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I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Welcome to World's Finest Wrestling, before we get started, let me tell you a little about how the league will work.
What You Need To Know To Do Well

The key to doing well in the league is developing an compelling character with good promos, character development, and angles. You aren't necessarily always RPing match to match, you are RPing for your overall spot in the league and where you will be placed in your next program. There will be occassions, but hopefully not too numerous, where for storyline reasons the better RPer doesn't always win, but if you RP well, not only will you do well in your match, but in the next programming you will be rewarded for your previous effort.


As an English major, it is hammered into your head about the value of words and that if you use a word too much, it loses its meaning. I don't mind if it is done on occassion because your character requires it to show emotion, but try not to overdo because then it could become meaningless.


I know it isn't as fun for some people or that some people can't do the face characters well, I'm not even sure what a babyface is myself these days. Do whatever you do best well and we will try to make babyfaces and heels based on who the characters naturally are. If you can do a good babyface, god bless you, you are a dying breed.

Doing Jobs To Setup Angles

Sometimes in tags and six mans to setup a bigger program, a wrestler will do a job to setup a bigger more compelling storyline. New Japan often uses this style to build up guys in the lower and midcard as credible challenges to a higher guy.

Mentioning History

Some of you guys have been RPing together since the dawn of time, while I dig history, every time you guys feud, I don't necessarily want to read about it unless the feud has affected or affects your character significantly. You can mention titles you currently hold in other leagues. But basically we are all starting with a clean slate, so the dawn of time begins with the first card. I know I will break this rule myself when I mention the old BAD and NGEN in certain cases, but we are going to try at least to cut down on it.

RPing or Promoing

I prefer the word promoing to RPer because we aren't a bunch of Dungeon and Dragons geeks. We are well rounded, mentally stable people... well, some of us are. Here are the rules for RPing...

1. The stacking rule - I know things have changed since I left and the standard is 48 hours, I'm going to slightly change that. If your opponent hasn't responded in 24 hours, you can do another promo, not to develop your feud, but to promote your character. That means that if you are doing a series like the old Hulk Hogan/Mean Gene training skits, you can have your guy training for the match or you can have going to see a old superstar from the past or visiting a scenic place (Jericho in Washington, DC ie Conspiracy Angle) or something of that nature.

2. Our shows will happen from various locations, if at all possible, try to work this into your promos with an occassional mention or even setting it in a place near the upcoming show.

3. Anything else goes

Angle Rules

1. There is only one rule, I beg of you, please no worker vs. management angles. It was done to death in the WWE and it has been done to death in every league I've been involved in. If you want to attack the management in your promo, call it the Board of Directors. One day, we may develop who the board of directors are, but for now, I want to keep away from that.

2. There are no other Angle rules besides Rule #1

Before we move on to the info you need to join, a little info on myself.. I started back in 1991 with the RPWA, after the move away from real wrestlers and I left the MFL which was run by Keith Turner, I started NGEN, which did quite well for itself. After several years, I "retired" and left the promotion to Kevin Metti to spend more time working on Prodigy moderating chats and doing trivia. I unretired to become VP of BAD with Anthony Baronius which was probably the most fun I ever had before AB moved on to write screenplays and lost interest in wrestling. The last match, last meaningful match, I wrote was at the Superbowl of Wrestling which established a young Manson in a match against Doc Silver. After BAD died, I stayed with Prodigy until things went down south and then I went off to the net and AIM country. In December of 2000 after a long break, I started ShootAngle with Zach Arnold, unfortunately I took seriously ill and lost a lot of weight, so I was very limited in temperament and what I could do which led to its ultimate demise. But in that time, I helped to launch GH & Joe and Alfredo Esparza careers on the net which I'm quite proud of even having the smallest part in. After ShootAngle's demise, realizing I didn't want anything to do with net reporting ever again, I went on to become part of the Deathvalley Driver chat and later on as founder of the Puroresu Power/Strong Style Spirit chat room. When my old Battlebots reporter Chris Horowitz was looking for new guys, I joined the IWF in hopes of having a few more matches before I closed the door on Fantasy Wrestling but my interest was renewed once again and I realized that I wanted to run a league. RPing was never as fun for me as running a league because I love stories and helping to develop characters as graduate in English Literature from Rutgers.

With wrestling dying the way it is, it reminds in a way of when I started back in 1991, without FW, I would have lost interest in wrestling a long time ago with the product going south. When I was seriously ill a couple of years ago, I realized that I missed it. But I wasn't well enough to keep up with the demands of running a league. Now that I am and with WCW dead and WWE falling apart, I want to help all of those who are losing interest by developing a league that will capture their imagination.

I consider myself a student of wrestling. Even when wrestling has gotten worse mainstream, I still love to watch promotions like OVW, IWA Mid South, NJPW, AJPW, EMLL Michinoku Pro, Toryumon.

I hope to incorporate my fifteen years of knowledge, and my degree in English, into my work to be an even better card writer than I was before.

I hope you come a long for the trip.

Here is the info you need to join...



