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Wisconsin Dells Riptide 08


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(FADE-IN: to a brief fireworks display over the water area at the Water World! The crowd cheers loudly and gives their applause as the show ends. CUT-TO: the announce table, Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman taking it down the home stretch.)

TONY ROSS: "This edition of Riptide has been absolutely out of control, Rick!"

RICK WISEMAN: "I couldn't agree more, Tony. We've seen so much action and twists tonight, but the biggest has yet to come!"

TR: That's right, because up next ladies and gentlemen....is the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title Match between the Great Lakes Champion, Maelstrom, and the most self-actualized man in GLCW...."

RW: "And perhaps, in all of wrestling...."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd! It should be a very...interesting matchup, wouldn't you say, Rick?"

RW: "Yes...seeing the Cannonball Kidd and Maelstrom speaking over the past week or so about this match, it seems that things are ready to come to a head, tonight."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd has that high flying style that we really haven't seen from the GLCWs top stars previously. It will be a style that Maelstrom, as great a Champion as he is, has not faced very often in the past year."

RW: "That's a great point, Tony. You know, I look at Cannonball Kidd, and I see a truly budding star in the GLCW. I see this man has competed feverishly against all his competition thus far, and win or lose, he has never gone down without a hell of a fight, Tony."

TR: "Of course, Maelstrom has done more than just that. He has been
superior to all his opponents since entering the GLCW, including Michael Manson and, more recently, Jean Rabesque. Those are some top flight stars if I ever saw one, but Maelstrom took care of them."

RW: "Yes, and even Nikolai Ash fell to Maelstrom in their second meeting. However, I think it really is important to keep in mind that Cannonball Kidd has a different approach than these guys."

TR: "A self-actualized approach, Rick?"

RW: "Yes, I guess you could say that. But in all seriousness, Cannonball Kidd has really made himself known around here, especially over the past month or so. He also did very well in the Battle Royal, even if he didn't win. My point being, I expect Cannonball Kidd to put on a very impressive performance tonight, if he sticks to his gameplan."

TR: "And he's got 'Man of Action' Joe Clarke out there, who we saw earlier along with Cannonball Kidd."

(CUE-UP: "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D.)

RW: "Yes....well, I prefer not to think about the events of earlier in the show, Tony. That TV Title match was incredible, until the point when Cannonball Kidd and Clarke had to come down...and then Poe...and Tact...."

TR: "Yeah, I know what you mean, Rick."

(CUT-TO: MATT FALEY standing inside the ring.)

TR: Well, Matt Faley's going to do the honors!"

MATT FALEY: The following contest is the MAIN EVENT OF RIPTIDE!! (crowd pops big time!) It is set for ONE FALL, and is a GREAT LAKES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!! Introducing first, from St. Paul, Minnesota! He is accompanied to the ring by 'MAN OF ACTION' JOE CLARKE! Weighing in at 216lbs.....he is the CANNONBALL KIDD!!"

(Cannonball Kidd and 'Man of Action' Joe Clarke emerge from the entryway, heading down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Cannonball Kidd looks at Clarke, giving him instructions as they reach the ring and Cannonball Kidd gestures for Clarke to remain outside the ring. Cannonball Kidd then enters himself and takes more heat from the crowd.)

TR: "Answer for me one last question before this match gets underway, Rick: do you think Cannonball Kidd has the ability to overcome the huge size difference that has daunted all Maelstrom's other opponents?"

RW: "Well, Tony....I honesty can't say. Maelstrom has enormous strength and power. We know he's been able to overcome adversity in the past, not to mention multiple men attacking him. I don't know that I can really say he's going to lose the title to anyone, currently. He's just been simply...well, unstoppable!"

(CUE-UP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. The crowd explodes in a stampede of cheers.)


(Maelstrom emerges from behind the backstage curtain, the GLCW Title being dragged in tow behind him as he walks down to the ring. As he approaches the ring, Anarky comes running out from behind the curtain with a baseball bat in hand. He comes right up behind Maelstrom and clips him on the knee with the bat, causing Maelstrom's leg to buckle as he lets out a roar of anguish and collapses to the floor! Anarky raises the bat over high up in the air, as if to strike a death blow, but then stops. Anarky backs up with a devilish expression, laughing evilly as he disappears behind the curtain once more.)

TR: "HOLY COW! Anarky has just come out and dealt the first blow to
Maelstrom...before his match has even STARTED!"

