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Wisconsin Dells Riptide 02


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADEIN ON Nemesis’ dressing room. There’s a knock at the door, and
Nemesis answers it. He opens the door and outside stares back the face of Jarod Poe)

NEMESIS: “What do you want?”

POE: “You know there's not a whole lot of people I have any respect for in this place. In fact very little indeed, but you...I got some for you. You've got a match with Stephan Morgan tonight.”

NEMESIS: (smiles) “Yeah...I do.”

POE: “Don't get to excited...that man screwed me out of that belt...I'm not going to let that happen again. tonight if you want...I've got your back.”

NEMESIS: “You're assuming I need your help”

POE: “Maybe, but I thought the same thing and look what happened.
tonight...after all the hard work I put in...it's not going to happen

(Poe turns his back and walks off. Nemesis turns to the camera a
thoughtful look in his eye. The camera follows Poe over to the interview area, where he startles Lady V from behind.)

POE: “Hey, V.”

LADY V: (startled) “Oh...Jarod...there you are.”

POE: “V...you always look so happy to see me. If I didn't know any better I swear you're scared of me”

LADY V: (pauses) “No, but I do have a few questions for you.”

POE: “I bet...would this be about my stalker?”

LADY V: “Well, yes. we saw the video tape earlier before you fought Stephan Morgan and now that mystery man helped Cannonball Kid defeat you.”

(Jarod smiles)

POE: “You know...I'm not really sure if I have a stalker. I just think
it's the only way CK could get a victory over me. I mean I don't have a life people would want. I'm not a happy guy...I don't have a
family...(Pauses)...not any more. Hell I don't even own a house. I live in an apartment a rundown one at that and I spend most of my time on the road. If there's someone who wants my life...(chuckles)...then I more then invite them to take it.”

LADY V: “Well since that first tape you run of success in the GLCW has
come to a sudden stop.”

POE: “Yeah ... it has. You know V...I try...I really try. I try to be the good guy...I try and hold back all the bad intentions inside my head, but people just can't leave well enough alone...can they?”

LADY V: “What do you mean?”

POE: “Cheaters...I hate cheaters. Nothing more then cowards V and in my book, there's nothing...NOTHING worse then a coward. I've never...never run from a fight and I won't start now. the problem is others have. I guess there's only one thing left to do.”

LADY V: “And what's that?”

POE: “It's time for me to bring the fight to them. You know when I talked about the beast in the past I thought it was something that haunted my dreams, but I've come to realize that's not some demon V...it's not...do you know what it is?”

LADY V: “No...what is the beast?”

POE: “It's me V...it's something inside of me that I try to hard to
contain, but not any more. they just wouldn't leave well enough alone and now I'm not going to be responsible for my actions. It's their fault.”

LADY V: “And what does that mean?”

POE: “V...I can't answer that with mere words, but tonight...I'll do it with actions. You and everybody else...had just better watch.”

(Jarod lets out a sadistic laugh and walks out of the shot, leaving Lady V to stare after him in bemusement as we CUT TO Ross, Shades, and Wiseman at the announce table)

ROSS: “Well, Lady V has certainly been busy backstage.”

SHADES: “I hear Lady V is ALWAYS getting busy backstage, if you know what I mean.”

ROSS: “No, no I don’t. Folks, coming up next we’ve got what’s sure to be a barn burner when Golden Hawk takes on Minion, who’s returning after his loss to Nemesis at Ringlords I.”

WISEMAN: “It’s been a while since we’ve seen Minion last, and you’ve
gotta wonder if he’ll be suffering from ring rust coming into this

ROSS: “Let’s go to Matt Faley at ringside.”

FALEY: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, with a twenty-minute time limit. Introducing first … (CUEUP: “T for Texas” – Waylon Jennings as Golden Hawk makes his appearance at the top of the ramp) … from Austin, Texas and weighing in at TWO hundred EIGHTY FIVE pounds, GOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLDEEEEENNNNNNNN HAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWK!”

(Hawk stomps down the aisle and climbs into the ring, stopping to hand
his hat to the referee. Hawk raises a fist to the crowd, who cheers in

ROSS: “The big Texan Golden Hawk has been having quite a run here in
GLCW, and he’s certainly shown that he can hold his own.”

FALEY: “And his opponent … (CUEUP: “Silverfuck” – Smashing Pumpkins) …
from New York City, weighing in at TWO hundred THIRTY pounds,

(Minion makes his entrance, clad in a floor length leather trench coat. He makes his way slowly to the ring, a huge grin plastered across his face as he stares at ‘Hawk)

ROSS: “And here’s Minion, who we haven’t seen since his loss to Nemesis in a falls-count-anywhere match at Ringlords. The referee is giving some last minute instructions to both men, and look at Minion. He’s still standing there with that eerie grin on his face.”