League Member
Oct 1, 2004
Thirteen and The Headhunter

NAME: Thirteen

HEIGHT: 5' 8''



ENTRANCE MUSIC: Lordi - Pet the Destroyer

ENTRANCE: The arena goes dark and Thirteen's music cues up, you hear chains clinking over the loudspeakers as the guitars slowly cue in. The chains continue as the guitars and drums get heavier, and Thirteen appears at the entrance. urple spotlights follow behind Thirteen on his way to the ring, always lighting him from behind as you see his caot trailing behind him. Approxomately 10 feet behind him walks another man, with a red light behind him. As he enters the ring, the ring is illuminated half in purple half in red. Thirteen stands with his arms to outstretched parallel to the ground as Voudin blesses him. Voudin removes Thirteen's coat as Thirteen relaxes, and the music dies down, and the lights return to normal in the arena.

FIVE SIGNATURE MOVES: Various Suplexes, powerbomb, Pile drivers, super kick, power slam

SETUP: throw the opponent into the ropes, on the recoil hits them with a Spear

FINISHER: 13x13 (Frogsplash off the top rope, or whatever the highest peak is) or Death and Decay (Modified surfboard press submission)

WHO YOUR CHARACTER IS: Being in his mid 20's, and built more solid than what he seems, Thirteen can take quite the beating. He grew up knowing nothing but violence from his father, and watched his mother cower in fear. Now he brings both to the ring. Once imprisoned by the Tactilizing One in a mental facility, he was reformed and learned to direct his hate and fear...

APPEARANCE: To the ring he wears his leather trench coat and round glasses. Underneath he wears a pair of black jeans, black T-shirt, with a black belt, black leather boots, and black leather fingerless gloves. His hair is shaved on the sides and the top is pulled back into a pony tail that trails just past his shoulders.


Name: Voudin

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 180

Appearance: His head is shaved clean and he has piercings and tatooes all over his body. He wears a pair of tattered shorts, around his neck and wrists he has jewelry made from the bones of what appear to be small animals.
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New Arrival - "Rage"

NAME: Aaron Rage
AGE: 26
WEIGHT: 253 lb
HOMETOWN: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "My Way" - Limp Bizkit
- Flying forearm
- Pulling Brainbuster
- High-angled belly to back suplex
- Powerbomb
- Sharpshooter
SETUP: Hard snapping Spinebuster known as the "Furious"
FINISHER: "Rage Blast" is a very similar to Bill Goldberg's Jackhammer. Rage lifts up the opponent to a vertical position having his left arm supporting the head and the right arm holding the pants of the opponent, steading their body. When coming down from the vertical position, Rage powers his right forearm/elbow into the head of the opponent as the opponent hits the mat, basically pulverising his head into the mat, along with the damage of the rest of the body. An extremely devastating finisher.
WHO YOUR CHARACTER IS: Aaron Rage is a man who is focused on what he has to do in the ring. Rage has been a street fighter ever since he was 6. He grew up in the mean suburbs of Melbourne where the only method of survival was to hunt or be hunted. At the age of 13 he was introduced to illegal cage fighting known as the SFF (Street Fighting Federation) which were held in underground clubs. He made his money through these contests with a winning streak of 99 - 0. He stopped cage fighting after his 99th match and said quote, "I'll be back for my 100th victory after I pursue other challenges in life." On that note, when Rage was 20 he left street fighting. Over the 7 years of his professional street fighting career Rage had gathered enough money to train to become a proessional wrestler in the US. Rage has been involved in several wrestling federations, although not staying in either feds for long because they have resulted in no challenge for him. Through his 6 years as a professional wrestler Aaron Rage has been quite successful and owns quite a fortune. Although he says he is very lucky from going from a homeless streetfighter to a successful professional wrestler. Still an undefeated wrestler Rage keeps looking for a federation where he will be challenged... Somewhere he belongs.
- VSFC (Victorian Street Fighting Championship) held from when he was 16 to 20. He relinquished the belt to pursue his wrestling career.
- USWC (United States Wrestling Championship) held from when he was 22 to 24. He relinquished the belt to find a more difficult challenge.
- UWC (Underground Wrestling Championship) held from when he was 25 to 26. He relinquished the belt still hoping to find a worthy opponent.


NAME: "The White Guardian" Gabriel]

HEIGHT: 6'6"


HOMETOWN: Parts Unknown

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "The End" by The Doors

Standing Shooting Star Press
One Way to Go - On outside flips onto ropes then onto head of opponent in powerbomb position, turns into a tornado DDT.
The End - Jumps off top rope and hits an enzuguri
Reverse DDT

SETUP: Spinebuster Bomb

FINISHER: Deliverance from Evil - Gabriel goes to otherside of ring and crouches down on floor, when opponent gets up runs at them to do a spear but does a jumping spinebuster.

WHO YOUR CHARACTER IS: "The White Guardian" Gabriel believes that a poison is infecting the business of wrestling, that individuals who break the rules, believe they are above everyone has poisoned the business and infected the core of wrestling. He has decided to come out of the shadows, to no longer watch from a distance but it time for the infection to stop growing, it is time for a new order to reign. He will stand against any and all wrestlers for he believes he is now all that stands in the way of the end.

Accompanied by Peace and Harmony.


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