onto the arena floor in front of us but the champ held on! The champ held onto the ropes!

DM: Anarky turns around

DT: Big Pelé kick by the champion! Anarky is stunned, staggering, First back to his feet – SPRINGBOARD DRAGONRANA!!



NO!! NO!! Muse can’t believe it!

MN: I can! Anarky is one tough cookie!

DM: Let’s see how the cookie crumbles.

DT: Anarky holding his jaw after the Pelé, First literally gulping down air. Both men back to their feet, Anarky charges, First ducks under, both men off the ropes and a double cross body!!



MN: Why did he count that?!

DT: First fell with his arm on Anarky, the challenger just getting the shoulder up, he’s definitely winded.

DM: That hurricanrana to the floor might have bruised or crack a rib, but he’s hanging in there.

DT: Look how tired these men are out there, they’ve given it everything they have!

DM: Heavy hitting, just what we’d expected.

DT: First is up first, still favouring the left knee. A glancing kick off the side of Anarky’s head, the challenger with a clubbing blow to the kidneys. Grabs First, reverse DDT!

Into the cover

The count

And First kicks out again!

[Anarky screams in frustration, but the referee is adamant about it being a two count. The challenger stomps on his opponent, bringing him back to his feet and sending him off the ropes again. Whatever he was looking for, though, doesn’t come off as First slides between his legs, rising quickly and taking the challenger down with a hard drop kick to the face! The challenger rolls to his feet before First can do anything else, but the champion is ready, hitting an inverted atomic drop and short-arm clothesline!]

DT: The champion back in control!

DM: That’s how it goes sometimes in wrestling.

DT: Most of the time it looks like. First calling out to the fans, brings Anarky back to his feet – but Anarky with a rake of the eyes.

DM: First swings wildly, Anarky just backed away. Grabs First, knee to the midsection, and drags him to the corner.

[Slowly, deliberately, Anarky measures the world champion, drilling him with a stiff right hand. He’s admonished by the referee, but ignores him, sending First hard into the far corner. He repeats the act, smashing First in the face with a right hand, and again getting admonished. He sends First hard into the corner again, and hits a third right hand – but this time, as he whips First out of the corner it’s reversed]

DT: Anarky reverses the reversal, First reverses and Anarky stops in the corner! First ducks the clothesline, leg lariat by the champion!

DM: What speed at this stage in the contest!

DT: Anarky back up relatively quickly, First with a forearm drives Anarky back into the corner. Mounts the corner





MN: Stop shouting! Leave it to the crowd!

DT: Sorry, Mike. First hammering away with those right hands in the corner, and Anarky slumps to the mat! Anarky is hurting!

DM: But First still has to be careful, we’ve seen Anarky in bad situations.

DT: First bringing the challenger back to his feet, Irish whip off the ropes – big back body drop! Floats into a cover



And a kickout!

[First pumps his fists for the fans, eliciting a loud cheer, and brings the challenger back to his feet. As he tries to drive Anarky back into the corner, however, the challenger kicks out at his weakened left knee and hurls the champion into the corner. Anarky grabs the knee, twisting it over the bottom rope, and breaks the hold only a split second before getting disqualified]

DT: Referee Pat Jones is really laying into Anarky for that.

MN: No reason why he should, it’s all legal. To a point.

DT: Anarky telling him where to go, back to First. Irish whip, reversed, nearly hits the referee! Anarky back first into the corner, First charges, Anarky avoids it CROSS BODY



MN: He should learn to move.

DT: First accidentally just destroyed the senior official! Doing something Copycat wishes he could do!

DM: But Anarky’s in with a shot to the back of the head. Irish whip, drops First with a clothesline.

DT: I’m worried about the referee. Anarky stalking First, we’ve still got a match going on. First up to a knee, Anarky charges in, First rolls past him, back to his feet ASIAN MIST!! GREEN MIST!!


DT: The referee is out cold, Mike! Anarky stumbling from the effects of that noxious mist. First back to his feet, Anarky charges, misses the clothesline – CODEBREAKER!!

DM: Pay up, Mike!


DT: First into the cover, the fans counting

MN: That doesn’t count.

DT: First realising the referee’s down, he’s going to check on him.

[Suddenly some of the crowd start to murmur]

DM: What’s he doing out here?

MN: HA! Yes!

DT: Stalker!! STALKER!! Stalker is coming to the ring with a steel chair in hand!

DM: I don’t like the look of this.

DT: Stalker in the ring with a chair, First is checking on the referee, Anarky is down – what is going on?

MN: Looks like we’re going to have a new World Champion!

DT: Anarky getting to his feet, Stalker yelling at First to get up. Winds up NO!!

MN: NO!!