WISEMAN: “He’s just grinning at Golden Hawk, and ‘Hawk looks a little
uncomfortable to me. I know I would be, if I had that lunatic smiling at me like that.”

ROSS: “The referee is calling for the bell, (SFX: DING DING DING as the crowd starts buzzing) and OHHH MY! The second that bell rang, it was like flipping a switch! Minion FLEW across the ring and started hammering the big Texan with rights and lefts! ‘Hawk SHOVES Minion away, but Minion is right back at him! ‘Hawk now, firing back with BIG rights of his own, but Minion isn’t backing down! Boot to the gut by ‘Hawk, front facelock applied, and OH MY GOD! Golden Hawk with a NASTY snap brainbuster that drove Minion’s head into the mat, and this one is overrrrrrrNO! MINION GOT UP! Minion is right back on his feet, and Golden Hawk’s jaw just dropped through the mat!”

WISEMAN: “A move like that, with that much force should have been enough to put out ANYBODY, but Minion just shrugged it off. Golden Hawk seems to be at a loss, and so am I!”

SHADES: “He’s probably hopped up on the PCP. I’ve seen guys put their
heads through car windows without noticing on that stuff.”

WISEMAN: “Do you make it a habit to hang out with hardcore PCP users?”

SHADES “… shut up.”

ROSS: “Minion once again turns that creepy grin on Golden Hawk, and ‘Hawk looks … repulsed. No hesitation now by ‘Hawk, Irish whip and a HUGE running clothesline catches Minion off the far side! Minion is back up in an instant AGAIN, and Golden Hawk looks resolved to make him STAY down. ‘Hawk now, with a handful of tights just LAUNCHES Minion to the outside. Minion hit the floor and skidded right into the barrier, and it doesn’t look like he’s so quick to get up now. ‘Hawk heads to the outside, and begins stomping away at the head of Minion.”

WISEMAN: “Minion has been able so far to shrug off everything the big
Texan has thrown at him, and look at the look on Minion’s face. I’d
almost say he’s ENJOYING the beating that Golden Hawk is laying out for him.”

SHADES: “I knew I should have stayed home tonight. I’m worse off for even being associated with this. You’ve got this big, stupid cowboy who never learned to read or write and spends his Saturday nights listening to Merle and having sex with his second cousin."

ROSS: “Would you stop, already? Minion is struggling to his feet despite the continued stomping by ‘Hawk, and Minion buys himself a little breathing room with a thumb to the eye of Golden Hawk. Minion now, with a HARD chop to the chest of ‘Hawk that has the big man reeling.” (SFX: WHOOOO!)

WISEMAN: “It’s at the referee’s prerogative to use his ten-count, but he seems willing to allow this match to continue outside the ring. Folks, this is NOT a hardcore match, so you’ve gotta wonder what the referee is going to do if either of these men decides to bring a foreign object into play.”

SHADES: “For God’s sake, just disqualify them both already so we can move on to something worthwhile.”

WISEMAN: “Your parents never hugged you, did they?”

ROSS: “’Hawk is firing back now, a pair of hard right shots to the head have got Minion reeling. Boot to the gut by ‘Hawk, and a BIG vertical suplex by Hawk on the outside plasters Minion to the concrete. Golden Hawk now, climbing the apron … he’s measuring Minion, and … (SFX: Crowd POPS!) OH MY! BIG legdrop from the Texan to Minion on the outside!”

WISEMAN: “Minion felt THAT one, if the way his legs kicked is any

SHADES: “It might be an indication of degraded higher brain function as well, Rick.”

ROSS: “’Hawk is slow in getting up, I think he might have hurt himself
with that move as well. Golden Hawk is struggling to his feet, followed closely by Minion, who’s on the offensive! Minion with a hard right hand! And another! And another! (SFX: CLANG!) OH MY, Minion with an Irish whip that drove Golden Hawk into the steel steps! Minion now, bringing Golden Hawk to his feet, and another whip into the barricade! Minion with another right fist and a scoop, and Minion just dropped ‘Hawk across the barricade!” (SFX: Crowd pops!)

WISEMAN: “This is an all-out BRAWL!”

SHADES: “Only because neither of these guys knows how to wrestle. I think they found their contracts in the bottom of a Cracker Jack box.”

WISEMAN: “Oh, same place you got your sense of humor, right?”

ROSS: “Golden Hawk is in the stands, trying to regroup, and what is this? Minion is dismantling the steel steps. ‘Hawk is back over the barricade, and here comes Minion with those steps, BUT HAWK GETS OUT OF THE WAY! (SFX: CLANG! Crowd POPS!) Minion went flying right by Golden Hawk, and ran smack into the barricade!”