RW: "I guess that's the time to do it, right before he's got the match."

TR: "Maelstrom is in some serious pain, after that BASEBALL BAT went right into the knee area of his leg, and let me tell you, I've seldom seen Maelstrom go down like he just did from that SHOT!"

RW: "Rarely...if ever! But in case anyone wasn't aware, baseball bats don't have give. And they aren't supposed to be USED AS WEAPONS against people! They're supposed to hit balls!"

TR: "Well, Anarky wasn't far from the mark, then, was he? But Maelstrom is managing to get up, and it looks as if he is going to try and make it into the ring! He must be insane! He can't possibly have this match with Cannonball Kidd in his present condition!"

RW: "If he steps into that ring....I don't see his chances of retaining being very good. I mean, a healthy Maelstrom would have my vote, because of his sheer dominance. But with an injury like this one...and just having received it...."

TR: "Maelstrom has hobbled his way to the ring apron, and look at Joe
Clarke! The 'Man of Action' is staring at Maelstrom, taking steps toward him...but Cannonball Kidd is telling him something, pointing....and Clarke just backed off again."

RW: "Lucky for Maelstrom. He doesn't need that big man going after him right now. Cannonball Kidd is going to be plenty difficult to get through on his own!"

TR: "Yes, and Clarke is still there, don't forget. He isn't moving an inch from ringside. Well, fans, this isn't the way we expected things to begin, but Maelstrom has just entered the ring and handed the Great Lakes Title to the referee, who holds it up and hands it off. The bell rings, and this match is underway....but I just can't see Maelstrom walking away with that title tonight!"

RW: "I can. I think he's going to do whatever it takes to win, Tony. WhatEVER...it takes....."

TR: "Well, here we go! Cannonball Kidd has immediately gone after
Maelstrom's leg, hounding it like a shark to blood as he begins stomping away at it. But Maelstrom comes in and with one swipe of his massive arm he....misses Cannonball Kidd! Kidd ducks under Maelstrom's arm and Maelstrom wavers a bit as he loses balance! Cannonball Kidd Dropkicks the knee and Maelstrom yells out! MY GOD! And Maelstrom takes another Dropkick that sends him to a knee!"

RW: "Cannonball is already a step ahead...."

TR: "LIFE TURNAROUND!! ALREADY CANNONBALL KIDD has hit one of his signature moves, the Life Turnaround Springboard Spinning Heel Kick!"

RW: "He's going to try to end it right here!"

TR: "Cannonball Kidd has gone to the top rope.....CRATER CREATOR? NO! Cannonball Kidd is waiting for Maelstrom to get up....."

RW: "I think he's scouted Mael well enough to not try and go for too much too soon."

TR: "That has been a mistake of other opponents before him. Maelstrom now begins hobbling to his feet, putting really no weight on that left knee. Maelstrom rises up to his full stature just as Cannonball Kidd leaps....and brings Maelstrom down with a TORNADO DDT!!"

RW: "I was expecting a Dropkick of some sort, but Cannonball might not have knocked him over, anyway."

TR: "So a smart series of moves by the Cannonball Kidd to start this match, as he now runs off the ropes and come back with a Flipping Legdrop! Cover by the Cannonball Kidd! ONE! TWO!! NO!! Maelstrom kicked out!"

RW: "He lifted Cannonball Kidd into the air and tossed him a few feet away! Incredible strength by Maelstrom, and we know that's what has worked for him in the past. But Cannonball Kidd has some agility about him, too."

TR: "I'm amazed that Maelstrom kicked out after only a two count! He's about as tough as they come, though, as Cannonball Kidd goes right back to the knee of Maelstrom, now that he has the big man grounded. Cannonball Kidd works the knee over with repeated stomps, and then backs off as Maelstrom takes a wild swipe! The crowd is trying to get Maelstrom fired up here...they've been FIRED UP ever since he emerged from the curtain!"

RW: "Yes, and that's exactly what Maelstrom needs, I believe, to win."

TR: "Maelstrom is slowly getting up, but just as he does, Cannonball Kidd floors him with another Dropkick to the knee! Cannonball Kidd then grabs the injured left left of Maelstrom's and SMASHES it to the mat! The Kidd then drops a leg on the back of that knee! Maelstrom is howling in pain! Even he is feeling the effects of this assault, on top of the previous assault by Anarky!"

RW: "And it may only be a matter of time...."

