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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is sitting in the "group" locker room at the arena in Dallas, Texas...The locker room is empty thus far. The only locker open is the one directly behind Southern. A pair of purple wrestling tights with "Party's Over" written in gold on the butt, hang on the door of the locker. Southern is seated hunched over on the on the bench, dressed only in a towel, his still wet brown hair dripping onto his shoulders and running down his arms and back. An open, black duffle bag sits next to him on the bench. We can see half the Greensboro title hanging out of it...A ringing suddenly breaks the silence, and Southern reaches into the bag and grabs a cell phone...}}

Shane Southern: "Yeah .......... Oh, hey...yeah, still no word from Evan Aho .......... No, he's not here as far as I can tell. .......... Well, if he doesn't show, I suppose I'll go at it alone. .......... I know how good they are, but I'm not backin' down from anybody. .......... OK, well don't worry about it, I'll call after the match {{...smiles...}} IF I can. .......... Ok, yeah that wasn't funny. .......... OK. Bye. "

{{...Southern hangs up the phone, and stands up to get dressed when a guy wearing a "RING CREW" t-shirt comes into the locker room...}}

Shane Southern: " You seen Evan out there? "

Man: "Uh, no...don't recall it. He's not here? "

Shane Southern: " Havn't seen him yet. "

Man: " Strange. He's usually one of the first ones here. "

Shane Southern: " Lemme' know if ya' see him, n' tell him I need ta' talk to 'em. "

Man: Sure thing.

Shane Southern: " Waita' second. On second thought, don't tell 'em. I'll find 'em myself. "

Man: Ummm...OK.

Shane Southern: " Ring set up? "

Man: Yeah, just finished.

{{...FADE OUT as Southern begins to get dressed..}}


OOC: Finals Week, My Bad

OOC: Two finals today. I'm all done for the week now so I will have something up very soon. Sorry!

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