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Well... Well... Well...


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Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
**Fade in...

Close up view of what looks to be a bass drum of a drum set. The set has a perfect circle cut in the lower half of it. Above the whole is the word "Escape" in a lightning deco. Each letter is sharp with lightning circling the letters.

The camera pans back to see the whole Blue Tama set. Microphones are placed meticulously around the set as if he had just finished recording some drum tracks. Pieces of paper attached to each mic stand with song lyrics posted on them. We pan back again to see the whole studio and Lance is in the background, crouched on one knee, holding a burned CD in his hand. He opens up a CD player in the back and inserts the CD. He leans back and waits for it to load. When the track numbers display he quickly presses the play button. A heavy drum track is heard over the P.A. Lance stands up and pulls up his sagging, torn blue jeans then begins to nod his head along with the drum track.

Suddenly, as if a lightbulb went off in his head, Lance has a look of rememberance on his face. He rushes over to the computer in the corner and lowers the recording program onto the taskbar as he quickly clicks on the Internet Explorer and types in http://www.cswawrestling.com/ and begins to check on the open contract he accepted.

Lance's eyes grow wider and wider as he reads on that signed for On Time in Gainesville is Lance Liezure versus....ELI FLAIR!

Lance sits stunned for a moment with a smirk on his face.**




I got it....I got the match!

**Lance sits there for a minute and reads the rest of the card.**

So it's Lance Liezure, the rookie of the CSWA... the newcomer... taking on... The Legend... The Nobody King of Extreme... "Total Elimination" Eli Flair. I can't believe it myself. I'm still in shock. This is quite the honor just to step in the ring with such a legend in the sport as Eli Flair. In this midst of all this sh*t started by "Too Scared" and the rest of those GXW rejects, I finally get a chance to just have a match where respect and honor is more involved that how many times I've been jumped from behind.

I've heard alot about you, Flair, and, to tell you the truth, you seem to be just downright TOUGH! But be warned, Flair, though I may respect you a great deal and even look up to you.... don't look past me. It would be THAT MUCH SWEETER if I was able to pin you 1-2-3 in the center of the ring! It would be sooooo SWEET to give you the THRASHING of a lifetime! And....can you imagine...can you just imagine all the accolades I would have if I were able to beat you. And it's for all these reason, Eli, that I'll be gunning even harder to pick up this victory at On Time!

**Lance stands up and pulls the white wifebeater off his chest then throws it down with a pile of unwashed clothes in another corner of the studio before sitting down on the throne of the drumset. He picks up the AHEAD Lars Ulrich Signature Series drumsticks that are sitting on the snare. He clips the snare up and on then begins to play along with the drum track which is still playing over the P.A.

After a couple of minutes of playing, he places the sticks back on the snare then clips the snare off. Lance stands up behing the set... just standing there...admiring it for a moment as the drum beat continues to play in the background. His thoughts then quickly change... back to the CSWA, specifically his match with Eli Flair at On Time.**

Not too long now. Only a PPV and a few days away. Lance Liezure steps into the ring with Eli Flair... It'll be a CLASSIC. (Lance smirks) I can hardly wait for this, Flair... I hope you can't either, and I hope... I hope you're ready because at On Time I will NOT back down! Like I said, this may be about respect and I may not have anything against you but once we get in the ring at Gainesville, I am going to make sure I take home the victory becuase I have everything to gain and nothing to lose...

So there's no ESCAPE for you now, Eli. It's signed, sealed, and delivered! At On Time I will give you the THRASHING.......

.........of a lifetime!

**Lance turns around, kneels down, stops the CD player, and opens it up, removing the CD. He places it on the ground next to him and begins to fidget with all of the faders on the mixing board as we see the Bass player we saw with Lance before come running down the stairs.**

Bassist: Flight for Sweetwater, Texas is leaving in one hour... So get your stuff and let's go, cock knocker!

Lance: Oh damn! I almost forgot... I have some other business to take care of first! Hang on, I'm comin'!

**Lance jumps to his feet and runs out of the studio grabbing his shirt out of the corner on the way out. We see Lance run up the stairs and out the door as we.....


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