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Writer's Channel Info / Honor System

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Jul 3, 1997
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Welcome to the #OpenPromo Writer's Channel. The idea is simple - post creative writing at-will.

Sometimes you get that idea for a REALLY cool promo or narrative involving an established character, or a new character. Or you have something you want to try out to see how it works. This is where you write it. Maybe you want to talk trash on that dude who just beat you in Ulratitle/Battlemania/Tournament X? Or you want to challenge some idiot? Do it here.

You might just have a character outline you'd like to work on, or some other writing for which you'd like feedback. That's fine. It all works. The Writer's Channel is literally a blank page for whatever creative writing idea you want to post, with no pressure to ever follow up.

There really aren't any rules, but there will be a basic honor system moving forward.

Honor System

  • You can post anything but spam.

  • All posts must be in-character, except in the case of character-driven material such as bios or other descriptions, and in the case of feedback replies (see last bullet for rules on feedback).

  • Anybody can reply to any post with in-character material.

  • Nobody can reply to a post with out-of-character (OOC) comments or feedback unless the original poster specifically requests it or gives permission. If you're going give permission or make a feedback request, please make that clear at the top or bottom of the post.

Occasionally, I will post contests or writing prompts with special stipulations and whatnot. If you wish to participate in those, just reply to that particular thread. People who are running community events should post roleplay threads here as well.

Have fun!
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