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What does the future hold?


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Aug 7, 2006
(Inside the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York, a rather short, balding except for the patch of white hair around the sides of his head, old man is seen talking to the receptionist at the front desk)

RECEPTIONIST: I'm sorry sir no visitors are permitted at this time.

OLD MAN: (with a look of confusion) ...0h

(You can tell the receptionist is starting to feel sorry for the old man)

RECEPTIONIST: Are you a relative of the patient?

OLD MAN: (slowly shakes his head) Oh no.. no I'm not.

(The old man gives a very sincere honest look to the young lady behind the desk)

OLD MAN: I'm the closest thing to a family he has..

(The receptionist feeling a bit guilty tells the old man the room number and again warns him to be quick with the visit since it is past visiting hours. The old man very thankful smiles as he - in the quickest way he can, which isn't saying much - walks to the elevator leading to his destination)

Cut too a new scene

(The old man we saw earlier is seen knocking on a patient's door. The door slowly opens and we see a doctor and a nurse surrounding a bed that is probably occupied by the patient the old man has come to see)

DOCTOR: (Surprised by the old man) What are you doing here? Visiting hours are over. Can't you see you're disrupting my patient?

(A familiar voice can be heard in the background)

VOICE: It's ok Doc, you can let them in.


VOICE: No need to worry, I’ll be fine.

DOCTOR: Ok make it quick, I still want to finish our discussion of possibly having surgery. I do not want to rule that out yet.

(Still unable to see the person lying in the bed)

VOICE: Ok Doc.

(As the doctor and nurse step outside you can see that it is indeed Mr. Incredible, still sporting his signature mask but now in patient clothes, he lies in the hospital bed. Looking as fine as ever, you'd never suspect that something would be wrong with him)

MR INCREDIBLE: There's only one person who would come visit me at this time of day..

(The old man steps into the light so Mr. Incredible can see him better)

OLD MAN: It's me John.. John Ballew.

(A big smile forms on Mr. Incredible's face)

MR. I: I knew it.. Why did you come out here John? It's a pretty good hike from here to New York City.

JOHN: I had to come visit, after I heard what happened to you after the show.. I just had to come to make sure you were alright.

(John walks over and gets closer to Mr. Incredible)

JOHN: Jesus Matt what the hell were you thinking getting yourself involved in this?

(Mr. Incredible calms his friend down, while still smiling, excited to see his old old friend)

MR. I: It's Mr. Incredible now.. Remember? I don't want...

JOHN: Yeah I know you don't want people to know your real identity. I know. I know. It's just why did you decide to come back to wrestling? Especially for a match which you know could kill you..

MR. I: I had to John. Something had to be done, I couldn't just stand back and let this wet nose punk disrespect the very thing I love.. It was like watching a bully pick on your best friend. I couldn't take it. So I snapped and got involved.

JOHN: OH you more than got involved. You're in way over your head, and I don't know if I can get you out.

MR. I: (with a very calm voice) John, it's going to be ok. I'm going to be ok. I just hit a little bump in the road that's all.

JOHN: Need I remind you the reason why you got out of wrestling? It's not because you're pushing 50 ... but because you've been hit in the head and suffered more concussions than Mick Foley and Rocky Balboa combined..

(Awkward silence hits the room until Mr. Incredible breaks it)

MR. I: I'm sorry John, but I just can't back out. I have to do this. It's more than just me seeing if I still got it, it goes way beyond that. Every single one of those people out there are expecting me to walk into that ring and kick Adam Benjamin's ass, and I'm not going to disappoint them by backing out now because there's a risk I might not come out of it the same way I entered it.

(John pats Mr. Incredible's hand as he smiles)

JOHN: Ok.. Ok.. You know you're still stubborn as ever.

MR. I: Yeah I know.

JOHN: That's why you are ... who you are. Well I guess there's only one thing to do now.

MR. I: What's that?

JOHN: To get your sorry ass out of here and start your training.

(Suddenly the doctor rushes in as he over heard the conversation)

DOCTOR: No one is taking anyone anywhere. My patient needs to.

JOHN: Ease up doc.

MR. I: Listen to him Doc, he maybe old and fragile, but the man's fought a world war, served in 2 other wars, and trained some of the best fighters to ever get in the ring, and need I remind you he's a New Yorker (Smiles)

DOCTOR: But you can't leave, we have tests to run, and I want to go over your x-rays, and..

JOHN: Save it for another time. We have a wrestling match to prepare for..

(John helps Mr. Incredible out of his bed as they both exit the room)

DOCTOR: Damn it!! You can't do this! I forbid you to get inside a ring ever again! If you do, then you're risking your life!

(The doctor yells down the hall as Mr. Incredible and John make their exit)

DOCTOR: Do you hear me??? You'll be risking your life!!

(the scene fades to black)

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