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Wisconsin Dells Riptide 07


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: backstage, where Jean Rabesque is spotted in a corridor, still fuming as Lady Veronica approaches him cautiously.)

LADY V: Jean...after what we just saw....

(Rabesque shoots her an enraged look and steps up to her, then grins.)

RABESQUE: After what you just saw, Lady V, I guess you want some sort of comment from me. Is that it? Well I only have ONE THING to say, and that is to Michael Manson!

(Rabesque turns his head and looks directly into the camera, shaking with fury.)

JEAN RABESQUE: "MANSON! I think we both knew this one was coming, and it was only a matter of time. So at the next PPV, I'M CHALLENGING YOU TO A ONE-ON-ONE MATCH! You've had this a LONG time coming, MANSON! And I'll be MORE than happy to KICK YOUR #####!"

(Rabesque storms off, leaving Lady Veronica shocked. CUT-TO: a locker room backstage, where Jared Justice is sitting. Justice looks up and suddenly springs to his feet as Larry Tact comes walking up to him, looking a bit alarmed and putting his hands up.)

TACT: "WHOA! Whoa....I'm not here to attack you, man."

(Justice gives Tact a hard stare, clearly not buying this.)

TACT: "Jared...Jared, you don't really believe anything that insolent punk Jared Wells says, do you?"

JUSTICE: "And what if I do!"

(Justice grabs Tact by the shirt and pushes him back into a locker. Tact looks irritated but doesn't make a move.)

TACT: "Hey! Look...look...."

JUSTICE: "NO! It's time YOU had a look, Larry. It's time YOU looked right into my eyes. Because they're all you need to LOOK AT, Larry! They aren't eyes that believe you, Larry....the only thing I see, when I look at your face right now....is a LIAR! And Larry...."

(Justice tightens his grip on Tact's shirt.)

JUSTICE: "Do you KNOW what I do with LIARS, LARRY? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW, LARRY? WELL.....I make them...SUFFER, Larry! I...make...them...FEEL...PAIN!"

TACT: "Justice get a grip.....hold on...."

JUSTICE: "SHUT UP LARRY! SHUT...UP! The only thing I need to know
is....that I will make you....SUFFER, Larry! SUFFER! JUST LIKE THE OTHER LIARS!!"

(Tact suddenly pushes Justice's face up by the chin with a quick snap of his hand. He then breaks the grip Justice has on his shirt with a quick motion of his hands and shoves him back. Justice looks like he's going to kill him.)

TACT: "HOLD...IT! Jared, JARED! Don't you see what's happening? Wells is making you think like this....he's manipulating you. With his lies, Jared! Read my lips: I DID NOT DO IT! I didn't put that torch in your locker room!"

(Justice looks at Tact savagely, but doesn't say anything, only breathing heavily.)

TACT: "But I can HELP you, Jared. If you really want me to prove I'm
innocent, then I will. (grins) In fact, if you give me until Wired, I will find out who the person is that did it!"

(Justice charges forward again, and shoves Tact so hard into the locker that it dents inward. Unexpecting it, Tact is stunned.)

JUSTICE: "YOU LISTEN TO ME LARRY! IF you are not telling the truth....if you are the LIAR....then you will PAY with your PAIN!! UNDERSTAND THAT, LARRY!"

(He lets go of Tact, who leans against the locker door, still dazed, and the busted door collapses inward, Tact falling awkwardly inside the locker.)


JUSTICE: "The culprit had better turn up on Wired, Larry. And that culprit BETTER NOT BE YOU! Otherwise...JUSTICE will seek you out...and if you thought that little mark on your arm was something to complain about....."

(Justice breaks out into loud laughter as he walks out of the locker room. Tact gets out of the locker, a look of utmost agitation on his face, as he punches the next locker door, denting it, too. CUT-TO: the announce table, where the two remaining commentators sit.)

TONY ROSS: "We just witnessed an absolutely explosive tag team match, Rick! We even had a casualty!"

RICK WISEMAN: "And the second time old Jake was sent to the back in two weeks! It must be us getting rewarded for putting up with him for so long. But how about Rabesque afterwards, issuing that challenge for Manson!"

TR: "I'd certainly like to see that match go down, as these two have
certainly had a history!"