DM: First ducked and Stalker just smashed the chair over the head of Anarky!! Anarky didn’t have a chance to protect himself, he is out!

DT: Stalker can’t believe what he’s done! He’s dropped the chair, First has it – and Stalker dives to the outside as soon as he saw First! What a coward!

MN: Forget about that, Anarky is out!

DT: First hurling the chair after Stalker

MN: HEY! He nearly hit that fan!

DT: First can’t believe what’s happened! He didn’t want it like this, his first pay per view defense, his title defense at Unleashed, to end like this!

DM: After the referee got caught with a superkick by Anarky, I don’t think anyone expected Stalker to come down and miss like that!

MN: The ref’s stirring! Anarky’s down in the middle of the ring!

DT: I can’t believe it’s going to go down like this! The referee’s stirring, First is knelt beside Anarky! The look on his face, he doesn’t want it like this!

DM: You take the win any way you can when the title’s on the line.

DT: The referee’s over, First into the cover, this is academic





DM: I did NOT think Anarky could kick out!

DT: First looks totally shocked! Muse is screaming, Anarky’s still down. First sprinting to the ropes, climbs up


[The champion screams in pain, his hamstring over-stretched, while the challenger gasps for air, kneeling on all fours. Muse pounds on the canvas, trying desperately to get First back to his feet as Pat Jones staggers to his feet and begins a count]

DT: That was just the break Anarky needed there!

DM: Only if he can capitalise on it! He’s taken a lot of punishment and that chair shot from Stalker knocked him out cold.

DT: The ref’s up to three.

DT: These two have thrown almost EVERYTHING at each other, one to keep the World title, the other to become World Champion! How much more can they physically have left?

DM: We’ll found out in the next few seconds.

DT: The count’s at five, six

MN: Come on ‘Nark!

DT: Anarky’s clawing at the ropes, First is up to a knee – eight



DM: And these fans are going nuts!

DT: First in with a forearm shot, Anarky is still reeling. Irish whip, hip toss CRUCIFIX!!



THRENO!! No! Anarky nearly picked up the win there!

DM: What… a… match!

DT: Anarky slowly back to his feet, First holding his knee and hamstring. ‘Nark with a kick to the face. He hooks him, First blocks the suplex, Anarky with a shot to the back.

DM: Goes for the suplex

DT: First ducks down behind, DROPKICK! Anarky spills to the outside onto the concrete floor!

[With a sudden rush of adrenaline, First doesn’t even bother to look at his opponent. He charges, hits the ropes and rebounds, diving over the ropes]


DM: Anarky saw him coming and just managed to sidestep!!

DT: I can’t believe what we’ve seen here tonight! These two have done so much damage, taken so much damage – and this could be all she wrote! Anarky’s back in the ring, First is out!

DM: Muse is trying to rouse him, trying to lift him up.

DT: The referee’s still hurting, his count’s a little slow. First groggy with Muse, he can barely support himself.

MN: Just lose, dammit!

DT: First doesn’t want to become only the second world champion to not win a title defense here in Empire Pro Wrestling. He’s trying with all his might, there’s the four. Five…



Eight…. He’s on the apron


[SFX: CRASH!! And static from dropped headsets, as Anarky charges in and smashes First off the apron and through the announce table! The fans are going MENTAL as Muse screams, the referee yells at Anarky, and Mike Neely reels from almost having a 200+ pound man fall in his lap. It takes a few seconds, but Dean manages to get his headset back on as we have another SPLIT SCREEN replay of Anarky hurling First into the announce table]

DM: That’s got to be it! First has to be dead!

DT: Dean, am I on?

DM: Yeah, Dave. Mike, are you OK?

MN: He could’ve killed me! That sonofa*****!

DT: Family show!

MN: I don’t care! First damn near killed me!

DT: I’m more concerned about First, Mike! He’s out cold!

DM: And Anarky’s laughing his head off in the ring! I bet that felt good for this maniac!

DT: The referee’s checking on First. Anarky sees him outside the ring – and he’s coming after him!

DM: Muse is screaming at him to get back, she’s threatening him with a shoe!

DT: That’s not going to scare Anarky!

[Slowly, Anarky plucks the champion from the wreckage of the announce table. It takes effort, but he manages to lift the almost dead-weight First up into the ring under the bottom rope. He follows in, one hand raised in victory, as he grabs the champion by the hair – and First slumps back to the mat]

DT: This is it… it has to be! Anarky hooks the head, he’s laughing





DT: Damn! Anarky kicked out of the inside cradle! I can’t believe First managed to hook that!

DM: It’s his intestinal fortitude.

MN: Thank you, Gorilla.