TR: "Before we have a new Great Lakes Champion, I know....but for now, the Champion is on the mat, looking up at Cannonball Kidd, who has dragged him to the center of the ring, with a good deal of effort, and now drops a leg over the back of that knee again before applying a Spinning Leg Lock!"

RW: "And now Maelstrom is going to have to get to the ropes as quickly as he can."

TR: "Maelstrom is pulling both Cannonball Kidd's and his own weight with him towards the corner, we've seen this before.....Maelstrom is getting closer to the ropes....and finally grabs ahold of the bottom rope! The referee calls for the break, and Cannonball Kidd gives it to him, but not before one last wrench on the hold."

RW: "The Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion...Cannonball Kidd. I dunno...."

TR: "Rick! Cannonball Kidd stalks Maelstrom, waiting again for him to get back up so he can probably resume his attack on the injured limb of the Great Lakes Champion. Maelstrom gets up, but finds Cannonball Kidd grabbing his arm and whipping him to the corner....and Maelstrom falls down as he is forced to put weight on the injured knee!"

RW: "I think it has a kind of...ring to it. But presently that isn't who is the Champion."

TR: "Come on, Rick, that's not fair at all."

RW: "What's not fair? I just wanted to see how it sounded. And by the way, Cannonball Kidd knew Maelstrom was going to get to the corner. Look, he's doing it again."

TR: "Yes, apparently Cannonball Kidd takes a liking to seeing Maelstrom stumble and fall to the mat before he can even reach the corners! But Kidd hops up to the second rope this time, immediately after whipping Maelstrom, as if anticipating, and now as Maelstrom looks up....stiff Flying Sidekick from Cannonball Kidd!"

RW: "Ow...that'll hurt later....."

TR: "Yeah, if the knee hasn't killed him yet! Cannonball Kidd landed that kick right to the jaw of the Champion, who lands in a heap on the mat and Cannonball Kidd goes for a cover! ONE! TWO! Maelstrom with a shoulder up again!"

RW: "You thought Morgan wanted his belt bad? Well, just wait until you see what Maelstrom comes out with."

TR: "What? Oh, never mind....Maelstrom is looking groggy right now...very spaced out as Cannonball Kidd is fully focused upon Maelstrom. The Kidd has his sights set on that Great Lakes Title, that's for sure, and as Maelstrom gets up again using the ropes, Cannonball Kidd goes for the Dropkick to the knee in the corner....NO! OH MAN!"


TR: "Maelstrom managed to get out of the way, and Cannonball Kidd missed his dropkick and ended up crotched on the steel post in the corner! He really put the hurt on himself there, and now Maelstrom has an opening!"

RW: "This is his chance...he's got to go after him the only way he can at this point."

TR: "'At this point' What are you, a psychic now? Maelstrom is stumbling over to the corner, this time he's waiting for Cannonball Kidd to get up. As the Kidd does, Maelstrom grabs him and roughly throws him into the corner, letting out a roar as he begins to WAIL AWAY on Cannonball Kidd! But the Kidd ducks down and covers up, then quickly dives and clips that left knee! Maelstrom goes down to a knee and Cannonball Kidd gets behind him, Dropkicking Maelstrom's head into the middle turnbuckle! Maelstrom slowly gets back up, only to have Cannonball grab him by the leg and Dragon Screw Leg Whip him down!"

RW: "Maelstrom tried to grab the ropes as he saw Kidd go for his leg, but it was too late as Cannonball's agility came out on top."

TR: "The Great Lakes Champion is in trouble again! That leg whip really seemed to have sent him down for a count, as Cannonball Kidd again goes onto the apron and now to the top rope! Cannonball Kidd is poised as Maelstrom rolls around clutching the leg....Cannonball Kidd dives off!"

RW: "WOW a spectacular move!"

TR: "Cannonball Kidd lands a Leg Drop from the top rope over the left knee of Maelstrom! The Champion is WRITHING in pain, as Cannonball Kidd hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! TH-- NO! With a deafening ROAR, this crowd is crying out as Maelstrom just has, throwing Cannonball Kidd to MID-RING!"

RW: "It's coming....soon..."

TR: "What is? What are you talking about, Rick? Are you feeling alright?"

RW: "Yes. You'll see, Tony."

