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VOTE for FW TOP 20 for 2009


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Mar 17, 1988
To go along with Brunk's plan to close the polls, let's see if we can get these end-of-year "rankings" ready to go as well.

Here's the deal:
  • Anyone can vote using the info below.
  • I'll tabulate using an AP poll-style formula (1st place vote = 10 points)
  • I'll work with the other FWC admins to verify the results and make sure there aren't any wonky votes, etc. See the previous note in this forum about the Top 20 for thoughts, etc.
  • Once done, I'll post the Top 20 for 2009 on the site on the leagues page along with the award winners of the polls in this forum.
To vote:
  • PM me with a list of your top 10 wrestlers in FW Central leagues from 2009.
  • Put each wrestler's name on a different line with the league or leagues your voting for their work in (e.g. 1. Powermaster (NFW)) so I can pull them out easily and tabulate.
  • Try and make sure you've got a decent mix from leagues (in other words, no all 10 from one league)
  • INCLUDE YOUR COMMENTS if you so desire about why you voted the way you did. If you include comments, they'll be add as part of the "Top 20 Voters Speak" area on the Rankings page (http://fwrestling.com/rankings.shtml)
VOTE SOON -- this will not stay up as long as the polls did. Once I get what the admins feel is a quorum, I'll tabulate and go from there.

Questions? Thoughts?

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