DT: Anarky is enraged! First almost had him! Anarky with a boot to the face, hits the ropes, First almost decapitated with that kick!



Kickout! The champion kicks out again!!

[Furious, Anarky grabs the referee by the shirt and forces him back into the corner – before realising he could be disqualified for that. He calms back down to screaming, yelling that it had to have been a three count, but unaware that behind him The First is getting a chance to recover. A chance he’s taking, takes, and has taken, as the champion gets to his feet and grabs the challenger, rolling him up in a ball]



THRENO!! No! Anarky kicks out! And First is back to his feet quickly, Anarky to his feet SUPERKICK!! SUPERKICK!!




NO! Two and four fifths! Left shoulder up!

DM: Muse is beside herself!

DT: She can’t believe after all that’s happened, that kick didn’t end the match. First is looking unsteady on his feet still, he’s back up. Stalking Anarky, begging the challenger to get to his feet. Comes in, charges, misses the flying forearm, Anarky off the ropes HOLY COW!!

DM: He just turned him inside out with that clothesline!!

DT: First landing in a heap near the ropes! Anarky into the cover




MN: Well that is her meal ticket out there.

DT: Anarky yelling down at Muse, trying to tell the ref he didn’t put his feet on the ropes – he’s grabbed Muse by the hair!




DM: Big mistake

DT: Anarky’s yanking on Muse’s hair, trying to get her in the ring FIRST FROM BEHIND!! FIRST WITH A SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!

DM: That’s chivalry.

DT: That’s trying to retain his title, I’m not sure how much he knew of what was going on outside. Muse to the outside again. First with an Irish whip, Anarky reverses, ducks the head SUNSET FLIP!!



THREEENOPE! So so close!

[Screaming, Muse orders First to stay on him, but the champion is groggy and takes a few moments to catch his breath. This allows Anarky to get to his feet and nail a right hand – but First retaliates with a right of his own! Anarky scores another right, which First retaliates to, but a rake to the face brings the champion to his knees]

DT: Anarky going back to the eyes! Off the ropes

DM: Tripped!

DT: Muse just tripped Anarky!

DT: And First from behind with a back stabber!



DM: But he’s too spent to make the cover.

DT: These two athletes have thrown the kitchen sink at each other, they have to have done. Anarky crawling, crawling




MN: The *****!

DT: Muse is saying she did nothing but Pat’s not buying it – he’s thrown her out of the match!!

DM: Can he do that this far into the contest?

MN: Of course he can!

DT: Muse screaming her innocence, First is still slumped on the canvas, Anarky is spent – how much longer can this go on?!

[Muse, screaming, starts to head up the ramp, forced back by the referee. Anarky turns to watch her leave, and fails to notice as First comes up behind him]


MN: There’s no referee!!

DT: Muse screaming at the ref to turn around! He does, rushes into the ring




DM: First is beside himself!

MN: He only has Muse to blame there.

DT: That’s true, but I don’t think First realised what was happening! First grabs Anarky, hooks the head – brainbuster near the corner!!

DM: Time to pay up maybe, Mike?

MN: Not until the three.

DT: First slowly to the outside, he wants to end it here, and now. Climbing the ropes, this match has taken so much out of him.

DM: If he hits this it’s all over.

DT: Muse imploring him to get a move on… on the top rope, measures Anarky… CUT THE NO!! THE THREAD DOESN’T GET CUT!! HE MISSED AGAIN!!

DM: What ring presence by Anarky! He rolled into the move, under First, and First must have torn his hamstring, he has to!

DT: First screaming in pain, Anarky back up to his feet, First up holding his back and his leg, throws a punch but misses and gets planted!





DT: Anarky thought he had him with the reverse DDT! He brings First back to his feet, First with a right hand! First with another right, back to the ropes, Anarky ducks the clothesline, kick to the midsection





[SFX: The bell tolling as the crowd ERUPTS]





DM: What a match! Anarky with the Chaos Breaker! After all that, we have a new champion!

DT: He survived a chairshot from Stalker! He survived being thrown to the outside with a hurricanrana! He took everything First had and returned it! The King of the Cage is now world champion!!

DM: Muse is beside herself, tearing at her hair!

DT: She did everything she could to help, but she may have cost First his title with her interference as well!

DM: Take nothing away from The First. He gave it his all! If you’re going to lose the title, that’s how you do it, leaving everything in the ring.


DT: Mike Neely’s happy for Anarky, Muse is beside herself on the rampway… Anarky is the new World Champion! What does this mean for Empire Pro? How is First going to react to this? For Mike Neely and Dean Matthews, I’m Dave Thomas, thank you for watching Unleashed and we’ll see you in Houston, Texas, for Aggression! We’ve got a new champion!!

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