(CUT TO: Split-screen slow motion replay. Minion charges Golden Hawk with the steel ring steps. ‘Hawk sees him coming and sidesteps, shoving Minion towards the barricade. Minion hits the barricade and goes over, landing on the steps on top of the steps on the other side)

ROSS: “Minion may be out, and now the referee is admonishing Golden Hawk to bring it back into the ring.”

SHADES: “It’s about time. The ref should have counted Golden Hawk out a long time ago."

ROSS: “’Hawk is … aiding … a struggling Minion back into the ring. Both men back on the inside now, and ‘Hawk is measuring Minion. Minion is back on his feet and here comes Golden Hawk with a BIG running lariat, but Minion gets out of the way! Hawk into the ropes, and Minion hits a drop toehold that has the big Texan laid out on the mat! Minion is looking at the fallen ‘Hawk, and now he’s headed for the turnbuckle! Minion is going up top now, and FALL FROM GRACEEEEEEEEEEOOOOHHH MY GOD! (SFX: MASSIVE POP!) Minion went for the Fall From Grace, but ‘Hawk was playing opossum! Somehow Golden Hawk got to his feet and countered with a MASSIVE MID-AIR POWERSLAM! ‘Hawk into the cover now, hook of the leg, ONE, TWOOOO, THREEEEE! HE GOT HIM!” (SFX: Crowd pops huge)


(The referee raises ‘Hawk’s hand to a big pop from the crowd)

ROSS: “Golden Hawk picks up the win tonight on Riptide, but LOOK OUT!
Here comes …”

SHADES: “That’s Jonathan Marx!”

ROSS: “Jonathan Marx with a clubbing forearm from behind staggers ‘Hawk, but look at the big Texan! ‘Hawk is firing back with HARD right fists, and Marx is stunned! ‘Hawk has Marx on the ropes, and a big boot sends Marx over the top! Golden Hawk to the outside as well, and he’s stomping away at Jonathan Marx, but here comes Minion! Minion with the cheap shot to the back of Golden Hawk, and now Minion and Marx are stomping away at the unprotected head of Golden Hawk!”

WISEMAN: “’Gentleman” Jonathan Marx has been making life hard for Golden Hawk in recent weeks. He cost ‘Hawk a match against Michael Manson in Akron, and now he’s beating the HELL out of ‘Hawk at ringside.”

ROSS: “Minion and Marx are having their way with Golden Hawk, but HERE

(CUT TO: Dakota Smith flying down the ramp to a big pop)

ROSS: “Smith is laying into Jonathan Marx! Right fists by Dakota Smith! Minion comes at Smith from behind, but ‘Hawk stops him cold with a forearm shot to the back of the head! Now ‘Hawk and Dakota are PUMMELING Minion and Marx, and the two are beating a hasty retreat!”

(CUT TO: Jonathan Marx and Minion hightailing it up the ramp while Golden Hawk and Dakota Smith scream obscenities after them)

WISEMAN: “Look at them run!”

SHADES: “It’s called a ‘strategic retreat’, numbnuts.”

WISEMAN: “I call it running away like a little girl!”

ROSS: “Dakota Smith came to the aid of Golden Hawk, but check out the
look those two men are giving each other! Each man is trying to stare the other down, but neither one is flinching! Smith now, slowly heading for the ramp, but his eyes are still locked on Golden Hawk. Hawk rolls slowly back into the ring, keeping HIS eyes on Dakota Smith.”

SHADES: “Jeez, either fight or leave! Don’t just stand there making faces at each other!”

(Golden Hawk raises his hand once again for the crowd as Dakota Smith
makes his way up the ramp)

ROSS: “Folks, I’m not sure exactly what we just witnessed here, but let’s take you backstage where our own Lady V. is standing by with Jared Wells. Lady V?”

(CUT TO: The backstage area. Lady V. and Jared Wells are standing in
front of the GLCW banner)

LADY V. “Thank you, Tony. I’m standing here with Jared Wells, who …”

(Lady V. is cut off as there’s a commotion off-camera. Wells turns
towards the commotion, right into a blast of pepper spray as Abby the
Nazi enters the shot. Wells screams and drops to the floor, as Abby
maintains the stream of pepper spray. Wells rolls around on the ground, trying to cover up. Security is on the scene in an instant, as one burly and overly-enthusiastic security guard TACKLES Abby. Security drags Abby away kicking and screaming, while Wells rolls around on the floor kicking and screaming. Wells rubs at his eyes, only managing to make it worse. We FADE TO COMMERCIAL as Lady V. stands there, wide-eyed and slack jawed as EMTs rush to Wells’ aid, Fade to a Commercial for the Joliet Wired show)

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