RW: "Well, Manson's an adept 'pain inflicter,' if you will. If he accepts the match, you know it'll be his pleasure to bloody and batter Jean Rabesque."

TR: "Yes, but we've seen right here, in GLCW, that Rabesque can endure a whole lot of pain. The "I Quit" match comes to mind, for one. I think he'd be just as ready to show Manson the way to a shiny crimson mask of his own. But I've never seen Manson back down from any challenge. And after that, Larry Tact and Jared Justice....teaming up, did I hear that right?"

RW: "Well, it seems that's what Tact has in mind, so he can prove to Justice that he isn't the one who tried to burn him last Riptide."

TR: "It looks like Justice was going to rip Tact limb-from-limb to me! But we have to keep moving along with this edition of Riptide, and that means the Television Title match!"

RW: "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan, through some highly suspect actions, beat Jarod Poe for the GLCW Television Title, and now it's time for him to show he's able to hold onto that belt."

TR: "Morgan used the ropes to pin Poe, and it's gotten him another run-in with Nemesis, which means this is expected to be a real treat."

RW: "I agree, these two have put on a show before, and I think we're about to see another great wrestling match!"

TR: "Matt Faley's going to get us started...."

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley in the ring.)

MATT FALEY: "The next match will be for the Great Lakes Championship
Wrestling TELEVISION TITLE, and is set for one fall!! Introducing

(CUE-UP: "Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden. Nemesis comes out to a substantial ovation from the fans.)

MF: "The challenger, from Seattle, Washington, and weighing in at

(CUE-UP: "Better Than You" by Metallica. 'Stupendous' Stephen Morgan comes strutting out to the ring, wearing the GLCW Television Title around his waist, as the crowd gives him major heat.)

MF: "And now coming to the ring, the GLCW TELEVISION CHAMPION! From
Hollywood, California, weighing in at 240lbs...'STUPENDoUS' STEPHEN

(Morgan gets to the ring and demands that the referee keep Nemesis in front of him. The ref obliges, and Morgan takes his time as he gets into the ring. He then takes off the Television Title, which he kisses and hands to the referee. The ref holds up the belt to the crowd, who pop big, and then hands it to an attendant at ringside.)

TR: "Morgan and Nemesis in the ring....and here we go! This match has officially started, and look at that, Nemesis holds out his hand to Morgan."

RW: "Nemesis has been a real sportsman, and wrestler, allowing his skills in the ring to do most of his talking. He's not afraid to show a little respect, unlike some others around here."

TR: "Some? Like Morgan, who just slapped Nemesis' hand away, and Nemesis shrugs it off as the two tie it up! Nemesis with a headlock, but Morgan sidesteps around and gets Nemesis in a rear standing Neck Crank, then wraps up the leg and tries to floor Nemesis. That's not happening though, as Nemesis tries to go around Morgan, but he takes a quick Side Russian Leg Sweep from the TV Champ instead. Nemesis quickly gets up before Morgan can do anything more, but look at Morgan!"

RW: "He's already showing how UNsportsmanlike his conduct can be. Look at the gloating."

TR: "If Morgan wasn't too busy soaking in his own pride, he'd realize that he's practically being booed out of the park here! Nemesis doesn't think much of it as he and Morgan size each other up again now, looking for a weak spot. Nemesis charges in suddenly and gets a Hammerlock on Morgan, applying pressure but Morgan tries to overpower Nemesis and reverse the pressure....no good!"

RW: "Nemesis promptly switched to a wristlock, and then twisted the arm of Morgan, trying to make him feel it as much as possible."

TR: "Morgan's trying to get out of it, but Nemesis wrenches on Morgan's shoulder, looking to do some damage to that arm it looks plainly like. Nemesis now lands a few kicks to the arm of Morgan, and gets him into a standing Armbar. Morgan looks to roll, but Nemesis is a step ahead and manages to keep that arm tightly held, and Morgan just ends up grounding himself, as he now lies on the floor with that Armbar applied by Nemesis!"

RW: "The Champion is in trouble early here. If Nemesis can do enough to that arm, Morgan might not have a way of executing his finishing move."

TR: "Well Morgan is trying to stand up again...he's on his feet but trying to reach the ropes, he's too far though and....what he is doing? Morgan's telling the referee something, and the referee is checking Nemesis...."