TR: "I am apparently missing something here, but Maelstrom is getting up a bit quicker now, perhaps he's gotten his second wind! The fans certainly would like to see it here, after the DESPICABLE actions of Anarky just before this match started, taking a baseball bat to the knee of Maelstrom. Cannonball Kidd watches Maelstrom trying to charge him, but he's far too slow with that damaged knee and Cannonball Kidd evades him and lands a clip to the knee once again. Maelstrom staggers, but seems DETERMINED not to fall!"

RW: "Listen to this crowd....they're energizing him...."

TR: "I believe you're right, Rick! The fans are erupting as Maelstrom goes after Cannonball Kidd again, but Cannonball just manages to escape Maelstrom's charging form, and he bounces off the ropes....Dropkick to that knee again! Maelstrom falls into the ropes, but staggers back out and as Cannonball Kidd gets back up he can't dodge him! CLOTHESLINED CANNONBALL KIDD RIGHT OUT OF HIS FLIGHT GOGGLES!!"

RW: "Um...nope, looks like they're still on him. A little messed up

TR: "It's not literal! Maelstrom is getting revved up here, and the chants of his name are echoing out into the night air here, in Wisconsin Dells, as Maelstrom grabs Cannonball Kidd....OH! Cannonball Kidd just kicked Maelstrom squarely in the knee, and I don't think he was prepared for it! Maelstrom falls down and Cannonball Kidd POUNCES on the opportunity, attacking the knee immediately with Double Ax Handle blows! He's trying to shatter that knee!"

RW: "He's trying to do whatever he can to keep Maelstrom grounded."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd is dragging Maelstrom to the middle of the ring, and now he goes for a submission...NO Maelstrom rolled him up! Small Package ONE! TWO! OH NO! Cannonball Kidd managed to wriggle out of it, and Maelstrom looks at him with fury!"

RW: "Almost there."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd stumbles away from the Great Lakes Champion, a bit surprised I think! He probably didn't expect Maelstrom to have such a fight left in him, but Maelstrom is pulling out all the stops to keep some semblance of control over this match. Any piece of control he can have is one piece closer to winning, I guess."

RW: "He needs to get himself up, to gain control."

TR: "And so he is trying, but Cannonball Kidd lands a hard STOMP to the left knee, and Maelstrom falls back down to a knee! Cannonball Kidd now Dropkicks Maelstrom in the chest from one knee, and Maelstrom goes down, followed by Cannonball Kidd who bridges the legs....ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! Not quite! Maelstrom saw the hand coming down for the three, and with a heave of effort, got the shoulders up."

RW: "I can't imagine he's able to focus on much anything with all

TR: "Yes, the pain must be excruciating! Maelstrom struggles to retain a vertical base again, and Cannonball Kidd now looks frustrated as he starts hammering away on the knee of Maelstrom, with punches and knees of his own! Maelstrom battles back with enormous right hands! He sends Cannonball Kidd doubling over as one hits the stomach, and then BOWLS him over with a Diving Clothesline!"

RW: "I think it's just about time."

TR: "Maelstrom tries to stand and he's almost there...BUT CANNONBALL KIDD comes off the ropes with a Neckbreaker!"

RW: "He swung Maelstrom's neck in the opposite direction! I'm almost
surprised Maelstrom doesn't have a broken neck, and that he twisted with Cannonball's hands. If he hadn't, he's be lying motionless...."

TR: That was a vicious, dangerous move from Cannonball Kidd! I'm appalled he'd try to DO some STUNT like that! But I guess all the stops means all the stops, and Cannonball isn't going to stop until he is Great Lakes Champion!"

RW: "Great Lakes Champion, Cannonball Kidd.....you know, it really does have a certain ring to it."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd takes hold of Maelstrom's leg, and he's looking to apply a Sharpshooter, it looks like! If he can get it locked in, this could be the end of Maelstrom's reign as Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion!"

RW: "Yes...and this is where we see if the true grit of Maelstrom comes out!"

TR: "If Maelstrom loses, he will NOT go on to face Anarky at the
Pay-Per-View! Cannonball Kidd will walk in as Champion, and will face Anarky, the Number One Contender, in his first defense!"

RW: "But this....this is it, Tony!"

TR: "WHAT IS IT? All I see is Maelstrom struggling to stop Cannonball Kidd!"

RW: "EXACTLY! He's releasing all his pent up pain..."

TR: "How....I don't get it...Cannonball Kidd doesn't look like he's going to be able to get Mael's legs locked in, though...."

RW: "He's going to release his RAGE!"

