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Upcoming Changes/Ideas


Jan 1, 1970
So, we got through our first round of shows in 2011...

We were a little late on what we wanted to accomplish, but 3 shows out in 1.5 months is still better than the league average. BFF also noted that Denver was our 55th show in the v.3 era, overtaking the v.2 era for most shows overall.

Anyway, there are some changes that are going to be made partly out of my own booking mistakes and also to help streamline and promote activity.

CHANGE #1: We're going to know the order of the shows from the outset. To say the least, me leaving that flexible was very confusing to the roster and rewrites even had to happen for the major storyline because someone mixed up the order/lineups in their own head. So yeah, we will know the order once the match threads go up.

CHANGE #2: There is going to be a bigger emphasis on matches signed in the NFW Challenges RP forum getting precedence on show slots. The one thing I've found lacking in RP sessions is the rivalry/attitudes that wrestlers should have. IN/OUT threads help from a rollcall standpoint, but I want to book the matches that are desired from a competitive rivalry standpoint first and foremost. If someone cheats you in a match or blasts you with a chair, I want to see your character teed off and making a challenge on that...it's way more realistic and helps drive the fed even more.

If we only have 1 signed match in the Challenges RP forum and fifteen people saying "IN" on the rolecall thread...that one signed match will automatically make a show and I'd venture to say that 30-50% of the rolecall answers will either not be booked for a match or just be lumped into a single Brawl cluster match that will end up on the midcard.

Those are my two changes, if you have any ideas you'd like to share or thoughts on the last month and a half, please share them here. Thank you!

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