RW: "Looks like he wants to see if Nemesis has got the hold on legally...."

TR: "Morgan with a poke to the eyes of Nemesis with his other arm, er, hand! Nemesis grabs his eyes, allowing Morgan to escape, and the referee didn't see it thanks to Morgan's bluff!"

RW: "I figured Morgan was up to no good...."

TR: "Morgan is shaking his arm hastily, maybe it's a bit numb, but then he turns and goes to work on Nemesis with a couple kicks to the stomach. Nemesis staggers back, he's trying to see I think, but his eyes are blinking and Morgan hooks him for a Suplex....he got it! Morgan and Nemesis are both up quickly, Nemesis charges in but Morgan lands another kick and hits a quick Snap Suplex this time. Morgan starts raising his arms, as if he's already won the match! Oh please!"

RW: "Wait....Nemesis is up and standing right behind Morgan!"

TR: "HE was bluffing! His eyes aren't as bad as we thought! Morgan turns and Nemesis hits him with a STAGGERING punch! And ANOTHER! Nemesis with a CHOP (Crowd: WHOO!) and the Television Champion has his back to the ropes! Nemesis with a whip of Morgan, who comes back and takes a stiff kick to the ribs, and Nemesis fluently hits a Swinging Neckbreaker!"

RW: "Nemesis is on a roll!"

TR: "Cover by Nemesis, first one of the match but will it be the last? ONE! TWO-- Morgan kicks out at two."

RW: "Maybe a little wishful thinking there, Tony?"

TR: "What, me? Naaah! Nemesis gets Morgan up and locks him in that Armbar again now...no, he's put his back to Morgan and brings the arm down over his shoulder in an Armbreaker type maneuver! Nemesis holds onto the arm as Morgan yelps out, and Nemesis repeats the process with another! He's got Morgan's arm twisted around and behind his back now, and Nemesis sets himself beside Morgan and drops the bottom out from Morgan, kicking out his legs and sending him back-first to the mat!"

RW: "Not just that Tony....Nemesis kept that arm of Morgan's clutched behind the Champ's back, so all his weight fell onto that arm! A great move by Nemesis, and a cover..."

TR: "ONE! TWO! NO! Nemesis couldn't keep Morgan down, as the Television Champion is getting outwrestled at this point, by the challenger! Nemesis takes hold of Morgan's arm and lifts it roughly off the mat, pulling Morgan a bit off the mat himself before RAPPING IT DOWN on the mat, elbow first! He's going to dislocate, fracture, or break something in that arm of Morgan's before he's done tonight!"

RW: "Which is exactly why Morgan just kicked Nemesis's knees out with his feet, so he could roll out of the ring, Tony. I don't think that limb is in good condition at all."

TR: "And I don't think Morgan wants anymore of Nemesis! He's gone over here and grabbed the TV Title from the ring attendant, and now is heading around the ring toward the ramp, looking at Nemesis the whole time!"

RW: "I don't know, Tony....I'm not sure...."

TR: "Nemesis isn't having any of that, though! He's running to the ropes and...PLANCHA ONTO MORG-- WAIT! Wait just a minute!"

RW: "Morgan....I knew he had something cooking in that head of his!"

TR: "At the LAST second, Morgan held the Television Title up to Nemesis, who came flying RIGHT INTO IT! That's got to be a disqualification!"

RW: "No Tony, you're wrong. Morgan can't be accused in this case, he could just say he was holding his arms up in defense, and, well...the belt was there."

TR: "But he wasn't supposed to have it in the first place! Just look at this pompous....gloating AGAIN for about the tenth time in this match!!"

RW: "Well, I'm not sure the referee had a good enough view to see if the belt actually made contact with Nemesis...though I'm pretty sure it did."

TR: "Of course it did, that's why he's in a heap on the floor! But of course Morgan knew the referee wouldn't be able to make the call from out there, when he's in the ring watching Nemesis...once Nemesis dived over all the ref could see was his back...."

RW: "Now you're thinking like Morgan."

TR: "I feel dirty."

RW: "Hey, you have to give Morgan some credit. He earned the Television Title...by being an expert cheater!"

TR: "Yeah, you have that right. Now Morgan is finished gloating for now, as he caps it off by tearing up someone's sign in the front row."

