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WNW 2/21 Live Arena Report

Yori Yakamo jr

League Member
Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
Live from Edmnoton, Alberta, CA
David Thyme, reporting

Crowd looked pretty full, about 2,500. Can't seem to get away from those damn 'TWO' chants. Will the madness never end?


The Sheffield Wednesday Lot defeated Jake Patches Legee and Jesus Hobo (yes, he was actually announced as Jesus Hobo) in 5 minutes when Legee fell to the Bangers and Mash

ROBOYORI came out and challenged anyone in the building to a dance-off. The Idiot Fan came out of the crowd to accept. ROBOYORI wins the crowd's approval with his smooth moves and Idiot Fan gets pissed and attacks ROBOYORI from behind. He tries to bodyslam the sex robot and ends up getting squashed.


Match One: Promo/International Icons v. Jimmy Donovan/Thrillbillies
Result: Ace Mason makes Jake McCody tapout to the Icing Gavones
Time: About 20 minutes

Wild, wild opener. Donovan seemed to be drunk, but more impervious to pain drunk than stumbling around drunk. Lots of tension between Hoss and Jimmy leading to some miscommunication. Ending is crazy as Promo flips out when Jimmy kicks out of the Promoplex and assaults the referee. LANCE THUNDER makes the save much to the crowd's delight, but numbers eventually overwhelm Lance and he ends up on the business end of the Fadeout. Meanwhile, FF brings out a PbPro ref, and after some shenanigans, Jake falls victim to a very distraught Ace's Icing Gavones.

--The Inner Sextum plots different weapons to use against Red at their Street fight. The dildo flamethrower is an interesting idea, but needs some fine tuning. ROBOYORI ends up slightly crispy.

--FF bursts into Yamada's office. He wants Lance Thunder fired for putting his hands on one of his wrestlers. Yamada says he has a better idea. At Zero Hour, Lance will take on Promo, and if Promo loses, he has to be an MBE ref for a month. Promo should know better than to lay his hand on an MBe official. FF says the only way he will agree to that is if Lance loses his ref's license if Promo beats him. Yamada reluctantly acquiesces after FF hints at some impropriety he may reveal to PbPro....intrigue~!

MATCH TWO: Duchess v. Jeff Roberts
RESULT: Jeff Roberts pins Duchess after the Shooting Star Guillotine
TIME: About 22 minutes

Liberal interference from Doc's flunkies, no surprises there. Roberts at one part gets a little annoyed at them getting in his way, and he tries to finish Duchess himself. Duchess refuses to stay down, though. Roberts is too wily to fall for her flash counters, though, and escapes the ankle lock. Finally, Dority clocks Duchess the ring bell and the Shooting Star Guillotine follows.

After the match, the flunkies lay the beating on Duchess until Andy Gilkison makes the save and runs them off. He helps Duchess up, but gets attacked from behind by a returning Roberts. A cradle piledriver on the ring bell busts Andy open and Roberts tells Duchess to keep that world title warm for him.

--Doc gives a rambling interview covering seemingly the entire history of his career in wrestling and how Maggot is just a nobody, a big fish and a small pond. But he's somer sort of shark, a card shark. The gist is he got their match changed to a 2 out of 3 fallls match, since there is no way Duchess can pin him twice. Maybe Doc needs to lay off the pain pills.

MATCH THREE: Justin Evitable/Andy Gilkison v. Irishred/A
RESULT: Justin pins A after a top rope VMA
TIME: About 13 minutes

Andy never makes it to ringside after Roberts' attack and PbPro doouble teams Justin until Yori and company storm the ring to make the save. Mayhem abounds until Red accidentally crotches A on the top rope going after Yori. Justin comes out of nowhere for a top rope VMA and Red is a second late making the save. A is irate and there is some squabbling that FF tries to douse.

--Andy is being stitched up in the back, but has some ominous words for the rest of MBE. He has had just about enough of people getting in his way. Whether it be AJ, Promo, PbPro, Duchess or now Roberts, he lives and breathes for that MBE World Title. It has been denied him for nearly eight years. And after he deals with this latest piece of ****, he will be coming for whoever has the title. And nothing will stop him.

--Maggot is in the bowels of the arena. He says Doc and he have some unfinished business, but it ain't from any other place. This is where he got his start, right here, in the basement of MBE. He's used to being around trash, but Doc is the worst. He came back to teach Doc a lesson. And it's gonna hurt.

--Biff runs down the PPV card.

MAIN EVENT: Doc Silver v. Maggot for the MBE World Heavyweight Championship
RESULT: Doc Silver pins Magggot with a rope-aided schoolboy
TIME: About 25 minutes total time

Doc gets beat up and down and around the arena, but somehow he keeps surviving. The tide turns after the arrival of "Monseiur Fantastic" who throws Maggot down a flight of stairs. At some point they finally make it into the ring, and Doc counters a Trash Compactor atteempt into a desperation flash pin, with some cheating. Maggot is distraught and Doc gloats all the way up the ramp until he is laaid oout by a Duchess superkick. She puts her foot on top of him and says I only need one more.

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