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Upon the Mountain


Jan 1, 2000
Author's Note: Was meant to be my RP for this week, but didn't get around to it. Sorry.

(FADE IN: The Dojo of Seattle, Washington. Class is in session. "THE GOD OF WAR" FRANK ARES leads the lesson to a group of maybe a dozen young wrestlers, demonstrating the proper way to transition from a side headlock. The camera doesn't linger long as it pans over to the side of the ring where KERRY KUROYAMA sits on a bench by himself. Dressed in his street clothes and showing a cast on his left arm, it's clear why he's sitting out on today's lesson. Though frequently seen chipper and optimistic, today he looks rather languid and rather disappointed.)

(The camera closes in on the young Seattle native and third-generation wrestler, when he suddenly notices a presence standing at his shoulder. With a look of shame, he shuts his eyes.)

Kerry Kuroyama
I'm sorry, Sensei...

(The camera pans up. Standing there cross-armed is the Iemoto of the Dojo -- founder and father -- "THE UNDYING" ROCKO DAYMON.)

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
You're sorry? Why do you say that?

Kerry Kuroyama
I disobeyed your teachings, Sensei. You've always taught us to put logic before pride.

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
Now you see the dangers of doing as such, sitting on the outside looking in. What Frank did to you was nothing compared to what others could do to you in that ring. You should have tapped, Kerry.

Kerry Kuroyama
I know... but I didn't want to make myself look weak in front of the other students. I didn't want them to think I'm unworthy of representing the Dojo in the IWF ring.

But I was a fool... and because of that one stupid mistake, I missed out on the opportunity to bring the IWF Emerald City Championship to these hallowed halls. Instead, I have brought shame to the Dojo.

I humbly beg your forgiveness, Sensei...

(A moment of silence passes as Kerry hangs his head with humility.)

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
It's not my forgiveness you should be seeking, Kerry. It's your own.

Kerry Kuroyama
I'm... not sure I understand.

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
And you won't... at least until you've had a few years under your belt. For now though, at least you recognize your mistake. That's the first step toward improvement.

With one opportunity lost, another is gained. Take this time to look at the ring from a new perspective, and see what you can't see from between the ropes. You'll recover, and hopefully, you'll want to return. Reclaim your honor then.

Kerry Kuroyama
Thank you, Sensei...

(A moment later, the presence at his shoulder is gone. Kerry looks back at the ring, watching the action with renewed focus. We briefly cut back to black.)

(CUE UP: "Black Rain" by Soundgarden.)

(FADE IN: The shot re-opens on what appears to be an ancient and weathered statue carved of granite standing atop the Cascade Mountains at dawn. As the light readjusts, it becomes apparent that it is instead the obelisk-like form of the Legend, the Myth, the MAN that is known as "THE UNDYING" ROCKO DAYMON. The acclaimed multi-time World Heavyweight Champion and self-styled "Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence" stands upon one of the many mountains of the Cascade Range, the city of Seattle lying in his ever-reaching shadow as the sun slowly rises over the eastern horizon. He stands quite heroically with his arms crossed over his broad chest, braving the cold mountain winds with a parka and a thick mane of brown hair. His stern and determined gaze is enough to beat any many into submission before even setting a foot in the ring.)

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
Strength and vision, International Wrestling Federation. If you don't know my face by now, then allow me to introduce myself once more...


The Legend, the Myth, the MAN...

The Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence...

Patriarch Founder of The Dojo, the greatest wrestling school on the planet...

Former World Heavyweight Championship to Superior Championship Wrestling... New ERA of Wrestling... Empire Pro Wrestling... A-1 Entertainment... and so on and so forth.

My career has spanned fifteen years, and in that time, the Path I have followed has taken me to all corners of the globe, conquering countless rivals through as many matches. I have done it ALL in an effort to bring glory and prestige to the sport of professional wrestling, which is my sworn Mission to the loyal and committed few of you out there who bear witness to the trials and tribulations of every man and woman in the locker room.

And now, the Path has brought me back here... to my hometown of Seattle, Washington... where a little company called International Wrestling Federation has graciously given me the opportunity to compete against its newly crowned Emerald City Heavyweight Champion at its first-ever Pay Per View event, The Experience. As a long-time supporter of professional wrestling in my native Pacific Northwest, the honor is all mine to play such an important part in this event.

Pleasantries aside, there are some things that need to be said to my opponent... Tyrus Nazmican. More popularly known as VIZIER TA SETI... the Minister of the Frontier.