TR: "His rage? OH MY GOD! MAELSTROM just shoved Cannonball Kidd through the ropes onto the apron...HE'S UP! MAELSTROM IS STANDING! He still looks to be feeling some of the pain in that knee, but he got up quicker than in any previous attempts this match! Cannonball Kidd springs off the top rope in a Dropkick that sends Maelstrom stumbling back...BUT HE LETS OUT A ROAR!!"

RW: "So, is Cannonball Kidd ready to become Great Lakes Champion? Ladies and gentlemen....we're about to find out!"

TR: "Maelstrom does not fall from the Springboard Missile Dropkick! He charges Cannonball Kidd, who BARELY avoids a Clothesline that might have taken his HEAD off! Cannonball goes to whip Maelstrom...MAELSTROM REVERSES THE WHIP! He sends Cannonball flying into the corner, and charges IN.....BODY SPLASH ON CANNONBALL KIDD!! MAELSTROM is in a RAGE!"

RW: "A berserker rage, yes....I remember seeing this before, but I guess he had to work up to it now, with the pain and all....."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd falls in a heap on the mat, and Maelstrom picks him up viciously...only to have Kidd nail him in the knee again! And again! But Maelstrom doesn't seem nearly as phased as before! He's withstanding the pain of those kicks by Kidd, and Maelstrom THROWS Cannonball Kidd in a Fallaway Slam across the ring!"

RW: "He's ignoring the pain, Tony...he isn't feeling it. Incredible....this is Maelstrom's strength..."

TR: "Yes, but we also know it can work against him, because he can make mistakes. Right now though, it seems Cannonball Kidd is in such
shock....Maelstrom picks him up and Military Presses the Kidd, then Slams him down to the canvas!"

RW: "The ring SHOOOK with that one, Tony!"

TR: "And this crowd is going absolutely NUTS! If this were inside an arena, we'd have already blown the roof off this place before the match started, but this would have done it again!"

RW: "It's the GLCW at work, outdoor style!"

TR: "Cannonball Kidd is hoisted up once again by Maelstrom, who is treating him like some rag doll. Maelstrom whips Cannonball Kidd and chrages with a BOOT! Cannonball slides under though and hits a Dropkick to the chest of Maelstrom, sending him back as Cannonball flips over! Cannonball Kidd then SHOOTS forward and tackles the knee of Maelstrom, and THAT seems to have sent the pain straight to the Champion's head!"

RW: "Well, he isn't invincible."

TR: "Maelstrom yells out again and grabs Cannonball Kidd, and sets him up between his legs! JACKNIFE...NO! Cannonball Kidd flipped through and Dropkicked Maelstrom over the top rope! Simply incredible!"

RW: "Maelstrom didn't even see it coming! He was in such a rage, he just wanted to hit the Jacknife Powerbomb, and Cannonball sent him tumbling outside!"

TR: "That will certainly help Cannonball Kidd, as he has some time to
regroup. Maelstrom is getting up though, so Cannonball Kidd better think fast, after that perfectly-executed counter. Maelstrom is now getting back in the ring, and...wait a second! What is Joe Clarke doing?"

RW: "He's gone over to the ring attendant and shoved them into the
barricade! That's not right!"

TR: "Clarke is taking action here, as he has the Great Lakes Title in hand! He's not the Champion!"

RW: "Yeah, but he's going to try handing it off to the possible NEXT
Champion, Cannonball Kidd!"

TR: "Joe Clarke is on the apron with the Great Lakes Title, and Cannonball turns to look at him. Rick, Cannonball Kidd looks bewildered!"

RW: "I don't think he understands what Clarke's about to do....or perhaps why."

TR: "Maelstrom gets in the ring, and the 'Man of Action' tosses the belt towards Cannonball Kidd! NO! WAIT! Maelstrom knocked the belt down, and he takes it in hand and slides it out of the ring. Cannonball Kidd.....is looking at Clarke?"

RW: "He looks pretty hopelessly at the 'Man of Action,' too. Was Clarke NOT supposed to do that?"

TR: "Clarke is getting down off the apron, but I don't get it.....HOLY MOLEY! MORTAL SIN!! MAELSTROM CAME FROM BEHIND and locked Kidd in the Mortal Sin! Cannonball Kidd is struggling but fading fast....the referee is asking him if he wants to quit...."

RW: "Cannonball Kidd doesn't want to lose his opportunity now, when he's come so very close already to winning!"