RW: "I think it was a fan of Nemesis, too."

TR: "Morgan grabs Nemesis, who was stirring seconds before, and drags him over to the apron. Morgan hoists Nemesis up....but Nemesis battles on with some punches to Morgan! Nemesis is hitting Morgan with some rights and now he pulls a surprised and dazed Morgan up onto the apron. Nemesis hooks Morgan for a Suplex! No Morgan blocks it! Morgan goes for a Suplex of his own....Nemesis blocks THAT!"

RW: "I don't know that Morgan can support Nemesis's weight with that arm, anyway....."

TR: "Morgan getting Suplexed? I think....no! Damnit! Morgan blocked again and he hits Nemesis with some kidney punches, shakes his fist, then....HE SUPLEXES NEMESIS OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR! I can't believe this!!"

RW: "Yeah, but Morgan's in pain as well. That arm is smarting, and he's trying to shake it off but that's not going to do it. He's lucky he didn't fall off the apron and land on that arm."

TR: "Morgan somehow dumped Nemesis sideways from that short-lived Vertical Suplex, but it was enough to send Nemesis onto the floor. Luckily I think Nemesis landed on his upper back, not his head or neck."

(CUT-TO: a replay of the Suplex off the apron.)

RW: "You're right, Tony. It looked on the replay as though Nemesis landed on his upper back, and his head hit afterward. I guess that's the best he could have hoped for, short of Suplexing Morgan."

TR: "Morgan is regaining himself now, and he quickly gathers Nemesis up off the floor, then with an arduous effort gets him onto the apron, and BANGS the head of Nemesis off the apron! Twice! Morgan slides Nemesis into the ring and now he makes a cover! ONE! TWO! TH-- NO! Nemesis got a foot on the near bottom rope!"

RW: "Morgan was doing his best to block the ropes, but Nemesis got a boot on it anyway."

TR: "Morgan looks angry, but the referee shows him two fingers and
unfortunately, they aren't the middle ones. Nemesis is brought up to his feet again, and Morgan sets him up for a....Double-Underhook Suplex....he got it! Morgan hits the Suplex, but again shakes his arm and then goes back to Nemesis, dropping his other elbow to the chest of Nemesis, then making the nonchalant cover...ONE! TWO! NO Nemesis got the shoulder up before three, and that's all Morgan's going to get with a lame duck cover on Nemesis."

RW: "Morgan's a good wrestler, both these guys are. He needs to be a bit more serious on the pinfalls, unless he thinks he can keep Suplexing Nemesis. I guarantee you, it won't last much longer."

TR: "Well he's been doing it so far! Morgan's got Nemesis in an Abdominal Stretch now, and Nemesis is blocked from the ramp-side ropes by Morgan, who keeps the hold locked in. He's yelling at the ref to ask Nemesis if he wants to tap, but Nemesis shakes his head no."

RW: "I have to hand it to Morgan, he's doing that hold backwards."

TR: "What do you mean?"

RW: "Look....he's not holding up that damaged arm, but instead reversing the way he does the hold on Nemesis. I doubt it's as effective, but it's locked in."

TR: "Yeah...and Morgan's trying to at least act like it's fully effective as he demands the ref check Nemesis again....Morgan grabs the top rope for leverage! LOOK REF! Nemesis is yelling out and the ref looks up at Morgan, but he releases the top rope just in time....and then grabs hold of it again when the referee looks back at Nemesis!"

RW: "Well...I'm sure Nemesis realizes what is going on."

TR: "Yeah, he's feeling it I bet. Morgan releases the top rope again as the referee checks on him, looking a bit suspiciously, but MOrgan tells him something about doing his jo-- hold it! Nemesis with a SUPREME effort HIP TOSSES MORGAN over him and to the mat! Nemesis managed to trip Morgan up while he was barking at the ref, and then Hip Tossed him over! Nemesis and Morgan are both on the mat, catching breathers....."

RW: "But Morgan is on his back, and Nemesis is crouching. Morgan's back in the hot seat."

TR: "Yes he is! Nemesis gets back up again and he takes the time to STEP on Morgan's arm! Morgan cries out in pain, and Nemesis lets off of the baby and stomps his arm a couple times for good measure!"

RW: "I don't know about 'baby'....I wouldn't feel real right having someone stepping on my arm."