(He nods to the camera... or, perhaps, bows.)

"The Undying" Rocko Daymon
Humbly honored to meet your acquaintance, Champ... though I'm sorry to hear the feeling is not mutual.




Never gets old, does it?

But that's to be expected. You stand your own mountain, and I stand upon my own, so there's bound to be a clash in philosophy. We could shout at each other across the great expanse all day, but at some point, we'll have to come down to meet in the valley that separates us.

Believe me, I admire the spirit and bravado. I would have been a touch disappointed if I walked into the arena and everybody in the IWF locker room came out and got in line to kiss my ass.

Still, I'm not going to play the bullsh*t card and talk about how I know "everything" about you. I'll be honest... I know NOTHING about you, Seti. But that's just how I prefer it. No bloated expections... no false hype... until that bell rings and you show what you're made of, you're just another assh*le with an opinion, no different from all the other critics and haters out there.

Some would call it the act of a fool to walk into the ring with no knowledge of one's opponent. But if you ask me, the only fool is the man who draws his own exaggerated conclusions based on a single, insignificant moment in my career.

It's been four years since I touched the Empire Pro World Heavyweight Championship... and while I still very much regret missing the opportunity to have served as a long-standing champion, I don't regret my choice in the slightest.

You and many other people like to talk about how if you were in that situation, you would have gone through with it and defended the title like a "real" champion. But regardless of how you want to talk about it, the fact remains that you weren't there, Seti. And if you know "Triple X" Sean Stevens anything like I know him... then you'd know beyond any shadow of a doubt that if you walked into the ring with that man in any kind of bad shape, you would be walking into your last match.

So there I was, four years ago, faced with a tough decision. Either I'd willingly end my career to uphold my "duty" to the title, or I'd take a bow and leave the spotlight to someone else.

It wasn't an easy decision to make, but like I said, I don't regret it. The act of a coward? I don't think so. Had I been pressured by the fear of hurting my pride or my ego... I would have been a coward then. But I made a choice, and to this day I will always consider it the RIGHT choice.

I don't believe in "what-ifs", Seti. Whether it was signing my name to this Pay Per View event or drilling this federation's founder through a steel chair some twelve years ago in a company you probably never heard of... everything that has happened along the Path of my career has happened for a deliberate reason.

Had I not made that choice, guys like Jerichoholic Anonymous and The First -- two man I will humbly admit on any day were far superior Champion than I ever could be -- wouldn't have followed in my footsteps in toppling the great, untouchable "King" of Empire Pro. Had I not made that choice, I wouldn't have went on to A-1 Entertainment, where I reigned as World Heavyweight Champion for the better part of a year and a half.

Had I not made that choice... I wouldn't be standing here now, Seti. I wouldn't be walking into that ring at The Experience, in front of my hometown fans of Seattle, to give you your first TRUE test as IWF Emerald City Champion.

Maybe you would have made the other choice... but again, Seti... that's where you and I differ.

If you want to set out to prove yourself the "better" Champion, then be my guest. It's never been my intention to be "better" than anyone. I make this SPORT better... and through my commitment in doing just, I happened to pick up a lot of belts on the way.

It's easy to call me a "failure" while ignoring all of my bright and shining successes... but the past is irrelevant, Seti. So is Empire Pro. All I'm concerned about is the FUTURE... more specifically, the future of the International Wrestling Federation.

This isn't about making my comeback. There's nothing to come back to. My role now is to pass on my knowledge to future generations of professional wrestlers... so while the fragile body may decay over time, the spirit of professional wrestling excellence will NEVER die.

I want this company to do well, Seti... and to be honest, I WANT you to be the fighting champion you promise to be. But tough talk and inspiring words will only get you so far in life. You have to back it up in the ring... and I promise you, regardless as to whether or not I carry any form of title of champion, the fact is that I have always and I WILL always fight like a champion.

I don't expect you to understand... I don't even expect you to shake my hand before the match. But I DO expect you to live up to your word, Seti.

If you don't, then who knows... you may be faced with a tough decision of your own.

Strength and vision, Vizier ta Seti... until the Path brings us together. I hope you are up to the task, for the sake of this federation, and for the sake of your future.

(The multi-time World Champion turns his attention back to the grand view of the Western seaboard as the camera slowly fades to black. "Black Rain" continues playing as we fade to the IWF logo.)

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