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White vs. Sands



"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle..."

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-02 AT 04:19 PM (EDT)]Fade in. The scene depicts the interior of what appears to be a cheap hotel room. The single bed is unkempt, the TV displays only static, and the sole source of illumination is a bare bulb overhead. The camera pans slowly to the right, then moves forward as it catches a man leaning near the open window. The man has long black hair, though sandy roots are barely visible, and his features are sharp and narrow. He is wearing a black "EXISTENCE IS FUTILE" T-shirt and blue jeans with white Adidas shoes. Cradled in his hands is a bleached skull, grinning emptily at the lights of Pittsburg visible through the hotel window. The man in question is none other than Christian Sands, also known as "Big Deadly"; he gazes quietly out over the city below, his face expressionless.

Sands intakes a slow breath before he begins to speak, his voice deep and low.

"Ahh, Pittsburgh. The city of legends. Mario Lemieux... John Miller... The list goes on. And soon, another legend will be added to that list. The legend of the destruction of Kyle White...."

Sands slowly turns towards the camera, a faint smirk coming across his face. He shakes his head slowly, a faint 'tsk-tsk' escaping his lips.

"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle... You don't seem to understand. At the last Onslaught, I attacked you for one reason - to give the idiot fans something to watch. After all, you failed miserably to promote your own debut match. Therefore, I decided to... spice up the night a little." He stares straight into the camera, his eyes seeming to pierce through the lens with sheer intensity. "However, you seem to have misunderstood. Perhaps you think that I desire to 'feud' with you. Think again. Despite what you may think, I am hardly falling head over heels to feud with the 'Almighty Wonderboy.'" He raises his fingers and makes quote marks in the air with one hand, while the other hand - the right one - is inside the skull, moving its mouth along with words 'Almighty Wonderboy'.

With an exhalation of breath, Sands turns his attention back to the lights of Pittsburgh. He continues speaking in a low voice.

"You see, Kyle, your challenge means very little to me. I have no interest in meddling in the cruiserweight division. Therefore, once I dispose of you, I will move on and not look back. However... perhaps crushing you like the pathetic little insect that you are will prove... beneficial." He smirks faintly, his eyes flickering towards the camera. "Kyle... you will serve as an object lesson for the rest of this federation. Your crushing defeat will show the world that I am called 'Big Deadly' for a reason - because I hurt people. Quite badly."

Sands cradles the bleached skull in both hands, raising it in front of his face and staring straight at it.

"So at Onslaught, Kyle... with my dear, dear friend Mr. Skull Head looking on at ringside... you and I will go head-to-head. Only one of us will survive. And Kyle... you can rest assured... that it will not be you."

Fade to black...


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