TR: "Well, I don't think Maelstrom intends on loosening his grip on the hold, and Cannonball might be out as the referee now checks on him again! The referee raises Cannonball's hand once.....and it drops to his side!"

RW: "Oh.....we've seen this before....."

TR: "Cannonball Kidd has his hand raised again.....and for a second time, IT DROPS! If Cannonball Kidd's arm drops once more, Maelstrom will have retained, DESPITE ANARKY'S involvement! DESPITE the bat! He will have overcome adversity ONCE AGAIN!"

RW: "The hand is raised and ready.....the referee signals this would be it, and......"


RW: "WOW! Maelstrom retains the title! I didn't know if he could!"


TR: "Well you had the rage card seen in advance, Rick, that was an excellent trump card!"

RW: "I haven't seen it fail yet...."

TR: "Maelstrom releases the hold on Kidd, though, as ANARKY, MICHAEL MANSON, and JOHNATHAN MARX...."

RW: "....AND MINION?!"


RW: "A new recruit...I can't believe it could become a MORE violent group, though...."

TR: "It just has, it seems, as all four of these men are surrounding the ring, surrounding the Great Lakes Champion, as Joe Clarke helps Cannonball Kidd out of the ring and away from this obvious danger."

RW: "And it's about to get....volatile."

TR: "Maelstrom is ready to take them all on, and HERE THEY COME! Manson, Marx, Minion, and Anarky flood the ring! Anarky has a bat!!
They're all being battered away by Maelstrom though! He's knocked down Manson....Marx rushes but takes a stiff forearm....Minion comes in and gets a Boot to the Face! ANARKY! Knocked down by a Back Elbow! As is Manson! Minion finds himself being choked and thrown into a corner! Anarky gets grabbed around the throat! MAELSTROM
might throw him RIGHT OUT OF THE RING! He lets out a roar....BUT MANSON and MARX both come from behind, sending Maelstrom staggering, releasing Anarky! Minion comes in and begins PUMMELING Maelstrom with an ASSAULT much like Maeltrom's RAGE! MY GOD!!"

RW: "Minion is one of the most destructive individuals to ever set foot into a wrestling ring. Remember his match at Ringlords, with Nemesis?"

TR: "That's only a TASTE of what he's capable of! All of them now beat Maelstrom down!!"

(CUT-TO: A locker room door is shown, locked shut with a chain and huge padlock. Some pounding on the door can be heard as security comes to try and break the lock)

T.R.: "That must be Jean Rabesque and Dakota Smith's locker room!! They've been locked in and this gruesome foursome continues their vicious beating on Maelstrom! Marx, Manson and Minion
are holding Maelstrom down on his knees while Anarky calls for the mic!"

ANARKY: "Congratulations, Maelstrom... once again, you have triumphed in the face of adversity. Does it FEEL GOOD, Mael? Is THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? This is your glory... your victory... DO YOU FEEL LIKE A WINNER?! I'm sure you know Manson very well, and you've met Marx, and our newest friend Minion...and as you sit there about to get the beating of your life, I want you to think of me. For this is my gift to you. This... this is the beginning of a great journey. And I... I am going to save you, Mael. I'm going to save you from your own idiotic, foolish self. And one day, you'll thank me. You'll get down on your knees and PRAISE MY NAME... because I will have made you. I will have destroyed you and created you in
my image... stronger... more vicious... more...monstrous than ever. Just remember, Mael... this is what you wanted. You call my name... you dare to think that you understand me? That you know the first thing ABOUT ME? Look at you. Pathetic... defeated. Is this the Great Maelstrom I've heard so much about? You are not a man. You are a little boy. A scared little boy playing with a fire he knows nothing about. MAELSTROM... you will know my wrath. You will know my hate. You will know my ceaseless suffering as none other. And when I'm done... what's left of you will be pure. Unfiltered. Untouched. You will be... my perfect monster. And then... nothing can stop me."

(He laughs maniacally and jabs the bat into Mael's midsection. Security then hits the ring to break it up)

T.R.: "Anarky has given his message to Maelstrom the hard way! Fans, we are out of time! Be sure to log on to GLCW.com for the next edition of Wired coming from Silver Cross Field in Joliet, Illinois! So long from Wisconsin Dells!"

(The camera shows some EMTs assisting Maelstrom as Anarky, Manson, Minion, and Marx are being led out of the ringside area by security to a massive chorus of boos. FADEOUT)

This has been a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Production
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2003

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