TR: "Nemesis gets the arm again and it looks like he's wrapped it around his lower leg, like a modified Leg Lock, but whatever works and this is working! Morgan is screaming in pain and he might have to tap out folks!"

RW: "Nemesis has done some damage to it, but we'll see how much Morgan really wants that belt."

TR: "Morgan's shaking his head to the referee, telling him he isn't
quitting. He would have lost already without that belt though!"

RW: "Well...I don't--"

TR: "Nemesis tries to tighten the hold and Morgan flails out with his free arm, hitting Nemesis wildly but not enough to make Nemesis break. Morgan tries to grab the hair....or dig down into the scalp of Nemesis, but the referee puts an end to that and Morgan is trying anything to break that hold as he yells out again...."

RW: "Morgan's getting nowhere yet....."

TR: "Morgan is tangling his legs with those of Nemesis now and...he cradles Nemesis with his legs and free arm! ONE! TWO! But Nemesis powers back into a sitting position...sort of...."

RW: "It looks like Morgan's trying with everything he's got to send Nemesis back down to the mat. He wants Nemesis to break the hold so he isn't pinned, of course..."

TR: "Nemesis goes back down to his shoulders on the mat....ONE! TWO! NO! Nemesis gets a shoulder up but gets sucker punched in the face by Morgan, and RETURNS the hit! Morgan is lying on the mat, but quickly flails up again as Nemesis keeps the hold on...now Morgan's crawling to the ropes, but it's so slow due to his having to pull double the weight."

RW: "He's not far from the ropes though. That would have been a better strategy from the start."

TR: "Morgan's closing in on the ropes, but stops just short of them to take a breath, and Nemesis is clenching hard on that arm...I don't know what kind of condition it's in, but I think there's only one condition Morgan is registering right now..."

RW: "P-A-I-N."

TR: "Yes, and he's reaching for Nemesis again...he NAILS Nemesis in the head with a punch, then quickly cradles again...and he's grabbing the middle rope with that free arm for leverage! The referee doesn't see it! ONE! TWO! TH-- NO!"

RW: "It looked as though Morgan had to release the rope because the arm in that hold is in such pain now, he was straining it too far. Each time he cradles, he's putting one shoulder on the mat along with both of Nemesis's. That in itself is dangerous."

TR: "Stephen Morgan is desperate, though, and he's crawling with Nemesis to the apron now! What the heck...hey! He's grabbed Nemesis by the head and is using his own throat and his free arm to choke Nemesis!"

RW: "And kind of choke himself...um...odd tactic."

TR: "Morgan releases the choke and he then takes one more stride
towards....HOLY COW! THEY BOTH WENT TUMBLING TO THE FLOOR, and who knows how they landed!"

RW: "Hey! Morgan broke the hold!"

TR: "That was just about as long, if not longer, as I have EVER seen a man withstand a hold here, in GLCW...or for as long as anyone has ever had to! But Morgan did it, unbelievably."

RW: "I wonder if there's anything to that 'Stupendous' moniker."

TR: "Morgan is up first, I think he landed on Nemesis when they fell
over...and now he's up and falls back down to his knees, VERY gingerly touching that arm. I can't believe he didn't tap out!"

RW: "Morgan probably should have. It would have been healthier for him. But I don't think his ever-swelling pride would allow it."

TR: "The Television Champion is up again, but Nemesis is getting up as well, and as Morgan stumbles around he gets into a stride and runs at Nemesis, throws himself shoulder first at him! OHH!"

RW: "The other shoulder, mind you...but that was some IMPACT!"

TR: "MORGAN flung himself at Nemesis in a Diving SHoulder Block and hit Nemesis as he was rising up...and Nemesis goes back-first into the steel steps with what sounded like a ton of force!"

RW: "Morgan isn't moving much, but Nemesis knocked over the top step and is laying over the bottom one."

TR: "Nemesis is grabbing his back though, and Morgan is stirring now....he's staggering to his feet, calling out to the crowd who jeer at him LOUDER than ever! They aren't fools..."

RW: "What is Morgan doing now? He's got the steel steps dragged by the one arm...oh no, over Nemesis?"

TR: "Morgan just sandwiched Nemesis, and he gives Nemesis a swift kick to the HEAD! Nemesis is laying across the bottom step, the top step is on him, and Morgan is rolling into the ring, breaking the referee's count. What the hell....oh no!"

RW: "I think so, Tony. Morgan's getting a bit too much fresh air...he's going to the top rope!"

TR: "NO he wouldn't do that! NO....NO! YES! HE DID IT!!"

RW: "Stephen Morgan OFF THE TOP with a KNEE DROP onto the steel steps! WOW!"

TR: "And I don't think he actually hit his arm on the floor this time! But Nemesis just got DROPPED on, and...and he isn't even moving under there!"

RW: "He could have all kinds of bad things happeing in him right now."

TR: "And Morgan kicks the stairs off Nemesis now, satisfied as he has his face screwed up with pain. He starts stomping away at Nemesis but the referee tells him to get in the ring."

RW: "Now that....that was borderline disqualification, at least..."

TR: "Oh no kidding Rick? Morgan goes and grabs Nemesis with his left arm and drags him onto his shoulder, bringing him slowly to the apron and rolling him into the ring. Nemesis is not moving much, other than a flinch here and there..."

RW: "He's taken worse than this in a match before, Tony. I wouldn't count him out yet."

TR: "Morgan has Nemesis in the ring and he slumps over him for a
pin.....ONE! TWO! THREE...NO? No three?"


TR: "NO THREE COUNT! NEMESIS KICKED OUT! And Morgan looks LIVID, like he didn't already! Nemesis is rolling around on the canvas, trying to pull himself together, and Morgan meanwhile is hopping mad as he burns a hole through the referee, who argues back."

RW: "If the referee said it wasn't, Morgan, then you'd better keep your back to him."

TR: "Morgan still arguing with the referee as Nemesis gets to his feet! Nemesis comes behind and grabs Morgan's arm, pulling it down as he rolls up MOrgan! ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! Damnit! Morgan barely kicked out, and Nemesis looks determined as he picks up Morgan and whips him to the ropes....Back Body Drop! Morgan hits but Nemesis clutches his side."

RW: "I guess...our steps do weigh a lot...."

TR: "Yeah, I'd think so! Nemesis doesn't stop for long, though, as he keeps on Morgan and grabs him up again. A chop (Crowd: WHOO!) to Morgan, and the fans show their FULL support of Nemesis, as they start cheering him on rabidly! Nemesis whips Morgan to the corner and follows in with a Clothesline! Nemesis then hits a Chop (Crowd: WHOO!)...and another (Crowd: WHOO!) before hooking Morgan by the arm and lifting him for a Suplex.....and Nemesis holds Morgan up there as he Stalls the Suplex....then brings him CRASHING down to the mat! Beautifully executed Suplex by Nemesis who..."

RW: "Uh oh....company has arrived...."

TR: "COME ON NOW! Cannonball Kidd and the so-called 'Man of Action' Joe Clarke have come down to ringside, and I can't imagine why. Nemesis has Morgan with his arm behind his back and he HITS that Russian Leg Sweep, again crunching Morgan's arm against the mat and his body."

RW: "Looks like Clarke just wants to get some action in the ring....in the form of beating up somebody."

TR: "Nemesis with a cover....ONE! TWO! NO! Nemesis released the pin as it looked like Clarke was about to hit him. Nemesis is giving his thoughts to Morgan, pointing at him, and Clarke starts to get up on the apron but Cannonball Kidd pulls him back down. Nemesis takes Morgan in hand again and whips him.....THE WRATH!! NO! It looked like it might be, but Morgan slipped out after a cheap shot JUST before Nemesis was able to hook him for the Wrath! I thought he HAD it!!"

RW: "He was certainly going for it. Seeing Cannonball Kidd and his
accomplice Mr. Clarke out here is probably not the most comforting thing."

TR: "Nemesis kicks Morgan as he turns back around and he goes for a Suplex, but Morgan floats over and turns Nemesis around and....RELEASE Northern Lights Suplex by Morgan! What a move from nowhere! He's escaped more times this match...."

RW: "I know, Tony, and some of it you just have to attribute to his

TR: "Ability of luck is more like it. Morgan's going in there with one arm, but he manages to kick Nemesis in the ribs, then an elbow to the ribs, causing Nemesis to buckle over. Morgan off the ropes and he Dropkicks Nemesis on the knee, sending him to one knee. Morgan then comes off the opposite ropes behind Nemesis and he hits a SNAP Neckbreaker on Nemesis, flinging his head back and it hits the mat hard!"

RW: "Morgan's showing some guts...."

TR: "Yeah but for how much longer? MOrgan's got Nemesis up again and he's hooking him for a Suplex! No way....he lifts, but Nemesis kicks his feet and Morgan cannot get him up! Nemesis lands but Morgan quickly hits some knees to the midsection and then switches and he HITS A Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Cannonball Kidd and Clarke are just watching along as Morgan gets Nemesis up again and now he's got him set for maybe that Cradle Piledriver...."

RW: "But can he do it?"

TR: "I don't know...but he's going for a Double Underhook...he lifts Nemesis up, and then drops him to his side halfway up and clutches the injured arm!"

RW: "As much as he might want to, right now Stephen Morgan just can't try putting the strain on his arm for a Powerbomb, or maybe even a Piledriver. I don't know what he's going to do."

TR: "Pray! Nemesis fell awkwardly but he's back up, and grabs Morgan from behind in a Full Nelson....and he hits a Full Nelson Slam on Morgan!"

RW: "With similar weights, it makes those power moves more easily

TR: "Yeah, unless you've got a bum arm! Nemesis now lifts Morgan up and knees him in the stomach. Morgan doubles over and Nemesis backs him into the corner. Nemesis hooks an arm of Morgan's and lifts him up to the top turnbuckle! Nemesis steals a glance at Cannonball Kidd and Joe Clarke, but I think they're out of reach as they are just shouting at Nemesis. Morgan takes a shot at Nemesis, hitting him in the face! But Nemesis retialiates! Morgan comes back with a couple shots, but Nemesis is unrelenting as he climbs to the first rope and gets a few shots to the head of Morgan himself. Nemesis looks ready as he goes up to the second rope, pelting Morgan with a couple more shots....NEMESIS ON THE TOP ROPE! SUPERPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!!"

RW: "HOLY MOLEY! That might have been the last of Morgan's fight
evaporating! He's motionless!"

TR: "And Nemesis is not getting over too quickly to cover Morgan, having had something taken out of him as well. Cannonball Kidd is saying something to Nemesis, but it looks like Nemesis is ignoring him as the fans are going MAD!! LET'S SEE A REPLAY!!"

(Replay is shown of the Top Rope SuperPlex.)

RW: "That was just as devastating a move as any this match! Both these guys are putting on a wrestling display for us here."

TR: "But look at Joe Clarke!! He's on the ring apron, and the referee is coming to take care of that..."

RW: "Nemesis is covering Morgan though!"

TR: "Turn around! The referee is still distracted with Clarke, and he's being told to get off the apron now by Cannonball Kidd, but Nemesis has been covering Morgan already! The referee turns and sees it...."

RW: "It might not be too late!"

TR: "The referee drops down! ONE! TWO! THREE!! THREE!! WE HAVE A NEW--"

RW: "Wait! Morgan got a foot over the rope!"

TR: "WHAT? Are you sure?"

RW: "Absolutely! I saw it...and the referee did as well, and now he's telling Nemesis the match isn't over."

TR: "His hand hit the mat three times though!"

RW: "You know the rules, Tony. The official has the final call. Though I must say it was extremely close."

TR: "Morgan is rolling out of the ring to the floor while Nemesis was
distracted momentarily, and now he's going out to fetch Morgan, so he can make another pinfall, win this match, and give him the Television Title already! Morgan's got to be DONE!"

RW: "I don't even know if he'd be able to take his foot off the canvas to put on the ropes again."

TR: "Well maybe Cannonball Kidd is here to do that...."

RW: "At this point...I don't know if I'd be surprised."

TR: "Well we know he's out to get Nemesis! Nemesis is out of the ring and....OH NO! JOE CLARKE JUST CLOCKED NEMESIS WITH THE TV TITLE!"

RW: "Hey is that where it went? I had no idea..."

TR: "The referee was distracted by Cannonball Kidd and....WAIT A MINUTE!! JAROD POE IS COMING TO THE RING!! Clarke has come to the side of Cannonball Kidd and they're claiming innocence as Poe is BELLOWING at them to get out of here! I AGREE!!"

RW: "Make that three! I was enjoying this match until these two came down."

TR: "Morgan is managing to stand up against the apron, and Clarke tosses the Television Title into the ramp-side corner of the ring as Morgan slumps inside."

RW: "I think Clarke actually thought Poe wouldn't see him discard the title belt into the ring, but now Poe is getting in his face and Clarke is having none of that. These two look like they're about to explode!"

TR: "We might have an impromptu match right now, but Cannonball Kidd is separating them and restraining Clarke. Nemesis, SOMEHOW, is getting back into the ring as well, after that second belt shot he's taken in this match!"

RW: "Yeah...and this one was an 'action' shot."

TR: "Are you channeling Shades now?"

RW: ".....I don't know. That's a scary thought....now I feel dirty."

TR: "Nemesis is getting up, dazed, but he manages to see Morgan coming and ducks under an incoming Clothesline, then rounds on him and SLUGS Morgan with a right hand! Morgan goes back into the ropes and comes off them, only to be SLUGGED again and this time the Champion GOES DOWN!"

RW: "That was a Heavyweight size punch!"

TR: "You bet! Nemesis turns and sees the shouting match going on outside the ring, though...or maybe he heard it, with Poe and Clarke yelling their heads off at one another."

RW: "Cannonball Kidd looks far too small in there, especially for someone playing mediator. Maybe it's part of being a self-actualized man."

TR: "Perhaps...OH WAIT MORGAN ROLLS UP NEMESIS FROM BEHIND! ONE! TWO! THRE-- OHH NO! Nemesis managed to find himself and kick out after he was distracted by those activities outside the ring."

RW: "These two guys just aren't stopping. This match is unbelievable. Great effort by both men."

TR: "Yeah, and I thought....HEY! Larry Tact jumps out from the crowd and he's attacking Poe!! NO! NO MORE PEOPLE! WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE!!"

RW: "I'm sure they didn't hear you, Tony. Poe and Tact are brawling it out now, and Cannonball Kidd is still restraining Clarke."

TR: "They're going toe-to-toe with blow after thundering blow! And in the ring...it's nothing but the same! Nemesis and Stephen Morgan are exchanging blows, and Nemesis is gaining an edge! He's got Morgan on the ropes and whips him....BACK BODY DROP! Morgan is trying to stay upward, using the ropes for support...."

RW: "Poe and Tact are having it out at the apron now, both men unwilling to give position!"

TR: "More importantly though, in the ring Nemesis is WAITING for Morgan, a look of anguish and satisfaction on him! He's waiting....Morgan stumbles off from the ropes...turns...NEMESIS GRABS HIM! THE WRATH! THE WRATH!! HE DROVE MORGAN DOWN WITH THE WRATH!!"

RW: "Poe got Tact on the apron and both of them were brawling on there, but Tact just knocked Poe into the ring and he's not stopping for this match! He's in there too and Poe is right back up!"


RW: "Poe and Tact knocked into Nemesis and he got knocked off of Morgan!"

TR: "Now Nemesis is getting caught up in the brawl, as all hell is breaking out, and now the referee is calling for the bell! NOW HE CALLS FOR IT! NOW!!"

RW: "Oh jeez...a match that was seemingly at its conclusion, too. It looked like Nemesis had the TV Title all but in his grasp."

TR: "I know Stephen Morgan was escaping just about everything Nemesis threw at him, but I have to think Nemesis was two seconds away from winning the TV Title just now!"

RW: "And I don't think Tact and Poe even realize what they've done! They're STILL brawling in the ring! Morgan has gotten his belt from the corner and gotten out of there in a HURRY, as Nemesis and Poe go at it in the ring with Cannonball Kidd, Joe Clarke, and Larry Tact!"

TR: "Explosive action, but this match was SUPPOSED to involve ONLY Stephen Morgan and Nemesis! Security is coming down to break them up....NOW...and I guess we have to see this little party get taken off before we can continue with the show. So we'll take a short break, and then be back with the MAIN EVENT of RIPTIDE! Stay tuned!"

RW: "Party? More like a mini nuthouse...."

(CUT-TO: a commercial for GLCW.com's exclusive internet show, WIRED!)

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